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285271285271B000EHXWIQA3DAJ3VYW34UB5Susan B. Brown "susanakame"1151203379200A Happy Camper....Since being diagnosed with Celiac in 2007... I have had to pass on any food that contained bread crumbs. After receiving this.... that is no longer a problem when eating at home.
Now, if Amazon would just restock the croutons by the same manufacturer, that would be wonderful.... my salads and soups are kind of dull without them.
285272285272B000EHXWIQA155DRNL79HT15LISA ANN FEIT2311288310400rice crumbsThis product was a true disappointment. When I opened the box, there was a slight odor to it. Amazon would not let me get a refund back, and instead sent a new box of rice crumbs. The new box of 8 packages expires in April 2011!.

Not sure I will buy food again through Amazon unless it is returnable. Very, very dissatisfied.
285273285273B000EHXWIQA2HXSQSY570TAIShabu820051349222400Excellent product.This is the closest to panko crumbs. It makes a great meatloaf, too. I highly recommend this product. It's easy to substitute for bread crumbs ( the gluten kind).
285274285274B000EHXWIQA1KEIIW32S1EJ8Sarah7770051282608000excellent the best everI am a high food allergy person and this is the BEST ,I can only recommend this over and over to buy :-) trust me I am a cook ! you can use this product for everything where you need bread crumb
285275285275B000EHXWIQA38Q3I0G30KFIQDeborah Thiede0051224201600They are excellent!I have wheat issues, so I absolutely love these rice crumbs and use them for so many cooking purposes! Anything you want to bread--from chicken and fish to zucchini or onions (especially delectable!), these crumbs are just right! And my husband and family love them--the taste is excellent! If you are looking for a delicious crumb substitute, these are by far the best I've ever used. Enjoy!
285276285276B004N5HL9QA309DHMXF8SW11Pourpier1151322265600great baking chocolateIt is difficult to find a 62% dark chocolate for baking purposes (mousse or to spread it over a buche de Noel for example). This chocolate was great, melted really well without lumps, and had the perfect taste of a baking chocolate. The pieces are very large and chunky and you may need to cut them before use. Overall very happy with it!
285277285277B004N5HL9QA3ARZZWOFEAV24pju0051338163200It is great stuffI used it to make chocolate dipped strawberries. They were delicious! Now I need more strawberries. One of the few chocolates I can eat due to allergy to dairy.
285278285278B004N5HL9QA11OET0IWRVV8Dcin0041330387200great chocolateThis chocolate tastes amazing, I just hated it that it was really hard to break up into smaller pieces (it kind of disintegrated, can't explain). I would have given it 5 stars otherwise. Nonetheless great tasting chocolate!
285279285279B004N5HL9QA2H894S5MSUBHAR. S. Pipkin "The Boss"0051328572800Mmmm...chocolateI ordered this so that I could make my husband a special treat for his birthday. Melted it in the microwave, added nuts and dried fruit, and put it in the freezer to make chocolate brick. Outstanding! I have now ordered from Scharffen Berger many times, especially when they put it on sale. All products are extremely high quality and delicious. Recommend enthusiastically.
285280285280B004N5HL9QA30T1TG6J42XE0C. Rice0051323561600DeliciousThis is a wonderful chocolate. It has more honey overtones than the Ghiradelli (which is more of a raspberry overtone). The bars are very thick, so it's slightly hard to break the squares up for baking, but it's a very good chocolate.
285281285281B000FPKX3OA1SZTVG2IXWY2RDolphinLady2241304899200decent valueI like that this is thick when first opened and easily served. doesn't need to be heated right away and makes on-the-go meals for your toddler MUCH more simple. Also, it is not overly salty like regular shells & cheese or mac-n-cheese which is VERY NICE when you're trying to feed your toddler healthier options. What I DON'T like... once it is opened and you have to refrigerate it, the sauce becomes more runny. When you heat it up after it has been in the fridge, it turns into Shells & Cheese soup. NOT easy to feed your toddler!! If your little one can eat it all in one setting, it may be good for you. Otherwise, I'd pass on this purchase.
285282285282B000FPKX3OA3RYW8DJD14FHEThomas Murtha0051349222400Great quality productMy 3 year old loves these for lunch! They're a quality product from Gerber that are easily prepared. Great prices at Amazon too!
285283285283B000FPKX3OA2LQGP095AWBKZGena0051336435200Actually Tastes Great!!My son loves eating these, it is very easy to make and convenient. I will make one for myself here and there. Very good product.
285284285284B000FPKX3OA1WS1NHE3SS8QUJenB0051327622400Love these!My son loves these tubs of food and they are so convenient to either heat up and serve at home, or toss into the diaper bag and go. I've used them for both my kids and they both love them. I love the price and the convenience
285285285285B000FPKX3OA3996K8EBPEWG1AmericaninTurin0051313193600Excellent!My baby has serious allergies, and it's difficult to find microwaveable foods she can eat. We took a container to her allergy doctor and she okayed them for us. Tonight we tried them and lo and behold, she loved them. She ate the whole bowl, a first in her recent history. It's a pity that Gerber makes most of her products with carrots and sweet potatoes. We would have a greater choice if they didn't. However, we are willing to try more new foods in the near future. By the way, we microwaved the bowl but it did not become too runny like other reviewers said. It was the perfect texture and softness. I would even say it tasted better than Kraft's version. We all are very satisfied!
