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285601285601B00523LKYKA104MNCBLEEYMYLudlum0041335916800Tasty Bag of TaffyI love salt water taffy, but wanted only black licorice which I couldn't find easily. So I tried this, and the taste isn't exactly the same, but I still love it. Also, if you're curious about how much 3 lbs is, like I was, it's about enough to fill a small shoebox. The day mine came it was 90 degrees outside, so there was a little melting. Luckily taffy never has a perfect shape and I just stuck it in the fridge to harden. All in all, I might get it again. The price is a bit of an issue, taffy always seems expensive for candy... but if I had a gift card, I wouldn't hesitate to get it again.
285602285602B00523LKYKA2775URCATEWQSS. Taylor "amazonoriginal"0051325462400Tasty TaffyWhat a treat! The licorice is fresh, stays fresh, and....okay, maybe it disappeared so quickly that isn't a fair rating.
This is scrumptious for those who love licorice. We had excellent delivery!
285603285603B00523LKYKA1MDPYT9QV47FMHowie Wallace0051311897600nostalgia deliciousI use to buy these as a kid and loved them. But you never see them anymore. When I found them on the internet and ordered them, I was pleasantly surprised that they still have that wonderful flavor I loved as a kid. I'll be sure to order more!!!
285604285604B000TVI15QA2RDJXZ2GRQZMCK M "Homeland"0041323907200Good value.Fresh, tasty, gentle, good aroma, very clean, not taking over the dish overall taste,good price. First time I use Tone's which I bought together with Frontier (usually it's McCormick).Amazon service excellent as always.
285605285605B000TVI15QAXIKEY1SZ8H3DCamoMan0041320278400PerfectThis has good consistancy in the grind. Great for making my beef jerky! I would probably recommend buying it in store though.
285606285606B004L9IMUGA2W5BN46MLSSX4Charles Pierce II0051327017600This is fabulous chocolate!Dagoba New Moon is a must have for chocoholics like me. The flavor is rich with subtle overtones. Any higher cocoa content and the flavor loses its richness and is overwhelmed with bitterness. I recommend heating a half bar in the microwave until it slightly melts, then having fun scooping the melted chocolate into your mouth with a spoon to savor the magnificent flavor.
285607285607B00019MN28A35GMMKF5UHDUIJ Rice0051289865600Delicious!If you haven't tried these, you should. They are particularly great on a salad but are good with other dishes, too. I can get them in FL at Publix but cannot get them in the north. I'm thankful I can order them on Amazon.
285608285608B005ER15K8A1OCG05MSLJGAZReaderFrom MI2241255392000Great deal / Great TasteI buy this product on the subscription program and send it to my daughter out of state. Typical teenager periodically runs out of money before payday and it makes me feel better as a parent that while I won't just send her money - she at least has food at hand when needed. And these granola bars fit the bill.

The chocolate chip are the best. I've ordered three times now over the past 10 months and every bar right down to the 12th box has been soft and chewy. That 12th box has come at the 3-4 month mark at times. SO, if you are concerned about the shelf life - at three different times these have easily lasted past 3 months.
285609285609B005ER15K8A3EFSLEMHNPP6ASenor Zoidbergo3441253145600Too much filler material, but chocolate chip the best flavorI'm not a big fan of the new type of Quaker Oats granola bar; lot's of barley/rice filler material, not many oats. However, the chocolate chip is the best tasting in my opinion- well, maybe it ties with the peanut butter chocolate chunk. There are enough chocolate chips in the bar to give the moist fattiness that we all desire, yet the chocolate chips are small enough such that you don't feel too guilty eating them. Maybe that's a bad thing, because it encourages you to reach for another.

