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284971284971B000HDKWZIA12WCG3YNECTJHRobert Kean1151220313600salad dressingtried to find it locally , no luck.
found it online and rcvd it in 4 days.
284972284972B000HDKWZIA1X0RIEML1HOVBK. Mitchell "trust me"1151220140800Salad dressing is a family favoriteMy family has been consuming this salad dressing and using it as a marinade for 20 years. The name and bottle change but the recipe does not. I usually make my own salad dressing but this one is great right out of the bottle. When we have company they always comment on the salad dressing and ask for the recipe.
284973284973B000HDKWZIANV61J2CISZ66Mary L. Roach1151215216000We all LOVE it but it's so hard to find !I am buying this by the cases as it has become very hard to find ! I wish our local grocery stores and our Super Wal*Mart would carry this again...we have tried many other similar salad dressings but nothing else compares to is by far the best vinaigrette out there! Come on have a great product but it's too hard to find...listen to your consumers and make this easier to purchase!
My whole family loves this and you will too!
284974284974B000HDKWZIA2VOCOEXRIQO81J. A. Kudel1151214265600Love the stuff ~ my son now likes it too!Can no longer find it stocked on any grocer's shelves
in the Wash., DC metro area so am very glad it's available through Amazon! Great not only on salads
but on any veggies especially cucumbers! Yum!
284975284975B000HDKWZIA14CDNOWEEY2DLRoberta J. Blackwell1151208736000There is no other vnegarette like it!!There is no other like it. This product is very had to find these days.
284976284976B000HDKWZIA3FSVMSX2C74T1Mary A. Swingle1151201046400seven seasi would like to know where we can find this product our whole family loves it and i do alot of cooking with it!
284977284977B000HDKWZIAW1QWELL728L8J. McGaughey1151201046400My DressingI call this product "my dressing." I have loved it since I was very little. I think it is good on everything except lettuce. It is really good on cooked vegetables like string beans and broccoli as well as raw veggies like carrots and tomatoes. I even put it on rice pilaf, and it makes chickpeas into a delicious snack. But it must be noted that this dressing seems to have been created for avocados. Avocados taste amazing with this! Try this: place your finger over the hole. Tip the bottle upside down and let all the good stuff settle. Then shake onto your food. That's how I always use it. The oil is actually unnecessary. I'm so scared because it's getting harder to find. Buy lots so they keep making it!
284978284978B000HDKWZIA3R4PZAN8SO8VEPaul K1151200441600Did they stop production?This has been my favorite for quite a while. I usually bought 2 bottles at a time, and now I can't find it anywhere.
DITD (Down in the dumps!)

Update - Jan 8, 2009
PLEASE BE CAREFUL - I ordered this item and they sent me the fat-free variety. If I had wanted the fat-free variety I would have ordered it.
Amazon made it right though. They sent me the correct item.
284979284979B000HDKWZIA1FY5HAANIHBNLCookin' & Bookin'1151193875200Best Red Wine Vinaigrette everMy grandfather used to put this on his cooked broccoli (really!) and I grew up loving it that way. My son now loves it on his vegetables too. Hey, if it works, don't knock it! Sure wish the grocery stores still carried it. Love it! Give it a try.
284980284980B000HDKWZIAZQ49CHMFKAGUPatsy Sue0051349568000best vinaigrette we have found.Very happy to have found this product. It is slightly different than the original(which is no longer available in markets). This product is more flavorful with less acidity and better suited to dress light green salads.
284981284981B000HDKWZIA1228DJHJ03C7BT in NC0021346544000Not nearly as good as the original Seven Seas brandWe have used Seven Seas brand Red Wine Vinaigrette dressing forever, just cut up a garden fresh cucumber and pour some of the dressing over it...yum! Now that Kraft has taken it over, and has added a LOT more oil (must be a cheaper way of making it, less real ingredients, more oil) it's not nearly as good. I read in one review to let it settle out, pour off most of the oil, and it tastes pretty much like the Seven Seas, so I'll try that, but even if it works, that means half the dressing for the price. I hate to see the big companies cheapen a product just to make more profit, but ces't la vie in this day and age.
284982284982B000HDKWZIA1CFZDRVZO8UM8pat0051336435200great productI cannot find this product in any local grocery or market. I find a "lite" variety which is a very poor tasting product. Often those few suppliers who do carry this product are out. It is the dressing for my marinated chicken. It is the dressing for my salads, both green and pasta. It just happens to suit me and I rarely use any other.
284983284983B000HDKWZIA2AJVKFQIRRA4JB. J. Brown0051324512000Another great product off the local grocery shelvesKraft Light Red Wine Vinaigrette with Vegetable Oil Reduced Fat Dressing, 16-Ounce Plastic Bottles (Pack of 6)

