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285661285661B000KNDF7MA2EIYWSFD8UAWBShane Ratliff1151342569600Can't live without it!I have been using Laci Le Beau Super Dieters Tea for years. There is no subsitute. Many women in my family use it as well. This keeps me moving better than anything else and I suffer from Chronic Constipation. I would recommend this to anyone who could use a gentle, natural laxitive. I've never felt like I've taking a harsh stimulant, it just makes you feel & go like normal :) I hate poop talk but this is worth sharing! LOL
285662285662B000KNDF7MASWVI5LWR8DO8N. Welch "Momgyver"1151342310400tastes good, works greatOne must know that this dieter's tea helps mostly by moving your bowels along. Be careful at first, or it will be unpleasant!
285663285663B000KNDF7MA1BB15JYFKMJBYFrancina G. Still1151240272000Good Product. Extremely effective!I don't use this tea for dieting but more so for a natural cleanse to keep the body free of harmful toxins. It is very effective have used it for years! First time users may experiece cramping but, after awhile they cease. Great Effective Product!
285664285664B000KNDF7MA1TBCAEI9RFDVXAvi0011350864000didn't get what i asked forthe one i got says "cleanse" on the box, I don't know what it means, but I know that I picked the one that doesn't say "cleanse" on the box. i'm all the more angry because that one costs way cheaper. and all the more am i angry because i'm not going to bother to go through the refund process. plus it took it ages to arrive
285665285665B000KNDF7MA1I5VIER157TQUArt Ray0041341964800very good tasteA lot of tea for the price... sweetener needed... The product works better than I expected it to. I also didn't realize how much I was ordering. I am enjoying this product. Has very good taste.
285666285666B000KNDF7MA3A53A50YEIR2ADiet Diva0051340582400Cinnamon SensationThis tea has a superb taste. I actually look forward to drinking this tea with my dinner. Now that it is summer I drink is as an iced tea, but this is also a very delicious hot drink too! I use splenda and fresh mint when I brew it. Fabulous!
285667285667B000KNDF7MA3052CVMM9XI8KSusan Fleischman0051333929600Stay regular!!!Reality strikes. I have been drinking this tea every night for 10 years ! It is the best thing to keep me on the straight n narrow!
285668285668B000KNDF7MA1NYKD19R5JQWDRayne0011333584000really disappointedthough i did not purchase this through amazon, i did get this recently from thw grocery store, and have to admit im really disappointed. i followed the instructions the first evening EXACTLY as instructed with the included paper, and no results. the second day, i brewed just a little longer, still no luck, (basing this off some other comments from other users here on amazon) then today i only did 6oz, not 12 as the paper instructs, and even brewed this for 6 minutes. still nothing.

i really wanted this to work for me like it has for others, i had heard good things and was so excited, but still no luck. i guess im one of those people this doesnt affect. ill keep trying it daily till i run out, but looks like ill have to try something else.

as for taste, its not bad. just tastes like tea leaves, not deliciously fantastic, but not nose-pinchingly undrinkable. good luck to anyone else. hope you have more success with this than i did
285669285669B000KNDF7MA2QYX0JG5H9AN0NESSLEEKRUNCH0031329696000its oki got this tea hoping it would be better than my dieters delight china slim tea but it isnt. it does make you use the bathroom but not enough for you to feel cleansed for that particular day...i have no choice but to finish thus package but i will be going back to my regular tea afterwards
285670285670B000KNDF7MA27LH97C9Q09BNKimmer0031329177600Not the originalThis tea is ok but it's not nearly as potent as the original product that was available 5-10? Years ago.
285671285671B000KNDF7MA38AKD7TL2WWCRmegan welsh0211338508800Did NothingI have no idea what all these reviews for this brand of dieters tea are talking about. I followed the directions nothing happened. Brewed a stronger cup-still nothing.Even measured out the water to 6oz and let the tea bag seep for five minutes-nothing just stronger tasting tea. On the box it tells you not to drink more than 1 cup in a 24 hour period- I drank three the other day not even thinking about it and nothing happened! Just tasted like cranberry tea and nothing else. Strange.
285672285672B000KNDF7MA1KJ1T6UQW2TFEgreen_eyed_scorpio0311323561600Tastes like sweaty gym socksI bought this product based off reviews saying it tastes great and I was extremely disappointed. As soon as I started steeping it this smell filled my kitchen (my daughter even asked what the horrible smell was). Sadly, it was this tea. I tried it and it tastes like sweaty socks also. It is so gross. I have tried adding honey, drinking it cold, drinking it hot, etc and they all taste horrible. As far as a diet aid, I don't think so. I guess if you had a lot of excrement in you, possibly. I even doubled the suggested amount and I still did not anything happen (and no, I was not on the toilet a lot either). All in all, this product was a big thumbs down to me.
285673285673B000KNDF7MA17MURLSVTLNKNM. Bhatia0451238630400On time and as described!!I was very happy with my order. It arrived on time and as described. Thank you!!
285674285674B0000DG727A330HCCXCMIDH4C. Brown0051277424000Best Mustard Hands Down!!!!My family and I eat this mustard like it's going out of style! Don't be fooled by the name "Martha's Hot Mustard". To be honest, I think they could spend some money to hire some marketers and get rid of the cat label and the word "Hot" in the title. It's more of a tangy kind of mustard that works great with EVERYTHING. I put it on burgers, chicken, kebabs, etc. After using this I can't go back to the standard yellow mustard in stores. Trust me on this one...try it!
285675285675B000LRH97YA1UKXCCR7284V3Dan0051326499200Just what I neededI was able to order from this source the item I was not able to purchase locally. I was thus able to give Christmas gifts I would not have been able to give otherwise. Delivery was prompt and the products was precisely as advertised.
285676285676B000KOQFB4A11ED8O95W2103lighten_up_already2 "lighten_up_already2"4531264636800Good for those who have a reason to avoid oil.I just had to try these to see what the little sardines packed in nothing but water would be like. And, I get a chance to find out what an oil-less sardine tastes like.

