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IDIdProductIdUserIdProfileNameHelpfulnessNumeratorHelpfulnessDenominatorScoreTimeSummaryText Van Houtte Creme Brulee CoffeeWow! This coffee is awesome and has become my husband's very favorite (I can't get him to try anything else!). Thanks Amazon for providing the best price and for the free, fast shipping! We wouldn't want him to have withdrawal symptoms!!
286171286171B008GRIB0AA2Z4TQN4C4WSSBKelly L. Roth1151282348800Wonderful flavorThis is a great smooth flavorful cup of coffee. I favorite in my house. Will continue to purchase this.
286172286172B008GRIB0AA2Z4TQN4C4WSSBKelly L. Roth1151282348800Yummy FlavorThis coffee is a great yummy flavor and a favorite in our house. I only have one thought....I tend to add to much sugar since the coffee itself is pretty sweet.
286173286173B008GRIB0AA1HPL8VEGQVWHHBetty-jean Triner1151281052800great iced or hotThis coffee has a distinct flavor and aroma. Perfect mix of chocolate and rasberry. Raspberry is a natural flavor. It is great even made as a larger cup serving over ice.
286174286174B008GRIB0AA3OHWIV2QD18A3toadsoup1151278892800wonderful!Very chocolately, raspberry taste unlike some of the Van Houette k-cups (Spicy Mayan Chocolate, for example, which (to me) has little or no flavor and smells like wet, sweaty socks.) Well, the chocolate raspberry truffle definitely does have plenty of flavor and smells as amazing as it tastes. Definitely worth the purchase! Also, the 24-count boxes are great for host/hostess/party gifts and much better than the ubiquitous bottle of wine that everyone brings, assuming, of course, that your host has a Keurig coffee machine. Great product!
286175286175B008GRIB0AA1YZ3F1RI81584Country girl1151277424000Great cup of coffeeVan Houtte Creme Brulee is a very great tasting smooth coffee. I enjoy it very much.
286176286176B008GRIB0AASHZRXN8C1R6SJohn S. Brandte "NewLeafTurning"1151275350400Van Houtte Crème Brulé
286177286177B008GRIB0AA1MVN7BGX0CYKDL. Silver "amazonophile"1151274572800I never drink flavored coffee, but...I never drink flavored coffee, but this one is amazingly good. I do love the combination of raspberry and chocolate in general, so I took the plunge. This is delicious coffee. The raspberry flavor is so natural, not too jammy or sweet - and it mixes well with the subtle chocolate and rich coffee. Not for my morning brew, but a nice afternoon blend.
286178286178B008GRIB0AA1USXD2XVPP9WDSierra Nelson "SierraSky"1151274227200Just The BestI just love this coffee. It is very complex in tastes. I got a few through a trade and kept putting off ordering it. I would say it is a light/medium roast. I really hate dark chocolate but in this coffee it is amazing. The raspberry and dark chocolate are "true" in taste. I use sugar and cream/creamer and it is like a dessert without the calories. I don't want to be without it in my cupboard. Which is why I wish it were on subscribe and save program here on Amazon (hint).
286179286179B008GRIB0AA2J8E7CIR06F5VT. Lee "Aggie90"1151273795200My new favorite coffee!The only reason I purchased Van Houtte's Creme Brulee was as a gift for my daughter-in-law. I had tried another flavored coffee by V.H. and wasn't impressed. But with the Creme Brulee they out did themselves. Not only do my daughter-in-law and I love it, my husband and son who usually make fun of our 'sissy' coffees like it too.
286180286180B008GRIB0AA1PWRVOY3M2SAOSurferGurl967701151273276800Decadent In A Good Kind Of WayWhen I opened the box the aroma of this coffee permeated the room in a wonderful way. I love the taste of this coffee. Its smooth and flavorful but not overpowering. It reminds me so much of one my all time favorites, Gevalia Chocolate Raspberry. I never thought I would say this, but I find it better. When I am in the mood for a flavored coffee, I now use Van Houtte's Chocolate Raspberry Truffle. Its so decadent in a good kind of way.
286181286181B008GRIB0AA2KUUWP4ZZMOBPJolly Green Giant "You can try Birchbox too! ...1151272585600One of the best flavored K-cups I've triedOften with coffee in general, and especially k-cups in my experience, flavors don't work too well. I was ordering a book and needing to get to over $25 for free shipping when I spotted these in my Quick Picks section and went ahead and added them to my order. One of my favorite coffees from when I was a college student was a pump of raspberry syrup into my coffee. This is surprisingly very similar and very good. It's now the third Van Houtte k-cup I've tried and I've been pleased with every choice, but most pleased with this one. I added a packet of Stevia Supreme-50pkts - 1.8 oz - Packet and some half and half and it's a wonderful dessert coffee.

