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286261286261B002OG1NUOA1LQ1KQU70QGAplanter3321320192000Full of gristleI bought this and thought it was a good deal... WRONG!!! The bags that I got were full of gristle and I ended up throwing it away because it was NOT enjoyable eating.
286262286262B002OG1NUOA1MLQY4WBCWD31Eddie Lee2231309392000Great product but the subscription ships old products.I love this beef jerky and so I looked everywhere for it, and had trouble finding it readily. So when I found this product on subscription on Amazon, I was more than thrilled to subscribe. That was two months ago. I've now cancelled my subscription. Why you ask? The unopened packages of the beef jerky were hard as a rock and were tasteless as a result. I don't know what Amazon does to receive the jerkys so cheap thereby giving the customers the 15% discount, but I'd rather pay more and get them off retail and enjoy every piece.. I am very disappointed at the result and won't re-subscribe again.
286263286263B002OG1NUOAJMY77NAPOLQ1AL "NA"2241281225600My BeefJack Link's Beef Jerky, Original, 10-Ounce Packages (Pack of 2)

Tough and chewiness, dry, not too salty, this is one of my favorites. Since the flavor isn't too strong, i tend to eat too much.
286264286264B002OG1NUOA2ASEKR0NI5EK5Allen4511316217600MOLD on Jerky!!!I bought eight packs. Seven of those, I hope, were in good condition. One of them looks darker and has mold on it. I didn't notice that after I ate two pieces... That was disgusting!! It says on the package the jerky will be good until 2013. I guess the company is wrong.

I complained to Amazon CS. After 5 minute they decides to give me refund. This is probably all that Amazon can do, but I will not buy any kind of food/snacks on Amazon anymore. And I will not buy any Jack Links product on line or in store. Their quality control is really doubtable.

MOLD ON JERKY!! Be aware!
286265286265B002OG1NUOA2NT79NEFI3Q2Ekitters81111331337600DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT EeeeewJack Link's Beef Jerky, Peppered, Mega Pack, 10-Ounce Packages (Pack of 2)This order took five days to deliver and this is Florida with high humidity and high heat. Upon receipt I opened each package because I always place in my fridge in gallon zip locks. I ordered two of the mega two-packs and three of the four were fine. The fourth was FULL of mold which was visible through the packaging. I am seriously disappointed (and grossed-out). No returns/exchanges means I will NEVER purchase foods items from Amazon again.

Update: After figuring out a way to contact Customer Service despite their policy of no returns on food items, they credited back 1/4 of total purchase price and offered free next day shipping for this item (which I will not use). Never again.
286266286266B002OG1NUOA380KFNC1MZ56ECharles1141342569600Good, but had too many fatty piecesMostly, this was good stuff. I haven't had this stuff in a long long time but decided to purchase some.

Most of the jerky was good, but I ran into 1 too many pieces that was fatty or felt like a salty chunk of fat. I wish I would've gotten pieces or a bag without any of it considering this is pretty damn expensive stuff, but it is good.

They definitely need to work on quality control if they want to keep the prices so high for this stuff, or I might have to go to a different brand.
286267286267B002OG1NUOA1YP5WLIHGG136Techthusiast "n00b"1141336694400Good jerkyMe and the missus went through this pretty quick... It's sweet, peppery, tasty.

This was enough to satisfy my craving for jerky for awhile... I think the sugar, salt, and MSG are the main turn-offs for me although I do realize some of this may be required for jerky.

It's almost like I want either a more wholesome jerky snack or a straight-up rod of faux-meat.

