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286056286056B003VMA4ICA36WQT928GPFPYShepherd 2.02251309564800Delicious, Spicy Nori SnackDepending on your taste for spiciness, these rate somewhere around slight-eyewatering. Though after a while, I think your tongue just gives up on the "Hey, this is spicy!" message. The Teriyaki flavor is mild and doesn't overpower the nice seaweed taste. These sheets are really crunchy right out of the bottle. I've noticed after a few days, the crunchiness decreases, due to humidity I guess. Though usually I just pull a few sheets out, and put the lid right back on.... Anyway, I like them best when at tiptop crunch-factor. Sheets are approximately 1.5" by 3.5".
286057286057B003VMA4ICA1FB06KZLF3IKYSteven Cheng0051342137600YumThis dried seaweed is amazing! I love the new flavors that I cannot find in my local asian grocery. This is great garnish for my dinners or even just a light snack. I would definitely buy this via Amazon again.
286058286058B003VMA4ICA1YDD2H2OK4TGNNasey0051335139200Delicious!Spicy, sweet, crunchy and healthy! They have a perfect texture. The boxes take up a bit of room (they could have used bags), but not a big deal at all.
286059286059B003VMA4ICA2VZNRIG5L6JBLMClear0041312329600So spicy it hurts... but deliciousI'm a spicy seaweed lover but I agree with the other reviewer... eventually your mouth just gives up! The flavor is excellent though, and the typical consumer will find these last a while because even if you tend to eat fairly spicy food, you will only be able to eat a few of these at a time without the internal fire alarms going off. I like to think of it as deliciously enforced moderation.
286060286060B0086JR2IUA1UMSB7LAW0RIRWriter of Books - Mage - Mom to Two "Writer, ...0051338854400BRILLIANT! If you like peperoncini or want to kick up sandwiches...I saw this at my local Walmart and thought, hmmm. I got a jar and left it in the cabinet for a while. Then I finally tried it with a cheese plate and some french bread. Nom nom! It was sooo good! But wooh, I started sweating like a nanny goat in a pepper patch! It's hot! These aren't those timid peperoncini they use at Subway! So grab a crying towel from your golf bag and dig in!

I have a very cool brother-in-law who loves to put Lays Flamin' Hot Potato Chips, 1.875oz Bags (Pack of 28) on cold cut sandwiches. I think he is going to love this spread. Personally I can't taste feta at all, and I have a pretty good taster. I'm on my second jar by the way. In an effort to write a complete review, I tried this on a few different foods and I can tell you, this is a must-have for me from now on when we have hotdogs. Take this to a picnic or family reunion!!! Put extra on MIL's sandwich! haha!

There are going to be a lot of great uses for this spread. I found it in the section near pickles/relish at Walmart. I think it was 2.88. They have other flavors and I did try the olive one, but it wasn't what I had hoped it would be. This peperoncini is exactly what I had hoped! Five stars, no problem!
286061286061B008GRIB0AA25PGCEXTYHG7EMark0051298332800One of my favorites!I'm not a huge flavored coffee person, but I really love these! The coffee is mild to medium bodied and the flavoring isn't overpowering. It's got a great aroma (the co-worker next to me always loves when I brew one of these) and a clean, distinct taste.

I've got these on Subscribe and Save!
286062286062B008GRIB0AA18MXQ4PLVP7W0Stackaroo0021297641600Raspberry taste TOO strongThe taste of raspberry is pretty much all I get out of this. I do not taste nor smell chocolate! The raspberry is too overwhelming which ruins the coffee. Now I have 2 boxes of this which I'll probably never finish. I love coffee and hate the fact that this flavor destroys the coffee taste.. and completely leaves out the chocolate!
286063286063B008GRIB0AA2F7XE4EB2CRY2F. Dellavecchia "K-Cup Guy"0051297468800Real nice coffee!Just a sweet and enjoyable coffee. Almost a dessert coffee, but I drink it all of the time. No stray grounds, another winner from Van Houtte!!
286064286064B008GRIB0AAWF68K4MCVTUFBrandon Ryan0011297382400Tastes like licking a charred raspberryImagine you took a raspberry, drizzled chocolate syrup on it, and then put it on a frying pan. You turned on the frying pan and let it sizzle for about 3 or 4 hours. Put that in a coffee filter and brew it. Sound good? I didn't think so. Thats what this coffee tastes like to me. I bought a double pack, and I don't like it. I tried to like it, and even gave it a second shot. I wish I knew what to do with the rest of it, but I wouldn't subject my friends to this, so I can't give it to them.
286065286065B008GRIB0AA377NW7WMAV2J1J. Czajkowski0051297382400My favorite flavored coffeeI prefer flavored coffees and this one and the pumpkin spice are my absolute favorites. The chocolate and raspberry go so well with the coffee that it's like drinking dessert. Love it! And SO glad it's available on subscription. Thanks, Amazon.
286066286066B008GRIB0AA3SSWICQCHTFOITNPatti "TNPatti"0011297209600Way too weakStarbucks Caramel Brulee Latte (that's available around Christmas) is my favorite coffee ever. I wasn't expecting this to be the same, but I hoped I could "doctor" it up. It is actually very weak and with adding anything I just made it weaker. I still have a whole box so I'll continue to try to tweek it, but unless a miracle happens, I wont' buy it again.
286067286067B008GRIB0AA1T1YSCDW0PD25A. Wiersch0031297123200Not my favorite - not even close"Van Houtte Crème Brulée Coffee" is OK once in awhile, but I wouldn't buy it on a regular basis. 3 stars.

