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285391285391B000FI701YA198UX2FCPAMYTCheryl Landers101151167782400Great productI was so happy when I discovered dehydrated refried beans. You can make a little or a lot. You merely add water. The best thing is there is no "canned" taste.

I highly recommend this product.

285392285392B000FI701YA1CPU6OSMISBOBLeslie J. Lello7721327881600Contains the preservative TBHQ and Soybean OilWhen I lived in Arizona, I used to buy dehydrated Refried Beans from the bulk section in New Frontiers, and it was great!

I'm living in Chicago for the moment, and so I needed to find a good substitute for my New Frontier's refried bean mix.

I am writing this review to WARN you that I DID NOT find a good substitute with this product.

The consistency is good, thus the 2 stars, but that's about all that's good about it.

First of all, the prepared beans have no taste.

But the worst part is that Amazon and the product listing don't tell you that one of the ingredients is TBHQ.

I only discovered this because I started to have a reaction about a half hour after eating the beans.

I got itchy joints, waves of nausea, weak muscles, sleepiness, voracious thirst, cotton mouth...

I thought I would find MSG on the side of the package, because those are symptoms I get after eating MSG.

But then I saw that the preservative was TBHQ, which I had not heard of before. I did some research and found out that many people have MSG-similar reactions to TBHQ.

This product also contains soybean oil, and I do my best to avoid anything with soy.

You may not be sensitive to these ingredients, but I wish someone had written a review mentioning this because if they had, I wouldn't have ordered the product.

I am now stuck with 7 more allergy-inducing packages of this stuff.
285393285393B000FI701YAKJFAIGUZPDE5Mary B.8951149465600These are delicious!Taste great, super easy to make, no fuss, no mess. The pricing is very reasonable.
285394285394B000FI701YA3TS4WIQKPX8AKMartini Maven5551156464000Tasty and simple to makeIt could not be easier to enjoy refried beans. If you are putting a Mexican meal together on the spur of the moment, Santa Fe's Refried Beans are an easy to prepare side dish answer. They are faster to cook than canned beans, and I prefer their taste and consistency to most canned products. Enjoy!
285395285395B000FI701YA347TL78TMSAP8Robert A. Leibowitz5541213920000Fantastic Alternative to Canned beansEver since Mexicali Rose went out of business, I've been searching for a similar style bean and this is it. Santa Fe tastes good, has an excellent texture, is low in fat. And it cooks quite quickly!

Recommendation - Calls for 2.5 cups of water. Highly recommend going with less, say 1.5 cups to reduce cooking time, especially if you're like me and don't like your beans with a bit richer consistency.

I give it four stars as nothing tops the real restaurant (though restaurants vary quite a bit in quality)/home made refried beans.

The only other store bought alternative that tastes really good is Ducal refried black beans. It's fantastic, but there's a reason - lard - 17 grams of fat, so there's a sacrifice to make and Santa Fe is an excellent in-between choice and on Amazon, the price is great and it ships via prime to boot, so I can get it quickly when I run out.
285396285396B000FI701YA16WPA6JV83YXTSandra Trolinger "trolsgirl"5551161388800You won't eat canned beans again!I love the ease of preparation, the creaminess and the freshness of this product. It is also easy to store in the pantry.

I do add my own spices to add a bit more flavor to my liking.

