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285031285031B009B0V97SA3CZ4DG0DE1VNBLee0051312675200Delicious Bang 4 Your Buck!You get a full (American sized) cup of absolutely delicious coffee. You'll be drooling while brewing! The aroma rivals any of the more expensive versions of coffee that I've sampled. You won't find a better price on any auction or shopping site. This coffee doesn't taste like it costs less than thirty cents a cup. This is the all around package. You will not be disappointed. Enjoy...I am!
285032285032B009B0V97SA1Z03Z1YCUW2DQArtworks0031312156800Okay coffeeThis coffee isn't bad but it's nowhere near as good as the Gavalia Morning Roast. It has a decent flavor and is fine if you don't like a strong coffee. If I couldn't get the Gavalia Morning Roast, I would buy this coffee again but it would not be my first choice.
285033285033B009B0V97SA1J2KSPJOJ1FGCAllen H. Chopik "Northern Al"0051311206400Everyday Use a Great CupLatte's, Cappacino's and every other delicacy is fine but you can't beat a cup of Maxwell Coffee. This was a wonderful prchase my coffee habit is taken care of for a long while. Seller was prompt in shipping and it was everything they promised. This is a relationship I will cherish for years.
285034285034B0002QF1LKA3FL7SXVYMC5NRBrittany3351138147200Best Cereal BY FARWithout a doubt, I would recommend this wholesome and sweet cereal treat to anyone. The crunchy o-shaped pieces are filled with crispy rice, graham cracker bits, and infused with delicious honey flavor. "Oh! What a great cereal!"
285035285035B0002QF1LKA12IDQSS4OW33BRobin Goodfellow3351118016000Oh!This cereal is so sweet....yet so good for you! One taste=ADDICTION!!!! I just tried this cereal out of curiousity and I was hooked! It is an excellent breakfast choice, or just any time to eat! Especially as breakfast because you will crave more honey taste and you won't be hungry later {probably because of how much you'd eat} and it is actually sweeter and better than Honey Bunches of Oats. Cap'n Crunch Berries is an option, but this splendid cereal is SO FILLED WITH A HONEY-FILLED TASTE! I have not tried much better tasting cereal than this! Oh!
285036285036B0002QF1LKA2GZKHC1M4PKF4lostinseganet2231206489600Oh's what a cereal! (^_^) ...Oh's what a price (O_o)Man I love Oh's cereal. It is really great to the last bite, but the size of the box its so small compared to all the other cereals out there. The price is crazy for such a small box...but oh's is one of the best cereals I have ever ever eaten. It keeps me coming back despite the small box, and crazy price. If you never had it you should try it just once. It is wonderful I give it 3 stars only because of the price and how much food you get. If the portions were more fair even for this price it would be five star gold...
285037285037B0002QF1LKAUGT2DOGKLHINVahe S. Geuvjehizian2251177545600ITS GOTTA BE THE BEST CEREAL OF ALL TIMEAnd I've tried alot of cereals. This is by far the best.

Its like the cereals I used to eat in the 80's, so sweet, yet so filling.

I used to slam this cereal before I tried it.

Now I'm hooked.
285038285038B0002QF1LKA3BLSHNN3M27VIK. McClellan2251154390400YummmmmOh's has been my favorite cereal as a kid and still is an essential staple of my college diet. It's absolutely f'ing delicious.
285039285039B0002QF1LKA2PNSZA0JC343LDiana2351215302400Delicious and AddictiveThis cereal is great because it tastes so good. You just crave it. But a word of warning: read the label. Last time my husband and I looked, it had saturated fat! All the other cereals in our cabinet did not... hmmmm. Another reviewer noticed this problem too!
Also, Amazon's price of $23 is outrageous. It is between $1.99 to $2.50 in our stores.
285040285040B0002QF1LKA3IY9HIAMJQ7HLMarcel Lee00413506912004 of 5Oh yes. This cereal is delicious. It's O-shaped corn pieces with "good things in the middle", like real oatmeal. This is a Quaker product, after all. The caramel-like taste, which I'd compare to Cap'n Crunch or old school Mr T, Gremlins and Batman cereal, is sweetened with honey, graham (cracker) flour and brown sugar.

