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285781285781B00124VPX4A1VFZX2LH33IT6JAM "JAM"8851242604800Best All Natural Gum-No Aspartame!I love gum, it helps me stay awake during boring meetings or long hours at the computer and keeps me from snacking, problem is almost every type of gum made now has aspartame which tends to give me a headache. So I love this gum as it has none, plus the calories in each piece are even lower. The peppermint and spearmint are my favorites and last the longest, the fruit is a little sweet for me and does not last as long. None of them last as long as your standard commercial gum, but for me, it is definately worth it.
285782285782B00124VPX4A3MKCIGIVKSBMDB. Long6721281398400Stick with Xylichew!I had been using Xylichew, but since Spry is much cheaper, I thought I'd give it a try for a few months. In both taste and texture, Spry seems far inferior to Xylichew. Plus, food products from Finland have a better safety reputation than food products from China. So I returned to Xylichew.
285783285783B00124VPX4A10DPTCY3QSF4ET. M.3351326844800Great Gum - Finally!This gum is clean and refreshing, not sugary and not filled with artificial chemical sweeteners. It's almost impossible to find a gum like this anywhere. Stores all carry gum with aspartame and BHT. Very thankful for this product.
285784285784B00124VPX4A3KCQZJ3ZCTD6LLazy cook2351271376000Breath freshener gumI read the other reviews and saw that some say the flavor does not last long. But for me that is a plus that it works fast. When I want to freshen my breath fast, this is what I use. It is also very good for dry mouth, according to my dentist. Also I do not have to chew a lot for the results which is good for my TMJ.
285785285785B00124VPX4ACZA9VXF7M84M. G. Smith0041347926400You Can Feel the DifferenceI bought Spry gum after reading about the dental benefits of xylitol. My wife & I have been very pleased with the results. I can feel the difference on my teeth... and noticeably less plaque builds up on my teeth when I chew 2 or 3 pieces a day. The only downside is that the excellent flavors last a very short time.
285786285786B00124VPX4A1D4OWGUSWO2JAPaula Capocchi "Kauaikid64"0051346457600Good sugarless gumThis brand does not fall apart in your mouth like another brand of xylitol gum does.
I don't want aspartame in my gum. Aspartame can mess with your brain and cause depression and more. It was not supposed to be approved but there were shenanigans at the fda and conflict of interests that got aspartame on the market.