"Van Houtte Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Coffee" is a notch above this one.

But I recommend "Van Houtte Cafe, Costa Rica Tarrazu (Light Roast) Coffee", it's not flavored, but it's my favorite right now.
286068286068B008GRIB0AA2TB6X6Q9LEHWMBeth L. Lawler "blynnlawler"0051297123200oooooooooo yummyI tried this after having tried many chocolate/raspberry blends. Oh my! this is my favorite, perfect blend of the two flavors in a warm comforting cup. My husband who loves the GM wild blueberry says this is his new favorite! Thank goodness you get 48 cups in the order!! : )
286069286069B008GRIB0AA2AZU4JHTWYRY5Practical Woman0041296950400Guests tell me they love this coffee!I'm allergic to coffee so I can't speak from personal experience, however, guests have enjoyed the Van Houtte Chocolate Rasberry Truffle coffee so much I've just bought a case. The K-cups are a bit expensive but we use them for parties so I guess they are worth the price.
286070286070B008GRIB0AA1BBAWO95SUWALC. Ambrosino "Cynd"0011296604800Bitter after taste...I thought I needed to clean my machine...however, it was this coffee. When I placed another companies coffee in, it tasted fine.
I have 2 boxes if anyone wants them.
286071286071B008GRIB0AALIXP38ZUGZYWLynn0011296604800K-Cups not properly sealed - coffee all over inside of boxI was surprised when I opened the box and found that some of the K-Cups were not properly sealed. Coffee was spilled all through the inside of the box and some of the K-Cups were obviously unusable. This is the first and last time I buy this brand. Although the coffee tastes ok, paying for K-Cups that go from the box to the trash can is a waste. Very poor packaging... where's their quality control??
286072286072B008GRIB0AA29COLYO7E4MO0ShortysMom20051296086400Delicious Coffee!!!Unlike my husband, I love the Creme Brulee'k cups. He hates flavored coffees. I got a Keurig coffeemaker for Christmas and immediately ordered this product having had it before.
286073286073B008GRIB0AA3I4R03CNX1DVPWI Cheesehead in WA "WICheeseheadinWA"0021295740800Good Coffee, Bad PackagingMy husband loves the coffee, but this is the only one he's had that he has to continually clean out the machine because the cartridges don't remained sealed. The coffee grounds get inside the machine and in the coffee. After closer inspection, some of the cups aren't well sealed when they come out of the box. The price sounded good, but not for the quality and aggrevation. We will not purchase Van Houtte products in the future.
286074286074B008GRIB0AA1CGEV7511XFIGMary L. G0041295395200Great Morning FixI Love the flavor Van Houtte french vanilla, it's not too strong and not bitter. makes a great morning start.
The price is right at $23.00 for 24 doesn't break the bank and delivers a great cup of coffee! I love the Shop and save also, it's just so handy.
286075286075B008GRIB0AA2JZDH2GJJ4JEGDonna L. Gaddy0051295136000tasty french vanilla!have enjoyed drinking this flavor of Van Houtte me, it is a good smooth flavor and not bitter..will definately be buying this again.
286076286076B008GRIB0AA3325Y4F55MG8Tkelbel55530011294963200yuckyI was very excited to try this coffee flavor, but when I did, I was very dissapointed. I think the flavor is too strong, especially since it tastes really fake. It almost tastes like there is alcohol in it. Since I ordered the double box, I gave one away to a friend who likes this flavor. I would never buy this coffee again.
286077286077B008GRIB0AA38J0F87AYEA7YBiloxireb0051294963200YummyThis has to be one of my favorite coffees. It's really like eating a chocolate truffle! It's also not an overwhelming chocolate flavor. I don't really like mocha flavors. I gave my mom half of my order and she loves it too! I will definitely order more!
286078286078B008GRIB0AA1E3HWL5LI6Z60J.L. "JL....."0051294876800YUM!I just recently got a Keurig machine and I have tried out many different coffees. I have tried different brands and different flavors, and this one has by far been one of my favorites. I don't always like flavored coffees because I often find them to be overpowering in their smell or taste....but this one is just right. It smells great and the flavor is smooth and tasty. I was expecting not to like it before I tried it because I am not usually a fan of flavored coffees, but I was so pleasantly surprised with this one. I love it! I went through the first box very fast because I couldn't stop drinking it, so I had to buy more. It is one of my new favorite coffees and I am so glad to have found it!
286079286079B008GRIB0AA37QGAKTILENKQRachel0041294790400Yummy!Great tasting coffee. Exactly the flavor it says. Not too much flavor, but perfect. Great dessert coffee. Very pleased and will purchase again!
286080286080B008GRIB0AA2E8J24DD0B8V7Brebel3590031294617600Good but not great.This selection was somewhat of a disappointment. The taste was good but it could have been a little stronger to suit me. The flavor is just a little too subtle.
286051286051B000QUTRLWAMPWMCAGVRI4Ylongsands "longsands"0211286496000leaves a bad taste in your mouththese bars are not edible, they are nasty as they leave a terrible taste in your mouth for hours.
I felt sick to my stomach, won't go through that again.
286052286052B000QUTRLWA1C1CK7I4909SNL. Ricks "book-lover"1651207353600"Dreambar" for Diabetics & WeightWatchersAt last!! A yummy sweet for diabetics, weight watchers and even ordinary guys. The name Extendbar truly doesn't do this "dreambar" justice. Most sugar-free, diatetic foods taste like the boxes they come in and often don't live-up to the health requirements we need. Most are more pricey than their regular counterparts but not this "sweetie".

