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285091285091B001E5E3JYA1WOMXOEX90ARIAvid Camper "WS"557251236729600Simply the Best Stevia Product!!!I've used this product for quite a few years, after trying MANY other brands and forms, and still find this to be the absolute best stevia product--hands down! I don't know what we would do without this product. We use it every day, all day, for coffee, tea, sweetening yogurt fruit, etc. All our family members like it, too. One bottle lasts for over two months, usually three. It has no aftertaste, a few drops is all it takes and finally, we've been able to almost eliminate sugars from our diet without "suffering". There are 2,880 drops in a 4 oz or 120ml bottle, according to the manufacturer. We love it!
UPDATE: Received new shipment and bottle label has changed. Now states there are approx. 600 servings per bottle at 5-8 drops per serving or to taste. Last few bottles seemed slightly weaker, but still the best of all the other brands, by far. We still love it!
285092285092B001E5E3JYA8GTATIGCB2EAdeenibeeni182251297382400Everything but coffee.It's great in everything but coffee, & now I know why. If you use it in relatively bland food, you need to use VERY little, so all you get is the sweetness. If you use it in something with a stronger flavor (like coffee), it takes more of the product to overcome any bitterness & you start getting into the area where the stevia starts contributing a bitterness of its own. So I use Ideal in coffee only. But this liquid fine in everything else I've tried it in, and it lasts FOREVER. So I think I'll probably keep getting both. I still give it 5 stars.
285093285093B001E5E3JYAP1TVVLGXOM8JAlonzo "I sell homes"91051250899200Lasts longer than the packetsTastes better than the similar packets too, and product lasts much longer as well.
The combination of taste and a healthier choice to splenda makes this product a winner!
285094285094B001E5E3JYA3C3Z3HWW5N27TB. Mince6611296432000Just can't get used to it.Thought I would try it since it was supposed to make things taste great. Cannot get past the awful aftertaste. Will risk it and go back to Splenda. Wish i hadn't bought 2. If anybody wants to try my unopened bottle I will gladly give it away.
285095285095B001E5E3JYA2IYSJV1O3DEMOL. Smith111351232755200Best stevia product.I've tried stevia from other manufacturers, but always come back to SweetLeaf. There is just no comparison. It's easy to use in all recipes that call for sugar or other sweeteners. It's also better for you than sugar and Splenda. No after taste. I use the liquid Stevia in beverages. It only takes a drop or two, depending on your taste. So if your looking for a calorie free sweetener you simply must try SweetLeaf Stevia first. Don't waste your money on anything else. It's the BEST.
285096285096B001E5E3JYA58N07M0ZCYMBValentina131651255910400SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia SweetenerTip I learned - you don't have to keep it in the fridge! Even though it's recommended, it's not necessary. 2 drops equal one teaspoon of sugar. I keep my bottle at work in a desk drawer and sweeten everything from tea to coffee. I love the sweet taste of sugar, so I put in 8 drops per cup - and the drink is never sour, it's as sweet as real sugar, if not better. At home I make lemonades. About 20 drops per one large water bottle [24oz], a nice squeeze of lemon juice, and a few drops of lime juice. If you don't have real lemons and limes, just use concentrated juice.
285097285097B001E5E3JYA22RMN3K2YOQYLJDad131611248825600Not Even Close to Sugar TasteWe moved our family from sugar about three years ago and had settled on Splenda as our sugar substitue. We use it to sweeten Lipton iced tea which we make in one-gallon containers. We'd love to move to a sweetner that is all natural and thought this might work. Yuck! is all I can say for the taste. We've used about half of one of the bottles and Yuck is the feedback from our entire family and extended family. The taste starts off kind of sweet but has a really weird aftertaste that just ruins it all. I haven't tried it in anything else but this will simply not work for us. We have tried Truvia and it is almost a perfect substitute taste wise, but is still a bit expensive and does contain the sugar alcohol.
285098285098B001E5E3JYA3IUW081KXD3PEpixels and bits263431294099200No, it's not the same "sweet" as sugar but may be a good natural alternative to artificial sweeteners.The flavor of this stevia blend reminds me of artificial sweeteners. The more you use per serving, the more distinct the "not sugar" taste is pronounced. Of course, it has its benefits as it is a natural sweetener rather than a chemistry experiment. Given the choice of an artificial chemical sweetener or this product, I'd go with this product even though it's a little expensive. Those with diabetes or who are GI conscious may also want to explore using agave nectar. Where stevia has no calories, agave has a caloric load similar to that of honey (though it has a very low GI). Agave's flavor is fairly neutral (in the light varieties) so its "sweet" flavor is less at odds with the flavor of sugar.