It's not a good-tasting but a great-tasting cereal, easily one of the best I've ever tried. But; get this; it's too crunchy. No, it wont get soggy in milk, at-least not in any reasonable amount of time, but that's the problem because it makes for a hard chew. If it had the texture and consistency of, say, Cheerios, it'd be perfect.
285041285041B0002QF1LKA1OXZYOV52DNGLCallahan Score0051327795200Oh where Oh where have my Oh's gone?I was really distraught to go to my local Walmart and see that they stopped carrying my favorite cereal. But as was elated to find that "the site who has everything including a church" made it available to me by the 6-pack. Oh's is an amazing cereal. The one thing i dont like is the box is so small. I get maybe 3 bowls out of the entire box:-(.
285042285042B0002QF1LKA2APHQA8UQTV0Marija0031235260800Like fruit loops but much sweeterI tried these on a whim several weeks ago to offset the amount of chocolate I had eaten that week. It was nice and sweet for a few weeks with that first box. But then I tried it again this week and the aftertaste was so strong. The overall texture and layout of each piece is like Fruit Loops but with tons of honey add and less fruit or frosting. One box should be more than enough.
285043285043B0002QF1LKA1BM8VPI0U59D1Tqlbean1251181606400YummyThis cereal is awesome- but why is it $23, I just bought it at the store for 1.99!?
285044285044B0002QF1LKA1RYU3V8L7I8S2M. Heisler3651184112000Things you must understand about OH'sThe 5 stars is based on 1)the taste which is amazing and 2) the price which is $1.99.

HOWEVER there is much to dislike in OH's. They are NOT healthy, in fact they are the only cereal I've seen made with hydrogenated vegetable oil which is basically margarine. The lard will coat your spoon and roof of your mouth and probably arteries with a white oily film that does not rinse off with water alone. It must be diluted in soap and scrubbed.

It is captain crunch shaped in a ring with bits in the middle and somehow sweeter and rougher on your mouth. Oh's virgins WILL have bloody pallates if not careful.
285045285045B001E5E3JYA36S6E3D929GN9JJ0011348272000Mold?I just looked at an unopened bottle on my shelf and saw crap floating around in it which looked like mold. You know, the stuff that looks a little dark and a lot slimy. Gross. There were also crystals floating around. The expiration date was in 2014 and we ordered it about three months ago (June 2012). No more liquid for us. We just threw this one away and canceled our subscribe and save order.

Makes me wonder if this is why my wife has been ill for the last few weeks. Threw what was left of that bottle away, too.

