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286141286141B008GRIB0AA5ZVK503PPGR8Nora VT0311295395200Misrepresented and UpsetI orderd Van Houtte Chocolate Raspberry Truffle K-Cups for Keurig Brewers, 24-Count Boxes (Pack of 2)
Sold by:, LLC. This item was listed under hot chocolate. This is not hot chocolate this is a flavored coffee and I cannot return it because it is a food product. I feel I this item was not represented correctly and I am paying for an item I will never use. This was their error and not mine.

I cannot get any help from the seller. I am stuck!!!!

NEVER will I order from here again.
286142286142B008GRIB0AA2K3J2X8KDY47NJewelry Lover "me"0421272758400blehevery brand deserves to have one loser.

this is van houtt's worst flavor in my opinion...
286143286143B008GRIB0AA13J57AACBVI5Iproshopper484951269648000Amazing aroma.I am so excited to see Amazon offering the Van Houtte k cups. They are by far my favorites. This one is my husbands favorite. I am not big on the fruity flavored coffes, but I love the way this one makes the whole room smell. I was surprised that I like this one. These coffees are a great combination of flavor and a medium bodied coffee. I have tried five of their flavors and all of them taste exactly like what they are supposed to taste like. The 5 I have tried are the raspberry truffle of course and Creme Caramel (tastes like those little square caramels you see at Halloween), Spicy Mayan ( My favorite chocolate and cinnamon mix), pecan praline and creme brulee. I am so happy I no longer have to spend more to stock these coffees. My house is never out of the Raspberry Chocolate truffle and the Spicy Mayan. They have the best and most unique flavors. If you like flavored coffee that is full of flavor and yet has a nice smooth medium bodied coffee taste, then these are a must try. I highly recommend the Van Houtte line of k cups.
286144286144B008GRIB0AA13J57AACBVI5Iproshopper171751269648000The name says it all.I have been looking for Amazon to start carrying the Van Houtte K cups. I have been spending more just to get these flavors and now I just hope Amazon adds some of them to the subscribe and save program. Creme Brulee tastes just like having a Creme Brulee with a nice cup of coffee. I am impressed with how these k cups taste exactly like the name. This coffee is not over whelmingly sweet and has just a hint of flavor. It is a medium bodied, smooth coffee. If you like Creme Brulee and you like coffee, you have to try this. You will not be disapointed.
286145286145B008GRIB0AA1QSLSSWIIS7J5Kim Grams141451284076800My personal faveMy husband gave me a Keurig coffee maker, so we've been trying different flavors of coffee. To me, I don't care about brand necessarily, I just like flavored coffee. On the top of my list are Gloria Jean's assorted flavors (Hazelnut, French Vanilla, White Chocolate -- I think). That one also includes a Mudslide flavor, but we thought it had a slight coconut taste we didn't care for. I like the Kahlua brand Kahlua coffee, but the flavor portion is a little strong. But my VERY, VERY, VERY favorite flavor is this Van Houtte Chocolate Raspberry Truffle flavor. It's just the right balance of "coffee" to "flavor" ratio. You can taste it, but still taste the coffee. And my kitchen smells heavenly! But a lot of it boils down to personal taste and preferences. If you typically like this type of flavored coffee, you will love this flavor. And I definitely recommend Subscribe and Save for K-cups if you have a Keurig. It's the most economical way to get them. You get a discount and free shipping.
286146286146B008GRIB0AA376QKBKST79QERobert M. Cherevko "Jet$jam22"141551271289600Chocolate Raspberry K-CupsI'll keep it short. If you like flavored coffees, perhaps have a sweet tooth, you'll love these. We did. If the morning or after dinner, they are DELICIOUS.
286147286147B008GRIB0AA30HTE062DH3KCWill91051271203200Great flavorI love this stuff with just a touch of vanilla creamer. Caramel and vanilla coffee, with the caramel slightly overpowering the vanilla, perfectly balanced with a shot of vanilla creamer. What a great flavor combination, with a heavenly aroma.