285286285286B000FPKX3OALMC99HC7YCSUCors0041304121600Great quick meal, but it can't be reheatedThese are great for a quick meal for our son, however they can't be reheated. Upon reheating these they turn to mush. My son seems to love the taste of these and thinks of them more as a treat than a normal meal :). I would buy these again, but if your child is not as hungry as you anticipated, count on throwing these out right away.
285287285287B000FPKX3OA2HV3PPH1XW3QUEmma Tandy0051259539200A favorite meal!My 3 yr old son LOVES these. He asks for them all the time and they are very easy especially in a pinch (30 seconds!). I take them with us when we travel incase he decides he is on a hunger strike (he never refuses these) or when we will be out and about and can't get to a restaurant. I just zap it before we go and pack it up. It can't be put in the frige and reheated even though the package says so. It turns to liquid. I don't think it tastes like much, but he sure does!
285288285288B000FPKX3OA323SBUESX9H53W. Centala "LionsFanForLife"0141286236800Good productGreat product. Only reason I do not give it 5 stars is because I found it cheaper at Meijers.
285289285289B0089WAC36A2DMQCR9Q969STVeronica G.0051340236800Night of the Iguana teaI received a pack of this tea as a part of a Christmas basket one year and fell in love. I was very happy to find this tea being sold on Amazon. It has very unique smell and flavor. I got the 4 oz pack at first. Next time, when I run out, I will probably get more. Love it!
285290285290B004SKOF4UA2WKOM5XB7QK42Adam Fink141921320278400Buyer BewareThis "variety" package came with 32 milk chocolate M&M's, 16 peanut M&M's, and 4 peanut butter M&M's. I do not call this a variety. This is not Amazon's fault. This is M&M's fault that there is not a good variety. I'm so disappointed.
285291285291B0016JH9OOA8FSDJG0XF9G0BRYAN G SIMMONS "Bobo Bonobo"1141329868800Great, but really expensiveThese are hands down better tasting than any canned beans. They should be. They cost seven times the price. They have one practical application, and that is for backpacking.
285293285293B001JZ3E9YA2MKG8P7L2PPPBdiscodj "dj man"2251238630400overpricedway overpriced Jewel has this for $2.79 same bag size. and look at the overpriced shipping cost.
285294285294B001JZ3E9YA30E3OCO7X3W1WShyla1151283990400Good chips, RIDICULOUS price here!Ghiradelli semi-sweet chocolate chips are very, very good! They're also dairy-free. I love them! However, no one needs to pay the ridiculously high price shown here for them! They have them at Wally World for less than $3. If you don't have a Wally World, try Super Target. They often have what Wally has. Or you can get them online any number of places, including from Ghirardelli's, for $3.95 plus far more reasonable shipping charges. I didn't think this kind of price gouging was even legal on Amazon! Wow!
285295285295B004XRJ0UWA18CUVVRZ9ABIIGoodNews0041341187200Worth the moneyThe product was what I expected from the picture. The gumballs could have been smaller for my needs. The gum had a good taste.
285296285296B001EPPM12A1RFM786MYBG8GMswalleye1311238976000Where is the valerian & lemon?I like valerian tea but husband hates the smell so opted for a mix. First ingredient according to box is camomile, then valerian then lemon. This tea tastes like camomile ONLY - no valerian taste or smell, no lemon taste or smell... disappointed.
285297285297B000FPKX3EAIMXWT2HJ3ET4R. Moody1131278460800Just OKThese are nice to have on hand because they are convenient, but neither my 1 year old or my 2 year old will eat it without adding a touch of salt. VERY plain, even for little ones.
285298285298B000FPKX3EA2LNYV7NZKD6OHBrittany0041342483200YumMy two-year-old loves these, which is saying something because he's the pickiest eater on the planet. We'll definitely buy them again.
285299285299B000FPKX3EA36N62I47U9IIHKimiko0011335744000Absolutely disgustingI tried to feed this to my oldest daughter when she was a toddler, she refused it. My second daughter who eats almost anything said "YUCK!" when I tried to feed it to her. And I can't blame either one of them. The product looks nothing like the photo on the jar. It's like a gelatinous substance with vegetables mixed in. Terrible! Save your money!
285300285300B000FPKX3EA2FOLQVGEEJKBCMom of Twins0051329264000Favorite out of the Graduate mealsMy twins both love this kind of the gerber graduates tubs. Everything in this one is very tender so it is a great one to start with. It gives me some piece of mind that it has pasta, veggies and meat in it because it is hard to get them to eat meat.

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