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285637285637B003TIWQQQA3DG486Q4ZHJQ8Katoot0051350086400Corazonas squares via AmazonCorazonas rock! Great for morning break/breakfast, or afternoon slump @ work. No sugar spike, good fiber, good taste. Glad i found them.
285638285638B003TIWQQQA31HAPN6YPWMJ5jds0031342310400Chocolate chip much betterChocolate Chip is more moist and tasty. My kids won't even eat them. What a bummer. I am ordering more of the other flavors, which we love.
285639285639B003TIWQQQA1GG07GAHMX4ULS. A. Drinkard0041339718400Great TastingI originally bought these to help get my husband's cholesterol down. This is another method to get in oatmeal without having to make a hot cereal. I even pack them as a quick breakfast on the go. The Chocolate Brownie and Cranberry are our favorite varieties.
285640285640B003TIWQQQA21RXOT3L0O4RXS. Torney0021313366400Ok, but wouldn't buy againThey taste ok, but definitely taste like a "diet" bar. My family wouldn't eat them, even my daughter who eats almost ANYTHING chocolate handed it back to me after one bite and said she didn't like it. I finished off the box slowly, just to not waste them, but there are definitely better bars on the market.
285641285641B003TIWQQQAA8H9XI7G8BO6flojoreeno0051313193600Healthy Treat and Delicious!After discovering this health bar, I was hooked. After the store that I bought from quit selling the product, I turned to Amazon. There I found a variety of flavors. I find the bars particularly appealing for breakfast. It is substantial and is filling. The bar gives textural satisfaction in that it has crunch from the almonds and the chocolate makes it seem like a brownie.
285642285642B003TIWQQQAWNVYSZC1IHBORavi0051312156800ExcellentThis is an excellent snack to keep at your desk in office, if you have 8 - 5 work routine. Just feels about right its is delicious and healthy. I have tried several bars but this seemed to be most fulfilling.
285643285643B003TIWQQQA1S2O6DBAFHE9KKathyT0051308441600Like having a dessert bar for breakfastI have tried Corazonas oatmeal squares in the brownie and almond, chocolate chip and cranberry versions. They are all wonderful, and taste especially good when microwaved for about 20 seconds. I have one each day for breakfast with a small bowl of fruit along with my coffee. I was in the habit of eating oatmeal each day to help reduce my LDL cholesterol but these oatmeal squares offer the same nutrients plus the plant sterols that are said to help lower LDL. It's a nice change from oatmeal. We shall see....I'm trying them for another month before having my blood work done again.

I'm surprised at one or two reviews I read which stated that the squares were crunchy. In my experience they are all very chewy, like having a soft oatmeal or chocolate chip cookie. I don't have a favorite. They're all good. I keep all three on hand and just vary them.

I have also tried Corazonas potato chips and tortilla chips and they are also very good tasting although I do try to stay away from eating snack foods in general. The oatmeal squares I can justify because of the importance of having something nutritious for breakfast.
285644285644B003TIWQQQA26KK60D89NY3JMaryD0041306108800Corazonas Oatmeal Squares Chocolate Brownie & AlmondI eat one of these cookies for breakfast, they are very good. They have helped me with my weight loss.
285645285645B003TIWQQQA2YMCPP3KW9IXUUSMC850041300492800Good but expensiveOk, these taste very good, and they come with some health claims about lowering cholesterol. I have re-ordered these several times for my wife, who has a sweet tooth and likes to snack on these between classes. But I'm not sure I can justify paying $1 per bar, even with subscribe & save. It seems a bit too much, and these are not huge bars.
285646285646B003TIWQQQA30E02ZHGZSOWLLex0111311897600HORRIBLE AWFUL MIGRAINES, BEWARE.I ate one of these seemingly innocent little brownies and have had the worst two-day migraine and stomach cramps EVER. I have some sort of food allergy so I keep a diary of everything new that I eat, so I know this is what did it to me AND the ingredient list on these are long and unnecessary plus they smell weird. I now have eleven paperweights that I am chucking in the trash ASAP. I wouldn't even GIVE these away to starving children in third world countries. They are evil, evil brownies. I read on another review the person had also gotten migraines and two of his/her family members as well! I am not imagining it, believe me!
285647285647B007FJDZ4CAIIBD0NIYCK5KR. A. MYERS "R A Myers"0051344470400My wife loves teaMy wife is very happy with this tea. When my wife is happy, I'm happy. Will I buy it again? Need you ask?
285648285648B000KNDF7MA6TR38N93U6GRNatty101151294099200I love this tea!First and foremost make sure you DO NOT let this tea steep too long. If you let it steep for the recommended two minutes, you shouldn't have to run to the bathroom like your pants are on fire! If you let it steep for the 2 minutes, it's a decent trip to the bathroom...not explosive diarrhea.