By the way, my lot number was 1203123, best by 03/14.
285046285046B001E5E3JYA137ORBT96V3BGtman0011347926400bad steviathis stuff has congealed and has black crystals or something in the bottom of the bottle and I want my money back.
285047285047B001E5E3JYA3T1AHCOTJKSY7grandmaammons0041347926400very pleasedAs usual, I am very pleased with my order from start to finish. I like the fact it's clear with no smell or taste.
285048285048B001E5E3JYA2EHYCA29NSQLUBud0021347148800Watered downI was disappointed with this product. It is very watered down. One serving is 5 drops, and a big mug for me is like 15 drops. Even 5 drops seemed like less than a serving to me. I have used a previous brand that was not like water, but like glue, and it only took 1 drop per serving. For the premium price, I was not impressed.
285049285049B001E5E3JYA20S098E4CSWIUSarah Glazer0051346284800SweetLeaf SteviaMy husband & I are new users of this product and we're very pleased. It's easy to add to coffee and the taste is great - sweet, but no aftertaste.
285050285050B001E5E3JYA3U5M0ZMRF53D0Chantilane0051345939200EXCELLENT product!I love the Sweetleaf SteviaClear Liquid Stevia! It tastes soooooo much better than powdered stevia products. Now I enjoy iced tea sweetened with stevia knowing that I am not adding any calories or artificial sweeteners to my diet. And there are actually health benefits to using stevia! Once you start using it you won't ever want any other kind of sweetener! Oh, and the price was REALLY great... much less than in our local stores.
285051285051B001E5E3JYAEHFCR6UJNHM2Scholl6860041345680000First time user :)I decided to try the liquid form of sweet leaf instead of the powder this time. I love my ice coffee and iced tea, and with the powder it would clump. It was still ok, but I felt like I was using more just to get the sweetness (powder it totally good with hot tea or coffee)...This is my second day using the liquid form, and I LOVE IT!! I'm hoping it lasts longer compared to the 3 pack box of sweet leaf packets which would last me exactly 2 weeks and that would cost me $20. So I'm hoping by spending $10 more for the liquid, that this lasts longer :)
Also I read about people complaining of the taste or get that with anything you try differently..I know when I used splenda and i switched to sweat leaf I wasn't thrilled with the taste. Not that it was horrible it was just different from what I was used to. After a little while I was used to the taste. I know now after using sweat leaf for over 6 months if I run out and use splenda or even regular sugar, they taste bad to me now. I totally recommend this product it's a much healthier alternative to no-calorie subs. Thanks for reading. Have a great day :)
285052285052B001E5E3JYA1RDCYE5N8CQ8PHoney0051345420800How sweet it is!This sweet drop is a delightful, healthy alternative to sugar and other bad for you artifical sweetners. SweetLeaf stevia is my favorite brand of stevia.
285053285053B001E5E3JYARP86V5FEQ8PQJeanine Holdener "JR"0051345420800ExcellentExcellent, natural product for sweetening. I wish it came in powder form like Splenda for inter-changing in recipes for baking. This is a great product!
285054285054B001E5E3JYA3R6JEZ4HL8IKEGerry0011345334400Not happy - open bottleOne of the two bottles of Stevia did not have the security strip on bottle. How do I know the Stevia wasn't just dumped and sugar water added or something worse? Since I can't return the Stevia, what recourse do I have? Or do I just end up having to pay double the price for only one bottle of Stevia? I'm so frustrated!!
285055285055B001E5E3JYA2A98IZ6QUMIUXCindy0051343001600Love it!I put this natural sweetener in my hot tea, ice tea and I make my own lemonade which is a quarter of a large lemon, a few drops of this sweetener in ice water and I am hooked! I drink several of these lemonades every day and I also add it to the unsweetened chocolate almond milk I drink everyday with my EGG protein shake. Fantastic!
285056285056B001E5E3JYA1WGH1SSKY7F8LBevMcQ20051340496000BevMcQ2 Sweetleaf Stevia @ Amazon.comSweetleaf Stevia was recommended to me a few years ago and I have been using it ever since. It is a healthy choice and full of flavor.
285057285057B001E5E3JYAX0PJXRFNH3Q6JD0041339632000tastes alright and lasts foreverI live abroad so i don't like having to ship large amounts of anything not shipping frequently so this stuff is great in that a bottle lasts me months and i use it daily. Also, as far as taste goes its ok (wouldn't try it straight though), i tend to use it with things like tea, on fruit, and for juice that i have made weaker with water.
285058285058B001E5E3JYA2R6YFGPI2CLLHSheila M. Temple0051334966400Stevia is a great sugar alternativeI'm still learning to cook with Stevia but SweetLeaf is the best tasting brand I've found. This is a good product and a good price.
285059285059B001E5E3JYA3UTW8FZ7USVJ9Kathryn J. Friedlund "joyfuljoyful"0051334707200love itLove this stuff...I use it in so many things. From iced tea, coffee, lemonade, to all kinds of baked goods. I have even put some on apple spices with a sprinkle of cinnamon, and it is a quick and healthy dessert / snack. Very happy with the product and have been using this for several months.
285060285060B001E5E3JYA1IKHWA9AD2HOSkatwrites0051334102400Love this productIn an effort to greatly reduce our sugar intake we tried a number of non-sugar sweetners. Then started taking note of the glycemic index since some alternative sweetners are as high as sugar and therefore evoke basically the same response in your body. Started using stevia products and discovered that many are only a little bit stevia and a lot of other unacceptable ingredients. Sweet Leaf is great on all levels, including the biggie: taste! Best of all, the drops. At first the price seems prohibitive because it is a little bottle, but we were going through the packets (which are nice when you travel) way to fast, and realized how many more servings were in that little bottle. My husband likes to use stevia in ice tea and the packets were a little tricky to mix in cold drinks. Voila! The drops are perfect for mixing in any drink. We love this product! Oh and one more plus, the gassy reaction some people have to xylitol and other sugar alcohols? Not a problem with stevia. Specifically Sweet Leaf.

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