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285241285241B000H2217GA3J9NCRMJANGBECeres0051324080000Love this teaThis is my favorite tea, I've been drinking it for years. Have tried many other brands and types of Jasmine tea, some extremely expensive, but always come back to this one. It's very fragrant and flavorful. If there were a way to get this as a subscription, I would!
285247285247B006HKDJJGA30Z4O4QTZSSMYKR0051345852800Healthy and convenient dog foodOur dog loves these. He is a 5 lb yorkie so one freeze dried disc is his whole breakfast. For larger dogs, this food could become pricey. For small dogs, a bag lasts a while.

We feed break up the bites and feed them dry. The bites crumble easily, however so far the bags we have purchased have not had many if any broken bites. Our dog eats the whole thing pretty quickly... and definitely likes them.

Highly recommended!
285248285248B0025UOMY8A7V9WU6XMFN3IJ. Jackson7751318550400VegetarianThis is my favorite flavor so far, and it's really vegetarian, too, though obviously not vegan. There are no animal products listed in the ingredients, unlike the savory soy sauce flavor, which contains beef tallow. It's really spicier than I expected, though you could throw a little red pepper in there, if you're very committed.
285249285249B0025UOMY8AKN6V9Y0YH421Retired Navy Guy "Chief Cook & Bottle Washer,...3351307318400BEST Tasting Yakisoba NoodlesSpicy Veggie Yakisoba is simply has the BEST flavor of any variety I encountered from a box. It is truly "spicy" but not overly so or too "hot". Delicious! It does need some soy sauce as not salty enough for my taste, but one can adjust that to their taste.

Highly Recommend

Note: 1 cup of water for the time indicated in a 1100 watt microwave oven does make noodles a bit overly mushy, I reduce by about 1/8 cup of water and reduce cooking time 30-45 sec. to get more firm noodles and is plenty of time to hydrate the veggies.
285242285242B005ATIABMA3JFCU6NIV8VAUJ. Sheets0051337040000Wow!This is a new favorite of mine. The flavor is light with no tannic after taste. It is brewed as a black tea. The color is a light golden color. I like my teas sweet and I usually brew this with a mixture of honey and raw cane sugar. So far I have only drank it hot, but I may venture trying to make a pitcher of iced tea here soon. I liked it so much that when I saw that Amazon was down to just two bags without the usual more on the way message, I ordered one more bag of the stuff. On Davidsons site this is almost twice as much for the same 16 oz. bag. Just a note due to the loose long leaf style of this tea the bag is 50% larger than normal Davidson teas. Really recommended if the taste of stronger tannic tasting tea is a turn off.
285250285250B0025UOMY8A15C8D1TWSPZ1USaraBee3351306368000Yummy noodlesThese delicious noodle packs are only .89 cents a piece at my local grocery store. I can't stand Maruchan Ramen but I freaking love these! There's no broth like with you get with the soupy Ramen. It's turns into a sort of thick sauce after sitting for a minute which sounds gross, but trust me, it's truly the awesomesauce. It's got chunks of rehydrated veggies that are surprisingly tasty. I suggest the Spicy Vegetable, Roast Chicken and Cheddar Cheese varieties. If you're looking for filling lunch that's incredibly cheap and quite flavorful, you can't get much better than these delightful noodle packs.
285243285243B004CH3IHYA1Z50VGE50RHRXproduct "followup"0051328400000Lots of people ask me to get them these as a giftThis was a great buy. I get lots of request from friends to buy this one as a gift.
Wish Amazon would give a discount on repeat buys.
285251285251B0025UOMY8APYE21V9ETZ68Michael2251310515200Great Taste, Great DealOut of all the varieties of Maruchan's Yakisoba lineup, I can honestly say that the Spicy Vegetable is my favorite. As others have mentioned, you may not need the whole packet of seasoning, as some people may find it a bit overwhelming. I've experimented a bit and as someone who enjoys spicy food it tastes great with the entire packet. Amazon's deal on this at the time I bought them ($5.67 for 8, or roughly 70 cents per package) made sense, as it's cheaper than buying them in the store and the shipping was free. All in all, this is a perfect buy for people like me who live on a budget, as the noodles are quite filling.
285244285244B000J2CLJ2A3MYWBMT713LE6Thucydides3311238716800A terrible disappointment...A bisque is defined as "a thick cream soup made from shellfish." While this soup understandably lacks the shellfish (it's salmon after all), it also inexplicably lacks cream! It's got milk and vegetable oil (which predominates) instead, and it is not a concentrate! What a disappointment in taste, especially as we are fans of Bar Harbor's delicious chowders (salmon and clam... haven't tried the lobster). Pass on this if you know what a bisque should taste like.
285252285252B0025UOMY8AA4KVH94QEAAXanzatowndog1111335830400DisappointingI hadn't eaten "instant noodles" in years and the TV commercials were enticing. Too enticing. Some nutrition data would sure be useful on the Amazon screen. Half the package is 250 calories so if you eat the whole thing you're in Big Mac territory. The sodium content is off the chart for most of us and is the dominant flavor. It requires two flavor packet additions at different times during preparation. The final product just doesn't taste very good. After preparing one package I ditched the rest in the trash. If possible, buy one at a time at the supermarket and find one you like before investing in a pack of 8. And read the nutrition panel!
285253285253B0025UOMY8AIHQRA417QU78Jill Werner1151320192000Yakisoba Spicy VegetableI ordered these because I like the Teriyaki Yakisoba noodles and the spicy vegetable noodles had good reviews. These are as good as the teriyaki noodles and have a lighter, spicier sauce.
285254285254B0025UOMY8A3R1WYY7GCVC17bullshark0041335916800A delicious healthful 5 minute mealSimple and easy to prepare.