I think this product is "ok" - but I can't say that I like it well enough to give it 4 stars. There's no way I'd use it as a sugar substitute for cooking. It's fine in beverages, but if you have a penchant for over sweetening your drinks (southern sweet tea is traditionally very sweet, for example) you're likely going to notice the "it's not sugar" taste. If you use artificial sweetners already, I'd say give this a try. But don't switch from sugar to stevia and expect to be delighted.
285099285099B001E5E3JYA37OWJ8GPFY8Y8Willow5551329004800AWESOME SteviaLiquid Stevia is SO expensive in the stores. This is economical AND wonderful to boot! I put this on a bi-monthly subscription because I use it combined with extracts to make home-made sodas. Oh SO good!

Note: I notice that this stevia works great in cold things but use VERY sparingly in hot things as the heat seems to bring out the bitterness of this product (where-as in cold things I don't notice any bitterness at all).
285100285100B001E5E3JYA1XU1UQCZ6N1FQIris Lacustris "Iris Lacustris"5551283644800perfect for sweetening drinksThis is the first time I've used Stevia. The product arrived quickly thru Amazon's subscribe program, in excellent packaging.

I feel I need/want to use more than the recommended dosage by just a little, but then the tea, coffee, lemonade, etc., tastes as sweet as I like it. I agree with others that the bottle will still go a long way, so it is healthy, effective, sugar free sweetening for a good price. I'm definitely satisfied.
285101285101B001E5E3JYA2P8JT8L90HM6FT.M.A. "heart strings"5551281484800Sweet!I started using this product at the recommendation of the HCG Diet. The liquid form is better than the packets on the market because those use a chemical to freeze dry it to powder. This product has no chemicals at all. I have given up all other artificial sweetners and have been using liquid Stevia for a few months now and absolutely love it. I order these larger bottles because it's the best deal out there. I pour a little bit in a smaller glass dispencer and take it with me where ever I go. The first time I ordered this I received it in a few days, but the 2nd time it took a little over a week so next time I'll order earlier if I'm running low. I convinced my mother, who is diabetic, to start using Stevia and she loves it.
285102285102B001E5E3JYA3SR4AJFASXVSKJosephine "Josie"5521269734400TasteIt does sweeten, but there is an aftertaste when used in coffee or tea that is made with a weak taste.
285103285103B001E5E3JYAIRUYY6FMYZ2NW. Brown5531258502400Not as sweet as Splenda, but better for you!I prefer the taste of Splenda, but perfer that Stevia is all natural and better for your body. I can get use to it. Just don't use as much as I thought I would. Used in ice tea, which I have actually cut my consumption, which my doctor said is So, I guess that it has helped me in more ways than one!
285104285104B001E5E3JYAY3UQ5G31NX7EM. Appel5551242432000Yummers!This is the best stevia I've tried, it tastes good, with minimal aftertaste, and the liquid dropper is much easier to measure and mix than the powder versions. Just 4 or 5 drops sweetens a glass of iced tea. Most artificial sweeteners give me a headache (nutrasweet, splenda), but this doesn't. It's my favorite!
285105285105B001E5E3JYA3QN75M2WMTYAUR. H. Wilkins "RobTheGamer"233051245196800Skeptical at first, but WOW!Honestly wasn't too sure about this stuff, but I figured I would try it. I am honestly amazed. Just 4-5 drops in a big glass of tea and it's sweet. No calories, 100% natural. I love it. I will be buying this again when I run out. Don't hesitate to try this yourself!
285106285106B001E5E3JYATKQLCOE228EYD. Sarnovsky101221277942400Not the best stevia- subtle, but unpleasant aftertasteI tried this, Stevia Supreme, and Truvia. Truvia is by far the best. Stevia Supreme would be next best, but has some aftertaste. SteviaClear has the strongest, most chemical, after taste. I'm going to be tossing this one!
285107285107B001E5E3JYA3TPLNW4HFOJIZHolly Johnson "Ho11y214"101211274486400Tastes like chemicalsI purchased two types of stevia to try to move from using artificial sweetener to stevia. I read recommendations for this product so I decided we would try it. This really has a strong aftertaste of alcohol and chemicals. (I was disappointed because we had two bottles of the stuff. My bad.) I threw it out because no one would eat the food that it touched.

FYI - I prefer the Stevita Stevia Supreme because there is no aftertaste with it. I wish it was in liquid form too because that would be helpful.
285120285120B001E5E3JYA1QWYAWB1DRSQFC. Petit2251285372800Good, portable natural sugar-free sweetnerIf you like to sweeten coffee or drinks, and prefer not to use aspartame (which breaks down into fun things like formaldehyde at 80 degrees), saccharine (which can be used to polish chrome) or sucralose (sugar mixed with chlorine), stevia is an excellent alternative.

