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285511285511B00181NJ8KA3FAXMURBYDMCHJ Turner0051251158400You have got to try this sauceThis was the first Busha Browne sauce I tried - I'm a fan of everything they make. I use it to marinate pork chops before I grill them - try some of these in the summertime with a nicely chilled "Big House Pink." Live it up.
285512285512B000RHVFUAAHK4OBYK2S0SCCireSnave1121345852800Not dried at all well.I have now bought these "dried" cranberries as well as Traverse Bay's dried cranberries. This is a 5 pound bag. Traverse Bay sells a 4 pound box. The Traverse Bay box is DRASTICALLY larger than this 5 pound bag. Why? Because the cranberries from Traverse Bay are DRIED. These are partially dried and have a nice sticky puddle of cranberry juice in one corner of the bag. FAIL! Go buy Traverse Bay's dried cranberries. They're about the same price and you get drastically more. I won't be paying for liquid again.
285513285513B000RHXL20A2N3BRPS0NS7FFB. Martinek0051277510400Great sesame seed!Good quality sesame seed! I am totally impressed and will be back for more! Great to mix into your homemade breads or to top them before baking.
285514285514B000E1BKSQAYVZAT3JXK6BOJames K. Buckles "Jim Buckles"5541218412800OUTSTANDING AND FAT FREE !!I am one of those dieters who has a struggle because I like quite a bit of dressing on my salads....and I eat a lot of salads. Kraft has really done a wonderful job of making very flavorful dressings and keeping the fat out. This excellent product coupled with Amazon's great price makes it a winner for those of us that watch our fats.
285515285515B000E1BKSQA1G1X16SEWDKHOReed More "Wanttoreadlots"0051328486400Great Flavor & VersatilePros: I love the flavor if this dressing; and being low in calories and fat free to boot really makes it a favorite of mine. I like to use it with a Quinoa and Vegetable mix, and I'm sure it'd be wonderful on a Pasta/Veggie mix. I've used it on baked potatoes, and grilled zucchini and sweet peppers -- delicious. I've also used it as a veggie dipping dressing.

Cons: I am aware of the salt content, so I'm limiting how much I can eat. Also, it is really hard to find, so I'm glad Amazon offers it.
285516285516B000E1BKSQA34TZUCJYJSTU5Annamarie Losh0041322697600Kraft Fat Free Ceasar Italian Salad DressingI wanted to find a fat free dressing different from the previous one I had ordered and I came across this one and decided to give it a try. It is great!! Nice blend of herbs and spices, full of flavor, but still fat free!
285517285517B0000GHNV8A2DMQ5BYVYAFGVSmart Shopper91021247702400Flavorful, but difficult to store and useI had been using this product to make homemade Nicaraguan chorizo. This product is indeed flavorable and authentic. However, I found that it dries out and hardens before I have the chance to use all of it, even if kept in the plastic bag it's packaged in and then sealed inside a Tupperware container. For this reason, I now order annatto (achiote) powder instead, and add additional flavorings to it, according to a recipe in one of my Nicaraguan cookbooks. I figure I can't get more authentic than to use a cookbook that was published in Nicaragua (not here in the States) and use the exact ingredients the recipe calls for. I can also control the ingredients to avoid unnecessary preservatives and such.
285518285518B0000GHNV8AYZ3CXYIRILLLSonja Jamison6641267228800perfect for porc taco!I love this spice mix for my pork tacos: line a crockpot with banana leaves, pop in a pork shoulder (skin removed), pour over 100g Yucateco anchiote mixed with 1/2 cup lime juice and a sliced onion. Cook on high for 6 hours, turn to low til ready to use. Pull meat off into corn tortillas with a bit of the sauce (which can be thickened with yucca) and pickled cabbage-- YUM! I reuse old jars (jam, pickle, mayonnaise)to store the unused spice.
285519285519B0000GHNV8A16ZHHOQZ8QPAKM. Pritchard6651203292800Best paste for that Mexican flavorWhen I went to Cancun for vacation the flavor of the meats and poultry had this distinct flavor that I truly enjoyed. When I came home I researched to find the flavor so I could make it at home. This is it and it gives great flavor to Steak and chicken. You don't need the entire package to marinade your food. I add lemon juice, salt and olive oil - Mix and maybe half or a quarter of the spice...and your food will have an authentic Yucatan flavor. Mild and not overbearing !!
285520285520B0000GHNV8A27QYOKA8WMX1Ygirl_frog753351280188800Must have ingredient!I recently purchased Rick Bayless' Everyday Mexican and he suggested this as a pantry staple... We made King Mackeral with this as an marinade ingredient... It has a nice savory-smoky taste, not spicy... Definitely a staple in my pantry from now on!
285521285521B0000GHNV8AXQNEMI9N0Z2DM. Thompson "M. T."1151335571200AmazingThis paste is wonderful in so many different foods. I combine it with lemon and rub it on a roast chicken or baked cut up chicken or on a thanksgiving turkey. I combine it with chipotle peppers with some adobo sauce and spread it on thinly sliced pork for a few hours then grill it for tacos al pastor along with grilled thinly sliced red onions and sliced grilled pineapple. I use it as part of the seasonings for the chicken that goes in tamales. I use it for about a dozen other recipes. This stuff is amazing and brings life to so many dishes.