With the way we eat (mostly women) we need to clean out our plumbing every once in a while and this is a fabulous way to do it. It's not recommended for everyday use!
285649285649B000KNDF7MAWT5UP95WGJIQLawanda Candelario91051239408000This product is GreatThis product is great it really works. I have lost a total of 15 pounds in two months wihout exercising. I reconmend this product to everyone.
285650285650B000KNDF7MA1TB6EJFXJDW12shaygfx4451336003200Cinnamon SpiceI did not buy this tea through amazon.. But from my grandmothers cabinet(haha). I have been dieting for the past 3 months now, and i was completely oblivious to special teas for cleansing although i know of drinks/pills that cleanse, I wanted to steer clear of any type of pill and again oblivious to benefits of cleansing(even when not dieting). Now I tried this tea two months ago & only because of the words "Super Dieters" I thought ohh special tea so i drank it(in the evening) it did for me do its job and loosen things up which i found odd at first then i read the package, and then I got it. So for me it did help being that I usually dont um go as much as I should and this has helped that. Not only that but since I have been using it along with my eatting habits, and exercise my diet has been showing better results nothing drastic but still better results and that is always great! This tea (Cinnamon Spice) I think tastes devine, I do add not even a teaspoon of sugar but I think this tea doesn't even need sugar at all(i just like it sweeter). But all in all I do and have recommended this tea to a few family members and friends(who do and dont diet) because i love the taste and the results I'm having with it.
285631285631B000N9VPDOA295RSG8K1619HKeith Sharp "Keith"0051258934400Great on baked potatoes!The quantity is huge. The quality is great! Works on anything you'd put salt on.