For variety, toss in a little Sweet Soy or Sambal at the end and a hard-boiled egg.

285255285255B0025UOMY8ATIVK9XUANIUEBbt0011333584000Meh...These are kind of bland but the serving size is sufficient and it is a cheap warm meal that only requires adding water and microwaving. I try to avoid eating meat and to my knowledge this is a vegetarian dish.

Sodium soup is what we call it.
285256285256B0025UOMY8A1W3K67XELCBOJOSAMU0051330300800Healthy and tastyIt's really tasty and easy to cook.
And it is less than 250 calorie. It's helpful to lose my weight.
285257285257B0025UOMY8A1D0URD0AL237JMother of Pearl0051326240000wonderful flavori saw this and i wasn't sure but got it anyway its not to hot but the flavor is excellent and you should try it for yourself
285258285258B0025UOMY8A2DMY783TWSMC8Kyuzo "Joe"0041323302400Nice and quickI'm a collage student that doesn't have a lot of time to prepare food for lunch in between classes, and Yakisoba is a quick and good tasting choice (wow, I sound like a star endorsing this). All you have to do is add water, put it in your microwave for 4 minutes, then mix in the seasoning. I usually don't use the whole bag, as if feels almost like I'm just pouring salt on noodles which doesn't seem very healthy. Sometimes there is access water, which soaks up the seasoning, so I drain out the water before the final step.

As for the spicy vegetable flavor, it's not bad, though I prefer the spicy chicken flavor. Nether is too spicy and honestly, most maruchan yakisoba's taste the same. It also won't completely fill you up, but amount is still satisfying. Worth having every now and then, especially if you're strapped for time.
285259285259B0025UOMY8A3PNWS5VNSOWE4joanna660031322438400ok. not my favoriteit's ok... very spicy and has some vegetables, but maybe too spicy to somebody.
not my favorite favor. Beef teriyaki is better....
285260285260B0025UOMY8A3CF34XU4Z82JLH. Lee0051319068800SALTY DEALI love salt, pepper, yakisoba at a good price and this takes the cake. You get a generous 3.79 ounce portion per instant tray and at a cost of about 75 cents per tray. Very tasty and filling. For those who don't like it as salty, do not use the entire flavor packet. I would not pay more than a dollar for this so paying 75 cents makes this a quick cheap meal that you don't have to leave your home for. The instructions (fill the tray with water up to the fill line and use 1000 watt microwave for 4 minutes) left my noodles still in a puddle of water and I like my Yakisoba dry so I stuck it back in the microwave for 1 more minute. Now it is just a little wet, enough for me to mix the noodles and the flavor packet. After mixing, it is basically dry.
285261285261B0025UOMY8A1P6XVLMV3G4O6cheetabrad0051314921600Maybe the best variety?Eating a pack as I type. Really awesome. Most of the spicy varieties have a nasty chili powder that I don't like. I would say this has more of a black pepper taste. Reminds me of a rice noodle dish from an asian restaurant, at least in taste.

