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285811285811B00269FEIGA715IFJE96H96S. Archer0041309132800Excellent muesli, if a little expensive.This muesli is one of the best available. In fact, all the Dorset Cereals are worth a try. From a nutritional point of view this is a well balanced breakfast that you can feel good about eating. My only gripe is that it's still a little expensive compared to other breakfast cereals, although I realize that it's not necessarily fair to make such comparisons. A price of less than five dollars a box would be ideal. Highly recommended, buy with confidence.
285812285812B00269FEIGA2Y0CWT6P97F1Dzon buyer0051302652800Great Cereal!I grew up eating Alpen, but when it was not available at my local supermarket, I found this cereal. I enjoy it so much, I have no desire to return to Alpen. The supermarket stopped carrying it and I was thrilled to find it on Amazon! I love the Brazil nuts and the hazelnuts, too! I find that just about anything you really enjoy eating is bad for you ---- I LOVE eating this, and it's good for you, too! I get it delivered regularly by subscription and enjoy extra savings that way.
285813285813B00269FEIGAYNH2BHO8SO52Nicole0051300752000Best MuseliThis is by far the best museli. It has a great "good stuff" to filler ratio - lots of tasty fruits, nuts and seeds - and the consistency of the grains is just right. Other brands tend to be filled with dust (Alpen) or too chewy (Red Mill), but this one is just right. I'm not so fond of the other flavors, but the "Simply Delicious" is, well... just that. I have 1/2 cup every morning with soy milk and a layer of grape nuts sprinkled on top.
285814285814B00269FEIGA16I6WJUEBJ1C3doctorsirena "doctorsirena"0051281744000High quality ingredientsFirst let me say that I have tried a LOT of mueslis (and also have made my own with thick cut oats and dried fruit) and that I dislike American super sugary cereals in general. My favorite way to eat muesli is preparing it as Bircher Muesli (search the internet to find out more on this recipe), with yogurt, orange and lemon juice, chopped apples and other fruit and a touch of honey and milk to thin it out if needed. Bircher Muesli is usually prepared the night before to give it time to soften up the oats/grains.

This cereal looked great when pouring out of the box (nice fruit and nut pieces), but when I ate my first couple of bowls of this Dorset muesli, I was somewhat disappointed. It does not hold up to long soaking or preparation as a Bircher Muesli and can get mushy. Then I started eating it as more of a quick version (especially on hectic workday mornings) and I have come to love this cereal. To me, the grain flakes in Dorset are more like quick oats vs. thick cut oats in some other mueslis (like those in one of my favorite German mueslis - Seitenbacher). I mix the Dorset muesli with yogurt/ (soy)milk/ honey/ fresh blueberries or just (soy)milk and let it sit for only about 15 min and it is perfect for me - still has a nice bite to it. It has lots of dried fruit and big pieces of nuts. Lives up to its name "Simply Delicious" and I will repurchase.
285815285815B00269FEIGA3B5WIGZKX80GJRick Snyder0051280448000Best. Muesli. Ever.The previous reviewers have covered everything I wanted to say about this cereal, so I'll just add that I consider it to be the best muesli I've ever had, and I've tried them all. A fantastic product.
285816285816B00269FEIGA3HNXZZDEICO57jeninmaine0051271203200Wow, super yummy!I really enjoy muesli but the selection at my local grocery and health food store consists of either over-processed, sweetened junk or flavorless cardboard. This brand showed up at the grocery so I picked it up on a whim and I am certainly not disappointed!

Absolutely delicious. I like my food to be simple yet flavorful and nutritious and this muesli fills those requirements on all three counts. Just the right balance of texture and taste, with lovely chewy grains, soft sweet raisins and crunchy nuts. I love brazil nuts and hazelnuts so I thoroughly enjoyed this mixture. Best of all, not too sugary or salty, the flavor is understated but very nice. I go with the suggested serving size of 1/2 cup with some cold milk and feel pleasantly sated, with lots of energy later.

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone and I'm thrilled it is being offered through Amazon as I'm sure it won't last long around here - the box I got had dust on it so I think I might be one of the only people actually buying it locally. Their loss!
285817285817B00269FEIGA33MBSAYW2FPRCKathryn Caggiano1311312502400Fantastic product, but be careful buying it from!I first tried this cereal when visiting a friend last weekend and thought it was absolutely wonderful! I had a bowl every day of my visit and loved it more each time. My friend told me I could order it from, which I did as soon as I got home. I had my first bowl yesterday -- the same day the package arrived -- only to find that it was horrible! The flakes tasted soft and stale, although the box was in-date, and I couldn't find anything wrong with the packaging. I tried a little more this morning just to make sure I wasn't imagining things yesterday, but alas, still awful. Maybe I just got unlucky this time, but for $6 a box, I don't think I'll risk another purchase from anytime soon. Too bad. :( If it hadn't been for this experience, I would have totally concurred with everything the most positive reviews said about the product.
285818285818B002L3RVC4AWWLN8ZMSIU9JJenKey6651291680000Great job, AmeriColor!These air brush food colors sprayed on easily and evenly. The color selection of this kit is perfect for someone just getting started. I got a good set of basic colors. I will definitely purchase more AmeriColor and Amerimist products.
285819285819B002L3RVC4A2LPA0NWYAALOVYolanda1151344124800Good DealHere is my review in pros and cons
A rainbow of colors
Fast shipping
Very concentrated a little goes a long way
I even used it to color fondant
Great price
Mixes well in butter creme

