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285919285919B00430C1BYA2XNOB1T796Y6BChibiNeko "Sooo many books, so little time!"1231316736000Solidly a 2.5 drinkI found myself getting tempted by the little packages of instant Starbucks, so I figured that I would give the caramel flavor a try.

I wasn't expecting the taste equivalent of a fresh cup of coffee with caramel syrup added, but I didn't really like that this was as bitter as it was. The caramel flavor is present but is so mild that I couldn't help but feel a little cheated. The overall flavor was still decent and better than some of the other instant coffees out there (the non-Starbucks instants, I mean), but I admit that I was disappointed. I did like that there was more than enough sugar to sweeten the drink, though. It was nice to not have to hunt for a packet of sweetener, although the caramel flavor didn't really soar through.

I've liked the non-flavored instant coffees out there in the Starbucks line and was pretty impressed by those, so I think I might give the flavored varieties a skip for right now and just stick with the non-flavored and non-sweetened VIAs. I'm still going to give the cinnamon flavor a try so hopefully that'll be a little different.
285920285920B00430C1BYAZIPBIEQE5WG9A. Marquot1241315526400Yummy! (with additions)Okay- I wasn't crazy impressed by the Mocha flavor on it's own, but I don't prefer coffee in general without cocoa. However, add a pack of Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate Sensations instead of plain sugar... JUST like ordering something decadent from Starbucks. I normally do this with Gevalia Kenya, but this is even more tasty! (If you don't want SWEET, you might not like this combo.) I feel like I've just come back from a Starbucks when I drink my morning Via mix- with a tiny bit of half & half? Yum!!! I find it so delicious I may need an intervention.
285921285921B00430C1BYA3ECPH85PJRSSUredsoxgirl5311251311897600The Best Instant Anywhere!!!We buy this all the time and bought it here because it was slightly cheaper than the store and was a present for someone. Normally buy it in bulk of 1-- off the site.
285922285922B00430C1BYA1J0TAWN3RS9M2cstudent111251311033600Delicious!I was surprised just how much it tasted like a mocha you would actually purchase at Starbucks! I mixed it with 1/2 lowfat milk & 1/2 water. It was sweet and creamy. I may use less milk next time. LOVE the convenience of it! Just think it's a little too pricey!
285923285923B00430C1BYA3KQUI048BBXXK. A. Helschien "Disapointed"1231301184000Wonderful product, two drawbacksOrdered this product because I wanted a cup of instant with real coffee taste and it does make a full bodied cup of coffee, the rub comes over two issues.

First is the cost, about a dollar a cup, sorry a little to rich for this retired person. Second each packet contains 60 calories worth of sugar. That means only one packet per day on my diet.

Starbucks please make an unsweetened version and the price lets just say, I guess I'll have to find another brand.
285924285924B00430C1BYA1TD4H3SD2FCAIRob Ippolito "Ultimate Amazon Shopper"1231290902400Convenient, okay taste, WAY over pricedI bought the Vanilla flavor to have a convenient cup of coffee for 1 person without having to brew a whole pot. The taste is extremely artificial. It's not a bad taste, but it is not a true coffee experience. I wouldn't normally note that save for the fact that Starbucks markets their VIA as an identical taste to their brewed coffee. I don't think I will be spending $7.00 for this product again. My three stars are for the convenience.
285925285925B00430C1BYA20JY7H6OJZE4IL. Williams1241289174400Makes a Great Iced Mocha!I mix the mocha via with vanilla soy milk and ice and it makes a great Soy Iced Mocha. I have also mixed the vanilla via with chocolate almond milk over ice and it tastes good too (for those who have dairy sensitivities). It has a little bit of a bitter after taste, but I add 10 oz of milk per packet intead of 8 oz, and it makes it taste pretty good. If you want to reduce the sugar taste, use unsweetened soy milk or unsweetened almond milk.
285926285926B00430C1BYA2QR338WEVDPHWTheresa1211287705600not that goodwish i wouldnt have wasted my money.i can smell the mocha,but cannot taste it,cannot taste any sugar.this is more like a powdered creamer.i will not purchase this again.also it has soured me on trying the other instant coffees.
285927285927B00430C1BYA1JJAT5ASL6G5BShane J. Mclean2421297555200Gross tasteI'm sorry, but this coffee is not very good. It has a strange odor to it. Almost urine like. It tastes nothing like a Mocha that you purchase at Starbucks.
285928285928B00430C1BYA3DBYLJ8B4GWVEDaniel Mitchem2451287273600Convenience Meets Ridiculous Flavor!Forget all that you know about instant coffee. This stuff rocks! I don't always have time to brew a cup of coffee, so when I don't, it's VIA to the rescue! Of all the VIA flavors, mocha is my favorite. It's very similar to a mocha beverage from Starbucks with the convenience of instant coffee.

