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285841285841B000EVOSHGA1V1L9W3XFL4B1Milkdud351151284076800They are Awesome again!I used to order a bag of these every 2 weeks or so and they were always awesome. There was a period recently of about 3 months where these minifrogs had a terrible smell and taste that was unbearable. I think I returned 4 or 5 bags. It must have been a distributor issue. I started ordering other HARIBO products...all great! I stopped ordering these Mini Frogs for about 2 months and finally decided to try them again...AMAZING! Just like I remembered them. Lets hope they stay this way. Have another bag on my doorstep waiting for me now. Cant wait to get off of work!
285842285842B000EVOSHGA1WJ1XH94Q7FK3B. Applegate1151255910400Mini Frogs!I love mini frogs! These chewy little critters are fun to eat. I love the marshmallow-like bottom layer and the fruity top layer. These candies are a solid type of gummi, not the sticky, softer type. Love them!
285843285843B000EVOSHGA21S26XYPGXJZXJody "bigdumptruckdotcom"3441168732800Chewier than expectedI love giving 5 pound bags of gummi candy as gifts. We got these, the angel fish and the techno bears, and only the fish seemed to be the consistency I'd expected. I don't want to say these were stale, but they just seemed a little too hard to chew.
285844285844B000EVOSHGA37RVCSXRWTW6USpinner "jd"3451155081600Delicious little crittersAbsolutely delicious. I am a picky gummy candy lover and these are winners! Each frog is sweet, but not overly so and have a delicious, subtle flavor. They are an easy snack and are great to share with everyone. My candy dishes are constantly filled. Amazon delivers these double boxed and so fresh. Highly recommended and well worth the price!
285845285845B000EVOSHGA1V5LRXQ17SK16...0051350000000DeliciousThese are for the person who wants to like gummy bears but just never could.

The 'gummy' taste of normal gummy bears is offset by the foamy undercandy. It makes for a very nice taste that's not too harsh. Additionally, for me personally, I like them because they don't stick in my teeth like normal gummies. (Tip: let them sit out for a few days. They'll start to get a little tougher to chew. Somehow, it helps the flavor.)

I know the bag is huge, but gummy candy doesn't go stale quickly, so it'll last. And you can give some away if you don't want them all. Still worth it!
285846285846B000EVOSHGA18BJBQ35RQHOFPeter "Bob"0041336953600These are awesome, but the quality is very inconsistentI order these pretty regularly and love them. Because I can't find them in my area and go through a lot, I order 5 pound bulk packages from Amazon. They arrive in a timely manner and the package is always in good condition, but the product can range from hard-as-a-rock to so sticky that they come out in one big ball. I'll keep ordering them because I don't have another option at the moment, but I wish they had better quality control.
285847285847B000EVOSHGA3DRCXHKMS0GEDRobert McClard "scienceguy2001"0051335398400These are the best chewy fruit flavored candy!I just love these tender little chewy frogs. They are very tiny... just enough for a nice minute chew of sweet fruit flavored enjoyment. They don't pull out any of my 6 crowns like the licorish from Holland or Germany that I love as well (but my crowns have come 4 times due to the extra tough chew).
285848285848B000EVOSHGAPF473GP287OOanon0051325203200gummiesThese are good, they have a white almost marshmallow coating on the bottom. Everybody thats tried them so far has liked them as well. A good change of pace from regular gummies.
285849285849B000EVOSHGA177CAUY6REWF9D. Schur "Decisive Answers."0031324252800Gummy Frogs, OKAll in all i would describe these gummies as different from haribo brands, and definitely decent quality, but nothing to be a die hard fan of.

I found the product to be chewy, similar in nature to a relatively fresh bag of standard haribo gummies, with the 'marshmallow' bottom slightly softer.

The flavors were mostly indiscernible and the product seemed to stay fresh even while in an open bag over a 2 week period in my office.

Grapefruit (pink) slices are great
raspberries/black berries are good and a different product
regular gummies are always a hit.