This contains a lot of stevia sweetener, mixed with water. In my experience, the bottle lasts about 2 months. I add two droppers worth to my coffee (I like it extremely sweet).

Keep in mind some people don't like stevia because it does have an aftertaste, so I'd say try a smaller bottle, or even purchase stevia-based sweeteners in the supermarket, to see if that works well for you, before you purchase 2 big bottles of the sweetener.

The bottles themselves hold a lot of the sweetener, and provide a nice eye dropper with which to extract them. However, because the bottle contains over 3 oz of liquid, be sure to pack the liquid in your checked baggage if you travel with it.

If you make a lot of smoothies or drink a lot of tea or coffee, like the idea of a natural sweetener, and like the taste of stevia, this is a good value because it mixes well with hot or iced drinks as it's in a liquid.
285108285108B001E5E3JYA6Z08VG9YST0OR. Weaver172251247788800Love it...we can't tell the difference!SweetLeaf is great! We've been using this instead of sugar or Splenda when making Kool-Aid. (Okay, I know the Kool-Aid is anything but natural but I take it where I can!) We love it -- 1 tsp of SweetLeaf is the same as 1 cup of sugar so a bottle lasts quite a while. It's tasted great in all of our beverages. I hope to try it in other things soon but I highly recommend even if we only used it in drinks.
285109285109B001E5E3JYA1UO6O0A4QE8HVD. scott4441266883200Tastes Good But ExpensiveI bought two brands of stevia. This brand and the Stevita packets. Of the two brands, I think the Stevita packets tasted better. I used 8 drops of sweetleaf liquid in a cup of tea and I would say that it tasted like the equivalent of 1 teaspoon of sugar, which is the amount I use. One packet of the Stevita was too sweet. I think I could get by with 1/2 of a packet. They probably cost around the same amount per serving since the bottle of sweetleaf has supposedly 600 servings. But that's probably based on the 5 drops per serving rather than the 8.