My favorite is the Peanut Butter Chocolate Delight...a lusciously light flavor reminiscent of quality chocolate surrounding peanuts and crispies designed to stave off between meal munchies or replace a meal and makes the perfect delicious bedtime snack to maintain glucose levels for up to nine hours. These bars taste so good, I feel like I'm cheating on my food plan. I found that nibbling the bar encourages a more satisfied feeling and prolongs the pleasant experience of eating something yummy without the guilt or fear of high sugar levels. Other scrumptious flavors include Mixed Berry, Apple Cinnamon, Peanut and Chocolate Delights. I've shared ExtendBars with my doctors, friends and even strangers who ask me what I'm eating and want to know how to purchase them.

A light treat just added is ExtendCrisp;available in Cinnamon, White Cheddar, Honey BBQ, Italian Herb and Zesty Ranch, all designed as sweet and savory snacks that aid you in controlling your glucose levels and calorie intake while chasing away those blues about dieting and maintaining good health. Purchased by the box they are reasonably priced, don't wait...enjoy an Extend "Dreambar" today.
286053286053B001SB216GA8M7ANUE1D6YEElizabeth S. Wood2251273104000Lobster bisqueI purchased this item, before, in the grocery store, but they did not have it, again. So, I looked on Amazon, and it was there - in a box of six! This makes the most delicious lobster bisque, ever...better than the seafood restaurant we go to. My husband makes his with Sherry, so the entire recipe, as made, does not last even a day. A great buy, a great price. When I run out, I will buy, again!
286054286054B001SB216GAEA3Z1W7IBCALKrispen M. Nelson2351260748800Lobster BaseWell, if you haven't used this product before, here is what you need to know. If you are making anything seafood based and need to use stock,this is a far better choice than chicken stock. Great flavor, keeps well, and the company uses lobster to make the flavor. It isn't riddled with salt and MSG.
286055286055B001SB216GA2DCRV61AF7C0VDee at Bay Area0151321574400Make my kinder eat pastaMy daughter who is 5 and hardly likes eating anything but watermelon. I use 1/2 tablespoon of the lobster base to make a quart of soup and simple add the alphabet pasta into it and boil for 5 minutes, she finished the whole bowl in a flash. She didn't refuse to eat alphabet pasta because it's fun to her, but she "requested" to eat it everytime I made it with this lobster base. And I like that it doesn't have MSG or high sodium content like other chicken powder in the market, it is made of real lobster meat, not artificially flavored. The taste itself is out of the world great. It's also a good lobster sauce combined with beaten egg white & corn starch for the shrimp. Anything makes my kinder eat is GREAT! Shipping is slow but packaging is excellent and careful as they are glass jars.

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