Somehow this flavor tastes less salty, but I have not compared nutritional info. It's a shame I can only find these on Amazon! Guess I'll be getting use out of my prime account.

(I'm a law student, therefore fairly poor and on the go and a huge fan of non-perishable tasty foods)
285262285262B0025UOMY8A1R5FEC9A0L1M0allthefalls0051296000000the best flavor !It cooks up in 4 minutes, has just the right flavor and texture and is very filling, even my kids love it. You have to use only half or less of the powder seasoning though because the entire thing would be too much,( too much salt and too spicy.) Otherwise I plan on living off this flavor :). It even has little cabage and brocolli pieces. MUST Buy great for work!!
285263285263B0025UOMY8A2W9B725TZBXOXMrs.58 "GimmeDaOldDaze"0131323820800Microwave!!!Who woulda thunk it? I thought this was the same peel back the flap, pour in boiling water, wait and slurp. But no, this version requires a 4 minute turn on your microwave, a kitchen item I do not currently own. So they just arrive and sit taking up spac until I figure out if its okay to just dump in pot and cook slowly for 4 minutes.
285264285264B000EHXWIQA818AYBEBGQCRS. Lee Harper "Zuni"4451162339200Best everGluten free diets can be so much more varied with this product. It can be coating to chicken or meat, or can be added to juices/broths to thicken. It can even be used to make a perfect stuffing for chicken or turkey.

It has make my boring diet almost feel normal. No feeling of deprivation any more!
285265285265B000EHXWIQA20UPXJVHOLIPBM. Sharp3351178668800Bread crumb replacementMy husband is allergic to wheat
285266285266B000EHXWIQAIW5RUEVEUTE0P. Ferris3351168300800Good crumbsThese have a pretty good texture, IMO. It is nice, for me, to find one without some of the other things I'm allergic too. I usually add some seasoning and use them for chicken nuggets.
285267285267B000EHXWIQA2Q9XASPXA207RL. Mull1151259539200OrgraN All Purpose Rice CrumbsI am thrilled to have this product in my kitchen! My husband has Celiac Disease, and I have been searching for a good substitute for bread crumbs for a long time. Although we have enjoyed the taste of fine corn meal,and loved to fry fish
using it, sometimes we just craved the texture of bread crumbs on our fried foods. The Rice Crumbs are even BETTER than regular bread crumbs. We will never miss bread crumbs again! I am anxious to use the Rice Crumbs in my other recipes, like meatloaf, casserole toppings, and stuffings.
285268285268B000EHXWIQA9LPDYQC1RRQIR. Moore1151247184000Passed my testIt was very important to me to find an alternative to wheat based bread crumbs. I am big on cooking since I have a specialized diet. These bread crumbs were excellent in my meatloaf and I made some breaded chicken breast that were out of this world. Highly recommended.
285269285269B000EHXWIQAMAFKXOMZMBEJM. E. Pinho1151232236800These aren't bread crumbs? Are you sure???? :-)These are the best GF coating crumbs I have ever tried! If you can get past the fact they are very light colored, like rice, you'll love them!!! I've tried several brands, and OrgraN definitely makes the best product. I've mixed the crumbs with pure coconut shavings, curry, and salt - and coated chicken with it. It was fantastic - just like the real thing! I will be making meatballs with them soon . . . that will be the real test. :-) So far, everything I've purchased from OrgraN has been tasty.
285270285270B000EHXWIQA2LYEMVJNK79SV5Blessings1151214870400Indistinguishable from the real thing!Wow! I am so happy to have found these. So far, we've used them to coat fish and chicken and have also used to make meatballs and meatloaf. They are a fine texture and can be seasoned according to what you're making. Excellent product!
285245285245B000J2CLJ2A2TN9C5E4A0I3FJimmy2221288828800Tastes okay but...I actually liked the taste and texture as they were pleasant. But I warn you that it's exactly what the ingredients list says: tapioca thickened water and milk with a touch of salmon. Fishy taste, not much salmon, lots of thickening. Way too expensive for what you get so I won't repurchase but it's edible so we'll finish it.
285246285246B006HKDJJGA2DZ8D42JIFK4Tmakeup maven2251340064000Big hit with the dog, great for partial feeding...I bought these on sale and was hoping my dog would like them as much as he does the stella and chewy's freeze-dried. He absolutely does. And I love freeze-dried raw too, b/c the ingredients are all natural, less processed, teriffic ingredients and always a huge hit with the pup.