My favorite flavored coffee.
286148286148B008GRIB0AA3DYRB5RNJQJ21M. Diaz "Magician"3321278374400Weak Coffee - Not much flavorThis is potentially the weakest tasting coffee on the market for Keurig Machine. If you like weak tea then this coffee might just be what you are looking for. I have now brewed 6 cups and all have been consistently weak even in the smallest cup setting. Not to my liking
286149286149B008GRIB0AA2JE8OS1NN9YDBSpace Queen3351275436800Yummy French Vanilla K-CupsI love this coffee with cream and sugar-free caramel syrup (with Splenda). It has a smooth taste...perfect for my morning coffee.
286150286150B008GRIB0AAP9R53JEUSK1yaloobloo3351274659200Very yummy!Unlike many flavored coffees - this tastes like coffee, plus the flavors of raspberry & chocolate (not just the smell). Delicious and addicting!
286151286151B008GRIB0AA7EJERNB7IK3ZCQ DX5611288483200Weakest, worst 'French Vanilla' coffee i've ever tasted!As a longtime avid fan of vanilla flavored coffee, I was excited about trying this brand of 'French Vanilla' on our new Keurig machine. In short, I am VERY dissapointed with this one! At any setting on the Keurig, this coffee tastes terrible. There is next to no vanilla flavor or notes (and the little there is tastes totally artificial and way off on accuracy for vanilla), and the coffee itself tastes very cheap and low quality. I wouldn't even give away these remaining French Vanilla K-cups, so I just tossed them in the garbage.
286152286152B008GRIB0AA3936J8U8H5JH7Lara R. Lovett2231300924800Definitely "light"I actually thought I was buying the Van Houtte vanilla coffee k-cups that I usually purchase and I overlooked the description of "light." It certainly is. You can barely taste the vanilla. It's good coffee, but if you're looking for a real vanilla flavor, go with the Van Houtte k-cups that are in a darker yellow package.
286153286153B008GRIB0AA1YHCYUM4P3XMDmattm9y2231296345600Not as tasty as I wantedNothing was truly 'wrong' with this, it's just that there was very little Creme Brulee flavor that I could detect. These Keurig cups aren't cheap, so I expect them to live up to their description.
286154286154B008GRIB0AA26KIIZZT3AV1QJames Edwards2221290124800Agravating K-CupsWell, I really wanted to like these but can't. The coffee itself was just ok. Faint smell of vanilla was there as was the taste. My biggest problem with these was the fact that about 1 in 4 plugged up my brewer. I had to take out the K-Cup carriage and stick a paperclip through the hole in the probe that pierces the bottom of the cup due to coffee grounds plugging it up. It seems that the built-in filter in these is bad because the grounds come out and plug the machine. I have tried many other K-Cups and these are the only ones that have ever done that.
286155286155B008GRIB0AA1B09PBLHBGS38theproudtexan4521283817600Good coffee, but not at all Creme Brulee-yI love creme brulee. If I were to drown in a vat of it, I think that'd be a pretty good way to go. So, naturally, when I see something that is flavored like creme brulee but without the calories, I get excited.

I got excited about this coffee.

Now, it's good coffee, as far as coffee goes. Nothing wrong with that. But if someone served me this and asked me to identify the flavor, creme brulee wouldn't even make it on the list. It's almost got a bitter taste to it -- even Splenda didn't help much.

