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285561285561B0046XKKMAA3HHRQBSECP697Starla Slade0051345507200The kitties love it, so it must be good :)Great deal for this item- I had to get it to try for my cats. They will actually cry for it. Not too strong a smell to offend us humans. Very very small bits without being a pate. Good amount of gravy -- it's a fine mix without having tons of gravy and little food or vice versa. Three flavours, all of which are approved of from my cats. Will definitely buy these again.
285562285562B0046XKKMAA2BX29VHKWPMKYcindy0041344124800cats eaterymy 2 cats enjoy this food as a change from their regular food. it arrived without problem i like the variety and the way its presented
285563285563B001SAZTMAA1AWOXO108JZTM19601151326758400good!!!!!!!!!!!!We love the onion bouillon, we put it stews, soups fried potato,scrambled eggs.It gives foods that great onion taste. We never heard of these Walmart had them on clearance we tried them and loved them.We dont to run out of them.
285564285564B0016PO12GA4BCL4FDLO8F4R. Wiggins "Just the oldies, please"3331235347200"Simply Delicious"Zatarains Fish-Fri is outstanding. It is the very best way for frying fish, shrimp, soft crabs, chicken, frog legs, cutlets, zucchini, oysters and egg plant, plus this 5.75 lb jar is a great way to buy in bulk. I rate the item as 3 stars, not because the food but because the shipping costs are too high.
285565285565B0016PO12GA27DKBDI8Y4QVOJ. Bowen2251259884800nnnunfortunately hard to find this product in stores anymore but luckily found it on amazon. I've been missing this incredible taste that this breading gives to my fish and chicken!
285566285566B000NY31MWATB6QGT7V1PHHDunbar runner "seasoned cook"0041240790400Easy tiramisu dessertThis mix is easy to make and really delicious. The lady fingers are really cookies. But putting the coffee/amaretto sauce over them makes the cookies a good substitute. This was the first time I had made tiramisu at home and I was pleased with the result. I would buy it again.
285567285567B000JFDL7AA2FE99P5HVVKPODomestic*Madness3331300060800Fruit flavored blue and yellow, pink is yummier!Pretty good, but I actually prefer "Fluffy Stuff" as the best packaged cotton candy I've tried. That tastes better, and has a better and finer texture. The description containing the information that the various colors are fruit flavored is somewhat buried and I unfortunately missed it when I purchased this. Pink is the nondescript, just-sweet flavor I like. I don't detect any fruity flavor, just maybe slight vanilla. The blue (berry) however tastes like cough syrup and the yellow (pina colada supposedly) is pretty gross to me. I've had a few bags that were all pink and those are pretty good. I honestly do not enjoy the mixed ones nearly as much and neither do the kids. Also, there are large, sharp fragments of sugar that irritate the tongue/mouth as does the coarseness of the candy. There are occasional hard chunks that look like moisture got in.
285568285568B000JFDL7AA38SXMERWZ5GCNStacey Johns Hanley2251268870400great deal on cotton candyBought this product for a carnival birthday party. What a hit! The kids loved it. I loved the price and the quality of the cotton candy. Would definitely buy it again.
285541285541B0022N6MQYA2CAK0UUA49OAPBusiness owner0021324425600Missing flavorThis wasn't very caramel tasting .... Lacked flavor !! I couldn't even taste it in cookies or the dip I made !
285542285542B000084ERUA18RTNWQZDRB2LJ. Stoops2251189209600Great FoodPet guardians, please take the time to educate yourselves on what goes into your pet's food. That initiative will give them the gift of a longer, healthier life, eliminate many chronic health issues that pets face, save you money in vet bills in the long run... the list of benefits goes on and on.

