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285451285451B000FI701YA1DOXKTIJ15M9QK. Mattauch0051233705600Traditional taste w/o the hassleI love homemade refired beans but they take too long to make. These beans are delicious, fast to prepare AND you can make as much or as little as you need. I would reccomend these to any true traditional refried bean lover.
285452285452B000FI701YA2F1FY5342OLPRW. Smith0051211846400Right on the bean !!!This product is tasty and easy to fix. Adding ingredients is easy: just add frozen or dehydrated vegetables, for instance, after you've added boiling water. As the product simmers - per label directions - the vegetables cook nicely as well.
285453285453B000FI701YACT9UD0755D6NDestiver0051205107200Extremely good!It's already been said over and over, but these are SO much better than canned. I honestly can't eat canned because they taste so bad but I love these! The best part? They're ready in like 5 minutes :-)
285454285454B000FI701YA11YOTONCPRQ9SSH1221333324800Good butThese beans taste good and are pretty easy to prepare. Salt content is too high. The real problem is that the vendor may have become a bit too greedy and raised the price significantly. At around $16 bucks, they seemed to be an ok deal. Now that they're nearly $20, I'm not so sure. I could buy 25 cans of 79 cent refried beans for $20 that don't need reconstituting, have less salt, and work just as well.
285455285455B000FI701YA1IDPRD4Q3IP0Tkareninca0111350950400Contains interesterified oil!!!!I would never have purchased this product if I had realized that it contains interesterified oil. From Dr. Weil's website: "A study published in the January 15, 2007, issue of Nutrition Metabolism found that interesterified fats and trans fats had similar, negative effects. Both increased total cholesterol, raised "bad" LDL (low density lipoprotein) cholesterol and lowered "good" HDL (high-density lipoprotein) cholesterol. Another negative: the interesterified fat also raised fasting blood glucose by almost 20 percent." There are plenty of other studies out there, as well.

I eat things like refried beans because they are supposed to be healthful. Interesterfied fats are a sneaky way for manufacturers to avoid saying that their product contains trans fats! I am so completely disgusted by the fact that I foolishly bought this inedible product. I would not give it away; it is going right into the trash. I feel totally ripped off.
285456285456B000FI701YAHFJZ95PPDSUQCherryAnn0151299974400Even better than made-fom-scratchThese taste exactly like they were made fom dried beans, in just a fraction of the time. No canned, tinny taste and you can make them as soupy or as dry as you wish. I usually add a little garlic salt to them in the beginning and about a quarter cup of mild salsa to them when they are done (5 minutes, really). Add a little cheese and you won't believe how good they are. No one will ever know you didn't cook them yourself unless you tell.
285457285457B000FI701YA1QDHFFELVWRRBL. Bertagnolli0151284336000Best refried beans!!!These are the best refried beans ever!! The taste is wonderful and the ease of making them as well as the consistency is supurb! Will be buying more!
285458285458B000FI701YA36QZPTM4VT8XALauren J. Wiebe "Wiebe4"0151279756800Great BeansThese beans remind me of a time years ago when I lived in New Mexico. Great Product.
285459285459B000FI701YADCQAORE3HWD4RLear0911272412800ugggh...horribleI usually use canned refried beans when I am in a hurry with Mexican dishes, or if I have the time..make my own from scratch. This product is AWWWFULL. They look great, but have a very funny, very strong, off-putting taste. Not sure what it is but will be returning the remainder of the order...ruined my entire dinner..YUK!!!!
285460285460B00329G9YCA2SOYRYB1O34QDshwillia1151324425600Consistently Delicious!The 2 lb. bag is a great gift for a family, as every pistacio in the bag is big and fat and delicious! The burlap bag is of excellent quality and needs no further wrapping. I buy them every year for hostess gifts and casual holiday gifts.
285461285461B000ILLX3YAPNOO4OJ72ONDBonesighNYC2241282780800Nice addition to air-popped popcornI bought this product to use over air-popped popcorn. It is very tasty but not overpoweringly so. The product description here says to lightly spritz the air-popped popcorn with an oil to make this product adhere better. I have not done this yet, but have found that a good deal of the product does not stick to the dry popcorn, so this is likely a good suggestion. This would probably taste good over steamed vegetables, but I have not tried using it for this yet.
285462285462B000ILLX3YAG3G6Z8MA7KT6Erica Reid1121294358400No Butter FlavorI love buttery popcorn like most, and I picked this up at Walmart because my Wabash Valley Farms topping has yet to get here. I thought that butter topping was supposed to taste like butter but it doesn't. I sprinkled generously and it was salty tasting but not buttery. I think I will use spray butter until my shipment arrives but there are better products out there.
285463285463B000ILLX3YA3EEJ9U4IE5SBKJill Mayfield3411268784000Awful. Mostly maltodextrin.We ran out of Jolly Time and picked this up at the store. Tastes bad and is mostly maltodextrin, which causes stomach upset for most of my family. Avoid if you don't like maltodextrin.
285464285464B000ILLX3YA3L9ZT7SRJYLVHJDTexan "JDTexan"0051350604800Popcorn SeasoningThis low cal, low sodium buttery flavor is great on Popcorn, but also on potatoes, vegetables and a host of other items. I will not be without this wonderful seasoning.
285465285465B000ILLX3YA1W3CQZ2ULPAFOrvan0051348704000BETTER THAN BUTTERSure beats melting butter for your popcorn. Gluten-free, no fats, no calories and hardly any salt--what's not to like? It's superfine so it sticks to the kernels as well as the real thing without all the mess. You can combine it with all other flavors or your own seasonings too.
285466285466B000ILLX3YA1JISU0JBT7K7Grc0051346889600the bestI have not received this yet from amazon but have used it for a long time and there is no better seasoning for my veggies it is so popular in my local stores as soon as the shelves are stocked they are emptied so I had to find a new way to get mine AUTO-SHIP IS THE MOST AWESOME THING YOU DO THANKS
285467285467B000ILLX3YA37DXIENIDHTVYD. Wortham0011344556800Butter seasoning that has no butter flavorIt doesn't have a butter flavor.

