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285301285301B000FPKX3EA2ZT5T3FBCOXQVLeah Blevins0051312329600Quick, Easy & TastyWe've tried several of the Graduates packaged meals and this one is a definite favorite. My son didn't look sure of it the first time he had it and didn't finish the meal, but the second time he couldn't get enough! I love having these on hand for when we're on the go. And it's an excellent price here with the subscribe and save option.
285302285302B000FPKX3EA23EFS8KUDQ822R. Brescia0051309910400Great quick mealMy 17 month old daughter loves all of these little microwaveable meals, which are great in a pinch and this one has been no exception. There was a previous post about an expiration date issue, but all orders that I have received the expiration date has been a year out +.
285303285303B000FPKX3EA3S2XBYTDP3TJRMrsDizzle0051308441600Incredible Value!Great price on these anyway, but when you sign up for Subscribe & Save, it becomes a phenomonal value! My boys love these meals.
285304285304B000FPKX3EAHCT2ZFJX1FN0St. Patrick's Day Mommy0051306368000Great to have on handSince my daughter is 14 months old she pretty much eats what I prepared for meals, however sometimes I don't think what I have made is something she should eat such as steak (too hard to chew). So I like to have these available for a quick meal to prepare for my daughter. She likes the taste, simple to prepare, and you have meat and vegetables all in one meal.
285306285306B000FPKX3EA1IOSSMG1CLUCBBarbara Murray "grandma"0051284163200Gerber Graduates Spagetti Rings in Meat SauceMy granddaughter is a very picky eater but loves this product. Put it in the microwave and its ready in just a few minutes and doesn't need to be refrigerated. It's great when traveling. Highly recommend.
285307285307B000FPKX3EAWQ8ETK8MJ1J1Melissa Jones0111323648000Wasted moneyMy daughter screams if I try to feed her these. She honestly says, "Yuck!" Next time, I will buy one to try out instead of buying a whole pack of 12.
285308285308B000FPKX3EA1I181JX45Y0VNAshley T0111301875200Almost expired, don't buy!!!I received a case of these (12 count) on April 4th. They expire April 12th. That's plain ridiculous. Won't be buying again - giving me a touch over a week to use them when they are a CONVENIENCE item for 90% of parents, not a regular meal item that you use daily. Not worth the $ savings - I'll buy the equivilent in beechnut at a certain national chain for $1.06 per meal and have a long expiration over this.

Be warned, you are gambling on expiration with these.
285309285309B000FPKX3EAH5GCNH82ZU0C*~*~*Valley*~*~* "Val"0431286150400A for effort...Um, yeah, what the title says. My son just doesn't like them. But, they are an easy on the go meal... hope that helps? I will say this much: HE DOES PREFER THESE TO THE STANDARD/ STORE BRAND VARIETY. STANDARD = 'THE CHEF' (girl i x) LMAO
285310285310B0087EO1MOA3IIVZOD5FUYNmitch470051345075200Great StuffI use this all the time for seasoning in Tacos and Chili. I do not eat Menudo so do not know if it is a good seasoning for that but my family love tacos and chili made with this. I used to purchase this at Fiesta Mart in Texas but after moving to Montana I was unable to find this in the local stores and was very happy to find it on line.
285311285311B001ENKEDUA3HSFX29BJC1B4Annie "flavor lover"0051239580800Favorite for our familyWe purchased Fritt candy in Germany and it quickly became a favorite for all the kids in our immediate and extended family. They love the tart fruity flavor. Anytime someone goes to Germany they bring back 40 plus packages of the fruit flavors and all the kids fight over them. The kids I am talking about are all ages up to 50. They are the highlight of any Christmas gift.
285312285312B000H48FX8A2MQQN4E5LGNKJeanine M. Cardelli "Love my dog"2251261612800Needed for my pet's healthI am glad that this canine version of Sam-E is available at such a good price. The fact that it is delivered so promptly to my home allows me to order only when we are running low. My dog has benefited by the use of the product.
285313285313B000H48FX8A3DAIFC82G0QP7Jessica Obermayer0051343606400Great supplement, super fast shipping!Our Siamese cat has had countless problems from consuming some toxic chemicals (Xmas tree water) - years ago, before we realized what he was doing. For years, he's had an assortment of problems, leading up to a general decline in health at the ripe old age of ten - and ten isn't old for a Siamese. We've had him on 'gold-plated' cat food for years, which helped some, but not enough!

SAMe has done the trick!

Since putting him on this supplement, he's much more active and outgoing, besides losing some weight and not throwing up.

What I like best about this supplement is that they've put the necessary supporting vitamins and Milk Thistle in with the SAMe, thereby preventing homocysteine buildup, providing better liver support, and getting most of the required nutritional supplements into one pill.

Wish they had one for humans! :) My SAMe is plain, so I have to buy and take extra other supplements.

