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285991285991B000G32YEGA28AB7UQB3CGU2Cecilia A. Rice1151319500800Yes! Yes! Yes!A long time addict to potato chips, I decided to try these when I began a healthy diet. My successful weight loss program has been high protein, moderately low carbs, low sodium, low fat, and plenty of water.

This snack is PERFECT. Gives me the crunch I crave for snacks, while keeping my protein high, and the "zip" of the Wasabi makes me crave water. Like others have said, the experience of the Wasabi power fluctuates. Just when you think, "well, these are not very hot", you grab a bean or two that sets your mouth on fire, clears your sinus canals and makes you stare into the bag in trepidation. :)

Because of the high protein, it keeps me from feeling hungry for a long time after I munch a bit. Unlike some other reviewers, I do not feel they need to be more salty. They're just right!
286009286009B000G32YEGA2ZYCEDWBRTA3ZJeremy Sharp "Jer"0051330905600Good substitute for peanutsI follow a low-carb diet and these fit that better than peanuts do. The wasabi are spicy so I mix them 50-50 with the plain dry roasted ones.
286010286010B000G32YEGAR5OIXI3H2MLRkatenew0021330300800Too Hot To HandleI usually love everything and anything Wasabi but not these. The first couple had no spice then the next one made my eyes water and my nose burn.Friends who I have given bags to cant tolerate the flames either.
285992285992B000G32YEGA3JRL3JBWBKCDCterry1151316044800wasabi spice is fun!I like that the Wasabi is unpredictable - it was really hot I wouldn't be able to eat very many. I love that every so often there is one that clears my sinuses, it's funny and for wasabi fans, entertaining. And I don't usually like things hot, this kind of occasional vapor like hotness just cracks me up. I think the texture is better than soy nuts roasted in oil. I love that they are not roasted in oil.
286011286011B000G32YEGAA8ZN6EIRWKMEblah0021329523200its ok...taste blah. too spicy at times, like others mentioned it is uneven distributed. I am going to have to think of what to do with the rest 11 bags.......
286012286012B000G32YEGA2TD2FK1ZJ0SN1Sara Broadhead0041322179200Delicious SnackThese things are great! I used to buy them in a local store but couldn't find them anymore but here they are! Crunchy with a wasabi kick!
286013286013B000G32YEGA36CVFLUJAADLZTish Steele0041319932800Good and good for you!A good, flavorful and healthy snack you don't feel guilty munching on! You don't need much else but a bottle of water and these. They transport well and stay fresh
285993285993B000G32YEGA3CVK075Q89BPID. Clark1151301529600Very, Very good.As others have said: sometimes, it tingles the tongue. Sometimes...


They really are very good. They are a bit hotter than any brand of wasabi peas I've tried. I've yet to be able to eat more than half a bag in one sitting, although they satisfy a junk-food craving very well.
286014286014B000G32YEGA35T8A43KFWD00Rye B. "JOKI"0031319068800Pleasant flavor- uneven qualityI've noticed that with a lot of products on the market today- cereals and snack items like these soynuts, the quality of the food is increasingly subpar, i.e. there are almost always a few grains or other items/detritutus in the package that should not be there. A few of these beans, for example, look like they were dried w/ tiny black spots from dirt or perhaps insects? Some might attribute this to the fact that these beans are a product of China and while I do not think that its origins are the primary source of the problem, it might explain in part the low quality of the edamame. These green babies are tasty enough although the punch of the wasabi is low. Texture is reminiscent of freeze dried food but more solid. For me, the sodium level is just about right but I happen to believe that most products are too salty and that high sodium levels may have as much to do with American's expanding waist lines as HFCS. But back to the product at hand- would I order these again? Maybe, but I am more careful about each bean I pop into my mouth now. As a highly allergy sensitive individual, I can't afford to down bad beans no matter how tiny the black dots are.
286015286015B000G32YEGA294I67LEMHMIKmediamst0041313020800Great Snack!I really enjoy these. I love wasabi, and every now and then I will get a pod that will have a lot of it on it and make my eyes tear. I just wish there was more on them. Overall they are tasty and healthy and I purchased 6 bags. I snack on them instead of patato chips etc while at work.
286016286016B000G32YEGA3AQ66OXI5AFN4Dr. J. Yoni0041277942400Uneven seasoning on an otherwise GREAT snack.I absolutely LOVE these, when I get a bean that actually has wasabi seasoning on it. Unfortunately, the wasabi is rather hit or miss in the package. Like other Seapoint Farms products, there is a LOT of husk residue in the container. It appears that the wasabi is applied to the bean outer covering. In shipping, this outer part comes off and so does the wasabi. Perhaps if Seapoint Farms did a better job of cleaning the beans AND THEN applied the seasoning? While tasty, wasabi-flavored onion skins are not as thrilling as the prospect of wasabi-flavored edamame.

