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285694285694B00285ZXCAA2089NDPV80PXIBob0051346889600I Like Pedigree, I don't like AmazonI have been feeding my dogs Pedigree Plus Healthy Digestion Premium ground Entrée with chicken & brown rice. I buy it at Walmart in 13.2oz cans for 97 cents a can.
It upsets my dogs stomachs to change dog foods so I keep a good supply. For some reason Walmart was out of the Healthy Digestion for over a week, so I decided to turn to Amazon. (BAD MOVE). They divided my order between two warehouses. One (TheNewMall) sent me 16 cans and charged me $53.58 ($3.34875 per can includes shipping). The other (Ozbo) sent me 12 cans and charged me $44.58 (3.715 per can includes shipping). I thought I was getting 48 cans for $98.16 (2.045 per can includes shipping). I understand how Amazon became a wealthy company almost overnight.

I will try to change my dogs to a food that is not so hard to get. Pedigree company employee I talked to on the phone could not care less if I was having trouble finding an outlet for their "Healthy Digestion", He told me to use the link "find a store near you". (None of them even carry "Healthy Digestion"). The only thing I could get out of the person I talked to with Pedigree is they would not sell directly to me and they were not discontinuing the product.
285695285695B000E39T8MA2CNYLIWV10IHULibby Ann Arnesen6651338249600Hard to find organic corn starch!I'm happy that I was able to find this because none of the health food stores seem to carry it. My husband and I try to never buy corn products that aren't organic because of the big bad Monsanto!
285696285696B000E39T8MAW5RCM8C4A4HAmom6651306368000glad to havesome dishes need a slurry of cornstarch to thicken a sauce. at least now i know i'm not putting harmful gmos in my family when i use this lil cooking cheat :)
285697285697B000GZY98SA1NIK921O9K55EJon S Castor0051336780800Tastes Great - Easy to PrepareWe especially like the Wild Mushroom and Herb Rice Pilaf. Tastes great. Very easy to prepare, especially if you take the microwave approach. Mix with water, add butter (or an alternative), 16 to 20 minutes on high, and you're done. The only drawback to this product: it's hard to find in stores. Thankfully, there are online purchasing options, including through Amazon and direct from Near East.
285698285698B000LKVSVOA2V2YJFE9KAN6QColeen E. Sams5551237248000Surprisingly pleasant tasteAfter tasting several other "diet" teas I braced myself for the nasty medicinal flavor of the others. What a pleasant surprise to actually enjoy the taste! I don't know how effective it will be for the "slimming" label as I've only used it for two days. The flavor, however, is easy to recommend.
285699285699B000LKVSVOA1WMAECTGR6FMKAngelFace6721292803200HOLY CRAPwell i used this for the first time last night after dinner around 7pm. as the directions stated, i didn't brew it for long. i added hot water to the cup with the teabag but the water wasn't hot enough so i microwaved it for 30 seconds let it sit another 30 seconds and removed the teabag. i added a sweet and low and it tasted good, not like medicine at all. i was fine, laying in bed watching tv for the next 2 - 3 hours, then the cramping started. i got progressively worsening cramps from the upper part of my abdomen all the way down to the bottom of my belly, it was very painful. i started feeling very bloated like i needed to belch or... well... yea. i noticed that the cramping was at its worst when i was laying down, standing up i felt better. i got nauseous and thought i would throw up. then i had to run to the bathroom because the extreme laxative effect was kickin in. this lasted until about 2:30am and i need to get up for work in the morning. i was really miserable. in the morning i felt ok until i ate breakfast (a bowl of crispix cereal) then i felt like i needed to use the bathroom again. doubt i will use this again but if i do i will only drink a quarter of a cup.
285700285700B000LKVSVOA2KMIV3LX5MLO5De_tourvel3351329350400OMG!!!!!This tea made me use the bathroom like crazy! Once you start feeling that cramp. OMG! It's over! Just run to the toilet and just sit there! My butt was going crazy with the toilet, but aftewards I don't feel so bloated anymore. It's removing all this toxins I guess. Do not,and I'm serious! Do not use this during the morning! You're going to be spending more time in the bathroom than working! Next thing you know your boss will be like "Are you ok?" Back in your head you know you are not ok! Embarassing morning of my LIFE!!!! lol
285701285701B000LKVSVOA1YMXGQQT7YWMNB. Grandon1151344211200helps de bloat youI got this tea on impulse, having never tried it nor read these reviews. I'm prone to water retention if I consume too much sodium or get dehydrated, and it shows in my face right away. I didn't get this product for the poo results, but it definitely has some diuretic effect, because I shortly noticed I was urinating more often too, and within two days my facial bloat went down.