Well, they taste like sardines without the oil, and if you are a sardine fan like me you might want to try this once to see what they're like. They actually taste rather fresh, and the water is way easier than oil to get off your hands and the kitchen counter if you happen to spill some.

Once I had the can open, I put them in a bowl and covered them in honey mustard and sea salt and warmed them up. Then I ate them on crispbread (those big flat bread crackers). Not a bad snack at all, but I'm going back to the ones packed in olive oil.
285677285677B000KOQFB4A2RQIJ74Y3ZXASnel0041347235200If you like Sardines or are new to them, these are a good brand to tryIf you are new to Sardines I would recommend this King Oscar brand over other ones at markets. In water or in oil, both are good.
This particular version of the King Oscar is in water and not oil. Also, it says no salt is added. So this version is even better for people who eat Sardines on a more frequent basis.

As someone else mentioned you can buy these at your local Safeway or Vons if you are in the US. I found it to be around $3.50 but price varies I suppose...But generally once you taste King Oscar brand sardines you understand why the cost is a little higher than the other brands.

These Sardines do not have the overwhelming fishy smell/taste that other Sardine brands have and the Sardines themselves are of better quality and texture.
With these you don't feel like you have to force yourself to eat them, you actually enjoy them. They are also a nice smaller size, they are around the size of a finger and are packed nicely.
Also, these sardines are caught in the Norwegian area and packed in Poland. Hard to find packaged sardines from that region in US Markets. Most sardines I found sold at the US markets are from China, Canada, or Morocco.