A good product worth buying and a good product worthy of improving to make it a great product.
286017286017B000G32YEGA3OLR5FOF0AJVrobert muir "Blobm"0051273622400Amazing, great for diabetics with high blood pressureWow!! As a diabetic with high blood pressure and and cholesteral it gets very difficult to find enjoyable and tasty snacks. Well let me tell you, I found one!! I only wish I could find them in stores, but I have to say the price at Amazon is great.
286018286018B000G32YEGA2E1O1W06SLQJRGrandma "memablue"0051270166400GREAT SNACKWasabi Edamames are delicious and healthy. This is much taster than pop corm or potato chips. The wasabi edamame has a great favor and crunch. Seapoint Farms Dry Roasted Edamame, Wasabi, 3.5-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 12)
286019286019B000G32YEGA1YKTGDWITQPM2Frank J. Perricone0041268524800Yummy zingEdamame is a great snack. It's got all the salty crunchy spicy of unhealthy snacks, but it's solid protein and healthy all around. I used to be able to get these locally, but no one carries them anymore. But Amazon's price is about the same when you get super-saver shipping, and it's very convenient.
286020286020B000G32YEGA2XNOB1T796Y6BChibiNeko "Sooo many books, so little time!"0041265760000Perfect on the go snack!I freaking love edamame. I've never had these before, but since I love wasabi peas I figured that I'd like this product. The flavor is similar to wasabi peas (minus the obvious wasabi flavoring) & I like how crunchy the beans are. The bag is resealable, which is nice because I can guarantee that I probably won't eat all of these in one sitting (although I'm tempted to).

The only complaint I'd have about this product is that the bean casings flake off, which makes the product a little messy. I'm somewhat used to that with the wasabi peas, but this just seemed messier for some reason. (Maybe because the beans are a little bigger?) The flavoring isn't consistent over all the beans, but that's really not that much of a problem with me.