As other reviewers have said, it can make you cramp a little if you make it too strong or have too much, and you will be using the restroom more. But for short term bloating issues, it really worked for me.
285702285702B000LKVSVOA3J5FXO6NKJBHARobyn Mcpherson1141305936000The Super Slimming Tea will DEFINITELY get "it" moving!I like the Super Slimming tea because if you are constipated, the herbs incorporated will most definitely get your digestive system moving very quickly. I would definitely not go too crazy with the number of bags you use per drink and I wouldn't even drink it every day (unless you haven't had a bowel movement in a month!) as the Super Slimming tea can definitely bring on diarrhea if you're too aggressive with drinking it (i.e. I drink one cup at the 3rd night, my bowel movements are REEEEAALLY soft). It would be a great addition to any detox diet/efforts as it really speeds up elimination, but just be careful by maybe drinking for a couple days then laying off one or some other alternating schedule.
285703285703B000LKVSVOA3Q0FP8V85YE74Pamela1141303776000Nice TeaI have been drinking this tea for a few months. I haven't lost any weight, but the tea does keep me regular...
285704285704B000LKVSVOA7UU58I2SCRCAC. Muns1141283904000not a bad...I'm not really a fan of the taste of this tea. I usually load it up with sugar and mix in come cranberry juice. However it does work, in the sense that its a laxative like most "slimming teas" are. In that regard it serves its purpose, just don't drink more than the recommended 8 oz or you'll be sorry.
285705285705B000LKVSVOA12HR1HDS9R8EVGRRR2331286064000Holy ...So the first time I drank the tea... had some laxative effects. I made the mistake of drinking a second cup last night. I had very painful stomach cramps AND threw up in the middle of the night. I haven't made the connection yet how laxative helps me lose weight. I think I'll stick to exercising and water :-)
285706285706B000LKVSVOALHF3A0K1UU62nyree0051342051200Great for streaming down your waist!This is an excellent tea! I've used it for a couple of years, and in comparison to others, this is by far the best. I suggest when you first start, you follow the directions thoroughly and make a weaker brew, by not steeping it as long as you regularly would.

The taste is rather nice, when I first began, I added a bit of honey, but now I just drink it straight. It's great at cleaning out your insides, especially if you've been eating unhealthy and are backed up.

If this is too strong for you, I do recommend the Ultra Slimming, it comes in a green box. It's just as effective, but slower results...perfect for those of you that aren't used to regular cleansings of this sort.

I generally follow the tea routine for 5-7 days straight once or twice a month. As a matter of fact, I'll be drinking some tonight!
285707285707B000LKVSVOA2OZ02T76ZJXHFvikingfamily0051341446400Love this tea.Seriously what s great tea.
It didnt work as fast as other people described but on the third day my husband and I visited the bathroom as never before. Not kidding! I used to go only 1 time a day...4 to 5 times now.! I which i could drink this tea everyday but the maximun is only seven days. Buy it and get ready to feel lighter and fresh. Awesome tea!
285708285708B000LKVSVOA3UMK4VM4G8SRXCheryl Gillette0051340323200Great way to buyI drink a cup of this tea daily. The taste is OK. I use no sweetener. It helps to flush out what ever you have eaten the day before. No cramping. Helps to keep my weight in check. Very good product at a great price.
285709285709B000LKVSVOA1X9GE40LY0O9TSt. A Boiler0041322870400Does the job and the price is rightWe have tried a few different "slimming" teas both from Triple Leaf and other makers as well. Triple Leaf makes a blue box version which accomplishes the same result but the taste is not as good and tkaes about four times longer to steep. I know that many people warn about steeping too long. I have not found that to be an issue. Unless you are new to "slimming" products, oversteeping should not be a problem, but you may want to try half a cup the first evening. We add fresh honey and the taste is actually pretty good, though without the honey it is not the best.