It doesn't have much of a salt flavor either.

So. It doesn't taste like butter and you need to add salt. The only thing it has going for it is that it is gluten free.

The subscribe and save price is good. Better than you can get at the store by quite a bit. I bought my single bottle at the big box store for about 2.78 so if you can get it for less with S&S then it is a good deal price wise.

Be sure you buy a single one at the store before you invest in a 6 pack.
285468285468B000ILLX3YA3Q1CD76BF17G4Jo0051344124800Popcorn heavenThis is my favorite low cal popcorn topping. It has the essence of butter, and I use butter spray to get it to stick to the kernels. The 6 pack option is incredibly priced, and since I go through the bottles fast, just perfect. Enjoy!!
285469285469B000ILLX3YA2VYLXYG3H6TYNAundrea0021342483200Not nearly as good as my old brandI got this because the store didn't have the brand I normally love and buy (Jolly Time Buttery Seasoning for Popcorn). This had an odd flavor, almost bitter. I maybe tasted a slight hint of butter with it, but nothing like my other seasoning. After one batch I began using my "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Extra Virgin Olive Oil" spray first and sprinkling this powder very lightly on top of that and was more satisfied doing it that way. I will probably finish up this seasoning, but won't be buying it again.
285470285470B000ILLX3YA13G48I6ZNOJP9Sawdust0011327017600No FlavorI bought this "Butter" flavor at the local grocery store and was very disappointed. It had no flavor at all except for a mild saltiness. You'd be better off simply using salt on your popcorn.
285471285471B000ILLX3YA292YZXM8K51QZC. Burks "LeahBBB"0051326412800Love this stuff!I've taken to air-popping my popcorn in the microwave, in a vented plastic tub. With this seasoning, I spray the popped corn with tasteless cooking spray OR Kernel Season's popcorn spray, then sprinkle this seasoning. Then I toss and repeat, to ensure all is covered. I love it. It's not overpowering, but I do HIGHLY suggest air popped corn be sprayed with SOME kind of oil spray, or this seasoning won't stick.
285472285472B000ILLX3YA2ZEFDVX4X5TPXThomas A. Roberts "tomrgalvtx"0051174867200multi-usesI use this product as a low calorie substitute for butter on baked potatoes, scrambled eggs, other cooked vegetables and some meats like boneless chicken breasts. Its great to have a source for this as the local markets do not have it on the shelves.
285473285473B000ILLX3YAX03ZMXT6IV6Tfeitctaj1211308009600I Can Believe It's Not Butter (flavored)I believe it is generally safe to assume that "butter-flavored" refers to the flavor of butter churned from cow's milk. In Kernel Seasons' case, however, I'm not so sure. Kangaroo milk maybe? Or perhaps howler monkey? How about prairie dog? Whatever animal's butter this product's flavor is based on, you can bet it's not a member of the bovine family. I should know. I still have the unidentifiable taste of it in my mouth, having bought a jar and "flavored" some popcorn with it out of desperation because Safeway was out of my usual "Jolly Time buttery Seasoning," a 12-pack of which I am now about to order to ensure that this never happens again. Thank you.
285474285474B000ILLX3YA11ED8O95W2103lighten_up_already2 "lighten_up_already2"1251255478400Cheap and easy way to make steamed vegetables edible!So I'm trying to lose a few pounds and I'm eating a lot of vegetables. Steam 'em and sprinkle some of this stuff on 'em and all of a sudden they're tasty! Amazing!
285475285475B000ILLX3YA190WD324CGNBFRAM1341250294400'No it's not....'Product features say there is no sodium...well, unless salt is now NOT considered sodium that could be true. BUT, salt is in the sodium family, so if you're looking for this seasoning to be completely sodium free, forget about it!! And it says too a serving size is 1/4 teaspoon, wow, that's like nothing! Bottom line: it's not a bad product, adds a little butter flavor, but it's NOT sodium-free.
285476285476B0012EWTG6A3GXFH85E6NE1Zhavasumom690051349654400They taste soooo good!I just tried Athenos "Baked Salted" Chips and they are SOOOOOO GOOD!They are so good! I used them to dip them into spicy red pepper HUMMAS sp(which I hadnt tried before and IT was sooo yummy!
285477285477B0027YVUOMA1CVZCQBAHJYNEcharjere "charjere"7751300233600Awesome healthy snackThese are awesome! I believe another reviewer made a mistake on the nutrition info. A serving size is 1oz or 28g and measures out to 17 pieces (each piece is a 1 inch diameter disk). I could barely hold them all in one hand. There are 3 servings in a bag. 167 calories, 12g fat, 269mg sodium, 8 gram carbs. 21.7% protein, 11.4% omega-3 and 17.1% omega-6. They are raw so the bag says to check for mold and bugs and maybe keep in fridge, but they guarentee them for ANY reason. They are raw, vegan and organic, but I don't follow any of those diets and love them. Flavor is not too much and you won't have orange fingers when you are done. They contain sprouted seeds (easier to digest) including flax, sunflower, sesame, and tomato.
285478285478B0027YVUOMA2RBVCYTN78VIEWeasley Socks4451262044800Fabulous, tasty and living food!If you've never tried these Flax Snax then you have NO IDEA what you are missing!!!