What makes it better is it's ALL NATURAL! No chemicals, no artificial flavors, no high-fructose corn syrup. A lot of mocha syrups (and many other flavors from brands) have artificial flavors, so it's refreshing to find one that does not.

285929285929B00430C1BYA20VBAYY9ZH5ASDaniel2451286409600So good!!!I just picked this up at starbucks this morning and am drinking it right is awesome

It seriously taste like a mocha that you get at starbucks

The flavor is not intense, its laid back and very enjoyable

If you want a great instant coffee then go ahead and splurge and you wont regret it =p
285930285930B00430C1BYA1FTV3V8WAAZTRliza01830141339977600For Instant its great!!I have read the other reviews and was super skeptical getting this today. I got the Carmel flavor and very satified with it. I'm surprised by the negative comments. I have tried other instant stuff and nothing taste like this at all. I will be buying from now on especially in the summer, since I prefer iced coffee. :)
285901285901B00430C1BYAHDJ6Q2QGL9DMMarifrances3451287878400Excellent for what they areWhile the flavored VIA's don't taste like an espresso drink, they are actually quite good for what they are -- a flavored instant coffee for those of us who need convenience and speed. I don't have time anymore to brew coffee, and I won't touch those International Foods ones in a tin with a ten-foot-pole -- and VIA is just fine for what it is. I have tried all of the flavors and they are a nice way to start the day. I have been "into" coffee for almost twenty years and I have no problem with these. They wake me up just as well as brewed coffee. For those of us who need a cup of decent coffee to get us going in the morning, and aren't just drinking coffee as a fashion statement, these are great.
285902285902B00430C1BYA3ASE4TZL0QYZVConstant Reader "video_spy"3421286841600Tastes Like General Foods International Coffee 4-5x the price.This makes a cup of super-sweet 'black' flavored coffee, but when you add a touch of cream, the taste here is not too much different than those ubiquitous square cans of artificially flavored ersatz 'cappucino' and/or vanilla 'latte' put out my General Foods, Maxwell House, etc. The difference being the over-inflated price for having the Starbucks name on it. Color me unimpressed. I must say, the price of the regular VIA coffees is too high as well, but at least the product tastes pretty good. This product, however, is way too sweet and the flavor components taste fake. There's very little to enjoy about drinking this.
285903285903B00430C1BYA23QB16B7HJFU1C. Lucas5711286668800Not so great---sorry Starbucks no good!Okay, I know this is instant but come on. It is not drinkable! I've tried the Italian and the Colombian in the VIA and they are superior to this garbage. I think they need to go back to the drawing board on this one. It is just gross. I was expecting something closer to the previous coffees that they came out with in the VIA. This is not close. All I can say is YUCK.
285904285904B00430C1BYA1030TQOQ91Z1EM. Schoolfield5721286236800Not at all what I expectedI got a free sample of the mocha flavor at Starbucks. The employee told me it was quite sweet and I probably wouldn't need any additional sweetener. When I tried this at home, I got quite a surprise and not in a good way. I love bold, rich coffee and this was NOT pleasant. It tasted watered down and weak. The "mocha" flavor was artificial and barely palatable. I added cream, thinking it might make things better but it only marginally helped. I added a tiny bit of simple syrup and that made it drinkable. All in all, I was disappointed and would not purchase this. I have had the original VIA (Columbia and Italian Roast) and they were far superior to the flavored stuff. If you already drink flavored coffee, maybe this will appeal to you. Otherwise, save your money! You can get instant coffee granules from Trader Joe's and their sipping chocolate for a better instant mocha coffee. Just make the hot chocolate (instructions on the tin of sipping chocolate) and add some instant coffee to taste. Ta-da!
285905285905B00430C1BYAJO38P4P1U0ITfrugal_mom2311317254400Tastes like black licoriceI love starbucks coffee and I love chocolate. I expected "Mocha" to taste like a delightful blend of the two. I was surprised that this product tasted very strongly of black licorice! Yuck!
285906285906B00430C1BYAUCOL2XUE1IX7Joshua P. OConner "Josh O'Conner"2351292371200A wonderful substitute for the real thingI became a fan of Starbucks Via when I was given a couple of packets early in my deployment to Iraq. I have had trouble finding the time to brew a real pot of coffee most mornings and it's even more of a challenge to keep a pot fresh until I get around to drinking it. I have almost switched exclusively to Via packets for my morning caffiene and have found the sweetened, flavored packets to be a welcome treat. The caramel flavor has quickly proven to be my favorite.