Why do large companies buy a product line and then decimate it? Kraft Seven Seas line is one that has been all but abandoned by its producer. The Kraft Seven Seas Red Wine Vinaigrette Dressing and Marinade is still the tangiest, most delicious red wine vinaigrette out there. I have "kissed a lot of toads" trying to find anything comparable. Either the red wine aspect or the tangy/tart aspect is completely off in other brands. Most feel there must be mustard in it, or that it must be sweet. Reading the other reviews here, I am not alone in being an ardent fan of this dressing - so what's the problem with the fulfillment department at Kraft.

However, if you are looking for a really good substitute, Kroger brand has a great one in their Red Wine Vinaigrette. It's the closest possible although I find the Seven Seas to be just a tad sweeter. Considering the fact that I cannot find the Seven Seas in any grocery store, I know my local Kroger store, which is Fry's here in Arizona, will have this wonderful concoction right there on their shelves.

Thank heavens for Amazon making the Seven Seas dressing available to us - and at a good price. But, you know eventually that will end, too. Crazy decisions by the maker who is probably basing their decision to discontinue the dressing on the fact sales are down (maybe the lack of it in stores is the culprit - duh).
284984284984B000HDKWZIAWN2D2MA68NDKPaul T. Coynes0051311465600My favorite!This has always been my favorite bottled dressing but has become almost impossible to find in grocery stores here in CA for some reason. Now I'll never run out and the price is right too!
284985284985B000HDKWZIA39CBF62MYACMCSwidgen0051303084800Don't's fresh!Received ours today (April 18, 2011) and the expiration date isn't until October 2011, so don't worry about getting old stock right now. When this was Seven Seas, you could buy it everywhere here in NE PA. Then Kraft took over and it disappeared. Reappeared in the 8-ounce size recently in 2 grocery stores, but it's always wiped out. I've asked the grocery managers to up their order base on it, but was met with...basically..."Duh". So we've resorted to ordering it here on Amazon. It's a great price for the 16-oz. bottles. I have to wonder why Kraft keeps coming out with more and more new dressing flavors (there's about 10 varieties of Italian) yet they can't just simply stock a style that, obviously, is in demand. There isn't even any competition that I know of...I have yet to see in local stores another company that makes a red wine vinaigrette. Go figure!
284986284986B000HDKWZIA1A9ESYJS2UWURcrkwd0031301011200Too much oil!Bought the Seven Seas Vinaigrette Dressing for my mother,it' her favorite. Had not been able to find it in the stores around here for about 3 years. When we received it I noticed it had a lot more oil than it used to. I poured off most of the oil (approximatly half the bottle) and my mother now enjoys it. Needs more of the vinaigrette and less of the oil.
284987284987B000HDKWZIA30NWV3164AZMKD. B. Rosenbaum0051298246400My favorite salad dressing!I love this salad dressing. I can usually find it at my local Albertson's. I usually have heartburn after using most salad dressings but not with this Seven Seas! I always keep an exta bottle in my pantry so I don't ever run out.