Overall, I love this product & can guarantee that I'd buy it again.
285994285994B000G32YEGA2RGRFQXG9O3G0jennifer wyant1151286409600FINALLY DIET NUTSI used to love snacking on all nuts, but since going low carb haven't been able. Now with these I feel like I am eating nuts again and they are very tastey. I do agree with others about the consistencey of the flavor, some very spicy, but still really good, try it in stir-fry for a spicy crunchy flavor kick.
285995285995B000G32YEGA18F6EPN8MVV3QDr. Mike1151239667200One of the greatest snacks EVER!This is without a doubt one of the greatest snacks ever. Nothing like a vegetable that doubles as a COMPLETE protein. That's right - all the essential amino acids that are in meat protein are contained in these. It's a great replacement snack if you are tired of almonds or peanuts. Plus - the wasabi flavour has a nice "burn" up the nose! Reasonable priced when compared to other snack too. Order a box of the plain and a box of the wasabi if you are placing an order because then you get the free super saver shipping and the variety will prevent you from being bored with the snack. This is great stuff and I'll be ordering more in the future for sure.
285996285996B000G32YEGA31224BTBB34TNBob Zerby1151234915200I love emIf you are looking for a snack for when you watch tv that won't make you grow out of your clothes look no further. These yummy treats are full of protein and fiber...not that bad on the sodium and if you do the Atkins math they work for low carbing.
285997285997B000G32YEGA26PQCX52S0ZMZBeth Gratopp3411262390400Asbolutely awfulWe bought these for a healthy snack, and they are very healthy. The issue is that the wasabi seasoning is not evenly coated. So, you'll get some with no coating and then a few with tons of coating and it is incredibly strong. My husband eats pretty much anything and he won't even eat these...what a disappointment.
285998285998B000G32YEGABOPZJNQ5S7XFL. G. Morris "mo's mom"3451242432000healthy and great tastingThis is my second order of Seapoint Farms Dry Roasted Edamame, Wasabi. It satisfies my craving for something crunchy without going off a healthy diet. I have a handful at work in the mid morning or mid afternoon and it holds my hunger until dinner. This product has some "bite" to it, but the wasabi flavor is not overpowering, just perfect!!!I have turned on several friends to this great snack.
285999285999B000G32YEGA1PTUO5A0GKNSFdisappointed customer2311320451200Uneven wasabi coating..I was glad that I was not the only one who felt that way seeing other 1 star reviews/comments here.
I had many wasabi flavored snacks and enjoyed them.
When I first open the package and eat couple of them, I liked it.
And I ate few more somehow I took a breath and inhaled while I was eating it. It was the first time ever that I felt like I had to call 911. I tried to endure first but it became worse. My chest hurt so much and I thought I was going to die for couple minutes. It hurt my chest and lung area for 30 mins. I never wrote a product review before, but this time I was wondering how a company can distribute something like this.. I like roasted beans so I might try just lightly salted one, but with this one, I don't want to take any risk.
286000286000B000G32YEGA2X2BNEU0XO8PPmeandersons0051348358400We LOVE these!I am smiling while writing this, because these wasabi edamame are fun to eat. I come from a family who loves spicy foods. I love to put these out with other snacks for guests. They are great with cocktails, too. It is true the wasabi is not consistent throughout, but that is part of the fun. Just when someone says, "Awww...I thought you said these were spicy...these are weak!" and suddenly they will get one with lots of wasabi! I do warn everyone ahead, because I know there are some people who are very uncomfortable with wasabi and dislike it. I also buy and serve the same brand that do not contain wasabi for those who prefer, and they are good, too. But to me, the wasabi ones are by far the best!
286001286001B000G32YEGAUSYQNS8FIIXLWritenow "Wnow"0021347235200That's the Last Time I Don't Read the Reviews and Set my Head on FireI ALWAYS read Amazon reviews before I buy a product. I don't know what happened. Maybe I was in a hurry but I'll NEVER make that mistake again. If I had read the reviews I could have avoided setting my head on fire.

I took ONE bean -- it must have been the magic one -- in the next second I was draped over the kitchen island gasping for breath and crying...yes, I said hooing like a baby. It felt like someone stuffed a blazing hot poker up my nostrils and my head was going to explode. My eyes watered for over 30 minutes.

I would only recommend these if you like to set your head on fire for fun or you have a SEVERELY blocked sinus and you have tried all other possible remedies to open it. WARNING: I am NOT recommending that you use these Bunker Busters to open your sinus. I don't know what will happen. For all I know your eyeballs could explode. I'm just saying that ONE bean definitely opened my sinus...but it was NOT worth the pain it took to open it. The only reason I gave them 2 stars is because I stupidly did not read the reviews and I am being very nice (since my sinus finally stopped burning 2 days after!!). Seriously, these should come with a BIG WARNING. Amazon, you should add your own warning. Somebody's probably gonna come after you for these things. They could be dangerous.
286002286002B000G32YEGAPGEXX15DLCACA. Huguley "skeptical buyer"0051346976000A Punch in the Nose from the InsideI bought just one bag of this edamame from the commissary for about $1.50, and just like everyone else I started popping them one at a time.

Little did I know I would soon be emulating a mouth-breathing dragon - I'm pretty sure flailing occurred. I'll say about 90 - 95% of the package is pretty great, but that 5 - 10% will get you every time! I'm talking hot! Those of you who have tried this know that my title is an accurate description. It's the kind of hot that only wasabi can bring.

Tip: Chew like you don't have any manners - with your mouth open.