If you've never tasted a stevia product before, I would say that it tastes a little better than nutrasweet or splenda, but not as good as sugar of course. But it's definitely better for you than sugar, nutrasweet, or splenda.
285110285110B001E5E3JYA2K3ELBPTKNTTMPonyo6741303171200Nice SteviaIts so hard to find a sugar sub that doesn't have an aftertaste. This stevia really doesn't if used in moderation. I had some powder from a local health store and that was awful. With SweetLeaf, I have used it in smoothies, plain yogurt w/berries, sodas, spaghetti sauce, tea, and hot cocoa (pure cocoa powder w/milk). The cocoa wasn't great but the rest of the items came out wonderful. I did notice that if a slight aftertaste starts to form, that a few drops of lemon juice can cancel out that flavor. That I learned on accident when I tried using that old stevia powder in some chocolate cake recipe I was making. I noticed lemon tends to counter work a lot of odd flavors. Anyways, for miscellaneous sweetening, this works great!
285111285111B001E5E3JYA3Q13V0FBAEFFRMichelle Blundell101311318636800AN INGREDIENT CAN INTERFERE WITH MEDICATIONNOTICE TO ANY PRESCRIPTION DRUG PATIENTS ... it is not clear on most liquid stevia products how many of them (this one included) utilize "grapefruit seed extract" as an additive (typically as a natural preservative). If you take any medication that restricts or suggests avoidance of grapefruit "juice," I strongly recommend that do a bit of research before relying on the "seed extract" issue as not be included as a concern. My research has shown that grapefruit "seed extract" can have the same impact as grapefruit "juice" relative to interfering with how some medications are metabolized or absorbed. It appears they (grapefruit juice and/or seed extract) actually have the ability to render some drugs almost completely ineffective. I have been a long term user and advocate of the positive benefits of grapefruit seed extract as a supplement (natural anti-fungal, anti-yeast, antibacterial, etc.); however, really had not expected that grapefruit "seed extract" might, in fact, end up as an unexpected additive and, more specifically, that it (seed extract) would end up showing the same evidence of drug interference as grapefruit juice does with two of the drugs I am required to take. I already knew about "no grapefruit juice" at all, but no mention of the grapefruit seed extract connection. Of course I understand that this product includes an incredibly small percentage of the seed extract, unfortunately, I haven't found any conclusive information regarding any "acceptable" amounts of the seed extract or data addressing any sort of "volume" thresholds of juice or seed extract. I'm disappointed I can't use this product anymore (and wish I'd known this sooner and/or even thought to ask my doctor or pharmacist sooner); however, I FEEL SO STRONGLY that I should introduce this issue to anybody else this might effect regarding health recovery, maintenance, or quality of life. -- PLEASE ALSO NOTE: I only gave one star to enable this to post (and hopefully get any appropriate individual(s)' attention). This was a five star product for me for quite some time as far as quality of taste, overall value, and excellent "blend-ability" with any kind of fluid or food ... it really is one of the best if you have no restrictions. I'm sad I can't use this type anymore. I do now, however, use some stevita packets that I like, and am trying a couple liquids that are available that don't have the grapefruit seed extract additive (or at least not listed) ... I'll post a review if/when I find one I can confidently verify as grapefruit seed extract free.
285112285112B001E5E3JYA17SMUGMK2EZ1RWendy Wiley3351331164800This stuff is great!The last stevia I purchased had alcohol and was awful. This is lightly sweet (1/4 dropper full works for a cup of coffee), and the double-pack is a great bargain. This is now going to be my permanent sweetener.
285113285113B001E5E3JYA3L62N9YHTD1CCRJohn "book lover"3351307491200Great SweetenerI have tried many different stevia products, and SweetLeaf, Stevia Clear Liquid is the best. I have not detected a bitter aftertaste, and my kids love it. I like that it is actually GOOD for you, as opposed to chemical sweeteners! Can't beat that!
285114285114B001E5E3JYA1O71Z7WSZXK5FKayla3351306454400It surprise me....I had try other brands of stevia and I didnt like it, they were really bitter and not really sweet... Now this this product was a surprise it is really good if you follow the recommended portion it is not bitter and I am really enjoying it... With this product I don't need sugar anymore.
285115285115B001E5E3JYA2M9Z11S0S9DBDSuzan Touchette3351303776000Good aftertasteSugar replacements generally have some kind of aftertaste, whether they be natural or brewed up in some chem lab. Stevia is no exception, especially if you over apply. But this Stevia has the least of any I've tried, and I've tried several. I have this on Amazon's "subscription" service, so I guess I like it :)
285116285116B001E5E3JYA1H9OP4H9V6NNOC Tribe3351294358400Thank you SweetLeaf!We used to use Sweet-N-Low in our iced tea, coffee, etc. I have become much more of a 'naturalist' so I starting using stevia. I LOVE SweetLeaf! The liquid is awesome. Easy to use, mixes very easily into anything. The very best part is that my EXTREMELY picky 10 year old likes it too! The powder packets work well for purses and travel. I like the ease of the liquid, so I now use the SweetLeaf travel size bottle. Don't expect it to taste like refined sugar, because it is not sugar. It has a nice sweet taste.
285117285117B001E5E3JYA1XTSET86RR9BZMichael3351287705600Great product, Fantastic PriceI love this brand of Stevia Clear. I have tried several others,from powdered,dark syrup and flavored. I find it goes great in tea and mixed with lemon juice to make lemonade. I use it everyday. I also signed up for the auto ship, this is cheaper and more convienent.
285118285118B001E5E3JYA20G1010XJ8XTMSarah5611290643200It doesn't taste very good.SweetLeaf SteviaClear liquid does not taste good at all. I purchased this to make cookies for my brother's girlfriend Mary who has a medical condition that doesn't allow for her to consume sugar or carbohydrates. She uses a lot of Splenda, but Splenda can cause an array of problems (formaldehyde on the brain for example). I thought Stevia would be a good alternative to try. I wasn't expecting to like it myself because I don't like sugar substitutes such as Splenda or aspartame, but I thought at least Mary would like it. I thought wrong. This product has a nasty bitter aftertaste that tastes very similar to fingernail polish remover. It's horrible. Mary did not like it nor did anyone in my family. I tried the Stevia in cookies, tea, and coffee, but nothing was able to mask the nasty aftertaste. I would recommend steering away from this product and so would Mary.
285119285119B001E5E3JYAAA0TUKS5VBSANerd Alert2251335312000Stevia LiquidI do not like wasting calories on sweetening tea, and I drink a lot, so I have been using Splenda and Sweet 'N Low for years. However, Splenda seems to interfere with my weight loss and I also wonder about the long-term health consequences.

My first attempt at using stevia was Sun Crystals, which is half sugar and half stevia. You could consider it a gateway drug to going natural. It helped me overcome the bitter aftertaste, which is no longer an issue. In fact, I prefer stevia over Splenda now!

There are many forms of stevia, but I like liquid because it has no filler and mixes easily. It also goes a long way. SweetLeaf in particular has a very pure taste and the dropper bottle is great for dosing drinks by the preferred amount. For baking, which Splenda handles like a pro, I have found Sweetleaf lacking. The baking process seems to erase the sweetness, even though it holds up to hot tea. It is also important to use Sweetleaf only in applications where it can be mixed in completely. As with liquid artificial sweetener, it is very bitter before dilution.

SweetLeaf is a pretty perfect way to sweeten drinks, even though it does not work for baking. If you are brave enough to go through the initial period of "breaking in" to stevia flavor, I highly recommend it.

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