The flavor and consistency is much higher quality than you would expect from instant product and it requires absolutely no special effort to prepare. I keep a packet in my pocket and mix it with a cold bottle of water for iced coffee. I think most people will be as surprised as I was to find the flavor remarkably similar to what you would get at your local Starbucks. I have never had an issue with the getting the mix to disolve and I find that the drink keeps the same profile from start to finish.

While it's not the cup of coffee that a barista would hand you, it's so close that you probably won't notice.
285907285907B00430C1BYA3D1T6IKEDA2AZJ. Kirby2351291420800Something for a non-brewed coffee drinkerStarbucks VIA Vanilla is a great way to enjoy a morning coffee without having to run out to the local shop for a vanilla latte. I don't drink plain brewed coffee, but have become a fan of latte and other types of flavored mix coffee drinks, mainly for the cream and sugar blending into the coffee. The VIA packet is a good home substitute for what I get when I'm out. Unlike the regular coffee VIAs, which my wife uses and splits between two cups, the flavored VIA packets can be used in their entirety. In fact, if you use too much water or milk, it really dilutes the flavor down. I've also tried the Cinnamon version and didn't care for that variety as much. Flavor on those was very slight and not really the variation from a regular VIA that you'd want.
285908285908B00430C1BYA1EPXD0829IE73DevLaur2351290124800Good...very sweetMost dont like their coffee sweet, but I do. So I give 5 stars. There isnt anything else like it either, so either you like it or you dont. But its worth a try if you like sweet coffee drinks.
285909285909B00430C1BYA1XD55H16L2HV9kristeng_142351289347200Best instant coffee ever!This is the best instant coffee I've ever had. I love that it has only 60 calories and you just add water! I tried adding milk also once but like it better with just water. This not only saves me a ton of money but a ton of calories as well... my normal caramel macchiato order was over 400 calories a pop. I definitely recommend these to anyone!
285910285910B00430C1BYA2MSOFEI2IWHASStacey Sheriff2351287446400Mocha is the best flavored VIA!I've tried all of the new flavored VIA instant coffees. I am, overall, a bigger fan of the traditional unflavored Colombian VIA, but my second favorite is the Mocha flavor. It's easy for me to make it in my office at a moment's notice, and I like the flavoring of the mocha--not too chocolately and sweet enough to skip the sugar. (I never have sugar around in the office, so this is nice). As another reviewer said, the mocha VIA also has great potential for mixed drinks. I'm planning to add it to a blender with ice, plain yogurt, and a tiny bit of honey to see how it works for a quick mocha smoothie.
285911285911B00430C1BYANKM7ATRLDR1Pstealth9160011347926400Disgusting artificial sweetener flavorI have enjoyed Starbucks Via on several camping trips - what a life saver! Recently someone gave me the Mocha flavored Via to try, apparently because they could not stand the taste after one sip. Well I thought perhaps they were just too haughty, and I offered to take the rest. I finally tried one last night, and now I know why it was given away by the previous taster.

The Mocha flavored Via is disgusting. Rather than having any flavor of chocolate at all, it has a strong artificial sweetener taste - as if someone dumped in a package of saccharine and called it cocoa. It ruins what would otherwise be a usable cup of coffee. Far superior is using the regular or Columbia flavored Via, and adding a few small squares of real Hersheys chocolate!
285912285912B00430C1BYAJIWV59EG7E2LHugh0021346025600I like the concept of an instant coffee....I picked up a package of Via out of curiosity. For the record, I am the owner of a coffee roastery and a cafe which has won "Coffee Bar of the Year" for the past 4 years in CT. We roast coffee for other cafes as well so I feel I have a pretty good grasp of what a good coffee should taste like. Here's my impression of Via:

It is certainly easy to prepare. I generally drink a 16oz coffee so I used 2 packets (they are sized for an 8oz serving) to prepare my cup. The coffee is ready to drink as soon as it is stirred.

I drink my coffee black and what I taste is only the coffee (my preference for brewing water is a neutral pH of 7, a Langelier Index of zero and no chlorine, fluoride, or lime).

On to the coffee: A good Colombian should be very balanced, with good body, brightness* and a nutty flavor. Truth be told, most Colombian coffee on the market is a bit boring, and most are at best a simply decent, clean cup with almost no aftertaste. Unfortunately this is only true if it's fresh** from a roaster which is unlikely.
The Via Colombian that I tried might have started out as an Arabica coffee from the low end of the Specialty Coffee spectrum. Since I don't know the timeline for production, it is very difficult to say how old the coffee was to begin with but there is definitely a "woody" note that I associate with aged beans. The actual flavor might not be terrible if you where able to separate out this woody note but unfortunately Via has a very objectionable mouth feel and aftertaste. After a few seconds, there is a very noticeable residue left on your tongue that is bitter and astringent. I typically associate this with a brew that has had coffee grounds siting in it such as when a coffee filter collapses while brewing.