Still, this is worth checking out to see if it's your thing.
286268286268B002OG1NUOA1RDAFCAM562FRRod Auric1131320796800As expectedThis was an impulse buy. I purchased other food items and decided to try getting this from Amazon. I later found that the same product was much cheaper at my local Big Box Membership Warehouse store. The jerky was about the same freshness as I find in local stores. I was hoping for fresher, ie softer jerky.
286269286269B002OG1NUOA2OP7RW3WNXR6CJVH1151316908800Great value for a good quality jerkyGreat item to do Sub & Save on so you can keep a healthy snack on hand for work, school or just at home. Teriyaki is my personal favorite.
286270286270B002OG1NUOA2II09GQGWOMTQBrian Nallick "METALMANMN"1151309478400Spicy and deliciousI love jerky.
When it comes to fresh organic jerky nothing beats Ed's Roadhouse.
But for store bought variet?
Jack Links is where it's at.
The jalapeno version has just the right amount of heat and kick to make this one of the best store varieties out there.
Not too tough, not too stringy.
Too bad I mow through the whole bag in one sitting.. :)
Highly recommended.
286271286271B002OG1NUOA3OSITZY7APMS3Sean1131303084800Good flavor but a bit toughI really like the flavor of these but they are a bit tougher than I am used to. I dont think I will be buying them again.
286272286272B002OG1NUOA33XHZD5JI6BRXD. Caslin1141301270400Great stuff!The spicy thai beef jerky makes for a quick high-protein snack between meals. I would give it five stars if there weren't some tough, unchewable pieces in every bag. The tender pieces are very good.
286273286273B002OG1NUOA1RRCP78CDDIOSBeth Wisser "Beth"1141279152000Good Fresh JerkyI have found this brand to be more fresh than others. The jerky is somewhat soft so it is easier to bite and chew. I like it and it is a good price.
286274286274B002OG1NUOAEHBF6X3ASN0WFred Madden1151271289600Best everI buy a lot of stuff online and only write a review if something was very good or very bad.

I honestly have to say that Jack Link's Jerky is the best jerky I have ever eaten (I've even bought some from a meat market before). I have tried several of their flavors and all have been good. The Sweet & Hot could be a little hotter, IMO, but it is still awesome and my favorite of theirs. Besides the different flavors being good, what really sets Jack Link's apart from every other jerky I've tried is the quality of the meat itself. The meat has the perfect amount of moisture, making it able to actually bite a piece in half without having to gnaw on it for 20 minutes. While other brands aren't very consistent, particularly Pemmican, which I used to think was the best available, Jack Link's is very consistent with the quality of each piece. Most brands usually have a mix of perfect pieces, dry pieces, and way too thick pieces. Not Jack Link's, I've yet to get a dry piece, or one that was way too thick.

The several people that I have "turned on to" Jack Link's would fully agree with me about this review. We've actually spoke about how amazed we are with it.

Walmart is the place that I first found it, and they are always out of stock of it. So I turned to Amazon and was able to find it for roughly the same price when you factor in shipping.

BTW, the package of ten 1.5 ounce bags is nice if you are like me and tend to just keep eating until it is gone. :) Also, each 1.5 ounce bag has about 25 grams of protein. So if you are on a workout program, it makes a nice way to get extra 25 grams of protein with very little fat into your diet.
286275286275B002OG1NUOA26Y7WIS3JBL65Matt J. Rose "Blu Aficionado"1151253577600By Far The Best Jack Links!I love beef jerky, its perfect for work, packs tons of protein, easy to eat and store. I have to say though the price of the stuff locally is insane, the 3oz bags go for up to 7 bucks a piece.

This is the best deal I've found by far, select delivery 1 time a month for 16 bucks and sit back and wait for your jerky!

Now on to the flavor, I usually buy the peppered Jack Links for the touch of spice. Recently I found the A1 steak jerky, and its fantastic! It seems like its more dry, like the homemade jerky I remember from my grandparents. I find the most of the flavors to be to moist, and salty.

If your a fan of jerky, and the taste of A1 sauce, you will enjoy this product, use amazons subscription option and save another 15%, excellent deal when compared to store purchasing.
286276286276B002OG1NUOA2Q5YDEQBRBZMKTimothy L. Tarrats3411325808000Tastes of Death (Peppered)I got the peppered flavor and it tastes awful. It's spicy as heck but the pepper taste is so overwhelming that it totally ruins it. I got through about half a bag and not more then 2 pieces at a time. Totally disgusting. I like beef jerky and Jack Link's especially, just not this flavor.