I think this may be my last 'experiment' into the haribo brand for a while. I was expected some better flavor, but not good enough for my tastes.
285850285850B000EVOSHGAOW1JG0YNDF6CDushmanius0051321833600Haribo Yummi goodnessFinest Teutonic gummy candy. If you ever tried this you know what it is and you are getting your credit card right now.
6 out of 5 stars. Yes, they are that good.
Additional info: They are not as sweet as all other Haribo candy.
285851285851B000EVOSHGAJBH9XKEG2NVFJaz "Jaz"0051317513600ExcellentThe only issue I have with these is that they were not made in Germany, but rather in Hungary, I believe. To most American's this is not an issue, but my husband is from Germany, and he swears he can tell the difference. Regardless, he ate them all, and much too quickly, I might add. Anyway this a HUGE bag. It would be perfect for a teacher to give as treats to students, etc. HOWEVER, they are small and chewy, so don't give them to young children.
285852285852B000EVOSHGAKTRLMTK8W5AEC. Davies "designomatic"0011305504000Tough Little FrogsI have bought several haribo gummy treats thru Amazon to feed the masses at work, but unfortunately this one was not worth the $.
The downfall of this candy based on feedback is that the tough and tasteless white base ruins the potentially tasty frogs. Skip tis for other better haribo gummys.
285853285853B000EVOSHGA17YQRUK9U3CN9Mark Ng "movie actionman"0041305331200Gummy CandyThis was very well packed and they are very good. I would order from them again when I get through them 5 lbs bags.
285854285854B000EVOSHGA1J2W3DKM26L5MRachel "Rach"0011305158400Stale...Purchased the frogs, ate a few to find I couldn't even chew them. My 2 year old son can't even eat them.. I was very disppointed because I love the gummy frogs... But they were stale.
285855285855B000EVOSHGA139URULUIF1V8anonymous0021303862400gummies taste oldI am a big fan of Haribo gummy, and when I saw the opportunity to get the frogs on sale, I jumped right to it. To my disappointment, the gummies tasted old and stale. It was very hard to chew and did not feel/taste fresh at all. Unfortunately, I will have to go through 5 pounds worth...
285856285856B000EVOSHGA12L81R59PNCE7CB0021277078400Gummy frogsThese gummies are very cute but I wasn't happy with the taste or the strange odor they left in the plastic packaging that they came in. I ordered these to use in a party favor but almost did not use them for those reasons. Kids seem to really like them, though. I definitely would not order them again.
285857285857B000EVOSHGA2QUIPA68EQC44A. Penner0021276905600Haribo Gummy Candy, Mini Frogs, 5-pound bagI've purchased this same product before and it was great but the second time around it was barely tolerable. It has a smell that one wouldn't expect from a candy product. I don't think I'll be buying one this size again...
285858285858B000EVOSHGA2DCU8OC2FWYDCArrakis0051271548800AddictiveI love gummy candies and these little Gummy Frogs are my favorite. The have just the right combination of softness and sweetness. I keep a jar of them in my office and they sure disappear fast!
285859285859B000EVOSHGA2VMXLOZZOHHZPJesse Stoner0011266969600Beyond staleAs a kid i absolutely loved the green frogs and when i saw these on sale i jumped on the deal. Much to my disappointment i am not able to actually taste these because they are so stale. I might as well have bought a bag of pebbles... I guess that will teach me to buy candy online, lesson learned.
285860285860B000EVOSHGA3LT6MXJGSTLDLJ. D. Clymer0041266451200Gummy Candy Makes Everyone HappyMy husband and I really enjoy gummy candies and Haribo is the way to go when purchasing and eating gummies. I've been a fan of the full size gummy frogs for years and was going to purchase them until I saw the mini frogs. The mix of flavors is enjoyable when reaching for a handful of gummies. The white bottoms of the frogs have a marshmallow melting effect, which is simply delicious.
285861285861B000EVOSHGA1P6EK8AZ4MHTAWoodRat0051264550400Hey! They're like Gummi Bears, but they're Frogs!These are the minis, hard to find. What more can I say? This is a LOT of candy =D
285862285862B000EVOSHGA2BQWHZQ297351Patricia E. Small "mimi"0011264550400mimithese were not fresh and very hard to chew without much flavor. Would never buy again.
285863285863B000EVOSHGA160HVU4106YGNJ. Senninger0021263081600Gummi FrogsI figured I would give these a try based on the other reviews, but I really did not care for them at all. I'm sticking with the original bears and cherries.
285864285864B000EVOSHGA33U6RLMDRBYBIN. Klang0051243296000I'm addicted to FrogsI love Gummy Frogs and decided that if I bought the little ones I wouldn't eat them as fast as I eat the bigger ones. They are fun to eat and children love them too.
285865285865B000EVOSHGA3VGYI7T4F9J3Guinevere0031242000000Cute frogs. Hard CandyI gave it 3 stars because I wasnt to happy with these. Typically these are so fresh and good but not this bag. These frogs were hard and just not that great. I bought these 3 months ago and I still have the whole bag no one will eat them they are just to hard :(
285866285866B000EVOSHGA1QQV9SQUB925Msaddlerackcowgirl "saddlerackcowgirl"0051202515200great taste, great serviceI received my mini gummy frogs right away, in good condition. I'm very pleased with the prompt service.
285867285867B000EVOSHGACWF8N45BBLCEShawn Clark "Shawn"3551168300800YummyThey are damn good. BUT I thought they were a little bigger. Each frog is about the size of a quarter.
285868285868B000EVOSHGA32QO4HK6ZURE1Mary0151236729600So yummyThese were so good. We all couldn't stop eating them. Gonna have to get some more. Can't believe we went through 5lbs that fast. Oops. Didn't expect them to be that good.
285869285869B000EVOSHGA22PUBSSNP54LG. Little "value seeker"0151236297600Cute as heck and wonderful flavor!These are excellent flavored gummi candy. They were received fresh. Great for a boys birthday party favors too.
285870285870B000EVOSHGA1MADLS1M35311PurpleHaze0211282867200Hard CandiesI've tried several different gummy products including the mini frogs and they are So HARD! I couldn't enjoy them. I do not recomend Haribo products

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