Bottom line for me: I would drink it only if my only other choice was a widely available and well known "donut" shop coffee (which I am mystified why anyone would drink...just terrible). As for the flavored versions of Via, I am really not a fan of ANY flavored coffee since these flavorings are typically unhealthy and serve mostly to mask the objectionable tastes of the coffee. I drink coffee because I like the flavor. This was my second tasting of Via. I tried it when it was first released in 2009 and was hoping to see an improvement but my notes from that tasting are very similar. I really think that a high end instant is a good idea, but unfortunately for me, Via misses the mark.

For a quick and relatively convenient cup, I would suggest investing $30 in an "AeroPress" made by Aerobie and widely available. Armed with a freshly roasted coffee from your local micro roaster, you get a tasty, easy to prepare cup, and a very simple cleanup..

* We use the descriptive term "acidity" to describe brightness. This is not to be confused with the often heard term "acidic" which people lament about a coffee that upsets their stomachs. This is thought of by many people in the industry to be the result contamination of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, molds, fungus, and other contaminants often found in non-specialty grade coffee. We believe that most of these complaints would disappear simply by trying a better quality coffee.
** Fresh = less than two weeks from roasting. Most coffee is WAY beyond this timeline....
285913285913B00430C1BYA14ANEEES878USMarylynn0031337212800Very Caffeinated, Tastes Pretty Bold, Not Very Much MochaI bought this at Target for slightly less than Amazon. Let me start out by saying that this is the first Via product I have tried and I expected something a little more latte-ish than coffee-ish given the Mocha label. Which is not what the labeling and ingredients imply, nonetheless that's what I had in mind. I tried it this morning and it was good once I added milk. I usually add milk to coffee, I just expected this to be milky already. To me it tasted like slightly sweet, fairly bold coffe, I couldn't really detect a lot of mocha flavor.

An hour later I was so buzzed out on caffeine I could hardly focus on my work. I felt like I had just drunk a triple shot of espresso. I was obnoxiously jittery, which is something I do not like. Perhaps it was just me, or the brew I got, but whew! I know from past experience that Starbucks is usually fairly high in the caffeine department but this was a little over the top, I only had one cup.

So I took one star off since I couldn't taste a lot of Mocha and another for the jitters one cup gave me.
285914285914B00430C1BYA3SQFJYSEHWL8BJoan Recchia0031325635200Starbucks instant coffeeIt was no different than General Foods International Coffee, except the price...I'm still not sure why they decided to do Instant Coffee???
285915285915B00430C1BYA2A8QGDQADLB4Wsleighboy0011322438400Does not qualify as coffee, bleh!I've had bad coffee and instant coffee before, this is terrible and I do not want to call it coffee. I have only tried the Caramel flavor because I got it for next to nothing and I figured it was worth a try. Some coffee is bitter and it is pleasant, this is bitter in a terrible way and the sweetening combined with this special bitter makes it repulsive. I've tried it as a flavoring in brewed coffee, also disgusting. You cannot escape the bad taste that lingers after each sip. Nobody should drink this and form an opinion of coffee or Starbucks coffee based on this product.
285916285916B00430C1BYA3QS6U7W0S6TXRN. Patterson "N. Patterson"0031297382400Not as good as unflavored ViaI love Starbucks Via Italian Roast, and when I'm out getting coffee I often order French Vanilla or Hazelnut. I thought I'd try the flavored Via to see what it was like, but I hesitated because it already has sugar in it and I don't like my coffee to be very sweet.

As it turns out, the sweetness wasn't the problem - the flavor is just really off. It tastes like those powdered instant coffee drinks that come in a tin. The vanilla flavor was a bit artificial, but I think it was really the instant-coffee taste that was off in this product. Somehow, the regular Via doesn't taste too much like instant coffee, but the flavored version does.

I'm giving it three stars because it's convenient and it was worth a try, but I won't be buying it again. I'll stick to the unflavored Via.
285917285917B00430C1BYA29TUQ4JN427C3J. Warner0031296777600For those with a Sweet ToothIf you looooove sweet things, this is for you.
Its just too sweet for me.

I found that putting half, or 1/3, with a regular Via packet suited me just fine.
Using only a bit of this product, gave my coffee a hint of caramel, rather than lacquering my taste buds in caramel.
285918285918B00430C1BYA21HOUVMY7HALXCM "Grammy To Kai"0031295913600Just OKI bought this directly from Starbucks thinking it would be somewhat close to the Mochas that I enjoy getting from there. It is just OK. I can say that it's convenient if you feel like having a mocha flavored coffee during the day or in the evening but I would still prefer the mocha's directly from Starbucks.

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