Anyone who is a health nut may not like this because it's loaded with MSG, though I think most beef jerky is.
286277286277B002OG1NUOA25F1MJM7NG19CJ. DeFelice2311342915200Is it meat?I have been trying to find a good brand of jerky that I don't have to order online. I finally tried Jack Link's original. Way too sweet, doesn't taste like meat, and most of the pieces don't have the texture of meat. At times, I thought I was eating plastic. Or some soy meat-substitute. I couldn't even make it through the whole bag. I miss the original Pemmican..., before ConAgra sold the brand and it got ruined...
286278286278B002OG1NUOADYQDQ1PI9ATITian2311340150400Only Three Bags CameI ordered the Original Beef Jerky, 3.25-Ounce Bags (Pack of 4) and I got it today. But after I opened the box I noticed that there are only 3 bags in the pack, and the pack is opened already. Very disappointed with this order! I have shopped through Amazon for many years, and this is the first time that appeared a problem.
286279286279B002OG1NUOA3HMVD7J3HCSG6Northern Nevada2321335398400WAY TOO EXPENSIVE!! AND BEEF JERKY IS VERY OLD.We buy a lot of Beef Jerky and usually Jack Links. But, I have to say that Amazon charges a LOT more than grocery stores. You can get this same bag at the store for $8.00 and it is very fresh there, not anymore on Amazon. Disappointed. Wont be buying any more here.
286280286280B002OG1NUOA18A3784M8FLXMD. Gradishar "Honest Grad"2321334620800Bag too big - gets stale!Maybe they dont put enough of the "white" products savers in the bag. The jerky was stale and hard in both bags. Go with the smaller bags for basically the same cost when you add up the total ounces. Wont be getting the bigger back again from Amazon!
286281286281B002OG1NUOA3B1XBG7CMYK41Roman2321322697600Most of Jerky is dry and not freshPurchased this jerky with S&S discount after reading some good reviews and was very disapointed with the quality of meat. About 80% of the pieces were very dry and hard - note that some of the package was good (primarily in the middle of the package) and some of it was too dry.
286282286282B002OG1NUOA3W4CSHTCS3B7VS. J. Krause "DesertDude"0051349827200HELP - I'm chewing JACKLINKS JERKY and I can't STOP !!!Simply THE BEST. NOT hard - GREAT FLAVOR ( the ORIGINAL ) - like eating POPCORN - ya can't STOP !!!! HELP !!!
286283286283B002OG1NUOA1RH54KDESZ72Nbnack0041349740800Sweet and hotBest Jerky around as far as flavor.. a little fatty at times... sometimes not as dry as it should be
286284286284B002OG1NUOA3ILREXBYDQ12WShallin0011349654400Spoiled long before "Best By" dateOne of the most disgusting experiences of my life! Pulled the package out, opened it without looking at it, and smelled something indescribably gross. Looked through package window, and what was left of my jerky could not even be identified as jerky. It was white yet covered with mold. Couldn't see any evidence of a hole in the packaging. It came in a 2-pack, and the 2nd pack looks fine but has the same date stamp on it, so I'm not sure I dare eat it. They expire in December of 2013...14 months away. I'm not sure what happened to it, just that I wasted $10, and I'm still nauseous just thinking about the sight and smell of it. Is jerky even supposed to spoil at all?
286285286285B002OG1NUOAORX96EBG7M1NJ. Rhodes0051348963200awesomeThe best jerky on the market And i have tried them all, you cant go wrong purchasing this jerky I highly recommend it
286286286286B002OG1NUOAK7MORKWJLABlindasek0051326758400GreatI loved this flavor and the 4 packs lasted me for a while. The jerky was a good quality one would expect from Jack Link's so no surprises there. A great product.
286287286287B002OG1NUOA13K729HMKV2K2Jeff Sowers0051325894400Excellent taste, great valueThis is the perfect size for a beef jerky lover, especially using the subscribe option. The peppered taste is bold and great. The cuts of meat are tender so it's easy to chew. Highly recommended.
286288286288B002OG1NUOACLGIP231OLA6EdistoWillie "Will"0031325203200If you like Jack Links, then this is a great dealYou can count on Jack Links to provide a tasty, consistent-quality product. This Mega Pack is a great value, too. Still, I try to purchase smaller, boutique brands whenever possible. But they are becoming increasingly difficult to find. So Jack Links can definitely fill the bill.

286289286289B002OG1NUOABH9E0I8XW5GZJohn P King0051324684800Great FlavorGreat product. Great tasting, low fat, high protein, just right for mid day snack so that you have the energy to finish out the job of the day.
286290286290B002OG1NUOAS3BCE9K9K8IITuy0051322524800Fast shipping!Wow! I ordered this on friday night and received on tuesday afternoon. That's pretty fast considering I am in El Salvador and my address is an APO. They must have shipped just in time for the outgoing flight from Miami to El Salvador.

Of course the beef jerky is delicious. I don't understand why there are beef jerkies in this damn country.

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