Canned beans do not come close to the taste of these and I love that Amazon ships them to my door!
285397285397B000FI701YA17LKT255B2CYQGerald Witt "gwitt"4451182470400The taste of MexicoThese beans are great and so easy... we used to buy canned beans from Mexico but these taste even better just like my mother in law makes, we add jalapeno juice from jalapenos and a touch of milk and sometimes Cumin. But they taste great and are easy to make.
285398285398B000FI701YA1FP5ZLSKR07SUG. Burnick4451182124800Better than cannedI don't mind canned beans, but these are better, and I like the varieties. I got all three of the Santa Fe varieties available and my review is the same for each -- easy to prepare and yummy! Forget the cans and maintain these in your pantry. I use them for dips, for nachos, for a sidedish, instead of meat in lasagna, and whatever.
285399285399B000FI701YAIZ3EPHTZTAU0Michelle A. Statham4451175040000Sants Fe Bean CoThese are the best tasting refried beans I have ever tasted..
285400285400B000FI701YA3ORY2SBS6G1P5Liese A. Thomas "swimmom"4451165017600My teenagers and I love these beans!The kids made these beans for the first time today. They added some salsa for extra flavor. We all thought they tasted great.
285401285401B000FI701YARK7IYUDXG1DNPatricia / Redwood City,CA4451193529600SANTA FE BEANS ALMOST TEXAS STYLEBought these at suggestion from a friend who lives in Bandera,TX. We were both looking for the Mexicali Rose brand which appears to have gone out of business. She found these at HEB grocery. Tried them and told me they were as good as Mexicali Rose brand.
Yummy and delicious. Quick to fix. I used less water than stated to get a thicker product. Also use boiling water rather than faucet or microwave Hot water.
5 Stars definitely............and I'm stocked up for the winter like a squirrel and all it's nuts!!!!!
285402285402B000FI701YAQRHQNCL2ULMPDavid E. Wittke4451171843200Best dried refried beansThese are the best dried refried beans in the market place, but they have been pulled off the Albertsons Super Market in the Colorado area.
285403285403B000FI701YALSAOZ1V546VTA Research It Maven "Just the facts please"3351263340800Trivial amount of fat in these isnt even on the charts!These excellent, convenient, (dried) instant refried beans truly rival fresh in texture, flavor, and quality! They are too salty for my taste (and salt is so easy to add, why not reduce it?) and are not seasoned. The "Southwestern Style" seems to imply seasoning, but no problem, just add some! I saute fresh onion, garlic, a touch of cumin, and sometimes peppers, in a little EVOO, then make the beans in the same pan with sodium free bottled water. Easy and awesome! (We have used similar beans from a restaurant supply that are no way as good!)
285404285404B000FI701YAFBDCZLS05WISRawkitfuel3351212105600BackpackingThese have excellent flavor. Experiment at home before taking them backpacking. Discovered they need much less water than recipe calls for if you want them thick for burritos. I would buy these again.
285405285405B000FI701YA2IF0E09CPUFGM2J "book teacher"3351209254400Taste of Tex-MexI moved to New York two years ago and the thing I miss most about Texas is good Tex-Mex food. Santa Fe Beans can compete with the best refried beans in any of my favorite restaurants back home and it is way easier than preparing beans for one from scratch.
285406285406B000FI701YAM46KTCN0B2MGCharlotte Newsome "Charlygirl"3351208563200Where have you "bean" all my life?I found these beans at a local grocery store and tried them for the first time. I went on the bean company's website to find where I could buy a case of them. They referred me to Amazon and I bought alot of them here. Shared them with my sister and my daughters and they loved them, too. You just gotta try them. I add a bit of Cumin to them and they are better, by far, than ANY canned variety.
285407285407B000FI701YAUMEBOBNJDWVTJoesph L. Bayless2251260403200You Can't Believe This ProductThis product is simply amazing. You will not believe it until you try it. If you have ever made refried beans you have got to buy this item.
285408285408B000FI701YANYL07YACRI97momteacher32251250812800Taste like restaurant beansA little more expensive, but cheaper than eating out. Great for nachos & burritos or just plain.
285409285409B000FI701YA30NKZ0Y1YL7S2L. Broom2251250035200Buy them!!These are the best refried beans available. I will never buy canned again. My husband never used to like beans when I made homemade burritos..he would only eat the meat. Now, he eats beans and meat. I've passed bags out to all of my friends and they all love them too.
285410285410B000FI701YA250GBP3UC7082Jim "Cotton"1131316044800Good taste, but way too much sodium!I ordered these refrieds to go along and give variety to the Vegetarian refrieds made by the same company. My wife and I both found them to be very salty tasting, and this is explained by the 400 mg of sodium Per Serving (listed on back of the bag), as opposed to the 340mg that was given under the Nutritional Values shown on the web site. The Santa Fe Fat Free, Vegetarian Refried Beans only have 210mg of sodium per serving and have a great taste....I highly recommend these instead of the Southwestern Style!! Just add a little green chili or cheese if you want a southwest taste.