I plan on ordering this multi pack.
284988284988B000HDKWZIA2PMD3DCMP318Zsmokerace0051282608000Discover salad blissOnce you have use Seven Seas Red Wine Vinaigrette Dressing, you won't be able to live without it. Like so many other things my family loves, it is no longer available in stores. Thank heaven it is still available on Amazon.
284989284989B000HDKWZIA26AJ3Y9D2I4G8Wayne E. Turner0011281052800Amazon sent the wrong item for the second timeThree times I have attempted to purchase Kraft Viva Italian Dressing from and I have only been successful once. Twice Amazon has substituted Kraft Red Wine Vinaigrette Dressing for my desired purchase. While this dressing is decent, it is a flavor of dressing I could easily purchase at my local grocery store. The Viva Italian that I desire is not. That is why I order it through Amazon, which seems to be the only place it is available. However, twice Amazon has substituted Red Wine Vinaigrette. This incompetence makes me extremely reluctant to use for future purchases.
284990284990B000HDKWZIA2BL5ZPE65KTRNWC0021278115200Amazon sent the wrong dressingApparently I am not the first customer to have this experience. I received 6 bottles of the Light Red Wine Vinaigrette instead of the Red Wine Vinaigrette Dressing and Marinade. Not sure why Amazon can't send the right dressing.
284991284991B000HDKWZIA2WC8AD1OGC5ZWMaude0051276560000Best bottled salad dressing, ever!To the point, there is no better "store-bought" vinaigrette. In fact, the only other bottled dressing products we buy are blue cheese and caeser. The bad news? You can rarely find it in grocery stores any more. I'd been having my daughter mail it to me from Alabama until I discovered it here at Amazon. Thank you, Amazon!

This dressing is delicious on fancy mixed greens or, the way we often have it in the summer, just plain crunchy iceberg with a sprinkle of Seven Seas.
284992284992B000HDKWZIA2ZSC0NTUPUZUYMichelle Janicki0051265846400Finally found Kraft Red Wine & VinegarI was so happy to find this product. My youngest child loves it so much that we'd take some with us when we went to a restaurant. We were all bummed when we could no longer find it on the shelves of any supermarket in are area.
284993284993B000HDKWZIAYNQXT8018INLPW "Hockey Mom"0051264982400Best Bottled DressingExcellent dressing!!! It is also very hard to find. I live in the Pittsburgh area and cannot find anyone that sells it. They have the light version, which does not taste nearly as good as this one. To make this light you can just pour off some of the oil while it is still separated before shaking it, and retain the flavor. I hope Amazon continues to carry this because it is the only thing other than homemade we will use. This is low in sugars so it does not taste sweet at all. It is a true vinaigrette. It is tasty on all kinds of lettuce and also on cut up tomatoes or cucumbers by.
284994284994B003EMQLWMA1PFPFXUTQIB75Luvs2cook0051329609600LorAnn Tangerine OilA few drops of LorAnn Tangerine Oil in your fudge will turn it from good to incredibly delicious. A real winner.
284995284995B000F4ISTGA3D7O93PPYVF65B. Terrell9951155945600I love these breadcrumbs!Try these! Packaged in 6 individual canasters for long lasting quality. I gave some to my grown daughters and we have used these on fish, shrimp, pork chops, etc. I will buy these again.
284996284996B000F4ISTGAV6HME1DCCCUQTrafic0051293494400Great productI have used up a whole box of this panko and have just received the second order. I like the size of each container and my food with this panko comes out just right after deep-frying. A bit different from panko that I am familiar with in Japan, but I am very satisfied with this product.
284997284997B000F4ISTGA3BEB60RU18BD8Tool Fan0051285632000GREAT STUFF!!I recently ordered this stuff for the third time! Yes.. my 3rd 6pack.. This goes great with homemade chicken tenders... Look for "Tony's Tenders" from the Neely's.
284998284998B005FIQCPEA30WCDJBYYQH8OKristin S.0051348704000Love it!!!Nice choice for classic vinaigrette with oil, vinegar, garlic and spices. I love that it is made with Canola Oil (healthy choice) and that it has no sugar. Since I have to watch what I eat, I love this dressing not only on salad, but on pasta and as a marinade too!
284999284999B005FIQCPEAOEH3D7MT0P2VWilliam D.0011328659200Great dressing, bad company (ABC WHOLESALE)Though I like this dressing.... it taste like an italian dressing, not french. And it's ZERO CARB for us low-carb eaters.

HOWEVER, They sent me wrong dressing, wouldn't replace or refund me. Don't ever buy from ABC WHOLESALE. Stick with only things actually stocked by

I keep having to learn this lesson. All the 3rd party guys have unique, rip-off return policies. They made the error, but i, indeed paid for the mistake of buying from ABC WHOLESALE. NEVER AGAIN!
285000285000B005HC61DQA3R061XZQZI70HL. Brisson "BuyMeFlowers"3341289260800I love this productEvery time I have used this, someone asks how we did that. I have used it on christmas candies and for a unique finish on a birthday cake. Doesn't taste bad. I would recommend treating it just like spray paint and making sure you cover the areas you don't want painted!

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