Overall, If you like Sardines these are a good brand.
285678285678B000KOQFB4A6B9IVGREKNLZBlue Cat0051308096000DeliciousReally good! These are more expensive than other brands, $4 per can at Safeway, but the difference is obvious once you open and taste the fish.
285679285679B0013T72BCA2RYNX1ZYQL7QAMadeline R. "Maddie"0041279756800Decaf with some kickThis espresso roast didn't knock my socks off with super smoky deep-roasted flavor, but it's the richest I've found so far in the large-bag decaf category. At least it's from Seattle, though it's not what I drink when I go back home. The beans seemed very fresh, with a nice liquor aroma when I first opened the foil bag. A good sign! After making sure I liked it, I signed up for regular delivery at three month intervals. A good value! I am down to the end of my first bag. The five pounds blended with 40% regular French Roast beans from another company lasts two of us about three months. (I think we might be drinking too much coffee!) I see that Caffe D'arte also wood-roasts some blends and I'd love to see these offered here.
285680285680B002VH57I0AE5RM6DIRT4MZJames D. Hubbard1151304553600Excellent dealjust got tired of buying the small bags at the dollar store. even the big name thrift store didn't have a 1lb. size. bought 2 of these, will last for 3-4 months.
285681285681B002VH57I0A27TBP9FF2JDEAAlvinTheNerd0031344902400Good, but not as good as other brandsPlenty of worms for the price, but the flavors are different from the trolli/Black Forest worms I can get locally, and that wasn't a welcome change.
285682285682B00513J42GA1X3JBFQ5H2RBHJennR0051348876800Not a well know brand BUT a GREAT grain free food @ a very GOOD price!!I found this Brand of food while at my local specialty pet food store (not petco etc!) .looking over the ingredients I was pleasantly surprised! @.90 cents a 3ozcan it was a great buy compared to the grain &gluten free food I was already purchasing & my cats would eat it sometimes ¬ others, so I wasted a lot of $ often.i took a chance on THIS &WOW, my 4 Siamese & 1 domestic house cat( lol) LOVED IT!!!! There are many favors, though most are FISH based, which all my cats love but I know some cats don't.there are a few all chicken favors as well though. After that I was in &out of that store 2-3x's a WEEK getting more of this food! Now I get it CHEAPER on AMAZON & delivered to my DOOR! Plus w/ subsc &save it's even cheaper still & I receive it on a reg basis! No more wasted gas & trips to the pet store! Yay! I am a research nut & having lost my 10 yr old cat to a sudden diabetic coma due directly to her food, I now read EVERY lable &all ingredients.all cat/dog food is NOT created equal & could be really bad for your pet.if u do the research as I did, u will be discusted at what some companies actually put in our pets food! This brand is a great choice @ a good price! My cats are very picky eaters, as are MOST cats, lol-but they ALL love this food! They now will not eat anything else! Sometimes an occasional can of Merrick brand grain-free food, which is another Exellent product, just for variety. Hope this helps someone else choose a good food for thier cats... :)
285683285683B00513J42GA2VZ9F4P2EIVCKacyC0051325462400They Should Call It Happy Cat!We've been trying out premium wet cat foods for more than a year but our fussy cats turn up their noses at each new product. Fussie Cat is different. They ate every morsel of our 4 sample cans. We've been through 6 cases now - 6 different flavors - and they are STILL happy with it. The food contains lots of whole meat tuna and other fish for variety.
I was thrilled to see that it's available from Amazon Subscribe & Save!
285684285684B00513J42GA15IABJGWI33MVS. Edwards0051325030400Cats snort while eating thisI bought two cans to try out on my three cats at a local pet store. They all loved it, even the picky eater. The can is stuffed with tuna and not like the cans us adults have to buy with mostly water in them. There are nice size anchovy fish in them, one cat tried to steal another's fish. One can is enough to treat all three of my cats with a good sized spoonful. They lick the bowl clean.
285685285685B001EO5XBWA31PK8GRU941BYNew Englander8851281916800EXCELLENT--if you know what to expect.This is really the only non-sulfured, organic, no-sugar-added pineapple I've been able to find. And, lucky for me, I love it. My husband and I eat it straight from the bag as a snack, and we also mix it into our trail mix. It has good flavor, and it's tender and easy to eat.

However, this is nothing at all like the dried pineapple you can find in most grocery stores. The stuff in the grocery has sulfur to keep the color light and bright, and it has a bunch of sugar to keep the fruit plump and juicy (and oddly sticky). This stuff doesn't have any of that. It will be darker and tougher (and less sticky). This is very natural, as in full-on, granola-eating hippie kind of natural. And if you're OK with's delicious.

We've eaten our way through about 30 bags of this now. Some bags have better pieces than others. Some have good individual bites. Some have clumped up pineapple bits. But they all taste good, and we've never gotten anything that was the least bit questionable. We've tried many of the other Made in Nature dried fruits, as well, and we've been equally pleased with all of them.
285686285686B001EO5XBWA14S6JL8EPOM8RM. BROWN7751185840000GREAT PRODUCT !!! The Best Dried Pineapple everThis is "The Best Dried Pineapple ever". All natural and no extra sugar or chemicals.. Ranks way above all others in flavor and health contents.
285687285687B001EO5XBWA101RJF7PUMQEIKristofer Masson7751185321600ExcellentThese are very tasty, i would recommend them to mothers who are smart enough to realize that processed sugar is bad for you.
285688285688B001EO5XBWA2J19UTYODZC9YB. Cook2251242000000Tasty, good-for-you treat!I have purchased dried pineapple for years, but it is sometimes very chewy. This pineapple is softer but still has no sulphur or sugar in it. It is a good snack for all of us but especially for my 2 1/2 year old grandson who has severe food allergies.
285689285689B001EO5XBWA2O8Y260FIXKU8Ravichandran Raja1151275436800Yummy YummyI thoroughly enjoyed the dried pineapple. In fact I devoured them over a single weekend as it was very addictive and you can keep popping these in your mouth like candy. These are actually very sweet but not of a saturating nature.

Happy with the purchase. Only wish the packets had more than 3 ounces per bag.
285690285690B001EO5XBWA2I9ZBJAGGO548llamalady1111273449600not so goodFruit is NOT sweet, juicy, delicious and bursting with flavor as stated on the package. Yuk. Fruit is tough, dry and tastes rotten. I ordered this product to qualify my total purchase for free shipping. My order was placed on April 30 and I received it by usps on May 10.

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