I feed them re-hydrated, which imo is the only way to feed when as part of a meal(as opposed to tiny bits at a time for treats). I can't remember if it says it on the Nutrisca packaging, but on Stella and Chewy's packaging they make a point to write: "Your pet should consume 1/4 cup of water per patty daily". So it's easier for me to rehydrate so that my dog can start to get the amount of extra water he will need (does that make sense? lol). I just put a couple (my dog is 8lbs) in a bowl, fill with water, wait 1 or 2 mins then take them out and break them up and put them in his dish. My dog dives in then seconds later looks to me for more. They must be yum yum yum indeed.

Anyway, of course i would not feed my dog these freeze dried dinner bites for his complete diet, they're just too expensive for that, but i do make a point to make his diet about 20+% raw, whether that is freeze-dried, air-dried (like Ziwipeak) or frozen raw. This way he gets some less processed food in his diet complete with the meat, bone and organs that is part of a dog's ancestrial diet.

The difference btwn these freeze-dried patties and S&C's is really minimal. The biggest difference is that the Dogswell take longer to rehydrate, so i think i like S&C better for that reason. Biggest difference ingredientwise that i can see are the priobiotics in S&C, and a slight difference in the protein to fat ratio. They're close enough that I would just purchase whichever is less expensive at the time.

Chicken with Ground Bone, Chicken Liver, Apples, Chickpeas, Peas, Flaxseed, Chicory Root Extract, Cranberries, Salmon Oil (a Source of DHA), Dried Kelp, Potassium Chloride, Salt, Zinc Proteinate, Iron Proteinate, Vitamin E Supplement, Copper Proteinate, Manganese Proteinate, Mixed Tocopherols (Preservative, a Source of Vitamin E), Vitamin D3 Supplement. (40% cals from Protein, 30% cals from fat).

Chicken Ground with Bone, Chicken Liver, Chicken Gizzard, Pumpkin Seed, Potassium Chloride, Organic Cranberries, Organic Spinach, Organic Broccoli, Organic Beets, Sodium Phosphate Monobasic, Organic Carrots, Organic Squash, Organic Apples, Organic Blueberries, Choline Chloride, Dried Pediococcus Acidilactici Fermentation Product, Dried Lactobacillus Acidophilus Fermentation Product, Dried Bifidobacterium Longum Fermentation Product, Dried Enterococcus Faecium Fermentation Product, Taurine, Tocopherols (Preservative), Calcium Carbonate, Zinc Proteinate, Zinc Sulfate, Iron Sulfate, Iron Proteinate, Vitamin E Supplement, Niacin, Copper Sulfate, Copper Proteinate, Manganese Sulfate, Sodium Selenite, Manganese Proteinate, Thiamine Monohydrate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Calcium Iodate, Vitamin B12 Supplement. (42% Protein, 25% fat)

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