Bottles are smaller than I expected

Overall I love this product and I will order again.this is my second time ordering from this seller always a pleasure.Fast shipping and everything was packaged neatly.
285820285820B002L3RVC4A1FHZ9IVIUCXFQNikkisMom19901141337904000AmeriColor Amerimist Student Kit Air Brush 12 packI have used the airbrush food color a couple of times, and the colors are nice. I just got my airbrush machine, so this was a good kit to start with since it is reasonably priced.
285821285821B002L3RVC4A3BP4TTAY6XKJIJL Stevens0051350864000ImpressiveThe colors are very vibrant and easy to use. It takes just a little to get the color effect you are looking for. I would like to see a color chart with instructions on mixing colors and the quantity to get odd/variations of the color.
285822285822B002L3RVC4A1O5TXB1JKP3Z1Melissa0151315872000Great serviceI had a wonderful experience using this company! My order came quickly and in perfect condition. I got exactly what I ordered. Would use again!
285823285823B0041NXCNEA257KT82DEOC72Eddie "Eddie"4421303257600Not as shown in the picturePros: The taste is good, just like other Belgian chocolate.
Cons: They don't look like the one in the picture. The chocolate is in the shape of a tiny and thin tea cups. There are only about 8 pieces of them, weighing less than 0.25 lbs total. I know there is very tiny fine print stating the pictures are only serving suggestions, but who the hell in the world sells chocolate with full blown misleading pictures like this?
Additionally, the quality control is so poor. I ordered 4 boxes of this. The first box, all of the cups were severely deformed with extreme color variation. The second box, the cups were in good shape, but the color is very grainy with white spots all over, looks like very old chocolate. I was too embarrassed to share the chocolates with anyone lol.. I can't wait for more surprises on the other two boxes..
285824285824B004IMIN82A1P27BGF8NAI29Alice in Wonderland0051336003200A very good chamomile teaChamomile is one of those herbs that are ancestors thought that they couldn't live without. It settles the digestive track, aids sleep, and is a mild anti-inflammatory. This is a very good chamomile tea - gentle and yet tasty. Want a good night's sleep? End your evening with a cup of Bigelow Cozy Chamomile Herbal Tea.

(Review of Bigelow Cozy Chamomile Herbal Tea Keurig K-Cups)
285825285825B004IMIN82A326UYGFEAX083Kirsten0051321142400Good teaI really like this tea. Tastes like chamomile should. Fast delivery. Reasonable price. Am looking forward to purchasing more Biglow tea now that I know how good their tea for Keurig is.
285826285826B0023RF00SA3G2GRG6BIQ54LJule0051350518400YummyThe olives arrived on time and they taste great. I was very happy with them. I will be ordering them again when I need them.
285827285827B004RYY2B8A2NPOQXJDJVN0WJoe R0051337990400Love this CoffeeI really like this coffee. It has a really bold taste and is surprisinly strong. You can actually run it through twice for larger cups of coffee and it still tastes great!
285828285828B0032JCKOAA3M330F25F0RLFJames Longfellow4411295222400This is the worst low carb bread I have tastedThis is the worst low carb bread I have tasted. It is tough and chewy and has a horrible aftertaste. I was going to use up what I had bought and just not not buy it again. But I can't even force this stuff down. It's that bad. If you want low carb buy the Health Express, Carb Crunchers or Julians Bakery low carb bread. They are all excellent low carb breads.
285829285829B0032JCKOAA2GLQUTPITPOGYbooklovercathy0011329436800Yuck!I was excited to try this bread, but it tastes like a sweet sponge to me. The texture of the bread was not bread-like, it was mushy, even when toasted. Being cinnamon flavored, I expected some sweetness, but this was really too sweet. If you want good cinnamon raisin bread, I recommend Julian's Bakery bread - it's texture is good, and although there is not as many raisins, it is quite tasty, especially toasted.
285830285830B005SB03FSA3KVJQZM7GNBEKTara0031342051200These taste good.It's 25 calories for four pieces of hard candy, which is decent, especially if you're feeling snackish and are on a strict calorie budget. Other than that, I didn't think it was a good deal. The package is small and lasted me around a week. I prefer YummyEarth lollipops--you definitely get more for your buck, and they taste better, too.
285831285831B0065HE70QA1E8P5GMZ2Q7APGeorge0051341014400Really amazingTastes great , even better then I imagined. It's fresh. Chocolate is great. Amazing product over all.
And it is shipped with dry ice, so really good too.
285832285832B0031DJR02A2KKWAO9XLICEGG. Foxworth "SKEET"0051280275200SWEET!This is a great candy. Some of the best gummy bears I've ever tasted! I can't stop buying them.
285833285833B000RHXHROA2NFSABGJPM2VNAnne1360051350000000Cherries nice and plumpI ordered the cherries for my Mom who has cancer to brighten her days....she said the cherries are excellent and nice and plump and she is very happy. The shipping was very fast. I highly recommend this company to do business with. A+
285834285834B000EVOSHGA1FICC45E4QDV1D. Dayton "Muscle Geek"202051155081600Probably my favorite Haribo Gummis (to date)I've been trying a number of the Haribo gummi candies since I found them here on Amazon: grapefruit slices (white and pink), fruit salad, raspberries, golden bears, sugar free bears (intestinal nightmare) and these mini frogs. No, I don't eat entire 5 lb bags by myself, I take them to work and give my coworkers sugar rushes :) Of all of them the frogs are what I come back to time and again, and I get the most requests for from my coworkers. I'm not sure if its the size or the foam, but something about them puts them above the rest in my book.