I feel this is a much better option than those sugar laden artificially flavored non-dairy coffee creamers. My top two flavored k-cups are now Green Mountain 15535 Pumpkin Spice K-Cups, Light, 18 pods and this one.

I hope this winter that they come out with a peppermint k-cup!
286182286182B008GRIB0AA13PJOSPMW65CWnokia6230 "nokia6230"3411294531200Raspebrry Chocolate. NOT Chocolate Raspberry.There IS a difference! I was under the impression this was a chocolate flavored coffee with raspberry undertones. It's the opposite. I hate the raspberry flavor because it makes it taste like cough medicine. I tried mixing it a hot chocolate mix but it didn't work. That raspberry flavor is very overpowering. Also, it's only one star because I have a tendency to like medium roasts but this is less than a light roast. Watery raspberry coffee truffles with a suggestion of chocolate is a more accurate description. They smell good, though.
286183286183B008GRIB0AA3LQXWWXW1WNS9N. Herron3411290988800Least favorite K-cup to dateThese K-cups arrived in a timely fashion but when I've tried using them at all 3 size settings none of them are strong enough. It seems there is not enough coffee in them. I wrote a complaint to Van Houtte and they did not respond...So I've got nearly 50 cups that when brewed smell like chocolate raspberry but taste like water. Not happy.
286184286184B008GRIB0AA1FMR8G3H3NHZ4Kathleen V. Lenoir "Kacky"3451271548800Delightful!I ordered this flavor of k-cup from Amazon because it sounded so darn good...and it is!! The flavors mix and mingle in your mouth when you drink it. I use cream in my coffee and it doesn't dilute the delightful flavor. Try it, you will be pleased.
286185286185B008GRIB0AAWWQ4SBK1VKQ9Stacie Jordan "Texas SJ"3441270944000I Like It!This is a light to medium roast, wish it was slightly stronger, but the flavor is good and I am having it every morning using 2 6 oz. k-cups pumps to make it as strong as possible.
286186286186B008GRIB0AA42O0C4YO2XKAstodorof2321293580800A bit weak for me, smells great!This coffee does smell wonderful (mostly of raspberry and not so much the chocolate) but it tastes weak to me. I usually prefer a donut shop taste (middle of the road for boldness) and was disappointed that this tasted a bit watered down. I will not be purchasing it again.
286187286187B008GRIB0AA3JRXG0RYYKYHRNichole2321290211200Weak coffee, tastes fakeI found this coffee weak and not very appealing. The vanilla flavor is hardly present, and when you do get a taste, it is artificial.
286188286188B008GRIB0AAHEM594ONR7LBOoopsieee2351275004800I am hooked on this coffeeThere may be a need to start a 12-step program for this coffee. :)

