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286231286231B008GRIB0AA3IVR56KL6GGMGMaxwellianation0051298851200Best Flavored Coffee...I generally do not drink the flavored coffee but our recent acquisition of the Keurig coffee maker I have been sampling many flavors. Of all the 15 - 20 flavored coffees I have tried over the past 3 months the Van Houtte Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Coffee is BY FAR the BEST. Fantastic blend of flavors and it actually has flavor...most others I tried seemed to have aroma but fell short in the flavor category. I highly recommend trying this flavored coffee!
286232286232B008GRIB0AA3T4UQRGKU4SPGCherlin "Artist"0021298419200Looking for and can't find the perfect Carmel and Vanilla blendThis isn't the one I had ten years ago (brand forgotten). It is nearly OK.
Strong after taste , flavor is fake.

If anyone reading this knows what brand is great, please post so I can try out. The original one I tried was incredible, thus my fruitless search for perfection.
286233286233B00497W89GA3E1VXXTUCQQ5FNancy J. Zaborowski0031350518400I like the product, but...I like the product, but one of the six bottles was broken when the package arrived. Glass was all over the box. This was disappointing, but not worth returning because of shipping costs. I won't order this product again.
286234286234B001EO5XB2A1SJTURU8I5XYEshebuela4451170633600This tea is a winner.I have been drinking this tea for 8 years now and there is just no tea like it! It definitely revs your metabolism and makes you feel good almost immediately. It steeps fairly quickly and it has a nice mellow flavor. Although it is practically caffeine free, it will keep you up at night if you have too much of it. It is supposed to be a diet aid, so there's a neat little menu plan pamphlet in every box. I have bought other jasmine tea varieties, even pricey ones, and this one is my favorite. I would give this product more than 5 stars if I could!
286235286235B001EO5XB2A2K6Q5PV6G70A0saddleseat1141257033600Simple teaI use this to make ice tea and it has a nice clean flavor - simple but good.
286236286236B003TUQUS4A26QNPZN23DQKYcharlouise0051325376000charlouiseThese treats are probably fine for a bigger dog. My little dog did not especially like them, I had to break them in half.
286237286237B002OG1NUOA2Y4S4CNGKF21SH. Swanson0131335398400Good jerky, too much pepper!!The jerky itself is very good quality. The only problem is how much pepper they load onto these pieces. It's so much that it burns my mouth and I can't even taste the jerky, all I can taste is strong pepper. Then it gets into the back of my throat and burns sometimes, or might get stuck in my teeth, all making for a very unpleasant experience!
286238286238B002OG1NUOA2QHC521XDCVGXGary Shull "Kansas"0151287878400Fresh as jerky can beThis double pack was delivered promptly. I took advantage of the auto-ship subscription which discounts the order from $20.89 down to $17.76. I discovered after the fact that the same size package can be purchased at Wal-Mart at the same cost as this discounted price.
286239286239B002OG1NUOA1FRQ3XAZAK4G3Be Jones81411252108800Never againI read the reviews and took my chances and bought a bunch. I am so disappointed by the sweet, lacquered Chinese bbq pork like beef jerky with an overwhelmingly raw garlic/chili favor. Yes, the pieces are moist but in a preserved radish way with smallish, flattened pieces. It just doesn't have the premium beef jerky heft where you can separate the pieces along the grain. Don't expect premium beef taste and texture but rather a product processed more in the Chinese restaurant baking soda, tenderized fashion. I truly regret my purchase which I probably couldn't give away.
286240286240B002OG1NUOA3C0DP30BHACF2Wally3621299369600Edible..The price was very good, but I guess I know why. I gave it 1 star because it's low in carbs and another because it's edible. There is a distinct foul odor when you open the bag for the first time. After airing the bag out, the first piece I tasted was like chewing shoe leather, dry and chewy without much flavor. After the 2nd piece, the meat began to leave a bad chemical aftertaste. I understand everyone's taste buds will be different so do yourself a favor and buy a small bag of this at Walmart before getting the big bags here.
286241286241B002OG1NUOAG35NVZ2O5ZQ4rumifan "Dannyboy"61111270684800Left over jerky crumbs!Unfortunately this is a very poor representation of Jack Link's Beef Jerky. The bags are small and the jerky is in very small pieces and crumbs. It looks like scraps or left overs. No piece is larger than 1/2 inch.