The golden bears are a close second.
285835285835B000EVOSHGA2FZJ16CF8B37Wstancepunk7751213142400Haribo makes the best frogs and bearsI have only purchased the Haribo Gold Bears in the past, but I decided to give the Frogs a try. Boy was I delighted. The Bears are filled with flavor, and these Frogs also have the same fruitful flavor, only with a layer of the white, marshmallow-like gummi on the belly side of the Frogs. If you have only bought the Bears because you know you can't go wrong with them, you may like something different but not too different like these Mini Frogs by Haribo.
285836285836B000EVOSHGA1IU7S4HCK1XK0Joanna Daneman7751162684800Foam and gummis make a tasty frogThe light foam layer on the gummi frogs makes an interesting mild flavor mixed with the fruitiness of the gummi portion. These are a nice textural change from gummi bears and a few of them satisfies the sweet tooth.
285837285837B000EVOSHGA8T3UV4W8A3IMceb44113017024005lbs of hard!I reviewed these 5lb mini gummy frogs right after I received them about a month ago. It wasn't a favorable review either. I can't believe the last post on this product was over 6 months ago (Sept. 2010). They probably had 6 months of bad reviews...anyway, I'll try again and hope I'm able to warn you about these gummies.
Let me first start out by says how much I LOVE Haribo gummies. When soft and fresh, these are definitely worthy of five stars. I love the green frogs and mini frogs the best. Whenever I am at Cost Plus (the only places I find the mini frog gummies) I'll purchase a small 5 oz bag at $1.79. So when I saw the latest deal through Amazon to get 5 lbs of mini frogs for cheap, I jumped on the deal. Yes, I did read all the reviews and saw the one and two star reviews before placing my order. But most were old posts, some years old. They've got to improve their product freshness issue by now, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, what arrived was a big block of hard, stale mini pellets (gummies). I was totally disappointed. Hence, my one star review.
For those of you wanting soft gummies. Buy the 5oz - 12 packs. Those are tightly sealed packs and hold in the freshness better than the non-airtight packaging of the big 5 pounder. Not as good of a deal but you'll be getting a fresher product.
Would I buy this product again? 5lb package: no. 5oz 12 pack: yes.
285838285838B000EVOSHGATJ0FZCDV7W87Mike2251254355200Great Little CandiesProbably my Favorite Haribo candy, I've ordered this twice from Amazon. Comes in a huge bag and with an assortment of three flavors. The green tastes like regular Gummi frogs, the reds and yellows taste like their respective gummi bears. My only complaint is that I usually get too many yellows, which I'm not particularly fond of.

Pros: Great flavor, great price per pound, great party or snack food due to size.

Cons: Some people dislike the yellow flavor, bag is a little hassle to deal with sometimes, candy stays in clumps while pouring out because of tight packing.
285839285839B000EVOSHGA2NCQ8C3VBRN5RL. Rockey4551160524800Leapin With FlavorA delightful gummy candy at a great price. We used to buy the mixed frogs from a major retail speciality chain at a speciality price. If you are a connoisseur of gummies, these should get a must try on your list.
285840285840B000EVOSHGAA6WPJZXRGYAYEvan Baschnagel1151313971200Simply the bestI recently purchased these from Amazon and they are still my favorite gummi. I see some of the more recent reviews say they were stale, but not the case here. My office has demolished the 5lb bag I bought in a week! Absolutely delicious, they can't be beat. Simply the best.

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