Unfortunately, I ordered two boxes and will be lucky if I get through one. Guess I'll sell the other one on ebay or something. Dunno. What I *do* know is that I won't be drinking it.
286156286156B008GRIB0AA162SQQTFBZO2BB. Ross4531283558400Raspberry yes, chocolaty NoI was always a big fan Of Gloria Jeans Raspberry chocolate beans as they made a wonderful cup of coffee and the house smelled so good just from having the beans around. When I saw the Van Houtte Chocolate Raspberry I ordered it hopping to have the same great flavor and aroma. I opened the box and no aroma, thought ok they are packed so well the aroma can't excape. I brewed 2 cups 2 different sizes. Smelled good while brewing. This coffee is not strong and is very smoothe but all I could taste was the raspberry, no chocolate at all. The next cup I actually added some chocolate milk to hoping for the chocolate to come through. No go, that didn't even help. If you want a raspberry flavored coffee this is good for that, but don't expect any chocolate flavor. I have had my Keurig about 4 years and have gone through some coffee so I know what I enjoy and this isn't it and now I have 4 boxes to go through. Maybe Van Houtte brand isn't for me. I love Emeril's the best and maybe down the road they will get Gloria Jean's Rasberry Chocolate?
286157286157B008GRIB0AAV5RYJICQ6CN0Mary M. Williams1151338249600Chocolate Raspberry Truffle CoffeeThis is my absolute favorite coffee of all! I have other K-Cups in the carousel and on the kitchen shelf, but they are being totally ignored until I run out of this flavor. I have recommended it to others, and they all agree that it is delicious.
286158286158B008GRIB0AA3PVMP81ZG0S7BJwB "BookBuddy"1141325462400Darn Good CoffeeI've always been so so on coffee. I love flavored drinks and I like the IDEA of flavored coffees. But the reality never measured up to the hype for me. But this coffee is really good. It smells fantastic when it's brewing and the taste is spot on. Obviously to bring out the flavor you need to add sweeteners because both the main flavors in this are sweet. But whether I use cream and sugar or White Chocolate Raspberry creamer (my favorite way) it's a good cup of coffee. I have had this in the morning as well as for a dessert coffee. If you like flavored coffees that aren't either watery or overwhelmingly strong, you'll like this one.
286159286159B008GRIB0AA3MLNTIH46KC7WCatLady1151291939200Love this coffee!After purchasing a Keurig coffee brewer, I wanted to try many different flavors of coffee (and brands). In the past, I had purchased chocolate raspberry coffee beans and ground my own, so I knew I liked the flavor. Of the varieties I purchased (15+), this brand/flavor is my absolute favorite! A cup of this in the morning and the day is good!
286160286160B008GRIB0AA3PJZ8TU8FDQ1KJared Castle1151291852800Rich aroma evokes a confectionery light roast is delicious
286161286161B008GRIB0AA1L9S066W6IRWRK. Sirak "vetivettivechi_1999"1121291680000A firstI have bought k-cups from amazon before and this was the first time that I bought the Van Houtte and am disappointed , not so much in the taste but that many of the cups in this order where defective and would drain all of the coffee grounds into my cup or just soak up the water and not drain at all. I would suggest that people do not buy these.
286162286162B008GRIB0AA1MEVBD79PNUI7Molly A. Wall1151290729600Great aroma and tasteGreat flavor, and the aroma is fantastic. If you enjoy flavored coffees at all, you must try this. A winner and a keeper.
286163286163B008GRIB0AA2O8ULU9VP1Y3Ufawilson1151290556800So Flavorful!!!!I absolutely love the flavor of this coffee. You can really taste the raspberry! So SO SO SO FLAVORFUL!!!! A must have for a flavored coffee lover.
286164286164B008GRIB0AA35A03F0CMFVP6theresa Clune1121290211200not worth the money vey weakThis was a very disappointing coffee. It is very weak, I had to set my brew to a medium just to get any flavor from it and large is very watered down. I would find something different before buying this again.
286165286165B008GRIB0AA38ETR815F3B2Ynewcoffeefan1151289520000One taste and you are converted!This is the best coffee flavor I have tried in a long time. I have not always been a coffee fan - but this has an amazing buttery sweet taste!
286166286166B008GRIB0AAGKVGP6PQ5ZOConnie Rogers1151289433600ExcellentIf your looking for a good flavored coffee, this is it. The raspberry flavor stands out. Could use a little more chocolate. Great flavor, excellent price.
286167286167B008GRIB0AA3RYUZOMEWUZOLCarol Larkins "Grammy great"1151284681600coffeeI reall love the chocolate raseberry kcups I was getting them through the company but they are cheaper through amazon th
286168286168B008GRIB0AA3P0TJ7GYKM9L9Elena Mann Bowman "elenasstar"1151284681600Delicious coffeeVan Houtte is my favorite K cups brand. I am really enjoying this and will order it again!
286169286169B008GRIB0AA3THT6EZQFPY7Pgumgirl1151283904000Love this FlavorI just ordered and received this flavor of K-cups. It has become my favorite and will be reordering again soon.
286170286170B008GRIB0AA2BUSR3U0RVFAMBett E Crocker1141282953600Chocolate Raspberry Truffle K-CupHow can anyone go wrong with Chocolate Raspberry Truffle? I enjoyed this K-cup and would absolutely reorder.

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