No doubt Amazon has the best prices on this and other Triple Leaf teas. Locally, our grocery store stocks these at about $5.90 per box. In the the case of six and with Prime you are getting it for half price. If you want really save you can subscribe, but we switch between teas so often we don't subscribe to many. Make no mistake though, this is intended to and it does do the trick.
285710285710B000LKVSVOA27CCU7040YUNEMay S0051307577600Great tea to take at night to flush your system the next dayI bought this for my mother who has bowl troubles. She likes it at night and it really is very easy on the system. Nothing harsh about it, just one cup will do. Senna works miracles for making you flush out your system. I would recommend this at night and in the morning take a glass of fiber for a week up to a month.. it is a great colon cleanser
285711285711B000LKVSVOA1MP4UDO8FA5XJElena Banciu "Elena"0651192233600Triple Leaf Tea purchaseThank you for your business. I have receipt the package in time, in perfect conditions.
285712285712B001IMNO7KA3IGPE0PMNIHILAna0051344384000Kimbo CoffeeVery good tasting coffee. I recommend it for the people who like to drink best coffee!!
With milk, express coffee, american coffee, whichever you like.
285713285713B001IMNO7KAUWD1HY2RT8PTunc girl0041261526400Great coffeeThis is great coffee. I generally like weaker coffee but this can also be made quite strong without being bitter. The grind is very fine, but it still works well in a drip coffee maker. I think it might actually be meant for an espresso maker though. The taste is comparable to Jacobs Kroenung or Douwe Egberts coffee.
285714285714B00016WVSMA37QQNSDTVN5L2Carolyn Repka0051274918400A Real TreatTastes great. A little sweet and lower in protein than Think Bars, but this bar is good!
285715285715B0088OIAKWAYLCZ8OQCEZCSzip3351332028800Kitty loveMy crazy picky calicos just love this stuff. I'm so surprised because they only want dry food. I will continue to buy this very high quality product!
285716285716B0088OIAKWA3O57BH0H4GIZRChristine Barnett3351331856000crazy for tiki cati almost regret buying this fancy cat food as a treat for my kitty bc she is crazed for it! it's a little expensive but the quality is outstanding and the happiness my kitty expresses makes it all worth it. i usually give her one can of this per day and one can of another type of wet food to keep the cost down.
i HIGHLY recommend this food. has vitamins, minerals, and is only barely processed - it looks like an almowt whole food product.
285717285717B0088OIAKWA2JNPUBGF021JAPanda Enthusiast2251340582400Picky cat loved this!I've spent years trying to figure out what my cat likes. I thought I had narrowed it down to chicken, but he eventually got sick of that too. Based on previous purchases I was sure he hated all seafood except for tuna water. Being that Tiki has a lot of tuna mixes, I thought I'd give it a try.

Amazingly, he loved it! I was really surprised since the brand of chicken he likes also makes quite a few seafood varieties that he did not like. For whatever reason, he seems to enjoy every seafood variety in this pack (but not so much the chicken, as it's a lot drier in comparison to his usual chicken in gravy). He's still insanely picky and doesn't like the same food several days in a row, but I can combine even a little bit of this with his other foods and he'll eat it. Very happy with this find!!
285718285718B0088OIAKWA2SZKF1I43T65Ucrabtree1111330905600Cat despised this foodAfter reading recent article in the New York Times, I was excited to get this food for my finicky kitty. Purchased the variety pack since I wanted to test out his preference. He pretty much hated them all; some, he just sniffed, looked at, meowed at me and wouldn't go near. A few smelled pretty awful as well.
285719285719B0088OIAKWA27718CHXPI8CImissc11150051348963200My sick cat loved this stuffI had an elderly cat with kidney disease and stomach tumors. I think this cat food extended his life by a couple months. It looks and smells like real human food.
285720285720B0088OIAKWA1IU7S4HCK1XK0Joanna Daneman0051345420800Cat's health immediately improvedI have a cat who has to have a calorie-restricted diet and was not doing well on the Rx food from the vet. Much heaving and discomfort. I switched brands, this, that, the other and no food seemed to help. This is the only brand that keeps him in good trim, with no dry heaves. It's basically fish or chicken, fish oil and that's about it. There are a few varieties with a bit of rice.

The food looks like tuna or chicken salad and the cat LOVES it. I am sure I gave him extra years of life by putting him on this food.
285691285691B001EO5XBWA1VL62M12N2K82Mark Twain0041341446400I really like theseI like these pineapple pieces very much. As has been said before they do not taste like fresh pineapple or pineapple from a can. The best way to describe the flavor is a condensed and pungent version of pineapple. They are also quite chewy. I really like the fact that these can sit on the shelve for ages, and you can grab a bag and go.
285692285692B001EO5XBWA218MVVO4H3C3DQaan0051317340800Moist, chewy, and deliciousOther reviews have described the contents of the pineapple packs but not as well as this...

The pineapple chunks are mostly wedge-shaped and they stick together because of the sugar content. The color of the pieces range from faded yellow to beige to caramel brown. They are flatter than fresh pineapple chunks. But they are absolutely delicious. It's not the kind of food where you eat one chunk at a time as they are clumped together, so it's almost like putting a wad of it in your mouth and chewing on it. And it's awesome.

If you are active outdoors these are an excellent source for quick energy and the packs I bought have an expiration date of over a year from now. I guarantee you'll be happy with this product.

Warning: DO NOT buy the freeze-dried pineapple product you may see as an alternate item on Amazon. They are terrible!!!
285693285693B001EO5XBWAYN6FNCK29VP8R. Barrington "Rachel"1221280966400Limp FruitI was a bit disappointed in this pineapple. It was dark colored, and rather tough and limp. I liked that it did not have any suphur or sugar in it. But still, I found the fruit difficult to eat because it looked so dark and unappetizing.

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