Oh my goodness, these are the absolutely tastiest snacks I have ever had, vegan or otherwise.

Since going vegan I have truly missed that cheesy, pepperoni pizza flavor, but not anymore! Go Raw's living foods selection is phenomenal and these Pizza Flax Snax are their best product. (In my humble opinion.)

They have a cute, handy, round shape and taste very much like pepperoni, without the need for all sorts of chemical flavoring ingredients.

The benefits of living foods -offered here in these dehydrated, crispy cracker snacks- are well known. There is just no comparing Flax Snax to all of those processed, colorized, irradiated, supermarket snack foods...Flax Snax are packed with natural flavor, great texture and the all important convenience of portability.

What an easy, amazing, fresh and yummy addition to my camping/hiking food repertoire!

Pizza Flax Snax -- I love them!
285479285479B0027YVUOMAA91LD7JE7B4WNyranthalia Morgenstern "Nyra"3351291420800Pepperoni Pizza Without the Guilt!These taste like those mini pizza snacks but with the crunch. This is the best of the Go Raw Flax Snax to me. The spices make it taste like pepperoni and they are addictive. Yes, they are a little high in sodium but I don't think it's excessive compared to other flavored flax crackers out on the market. As far as the prices, flax in general tends to fun high. If you really want to save the bucks, you can try to make these at home with a food dehydrater. The difference is that many of us will not sprout our flax seed prior to making them. Personally, I think these are a good value when compared to something like kale chips which are ridiculously overpriced when it comes to sale price/cost manufacturing.

I will definitely be buying these again and again!
285480285480B0027YVUOMAK4ZCMDQM4APHTiffany2251316649600Almost TOO good!My Pizza Flax Snax came in the mail today and, I could eat one entire bag by myself. These are way better than I expected them to be. If you are craving something salty, but trying to avoid the processed, preservative overkill, GMO-full snacks from your grocery store, then these are the perfect go to snack. The sodium is a bit high, so one does have to exercise some restraint when eating these. But they are high in fiber (5 g. per serving), gluten free, wheat free, nut free, organic, gmo free, and raw.

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