This spice blend originates in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico (according to my Mom) and is widely used in Mexican cooking. It was originally a Mayan condiment but has spread in use. It consists of Annatto seed along with a number of other spices. It is commonly also called Recado Rojo.

Once opened, I store the leftover paste in the refrigerator for best results. That keeps it tasting fresh and helps keep it from drying out.
285522285522B0000GHNV8A4TSRH1ELEFF4Steve G.1151314403200yummThis is a great product. I made it with a recipe from Rick Bayless Mexico One Plate at a Time cooking show. "Achiote Seared Shrimp"
285523285523B0000GHNV8A970AQ8M32M8ZReader/Cook0041334880000El Yucateco Achiote Red PasteMy knowledge of the Mexican kitchen is mostly limited to that of the D.F. and state of Mexico so we didn't use achiote all that much. The Yucatan and Quintana Roo produce some delicious dishes and I was curious to try to make some of them, myself. This achiote paste produced just the right color but I found it a bit difficult to get it to dissolve in oil, even with heat and constant stirring. Next time I think I'll try using the actual seeds instead (also available from a supplier to Amazon). I may be wrong but I think achiote is more of a colorante than a saborizante anyway.
285524285524B0000GHNV8A2BAJ2BRSDI2P8Kris Ka0051319673600spicesHaven't tried this yet but was very happy to have been able to get this on line as it was not readily available where we are located,thank you Kris K
285525285525B0000GHNV8A32IB5L0BQ0FC2W. Brooks "Steam ET"0051296950400El Yucateco Achiote Red PasteThis product is great for making shredded chicken tacos. The price at Amazon was better than at local grocery stores. I keep a block of this in a ziploc in my spice cabinet. Great stuff!
285526285526B001EO772UA2QYHR80D30SUEAnn Maxwell6721193184000Not so DarkThis can hardly be considered a true dark roast. This is also very acidic and does not have a strong flavor.
285527285527B001EO772UANCA2DJU6I6D7Mister Spoons1111236816000Steer clear of this coffeeThis is the lightest coffee I have ever seen called "Dark Roast," More important, it just tastes bad. This is the first time I have been disappointed with a coffee purchase from Amazon.
285528285528B001EO772UA26E9PVFNZJF5EWendee Hart "Wendee Hart"0041317340800NOT AS GOOD AS THE WHOLE BEAN...We had to switch to ground and really enjoyed the whole bean of Cafe Altura; this is more convenient but not as rich or as bold. BUT it is better than any coffee on the shelves in the stores. And with the price, there is no argument that it is certainly worth buying!
285529285529B0006344NUAALWYV9IY0EKZpurrrplej2251289865600Iams Proactive Health keeps my cat "regular"This may be TMI, but my cat tends to suffer from constipation. My vet thinks it's because hair he ingests builds up in his digestive tract, causing blockages. So I decided to try a hairball food to keep things "moving," and I chose this one. So far, it seems to be helping my cat stay "regular." And if it can help him with his weight issues (he's almost 15 and a half pounds!), too, then that's an added bonus.