Thank you for this great supplement - and for getting it to me so fast!
285314285314B000H48FX8AVTAB7IBNBBTDWild Turkey0051331424000SAMeMy 15 year old American Eskimo uses this. She now has her normal 3 speeds back - fast, slow, and stop. This product is available from the vet, but it costs much more.
285315285315B000H48FX8A1UF62ENB9FA9JJocelyn0041315872000Good serviceThis is not the first time that I have purchased from them. I received the pills quickly and with no hassles. BB has been on it for several years & really helps his liver. Will I buy from them again? Yes.
285316285316B000H48FX8A3U3X4F995PJRNPetlover580051304121600Cheaper than vet!I have bought this product for many years thru my vet. I checked w/ amazon & found it nearly half the price!! It's even in the same bottle that my vet sells!!
285317285317B000H48FX8A1NKHZBL5LQDPNcat lady0051303171200very helpfulI have a dog with liver cancer, Vet recommended I give this to my dog, also gave him 6 - 9 months to live, it has now been 16 months and he is still alive, he is 14-1/2 years old, so now I'm thinking he might die of old age before the liver cancer gets him. Vet says its probably working more than I thought.
285318285318B000H48FX8A1HX8QTL1Z2ZF3Bryan R. Fisher0051293321600Not what is actually sold, but works the same.I've been purchasing this item for my dog. It works fine, but it's not the actual product that is advertised. There is a different label and manufacturer.
285319285319B000H48FX8A14JJI2EO3M1H4Enrique P. Becerra0121272758400Great product Vendor is selling it for twice as much as any other vendorThe product, which I have been giving to my dogs for the past year or so is great - however, the vendor that Amazon recommends - I bought it through Amazon cause i was in a hurry, but never again, this is not the first time that this happens - sells the product for twice as much as any other vendor online - for the price $27 I could have bought twice as much (a bottle with 60 instead of 30 pills). Bottom line, the product is great, the vendor, including Amazon sucks - worse than Goldman Sachs.
285320285320B002DHPJFOA1CR4XGJRXT43PJo Ann Rivers "love everything"0051310169600glad i saw this .i have the star trek pezs and i thought why not get one of the star wars pezs. i mostly wanted the princess leia pez . i just wish they made a queen amidala pez . i looked every where for that one . the seller i got her from wrapped it up nicely.
285321285321B000NIP11MA109L3WXD1SJFUCookbook Gal "Cookbook Gal"2251324080000Terrific teaI ordered this tea in a restaurant the first time and it was so good that I asked for the name and stocked up. It is fantastic; not bitter at all with a mild, sweet pineapple flavor in the background. Great hot or iced. Recommendation: each bag contains about a tablespoon of tea leaves. If you like a stronger brew, I recommend getting the loose tea. I travel with the tea bags and use the loose tea at home.
285322285322B000NIP11MA2VOOWZ9WDTP9MH. Bettencourt "hb"1151239148800best green teaI hate green tea but it has so many health benefits that I decided to suck it up and drink it. I was surprised when I tried this tea and it actually tasted wonderful!!
285323285323B000NIP11MA3OQIKBTNN0R85Yevgeniy Dyo "Cloud"1151199232000The best ice teaThere is nothing better than a glass of ice tea during summer heat! This one has amazing refreshing taste. Highly recommend.
285324285324B000NIP11MA1B2X830N94SYSDennis Thapa "dthapa1"0051343260800Tea Snob's Favorite Green TeaIf you love tea, then you already know about Harney and Sons tea. As far as paper tea bags go, this is simply the best out there. The green tea has a slight, but not overwhelming, hint of fruit to it. It is exhilarating to drink. This is my favorite green tea hands down. For comparison, my next favorite would be Tazo's Zen, followed by Mighty Leaf. These tea bags are relatively pricey, but for the quality you are getting, it is well worth it.
285325285325B000NIP11MA1KK8MYQTP35FJD. Wilson0051327104000DeliciousTried this tea at Claim Jumper and Had to have it!

Just like i remembered! Thanks!

Shipping was fast and prompt. Will look forward to Ordering more.
285326285326B000NIP11MA27X750TSCLBDNatasha Fletcher "Earth Worm"0051266537600TASTY...TASTYI fell in love with this tea the first time I drank it, and you know that its loaded with antioxidant protection! Smokers (I am not one) One cup a day reduces lung cancer risks! Its fruity and tasty, my son loves it. Add a little KAL brand stevia and you got it made.
285327285327B000NIP11MA3A6T4Z28WU0I4Andrew Dorenfest0051207958400Best Green Tea EverThis green tea makes you feel better, period. It's flavorful and wonderful and always great to have around. A fine tea all around.
285328285328B00019MN2SA2A26QGMDL4QP3I. Inman "Farmer Ike"1151220140800Great stuffI buy these with the hot and sour soup mix of the same brand both are great, I have no complaints, except I wish there were more noodles because I eat them so fast because they are great.

I highly recommend these to put in the soup or eat on there own they are very addictive. I like them a lot the flavor is awesome.
285329285329B00019MN2SAWX3N8LY7SU1RPinky0051233619200The best, even without a salad!The wonton strips are great!!!! Mine dont even make it to the salad... I usually eat them right out the bag!! They are great on a salad, or as a snack!!
285330285330B00019MN2SA3GQUVCU1RQN52Robert Mark Culberson0051168819200These are AwesomeThese are the best things ever created for a salad. They are much better than croutons. They will make any salad or bowl of soup delicious. I would recommend them to anybody.

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