I like these a lot.
286003286003B000G32YEGA17QQK1A0JS4XKSanyasan0011345334400Defective Distribution of Wasabe-Choke inducing bitesI have eaten hot wasabe spiced edamame many times before, eat hotter thai food than some of my Thai family members, and I enjoy hot food generally, and use more Wasabe on my sushi than any others I eat with. I ordered 12 packages of this edamame wasabi, and something clearly went wrong in production. One minute you will have a bite with moderate spicing, and the next you will have enough to want to spit out the nuts, guzzle water, and make you worry you have damaged your sinuses. I kid you not. The process of distribution of wasabe over the nuts is WILDY uneven with spikes best termed hazardous to your health!
286004286004B000G32YEGA1UJIGJA59RVNLTravis Groth0041345075200You gotta love heat, but these are greatI started off eating these from the supermarket down the street, but their stock of them seemed to dwindle as I purchased them, and then would disappear for a month, only to return for me to slowly consume again. I then was fortunate enough to find this deal on amazon (way cheaper than the supermarket) and the quantity lasts weeks.

I *LOVE* these things but, fair warning, they can get VERY INTENSE. I personally don't mind but I get why some people don't like them. If you can't deal with randomly intense mustard/heat don't bother. If you can, however, you'd be hard pressed to find a snack that is healthier, tastier or more satisfying. A serving of this stuff is enough to make you a little full for a while, but its all fiber and only about 130 calories. The flavor ranges from mildly salty with some mustardy kick to "Wow kill me", has a nice crunch and is easy to eat while doing other tasks - your hands don't get oily or dusty or whatever. Very keyboard friendly.

Overall, 4 stars. I wish the "peak" intensity was just a little less, as sometimes I get caught off guard and have to stomp my foot a bit to work through it, but otherwise they're spectacular.
286005286005B000G32YEGA24R0TEHT3HW64AFoster0051344124800Excellent flavor and good for you too!It's the perfect snack, I can carry a bag In my purse and eat a few when I feel hungry knowing they are low in fat and high in protien and fiber. I highly recommend the dry roasted Edamame, the Wasabi is my favorite.
286006286006B000G32YEGA3QG1KCB8HB5AQedrock "edrock"0041338508800These are really pleasant and tast....HOLY HELL I'M ON FIRE!It's like Russian roulette with my taste buds. When they are nicely coated, it's delicious, when you get one that is not, you'll definitely know it as your nose shoots out flames and you coworkers stare at you funny and accuse you of having tourretes as you curse like a sailor. Seriously, that "one in the bag" stuff is crap. It's more like 1 in 10 is super coated. Like some guy in the factory was like "watch this" and turned the wasabi powder machine to over drive for a second then shut it off while laughing like a comic book villain.

The good news: You can spot them. Pour your bag out into a plate. You'll notice some of them have a fine white powder coating. These are the super coated ones.

The bad news: When you finish all the good ones, you'll be left with the "bad ones," and you'll probably still eat them, destroying your tongue in the process.

Overall I really enjoy these. A great healthy snack, low cal, high protein, and a great kick, but sometimes too much of a kick with no real way to "water it down."

Great party trick: Leave it out in a bowl in the center of the table. Sit back, watch and enjoy as your friends discover the "bad ones."
286007286007B000G32YEGA22UW74Z0JJ18DRobert A. Phillips0051334620800edamame with wasabiedamame is very healthy as a snack or with a cocktail and these have just the right spicy or hot flavor .I recommend
286008286008B000G32YEGAIVXRWI3EJYN3J. Carvajal0041334188800Tasty, healthy snack.The Edamame soy nut has a taste & texture similar to a regular peanut. The soy nut has less fat and more protein.

The wasabi flavoring adds a hot kick. It's not the same type of heat as a pepper. A pepper's heat is oil based, and longer lasting. The wasabi heat is volatile heat that travels up the sinuses. It's an intense heat that clears the sinuses, but it is short duration and does not linger.

I would have given this product 5 stars, but the wasabi flavoring isn't consistently applied over the soynuts. This won't stop me from buying more.

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