285411285411B000FI701YA3RG7V2OC7WZ1Jltl2fab1151290470400The BEST refried beans you will ever eat!These are fantastic! Better than even many restaurants. Having become addicted to these in Texas, I now have them shipped by the box to the east coast because I love them so much.
285412285412B000FI701YA3475YO8NTGM3ADavid L. Oliver "Desert Denizen"1151285200000Quick and tastyCompared to canned refried beans these are wonderful. Compared to homemade, well, not quite as good, but close. However, I would estimate a minimum of 5 hours to make refried beans from dry pintos when you include the soaking time. These take 5 minutes. 5 minutes vs. 5 hours means an easy 5-star rating. The packaging deserves a very high rating as well. The heavy-duty packages seem to be hermetically sealed. I suspect this gives them a very long shelf life. Once opened, they can be re-sealed. All around a great product.
285413285413B000FI701YA2SH5DG4IODZWoody1151279238400ExcellentWe have been buying these beans for a while. Finally decided to buy a case at a time! Easy to make and excellent taste!
285414285414B000FI701YAAIEOP0P2S32QS. Haslett "toytrain"1151277856000Instant refried beans are great!I was dissapointed that my local store no longer sold this company's instant refried beans, but I was happy to find that had them available.
I do find it a bit of a challenge to cook the refried beans plain, but they are great as a soup thickener.
I make a tortilla soup recipe that calls for a can of refried beans dissolved with broth. I just add a bit more water or broth and it is easier to dissolve these flakes into the broth than using the canned stuff.
Also, the dehydrated packages seem to last longer than the cans. They also store easier.
I think this is a great product.
285415285415B000FI701YA1FX9GL6ODPK4XArdell L. Holmquist1151274832000Santa Fe refried Beans Ar GreatThese Refried Beans are the Best! I love them For all My Mexican Dishes! I use the For a Meal, with Cheese, onions, tomatoes, sour cream and salsa. You can Dip them with Tortilla Chips. They are GREAT! Gosh, So many Ideas with The Santa Fe Refried Beans.
285416285416B000FI701YA2WVF9ZQ068DN0Living it up1141247443200Quick & EasyThis is a great product to have in your pantry. Unlike other reviewers, I do not think these taste as good as homemade. I do think they taste terrific and are the next best thing to homemade. They are definitely superior to canned beans.
Add to that the easy of use, being able to make single/small portions for spontaneous meals on the run and you've got a great go-to ingredient on your shelf.
285417285417B000FI701YA2ALUTBR8KMZ3RAREADER "Keep Reading, Even In The Bathroom"1151242777600Tastes Like HomemadeI was glad to find these available here online. I was introduced to "instant" refried beans while in New Mexico several years back and have never went back to canned refried beans since. Those original instant refried beans were by Mexicali Rose and they were/are expensive. I found the Santa Fe Bean Co. brand and tried them and they taste better and are cheaper. My wife is of Mexican descent and she makes homemade (now only once in awhile)refried beans and she is very impressed with the taste and quality of this instant variety along with the ease and speed of making them. You can make a little or a lot. I add chopped onion and shredded sharp cheddar cheeze and a dash of Chipotle Tabasco. Once you have tried these, you won't like the canned refrieds.
285418285418B000FI701YA32PPUZQEHC749Robo "camp mogol"1151242259200GREAT STUFFHey everyone this is GREAT STUFF.
Simple and easy to make. Good for camping, backpacking, hunting and such.
Tastes GREAT too!
I'm gonna try the black beans too!
285419285419B000FI701YA3N9TOPHBENB9IS. Harrison1151224633600Delicious!We had previously tried the Santa Fe fat-free dehydrated refried beans, and liked them a lot. So, we decided to give these a try too. Despite the fact that these are labeled "southwestern style," which sounds like these might contain some spices, this product contains only beans, salt, and partially hydrogenated corn oil. They are delicious! The small amount of oil gives them a bit of a creamier texture than the fat-free beans. Of course, partially hydrogenated oil is not the best thing in the world for the old arteries, so the fat-free version is probably a better choice for many people. (see link below)

These refried beans taste much better than the canned variety. One could easily pass them off to unsuspecting guests as being home made. Next time I make them, however, I will use a bit less water, as I prefer a slightly thicker consistency.

One nice thing about this product is that it comes packed in a zip-lock type bag, so it is easy to fix a smaller amount if an entire package is just too much.

Santa Fe Bean Co., Instant Fat Free Vegetarian Refried Beans, 7.25-Ounce Pack (Pack of 8)
285420285420B000FI701YA1CJKLYEIWE1B7A. Schroeter "Drew"1151217376000I love this productConvenient, cost effective and very tasty. I have used this product at home as well as in commercial kitchens. It always gives the desired results.

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