286242286242B002OG1NUOA131L508KQO9WLRLSTINE1311339200000Horrible at WSOPSo I have been hanging with a top player at the world series of poker and I purchased 2 packages of Jacks Links beef jerky. These 2 purchases were the worst possible way to spend my money. The meat was so dry I was not sure if I was eating dried rat tail or beef jerkey. The "meat" caused sickness and lock jaw. Jacks links is as good as scraps off leather shoes. It was pretty incredible of them to sponser the WSOP but provide poor quality food at a ridiculous price.
286243286243B002OG1NUOA3QR3P9BOAB1GZB. Yassin1331282694400Not a good value, but tastyThe packs are really small. I thought I was saving by buying in bulk, but it was not a lot for the money. As usually the beef jerkey tastes great.
286244286244B002OG1NUOA4E39G95DZXBCSal "AmazonShopper"3731265068800Delicious, BUT it contains MSG!If you're not into a healthy lifestyle, get these - they are DELICIOUS! "You can't eat just one!"
It contains MSG and other "stuff." - You've been warned! It's very delicious, though...
286245286245B002OG1NUOA3J0NYNAF1AVU7lizklub "Elizabeth Klub"0251279584000jerky is yummyI can't always get to the store on my bicycle, so it is quite handy to use Amazon & order something I hanker for. The beef jerky, high in protein & low in calories, fat & carbs, absolutely hit the spot when it arrived nice & quickly!
286246286246B002OG1NUOA3T8J075H85W5AJoan L. Sosa Corniel1411344643200Too pricy28.99 dollars for one pack? Are people stupid, you can buy these at the neares supermarket for less than 28.99, aybe 7 or 8 dollars, but not 28 for one pack.. I know is easy to buy online, but buying this, is just playing lazy!
286247286247B002OG1NUOA32BNLDKINUYNPHarut Arzumanyan "thebe9st"1431281830400Good, healthy and protein filled snack.I only have one major issue. Because of the texture of jerky in general it really gets stuck in your teeth and becomes a bit of a chore to eat.
286248286248B002OG1NUOA1ACFO5TGECX9PCreativeMax2611297555200seem old, not worth itBought this thinking it cheap and more convenient, but i was wrong. The meat in the package seem dried and old. The price was also higher comparing to my local samsclub.

I like it when the meat is more tender and moist. And this doesn't deliver that. 1 star.
286249286249B002OG1NUOAL63HUU233ID2Lauren61411279929600Beef Jerky Goes Bad?What a rip off. We opened the bag and a day later there was wispy white mold on it. The whole bag had to be thrown out. It even smelled a little "off". You're better off buying it at the store.
286250286250B002OG1NUOA2A5RQRIUHGVOMD.D.Dear0651293926400Jack Links is the best!Jack Links is really good one of the bests and its actually real meat haha,I dont have to pay for it I get it for free because my dads company sells it and he gets free stuff from them all the time but if I didnt get it for free I would pay full price for it!
286252286252B002OG1NUOAY3IAMPH9O3XEjoegrind "joegrind"515951273190400Great snack....even during battle!!I'm a former Marine, got out after 8 years, did two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. I was first introduced to beef jerky during MCT (Marine Combat Training)...which is where you learn warfighting techniques. For those LONG, sweaty, depressingly hot days in NC...this was an excellent snack. Beef Jerky is nutritious, low in fat content and tastes great! It also is a great chewy snack for those 'hurry-up-and-wait' days. Perhaps the biggest benefit for me was the salt....if you're out in the sun all day, you lose a lot of sweat....the Marine Corps motto should be 'drink water'...but as for electrolytes/ salt....this snack does an excellent job. I love the peppered taste...probably because I'm Jamaican. The 1.5-ounce snack size fits perfectly in your pocket and works out to be about half the price you'd pay at the gas station (thanks Amazon). I have a couple of buddies over in Afghanistan and I sent each two packs....for them and to pass around to their troops...they love it.
For a healthy snack (especially if you're very active and sweat a lot)this is a great product.
If there was one complaint....I wish the desiccant that is inside every bag was somehow shaped differently.....if you grab a handful in the'll never know that you grabbed the desiccant too....luckily I've been able to catch it!