Spry only has xylitol which is good for your teeth!
285787285787B00124VPX4A29INO0XU6MQJGJLC0051341446400Clean Teeth GumThis gum has zylitol which kills germs in your mouth. I use it after eating if I can't brush. Tastes great and has no harmful ingredients. I buy it over and over.
285788285788B00124VPX4A33J3E9PHYLMHGK. Woodson0031331164800Works okayThe taste does not last long but it is a small piece of gum. It does wipe out any lingering tastes such as onions, garlic or coffee. It seems to clean teeth better than other chewing gums.
285789285789B00124VPX4A37RCN295YXNKDL. Martin "DIYgal"0021245110400Initial taste good but flavor does not lastGot this product after reading that xylitol gum chewing might help with a jaw problem I have been having. This gum tastes really good at first but loses flavor really quickly. If they could find a way to make the flavor last, it would be a winner. If you want longer flavor, you will have to try another gum with flavor extenders.
285790285790B00124VPX4A2FEQYCE4YPW6Szon-reviewer1631226793600Gum had great natural flavorWhat I liked best was the flavor, both for spearmint and cinnamon. However, I discovered I had a problem digesting xylitol (as some do), so won't be purchasing additional items made with it.
285791285791B000LRKM1OA32OM6CPJ1SHY8J. Oliver "MizJule"7751237507200Fabulous!It's impossible to find this cheese in our dinky little town and it's fabulous! This is original string cheese - the stuff people bought before Kraft and the like mass-produced a version. This is *nothing* like the plastic, flavorless sticks that pass as string cheese now. This is light, flavorful and oh so yummy! You will not disappointed!
285792285792B000LRKM1OA183ZG1E6EFORQChristine Hudak1151322352000Hard to Find item for Nadia G RecipeThis cheese was a crucial component of a recipe on Nadia G's TV show. Could not find it anywhere I lived, so ordered it from this seller. Perfect.Quick delivery- packaged so it would not spoil.
285793285793B000LRKM1OA26WKYLNHZHUNXGoofyBeanie0051344384000A must for cheese loversThe Armenian string cheese is tasty and flavorful. It has just enough salt that the cheese needs to really bring out the taste. The unraveling of the string cheese was enjoyable and doesn't get old. I enjoyed it so much that it was mainly a straight snack every so often, but will definitely need to try it with some kind of dish, perhaps a pasta or a pizza.
285794285794B000LRKM1OA39RPS53V2N48ECharles E. Mills0041314835200Shipping cheeseIt has been many years since I last bought Armenian String Cheese. When I found this site, I immediately placed an order. I havn't yet tasted the cheese because when it arrived at my door from FedEx, 3:30 in the afternoon in hot sunny Florida, all the freezer packets were melted and the cheese was warm. I have placed all four packages of cheese in the refrigerator and will be trying it for quality tomorrow. Hopefully the lack of refrigeration will not affect the quality of the product.Armenian String Cheese (Sunni) approx. 0.8lb
285795285795B000LRKM1OA2V5AH5RZFMWFMFabienne Christenson0051295740800Heaven!Creamy, salty, with wispy strings when you pull it apart. This is the real deal. Nigella seeds are so very very good. Nothing like that Kraft gunk. Once you get this real string cheese, your life will change. :) Delicious.
285796285796B000LRKM1OA1444CI8YOW1T8Jonathan Lay "chimera262000"0051294704000Best cheese everIt's good. Seriously good. Mild flavor, nice stringy texture. Just good. Have some! They send it to your house, even.
285797285797B0058DQBS4AUBQ1RN7Q13PCAnabella0041350691200Cool Party FavorsI love these little sweet monsters for party favors for my seven year old daughter' party. However, I was a bit disappointed because in the picture the sticks look really long, and they're actually short.
285798285798B002DVT53WA1HHFAX0DZU57JBlanche Craton "genealogykid"1151253750400Oh so good Gimmee Jimmee's cookiesI first received Gimmee Jimmee's cookies from the salesman after I bought a new car from Freehold Ford in Howell, NJ as a thank you. They are very delicious cookies. Packed very well and always received fresh. The chocalate chip and oatmeal are to die for. I have gone on to send their cookies to others to commerate birthdays, get well etc. I think you will be pleased with your purchase if you give them a try.

285799285799B001E8PWJ6A2Q5O43CE44TEAJ. A. Adkins "wildfire68"4451304294400YummyReceived this for my birthday, all the way to Alaska, and it was still frozen. Very very rich, and delicious. I wish I could eat this all the time, but it's pretty expensive shipping to Alaska :(. Comes in a styrofoam container and wrapped securely in bubble wrap and paper. You bake it right in the container it comes in. There is tons of lobster in very large chunks. Yummy!
285800285800B001E8PWJ6A2I3G0XPSIUFOAlberta3351296518400Lobster LoverI have ordered Hancock Lobster many times and always am extremely satisfied! The products are well-packaged, and the steps taken to assure frozen delivery are stellar.

Warning! The lobster is addictive! I must always have a couple of the Hancock products in my freezer. I particularly like the lobster mac and cheese, and the lobster ciambatta. Also, need to have a half dozen whoopie pies on hand.

This product is worth the money!
285801285801B001E8PWJ6A3J167JSJTWIX3Christopher2251304380800Best mac and cheese everThe best mac and cheese i've ever had. real lobster chunks and a creamy cheese sauce. delicious. it is a bit pricey, but i will be purchasing this again as well as trying out some of their other dishes.
285802285802B001E8PWJ6AGITUNJCPS73SB. Green2251293840000Best mac and cheese ever!After having seen the episode on Food Channel about Hancock's Mac and Cheese with Lobster, I had to try it. They said it was the best they had eaten on the taste test and boy were they right! This is the best Mac and Cheese my husband and I have ever tasted. Huge chunks of lobster just took my breath away. You've definitely got to buy some. Worth every bite!!
285803285803B001E8PWJ6AM9EN51BXKPMsajie1151347667200DecadentThere is nothing like this. It's something I get for special occasions, like my birthday or to take for a holiday pot-luck. I love this product and which that I could get it without the pricy shipping fee. it's over half the price of the dish and why I usually buy when there is some sort of shipping discount or site wide discount happening.