The granola bars seem a bit smaller than I remember, but there's plenty of flavor packed inside. These aren't too healthy; still a lot of corn syrup (though no "high" fructose corn syrup as they stress), fructose, dextrose, hydrogenated oils, etc.. Not intended to be a meal replacement bar (unless you ate the whole box), but they're a tasty, traditional snack.
285610285610B005ER15K8A38TLPIG0LAT55Russ Johnson0041350518400do not contain High Fructose Corn SyrupI love Quaker Chewy bars in a couple different flavors, including chocolate chip. Mostly because they do not contain High Fructose Corn Syrup, and also because they provide a healthy in between meals snack.
285611285611B005ER15K8A2YWTHLP9KVC7CSam Nichols0031349308800tasty flavorsI love bars in a couple different flavors, including chocolate chip. Mostly because they do not contain high fructose syrup, and also because they provide a healthy in between meals snack.
285612285612B005ER15K8A1UJUCXF6NN676C. Pluemacher0031342051200chewy granola barsAll of the bars are of course past the expiration date. It doesn't affect the taste, but makes the bars break apart easily.
285613285613B005ER15K8A3LANSRXLT1PW0Atredes0051338249600Great value!I love it that I am able to purchase only the Chocolate Chip kind, instead of having to purchase a mixed bag that my kids will not eat. They are just as good as the one's I buy at Fred Meyer; however, the price is much less and there appears to be no difference in quality.
285614285614B005ER15K8ANV04ZHPC0X8WDarcy's Mom0041332979200Cheaper at WalmartA great tasting bar if you are in a hurry. We go through a lot of them. Walmart sells the same item in an 18 count box here in Michigan for $3.99. This is a lot better price than anything I have found online.
285615285615B005ER15K8A269R4AY47Z8MRamsweatman080051331683200My husband loved itThis was a great price on an item that my husband eats daily- a staple in our house. Gave me an opportunity to stock up so he'd have them in the house. They were great!
285616285616B005ER15K8A1CF5G1SSXUC0FMillburnMike0051300579200Kids live on theseWe go through these like water - actually faster than water. So happy that we can buy them in bulk at a great price. Thanks Amazon.
285617285617B005ER15K8A3G58ZB4I0SOF5The Dodge Family0051291507200Yummy bars my kids will eat!Amazon offers a good price on these quaker oats chocolate chip granola bars. They are soft to chew and my kids really like them. Perfect for lunches and snacks.
285618285618B005ER15K8A1QJ0UMSIE1MCPDavid Alexander0051274227200Great SnackI've loved these things for years. They are great to have around as a quick snack or to grab one if you have to skip breakfast or something. It's nice to be able to buy them in bulk like this and just have them in the pantry. Good price too!
285619285619B005ER15K8A2SV3QUFNPK2NSK2411315094400low quality ingredientsThe Quaker granola bars are jam packed with low quality ingredients. Too much sugar and offer very little hunger satisfaction when compared with the competition. Double thumbs down.
285620285620B005ER15K8AQ2GOOWCLOYTWrfjfj0151320278400Great ProductSame as you get in supermarket but REALLY cheap. Quality, taste were great. No problem with any of them. Still got few more boxes left but I would definitely order it from here again.
285621285621B002NZX9C6A37OEGXCC1GW8JDaynaLee19820051337126400Dog loves themMy dog loves these rawhide chips and they keep her occupied for quite a while. I like that they aren't all the exact same size and thickness so I can decide which one I want to give my dog.
285622285622B001EO5XBMA3F0ESIF6YWCKBAmazon Customer91111307404800Weak & TastelessVery disappointed in this less-than-robust tasting coffee. It was bland and weak. I even tried using more of it with several different methods of brewing. Don't waste your money.
285623285623B001EO5XBMALYVOAFQU4TGGA. Cox3351309996800Good price, great coffee!Fantastic organic coffee, cheaper than I can get in the store locally. I like to drink organic coffee to reduce pesticide exposure, but the cost stops me from buying it. With subscribe and save, I end up paying the same amount for this organic as I do for conventional in the store! I wish I could tell you why this coffee tasters so delicious, but I don't know how. Try it!
285624285624B001EO5XBMA192PP1LRSLA8VSinger5641307145600Love this coffee .....This is a very good tasting coffee, very smooth and full bodied with no bitterness. The only drawback is that I have to use an extra scoop for each pot to get the best flavor.
285625285625B001EO5XBMA1C2KMTHZ0ROJYAmusingistheDawn2241311292800REALLY GOOD COFFEEWe keep buying this as it goes on sale. For the price, you can't beat it. Organic and tasty. It's not very bold, so add a scoop to the pot when brewing if you like that bold taste.
285626285626B001EO5XBMA31RRPJ0FN5151E. A. "esnow"1151319328000Organic Ground CoffeeIt is a great high quality product. Nice flavor. I ordered it for a great price and will order it again.
285627285627B001EO5XBMA1DUSXBCNJY421Missy1151310083200Excellent organic coffe at a great price!Well balanced flavor, low acidity. Great price for organic coffee! I would highly recommend this product. The subscribe and save is an awesome feature as I never wake up to find that there is no coffee in the house!!!!
285628285628B001EO5XBMA3TBTAX85OYRKPHappy Crafter1151306972800Good coffeeWe love this coffee by Coffe Bean & Tea Leaf. Very fresh and good taste. Try their different roasts, we like them all, all that we have tried.
285629285629B000N9VPDOAGEQMBA9SZ256whitefox0011346371200Canadian steak seasoning no saltI originally searched for TONE'S or WEBER Canadian steak seasoning.
I used these brands for years as a table seasoning in lieu of salt as I
am a heart patient and am limited in salt intake. These filled the bill!
When these items could not be found or were discontinued, this product was
most similar in their advertising, however the taste of this product
is horrible by comparison to the above mentioned superior brands. I will
NOT buy again or recommend!
285630285630B000N9VPDOA1H2EKCP7UKRMBROBERT DON MEEK0041280188800Decent stuffI knew it said "steak" in the title but I bought it for generic use as a alternative to Mrs Dash.

Would I reorder it? Probably. Can't say it was my favorite, but it had it's usage, it's places.

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