It's become as basic to our dining room table as salt and pepper and gets more use.
285651285651B000KNDF7MA2CPAJT5GV9C7YS. Rohde "ParkerRvrGirl"6741235692800Keeps me on trackI love this product, it helps keep things moving! I use it twice a day afternoon and evening while dieting. A great product for helping maintain your weight.
285652285652B000KNDF7MA4Z9418AL55FRmeohmy3351319673600good stuff!This product works very well. It taste great. Its a nice touch to the end of a day. PLEASE USE AS DIRECTED! PLEASE!!!!!
285632285632B003TIWQQQA26S0R5B6D0BP9Jeffrey Gillman5551282262400great snack bar, especially when warmed upAll of the Corazonas Oatmeal Squares are good, but this one is my favorite. It's not overly sweet like most regular brownies, and the oatmeal and nuts provide just the right texture. If you microwave it for 10-15 seconds (after you take it out of the wrapper) it's much improved, like it just came out of the oven.
285653285653B000KNDF7MA1DY7J2N9CEKMCEIOI MOM "Loving Jesus"3351244678400You really go when taken as directed.Works great for me and also help me with my weight. I don't like the drink as much but I drink it as needed.
285633285633B003TIWQQQA3E6WHHQKBD1J8pasteve "Steve"4451294099200Chewy & DeliciousHaving tried 3 of the 5 flavors offered by Corazonas it's hard to tell the difference in consistency & flavor. All 3 are worth having but the Chocolate Brownie & Chocolate Chip taste so similar you can't go wrong. The Cranberry is my favorite but I still rate the others 5 stars! All 3 provide a good tasting & filling snack no matter what part of the day you eat them.
285654285654B000KNDF7MAVD4CW13F9JF5Betty Boop5651215993600Good ProductI have used this product in the past and was highly satisfied. It works very well. I would just caution first time users not to make the tea too strong or your results may be "too good".
285634285634B003TIWQQQA1W0F3F6EXIAKPvieprivee "vieprivee"2251294358400Delicious!I was hesitant to try these 'healthy' treats but I am surely glad that I did. They are really tasty and supposedly good for you and I LOVE the wonderfully rich chocolate flavor. GO for it if you are a chocoholic like me!
285635285635B003TIWQQQAY889QQ9SMKMBRosie P. "truth seeker"1151305504000Healthy and yummy!These are moist, chewy, chocolately, and not too sweet, with little semi-sweet chunks of chocolate. Perfect when you are on the go, or if you are a chocoholic and need a chocolate fix! It's hard to believe they are actually good for you. They don't taste like cardboard the way many other healthy snacks do. I have low blood sugar so when I need to eat, I NEED to eat. I keep one in my purse if I get hungry or blood sugar is low, and it totally satisfies me for at a least a few hours without dipping my blood sugar later and making me tired the way a candy bar does. I can't recommend these enough! I got these when they were on sale at Costco. They are little cheaper there per box but you have to buy 6 boxes at a time.
285636285636B003TIWQQQA22EHUI744H8Z7nana1131299110400I like choc. chip better!I tried this product to see how it compared to their chocolate chip one, but I like the taste and texture of the chocolate chip better. Otherwise, it is good.
285655285655B000KNDF7MA1W8IGU2BRLUB5L. Daniels5641189382400pretty goodI like this product, but I wouldn't use it daily. I learned this the hard way. It is stronger then you think!!!!!
285656285656B000KNDF7MA3BZGLRF3SLIC1MISSTI "BIG REDD"7941299801600Got Me RunningThis tea product got me running alright, to the crapper. But it did help loose about 10 lbs, mostly compacted fecal matter. I also feel more energized and feeling alot better. Before taking this product my best friend was a couple of cups of black coffee but since taking this for the last month my craving for coffee and sweets has subsided, however i now have to bulk up on toilet paper. Great product great buy!
285657285657B000KNDF7MA3EU15A30PLO1AKoco Jo2251314230400This was great!!I love this tea the taste is really good and it smells good as well my husband and I are year around tea drinkers and also we dont even have to add any sugar ( well I use honey on some teas) but this one you don't need anything extra and I will say it really does work drink plenty of water threw out the day .... And usually in the am you will be cleaning it out lol ... I didn't have any stomach pains or anything but I eat well also!! I recommend this to any and everyone!!
285658285658B000KNDF7MA8M0L2AL8J4SQLadyKill2241300060800Basically a laxative...I never drink this tea alone. I always steep it with another tea, such as Oolong or Jasmine because the taste isn't the best. I use honey and sugar to sweeten and down the hatch it goes! Expect some, um, gastrointestinal responses the next day. Sometimes I feel a bit of cramping and sometimes I don't. Sometimes it will take most of the next day for it to 'work'...and sometimes it won't!!
285659285659B000KNDF7MA3FPHAAO2MLQ8Hljhall2251297209600Works for me ! ! !I have been using this tea for a few years now, and I drink the full 2 cups every night before I go to bed. It begins to take effect the next morning. I gave a bag to a friend to try & she loved it as well, she now orders it online.
285660285660B000KNDF7MAQFALN8XEZHTYMartin T. Galindo "Marty"1151346803200Tea that works to clear all digestive stoppage.This tea works on my fiance's digestive track as she has an issue with colitis and this product along with essential enzymes helps her to absorb and digest foods that otherwise would give her pains while in her digestive track, Thank you for making this product we plan to continue using it as long as we can.

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