I also like the fact that this product is readily available in stores. I see it just about every place I shop. And the price is not too bad for a good-quality food like Iams.
285530285530B0006344NUA11Y291KSIU9F1AnalogKidd81321267574400Display Weight?The description shows an item weight of 21 lbs, but a shipping weight of 5-ish lbs. So it is misleading. Please correct
285531285531B001269GW4ATVSPV7WR1K77Irene Harris0051206144000Burgers' Smokehouse Biscuit HamI received a ham and 4 packages of the biscuit sized ham slices as a Christmas gift (2007) and must say the ham was wonderful, but the small biscuit sized slices were the biggest hit with my family. We used them for our family gathering at breakfast and they went like hot cakes! The small ones asked for more! Perfect for children because of the tenderness and being so lean. Just found their website - gotta have more!
285532285532B002RZ1PTQAMUYHK87NNK88Rebecca Labrecque2251304294400mom and dads favorite wineOut of all the wine I have made with my sister. This is my parents favorite. Of course we like it too...Have to sign up for subscribe and save to keep mom and dad happy..It is sweet, but not overly so and it has a good flavor. I do have a six gallon carboy so luckily fitting in the extra juice was not an issue
285533285533B002RZ1PTQA319W2MVFZPFWUcaroline's wine1151320883200wonder wineLoved this wine. Most others that i make are on the lighter side, more for that womens touch. My husband and friends never quite got use to that. After making this though, they keep coming back for more. Very full flavored and body. I used a 6 gallon jug and only filled it to the top, which made this a little more of a strong taste. Will have to make this one over and over again. 5 stars from me on this one.
285534285534B002RZ1PTQA3UCQK5288MQ98J. Cerar2341301097600Good wineI think this wine turned out very well. It is somewhat sweet, but not too sweet.

I am giving 4 out of 5 because you will need to make sure you have a carboy that can hold at least 7 1/2 to 8 gallons of liquid. There is a cherry mix you add in, which is at least another gallon or gallon and a half (they don't specify in the instructions). You will also still have to be able to add in the stabilizing agents and have enough room to be able to stir everything without the displaced wine overflowing out of the carboy.

Other than that minor setback, this kit is very good.
285536285536B002RZ1PTQA1H59OCYPG9G4TWindywinemaker0051331424000Excellent Summer WineThis wine kit was very easy to make and it cleared very well. The taste is exceptional and I would recommend it to any home wine maker.
285537285537B002RZ1PTQA3JI7V1GIEUHZ3cjd1211328659200not a happy wineoI am somewhat new to home wine making. I usually make fruit wine from the Island Mist collection and decided to try the cornucopia brand,I am so not happy with it, trying to degass the kit left me disgusted with product it has been over a week and still the wine is not degassed. I will spend more money and continue with the Island Mist brand
Cornucopia Fruit Wine Kit, Red Black Cherry Merlot, 17.5-Pound Box
285538285538B002RZ1PTQA1SCI7QGAIBAYHSharon V. Buck "Spinylobster"0121334102400Not a very good wineThis is a fruit juice added wine kit similar to Island Mist but lacking the quality. The fruit additive smells and tastes extremely chemical in nature, like a bathroom cleaning product, and the finished wine carries this hint of bathroom over with it. It is sweet and may appeal to some people, but I do not recommend it for any but the most unsophisticated palate.
285539285539B0022N6MQYA1BF0HZ9LE4JTQdarrr0051333756800Caramel Flavor powderI am absolutely thrilled with this caramel flavor powder. I just got notification that it was shipped yesterday and it arrived this morning. I have already used it and it is delicious. Very happy with this product.
285540285540B0022N6MQYA3HXLJRBKDH1NCAnnie A0051325289600Oh so virital flavoringsWe love flavored coffees but the price is just to high so I bought orange flavor, hazelnut flavor, cherry flavor, caramel flavor, and chocolate flavor powers, to make my own and they work very well. we can flavor by the cup or the pot and we are very happy with them.

With some experimentation we fond all but the chocolate dissolve in cold. So we can and do use it in ice coffee, and we can now make our own flavored water with out having to pay the overly high price.

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