I have done extensive research on canine and feline nutrition and I highly recommend, if you are going to feed commercial food, Welless, California Naturals or Innova. For a great complete meal, I give my dogs all one of those dry foods mixed with a little bit of canned from the same brands, water for hydration, a touch of a good quality essential oil (such as olive, flax, etc.), a touch of powdered kelp and alfalfa, a splash of organic apple cider vinegar, Prozyme digestive enzymes to unlock the nutrients in all that good food and top with a dollop of plain yogurt. It sounds like a lot, but it takes me less than 5 minutes to assemble the meals for 6 dogs - and they are ridiculously healthy an full of energy, even our 3 seniors who are 11, 12 and 13. I have two seniors with heart murmurs and at our most recent vet check, my dog with the worst heart murmur, a 12 year old beagle that I love desperately, had a 2-grade improvement in condition severity - that is HUGE. Good nutrition makes all the difference and, as an added bonus, I have yet to meet a dog that doesn't like it!
285543285543B0000X96MUA1LP2O6D9KSHR0Kim Kiernan0051174867200My new favorite flavor of tea!Decaf vanilla from Adagio is wonderful tea. The tea is large leafed, very flavorful and will make 2 pots from each portion of tea leaves. Quite economical!
285544285544B003CR333YAB1RNIM2VRI6OTX girl1141317513600Vigo Jasmine riceI would like to point out that this is a five-pack, not a six-pack bundle, or at least I received 5 bags of rice. Just FYI, the description is misleading. I might place a call to customer service...
285545285545B003CR333YA1BDN8ZLLXCINFBetty0051342742400riceThis rice is wonderful for any rice dish. Cooks up fluffy and has an awesome flavor. I love the ease of being able to order on line. They don't have the product in many stores in my area.
285546285546B0021GPF38A3L1Z7KRGQBGSXH. Amerongen1121260403200This used to be a wonderful teaI ordered this tea and instead of receiving Pomegranate Rose Tea, which I have had before and which I love, I was sent Pom and Petals Tea. I tried it thinking it might be the same tea with a new label and new container. It is NOT the same tea. Pomegranate Rose tea was a delicious, aromatic tea that came in a lovely container, but appears to have been discontinued by Zhena's. Pom and Petals is a disappointing, bland tea in a dull container. Pomegranate Rose tea is no longer advertised at Zhena's website. I called Vitamin Shoppe directly to ask if they had Pomegranate Rose tea rather than Pom and Petals. The sales person assured me that they did, so I placed a large order, thinking that even though the tea appears to have been discontinued, perhaps Vitamin Shoppe still had some left. To my enormous disappointment, the tea sent was again Pom and Petals. They are now allowing me to return it at their expense. I can't fathom why Zhena's would change from making their wonderful Pomegranate Rose tea to making Pom and Petals, which is what you now get when you order Pomegranate Rose.
285547285547B0021GPF38A18R5409KMKG1Bdrinkmorecocoa "Jessica"0041325116800Now Pom & Petals TeaUnlike the other reviewers for this product, I never tried the "Pomegranate Rose" version of this tea, and so I cannot compare it to the product they are now sending, which is called Pom & Petals. On the actual company website for Zhena's Gypsy Tea they seem to make it sound like the two teas are identical and they have simply changed the name.

Anyways, the other reviewers are right - if you are ordering this and expecting to receive a tea called Pomegranate Rose, you won't. You're going to receive something called Pom & Petals. But I actually ordered this hoping for Pom & Petals, because I absolutely love it. I first tried the Pom&Petals tea in a sample stacker tin, and had to order the full size because I loved it so much.

It has a subtle, gentle, floral taste to it, with a tiny hint of berry. When I take a sip it makes me think of shades of pink and Victorian gardens. Anyways, I'm not a sophisticated tea drinker but I really like it.
285548285548B0021GPF38A1EXGWU8DRBB4VK_J0021322006400Blah and BlandI should have read the other review before purchasing this tea. I was also sent Pom and Petals in place of this tea that's pictured. The Pom and Petals tea which appears to be the replacement for the discontinued tea pictured is pretty terrible. It's bland. It only tastes mildly like tea at all, and the only flavor I can discern is from the green tea. There is not hint of rose petal or pomegranate.
Even the design on the tin is boring. I had a tin of Zhena's from several years ago that I've used for my makeup brushes. This one is simply dull.