286253286253B002OG1NUOA1ZBQ5QL976804JCC131321328745600bad beefI'm normally a fan of jack links but this really disappointed me. Ordered 4 bags and had two of them. I spent more time picking through the meat taking out the nasty gizard and fat chunks all throughout the bag. Also the meat quality was terrible and quality control isn't. Good for this flavor. One piece would be moist and flavorful and the next would bard as a rock and uncomfortable to chew. Overall this was a terrible product. Jack links shouldn't put 10 different cuts of meat in the same bag. If you like quality controlled products this isn't for you.
286254286254B002OG1NUOA1MP1R79QTOKUWDark Irishman "Dark Irishman"425431272412800Cheaper at WalmartGood stuff....but. I'd gotten some at Walmart but didn't really pay attention to the price (for one bag). I enjoyed it so much that I searched for it on Amazon (in bulk) and ordered three different flavors. I happened to be in Walmart the next morning and discovered to my surprise that it was significantly cheaper there. (Walmart $3.50 for a 3.5oz bag, Amazon about $23.00 for ten 1.5oz bags - almost 50 cents an ounce more from Amazon plus you have to purchase it in bulk). I find that I tend to order blindly from Amazon when I'm actually purchasing from Amazon and not a third-party vendor because I'm so used to fantastic savings. This was a bit of a wake-up call. I will give kudos to Amazon for their customer service policies, though. I was able to cancel my order relatively hassle free.
286255286255B002OG1NUOA28DNJJ11VXFDWJustin B. Roumelis91041256601600Delicious jerkyThis is probably the best mass-produced beef jerky on the market. It isn't too tough or dry like cheaper brands, isn't too sweet or spicy either. Only problem is that as a snack I feel it isn't overly healthy. (It has MSG, sodium nitrite and a lot of sodium). However it is a low-fat, high-protein food, and very tasty.
286256286256B002OG1NUOA1RTUXC9W70SIFS. Guffey6651242950400GreatI bought this flavor for the first time at the store, when they were out of my favorite (Sweet N Hot). My kids (ages 4 and 2) were begging me for some when we got back to the car. I told them they could try it, but that it would be spicy. They agreed, took the small bites I gave them and continued to ask for more until the entire package was gone! The flavor is exactly as the title describes. It's sweet and spicy, and reminds me of a dish I would order at a Thai restaurant. It's not as Spicy as the Sweet N Hot, but it still has quite a kick. It's not my favorite flavor, but I still give it 5 stars for the great texture and good flavor (and the fact that my kids devoured it). I bought this package with my kids in mind. I am all for natural products that they enjoy!
286257286257B002OG1NUOA12KIEG8N4UJD6D. Spensley "wolf master"5521327622400bewarebought this product in smaller packaging so as to take to work and enjoy. two of the 10 packages were moldy said best before mar 13 2013. can't trust won't buy.
286258286258B002OG1NUOAXV5CT7AG4SYOJessica Rowe5521325980800Varies in qualityI have had this on order for about a total of 8 bags. I first had a good experience and what seemed like a quality jerky and continued to keep it ordered on my subscribe and save account. The next 2 bags were awful. There were tiny bits and they were extra hard and grisly. I thought maybe it was just a bad run and let the next order come through. They were terrible also. It was like there was one or two decent strips of meat, and the rest was inedible. I'm not sure how this keeps happening. I had meant to cancel this subscription but remembered after I was shipped another pack of two. Maybe they'll be better but I haven't been eager to to open them. Roll of the dice, I guess.
286259286259B002OG1NUOA2XPZJEV1JP19UTritti7811333065600Mold all over! Be carefulThis is my second order of Jack Link's Beef Jerky, Peppered, Mega Pack from Amazon due to lower price than other stores and I hit the jackpot. You can see the pictures I upload for this product. It has mold all over, which even can be seen from outside the bag. Unfortunately I did not see it and put one in my mouth. Few seconds afterward, the taste was so strange and my friend, who was about to eat, stop me from swallowing. Try for yourself, but please be careful.
286260286260B002OG1NUOA2S2RFBCSQBL4WParkerD4411325030400GrossI got Teryaki flavored of the mega packs and yuck! The jerky was so hard and crunchy and old.... It said that it expires in 2013 but still it tastes so nasty so i threw it away and got a refund for my purchace. Amazon is great but these people sell nasty jerky, just go to the store to buy jerky

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