I do not usually like flavored coffees but I am so glad that I tried this one.
286189286189B008GRIB0AA2QROUMA7CXGJVSusan A. Boisse0051351036800YUMMYMy husband is very picky when it come to flavored coffee. He found that this was just PERFECT.. Not too strong or weak on Flavor
286190286190B008GRIB0AANN5P40JFH836Bruce M. Smolenski "bmsmo"0041348790400Not bad at all, just not my favoriteAs a relatively new Keurig user (former Senseo user), I have been trying various flavored coffees along with regular pods. This coffee was not bad, just not my favorite flavor combination. I'm not sure why because how can you beat chocolate and raspberry. This is just a personal preference issue. The product was received in a timely manner and arrived in good shape. So far my favorite flavored coffee is Timothy's Sugar Bush maple. This flavor may work well for you. Enjoy
286191286191B008GRIB0AA2SJ8E8C032733Amarantine0041339200000Creme Brulee K CupsA unique flavor that may not be enjoyed by all coffee drinkers. I serve it with creme brulee flavored creamer.
286192286192B008GRIB0AA3AQZ4LDRWU8GPTina N.0051338768000Taste like perfectionThis flavor is amazing. I'm glad Walmart carries it now. I love how it tastes like a raspberry chocolate truffle in your mouth! Most flavored coffees just smell great this one tastes great. It's my favorite.
286193286193B008GRIB0AA3QBXZDK9A8AVEAmazingSupergirl "AmazingSupergirl"0011332633600Incredibly disappointingThe idea of creme brulee coffee sounded so delicious. It took a week and a half to get here so we were REALLY looking forward to trying it for the first time. How disappointed we were. There's absolutely nothing that indicates a creme brulee flavor or even anything with a slightly sweet (or sweet smell). This is a smokey coffee and I think that makes a difference. There's a somewhat nice aftertaste but it's nothing like we'd expected. Now I'm pouring sugar and cream, or flavored cream, in it just so it's not wasted. We have the vanilla flavored coffee in this brand so we really thought this would be amazing. What's not amazing is that I'll never see my $33 again. I can't wait until we drink it all up just so we can forget it ever happened.
286194286194B008GRIB0AA3R519XBYP4U17Tom Butler0021328486400Van Houtte . . . is this a discontinued item?I find it curious that you can not find this k-cup on Van Houtte's website. You can find the Raspberry Chocolate Truffle light but not this specific k-cup. Given some of the very negative reviews of this product, perhaps it is a discontinued item or maybe it is not a Van Houtte product.
286195286195B008GRIB0AA19LUT6NUQZF3AD. Reinbolt "Dalton's Granny"0011327536000Don't waste your money!Awful, Awful, Awful! I like a lighter roast and I really love french vanilla so I was thrilled to find this one. With the first sip I was highly disappointed. It has a very strong artificial flavor that doesn't taste anything like french vanilla and it certainly doesn't taste like coffee. Like one other reviewer said, I'll probably just toss it in the trash and throw that money away because I don't know anybody who would enjoy it. YUK!
286196286196B008GRIB0AA2TJG4N8LNJW23Blythe Dresser0041327104000One of the best k cups we've tried so far!I really enjoy flavored coffees so when we opened the 12 pod sample pack that came with our new Keurig machine, I was excited to find a sample k cup of Van Houtte's French Vanilla. It ended up being one of the best flavors we had an opportunity to try!

Van Houtte's French Vanilla is not quite as good as some of the french vanilla coffees I've had fresh brewed at local coffee shops, but it isn't too far off either. It's a very mild, but flavorful coffee with a smooth finish and no bitter aftertaste. I don't like extra dark coffees with lots of acidity, so of that's more your cup of tea, so to speak, this blend isn't for you.

I will definitely be picking up more of this blend and if you're in the market for a french vanilla flavored coffee k up for your Keurig brewer, this one is an excellent choice.
286197286197B008GRIB0AA3QBIXFB84MW9PCatherine J. Bitts "cat"0051326585600Great light coffeeMy husband and I enjoy "light" coffee and this is the best light coffee I have had. It doesn't even need to have much sweet added to it. If you are a "light" coffee drinker then this is a good choice to try.
286198286198B008GRIB0AA2V2SL3JIOXYVMdoodle0011325203200What happened 2 my once-favorite coffee?I have been drinking this Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Coffee for quite a while and recommending it to all my friends. I LOVED it! My first conscious thought every morning would be of that great-tasting cup of coffee. YUM! So what happened to it? The last few boxes have been absolutely tastless :( There is no wonderful aroma either. I might as well be drinking hot water. This is SUCH a disappointment. That wonderful flavor is now only a memory. Sadly, I am giving up on Chocolate Raspberry Truffle and will purchase another flavor from now on.
286199286199B008GRIB0AAG2S7N7ZPPNW2jeciwall280021325116800Not for meI love all things Raspberry and Chocolate, but this did not do it for me. I don't like strong coffee and WOW is this strong. I only drank one cup out of a box of 48 k-cups.

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