Save your money. I had a better pomegranate tea from Trader Joe's.
285549285549B001EO7IYMA2KC2MZH8OMTBBGail Delacruz "me here"1151251590400delicousthese usto be availible in our local market now they are not so I was so happy to find them. same brand and same gooid quality
285550285550B001EO7IYMA1COXI0ZDBCWYNme20051314662400So goodWhere I live these are imposable to find and have to drive 30minutes one way to cost-plus and still cost more pre unit not counting gas.
I like to dip bread into the sauce, why have it goto waste.
285551285551B0044UOMBAA2298O6GAMOQAQWilliam C. Meyer "Bill/Ginny-Howell, NJ"0041312156800PringlesThe pringles are delicious, of course! The can holds 2 1/2 servings, so its not
too much to go crazy on with over eating them like the larger cans of pringles! The only thing that I was upset about, the cans were dented! It made the chips broken up into very small pieces in several cans! It was also hard to strip off the safety sealon some of them! IT DID NOT AFFECT THE TASTE THOUGH! Still great tasting as ever!
285552285552B00469QAQYA11BZM2GITX9T5Wink0141325548800Douwe Egbert Blend CoffeeThe item is Ok but would have been great if it was what I ordered. I ordered Classic Blend Ground Coffee and received Decaf coffee instead. I kept it but have preferred the product I actually ordered.
285553285553B00469QAQYA38CNVKSTEBQLNN. L. Peaden0111323043200It's not the quality of the coffeeIt is not the quality of the coffee which is in question, only the fact that the coffee is decaffeinated.
285554285554B004P25R6QA3172VLOFYZ0HMGustave2251339372800excellent pasteI was initially skeptical, but it is definitely worth it. I prefer to make my own pastes for thai/cambodian curries whenever I can, so I value flavor - but don't really want to bash at a mortar/pestle for 40 minutes each time. For a premade paste, this is really excellent, particularly given how hard it is to find premade massaman paste in North America. I will try other Nittaya pastes soon.
285555285555B0046XKKMAA23WYVBCNE75X1No Apologies0011351123200My cat hates theseI thought about donating these to the local animal shelter because my cat hates these. So far, they sit on the kitchen counter. I'm sure some cats will eat them if they are hungry.
285556285556B0046XKKMAA1IGW0OZTVUHQ1Erminda Flores "dolls, kittens, & molls"0011350172800It stinks & my cats refuse to eat this stuff :(This food smells awful. Now I know that cat food doesn't generally smell good, but this is the worst. I also realize that it's seafood flavored, but this isn't just the seafood smell. It makes my stomach turn. My cats apparently think the same thing because they refuse to eat it. These are also the same three cats that prefer the cheaper Whiskas dry food compared to more expensive brands. I won't be buying this again.
285557285557B0046XKKMAA1CKH9LGD0ORVZRosie "Wild Irish Rose"0051348963200Good stuff.......Mr. Fussy loves it! Will definitely buy it again....have to keep the "Boss" happy otherwise he gets even in the middle of the night.
285558285558B0046XKKMAAKQIQCMOI7COObaylight0031347148800Not all flavorsThe cat loved the chicken flavor, accepted the salmon flavor, and firmly rejected the tuna & shrimp flavor after 1 lick. She'd rather go hungry than eat that flavor. In the end, I had to throw out all containers of the tuna/shrimp variety.
285559285559B0046XKKMAA2OTW378M2RU3FTammy Keele "silver lover"0051347062400Great food at a great priceMy cat loves this food. This 12 pack is a really great price. It comes out being lower priced than in my local stores. My cat absolutely loves the fish and seafood flavors. She's a little pig over these. This is one that I will be getting for my baby girl Jynx again.
285560285560B0046XKKMAA2UX474GW66YXWJDragon0051346025600Great price for a 12 packEven though my picky cat didn't like all of the flavors, this was a price that I wasn't choking on too much. Very happy with the price.
285569285569B000JFDL7AAYRY6K4PUY1MYS. Jones "R.W."2251256169600Loved it!We ordered a bulk for our staff training day (carnival theme). Everyone loved it! It was especially more affordable than renting a cotton candy machine. The bag is colorful and the serving size is great. Would definitely purchase again in the future.
285570285570B000JFDL7AA2IQU8F1KEUGHZAndrew1151313020800Fluffy and WonderfulMy husband surprised me and ordered this for my baby shower. I was really hoping for cotton candy, but didn't think that it was possible without a huge hassle. But when I saw these bags laying at everyone's seat, I was amazed. The cotton candy was fluffy and fresh! It was a huge hit. One problem we did run into was when we left a bag in the car the heat must have caused it to melt because it was extremely hard after that. Our fault and not the makers. Also, don't get this for the yellow. We bought 3 cases and not a single bag had yellow.

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