You will taste nothing better. Highly recommend trying it at least once if you like macaroni and lobster.
285804285804B001E8PWJ6A1L1NK3EKR7MKCKellie Werrell0051350259200perfect for lobster loversWe love this! We order it for annivsary dinner in, and pair it with great champagne and a salad. Wonderful, with left overs. So easy to prepare, and warms nicely the night day in the microwave.
really really good!
285805285805B00269FEIGATLZNVLYKP9AZT. Fisher9951263427200Hallelujah! Dorset Cereals are the best mueslis in the world.I recently moved to an area without much in terms of specialty and high-end grocery stores, so I am so glad to see Dorset Cereals for sale on Amazon. They are, quite simply, the best mueslis I have ever had the pleasure of eating.

You would think that a muesli is a muesli, wouldn't you? I certainly would. And that's exactly what I thought, more or less, until I tried my first Dorset Cereal.

I'm not quite sure how they make their mueslis better than everyone else's, but I have a theory. I think they toast the grain flakes. Maybe not the oats, but perhaps the wheat and barley, to bring out the flavor. I'm not sure exactly. But whatever they do, it sure works.

This particular variety of Dorset Cereals is simple but outstanding. In fact, it is probably my favorite. No exotic fruits -- unless you consider dates, sultanas and Chilean flame raisins exotic. The fruits and nuts percentage reaches 30%, which for Dorset Cereals is on the low side, as most varieties are at 50%. Lots of Brazil nuts and hazelnuts. Good eating all around.

There are certainly other good mueslis out there, but often my favorites among other brands, like Germany's Alnatura, use tricks to make them tastier -- like chocolate. Dorset Cereals manage to outshine good chocolate mueslis without resorting to cheap sugary tricks.

If anyone honestly knows a better muesli, I'd love to try it. I've tried quite a few, from lots of different muesli-rich countries in Europe, and so far Dorset stands head and shoulders above the rest. I will change the title of this review the minute I taste a better muesli (at least one that isn't loaded with sugar). Until then, I'll stand by my statement that these guys makes the best mueslis in the world.
285806285806B00269FEIGA2G4LKK57XMBL3Sherry "MomToTwoBoys"1151285977600it really is deliciousWe go through a lot of museli in our house. This is about the best we've found and Amazon has a terrific price especially if you subscribe.
285807285807B00269FEIGAK5SUC6HADAVZE. Bernardino "Addicted to the Gold Box"1151277596800The absolute best muesli hands down!
285808285808B00269FEIGA32J92S7GY8JG0TwinMommy0051325808000YummyMy husband did not grow up in America and has been on the lookout for the Muesli cereal that he was used to growing up. Short of going to a health store and buying expensive ingredients to mix it up himself, this cereal is the closest thing we could find. He really loves this cereal, it has all great natural ingredients that are wholesome and very healthy.
While this cereal is still on the pricier side, it is still much cheaper than buying each ingredient yourself and mixing it all together.
Perfect healthy cereal without any unwanted added sugars.
285809285809B00269FEIGA2TN9C5E4A0I3FJimmy0051312848000Best Muesli I've had locallyI've always been on the search for a good Muesli since my travels abroad and having it served fresh to me in the morning in quaint Bed and Breakfasts. I hadn't found one palatable until this. It's wonderful!

The oats don't overwhelm the taste and texture like it does in many other brands and the fruits and nuts are not only plentiful but large! Big halves of brazil nuts and whole hazelnuts made this luxury. I'm hooked. :)
285810285810B00269FEIGAPST59ZNX96IGL. Taylor0051309219200Dorset Simply Delicious MuesliThis cereal is the closest thing we've found to the wonderful mueslis we've had in Europe and Australia, typically served with fresh fruit and plain yogurt. I have occasionally seen Dorset muesli in stores at higher prices, but to insure a consistent supply, we order several boxes at once to be delivered right to our door!

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