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286351286351B0019AC50IA3ADQLHD25TAZKTwig1141306972800Better than SpryVery good gum. Has a stronger flavor that lasts longer than Spry. Spry seems to be a little bit softer. The best xylitol gum I have tried so far. Wish the flavor lasted a little longer...
286352286352B0019AC50IA297YMSYEPDX45~Ariel~1151294272000The Best Peppermint Gum--Sweet & Long LastingIngredients: Xylitol, Gum Base, Natural Flavors (peppermint oil), Vegetable Glycerin, Gum Arabic, Soy Lecithin, Beeswax

I usually buy the 100 count container of this Xyloburst Peppermint Xylitol Chewing Gum 100 Count, but these blister packs were $3 cheaper for 44 more pieces of gum. Prices seem to fluctuate a lot though, but either way this is a terrific gum. Not only does it have better ingredients than traditional gums, but it tastes better too. Very intense at first and then mellows. I like that it doesn't cause cavities (like sugar gums) or cancer (like artificial sweetener gums). I had debated between this and Spry xylitol gum, but a lot of reviewers said Spry faded quickly and tasted bad. Glad I chose this instead. Xyloburst is definitely my brand of gum from now on.

*Spearmint flavor is also delicious Xyloburst Xylitol Gum Spearmint Blister Pack
286353286353B0019AC50IA12RWOLW0S41YHtatelydia2351295308800Buy This Gum!I am a hypoglycemic and have recently decided to respect my body's need for very low amounts of sugar so that I do not end up as a diabetic. Before beginning this new lifestyle my creature comforts were mints & gum, but because almost all of them are made with sugar / sugar alternative that raise insulin, I thought I had to give them up completely. Xylitol doesn't require insulin to metabolize so this gum is a god-sent. I love having multiple packs at once - I keep one in my purse & one at the office. Any time I need a breath freshner or a sweet treat I pop 1 in my mouth & I'm good to go! I'm so glad this gum exists.
286354286354B0019AC50IAVMAHVWDGNOKKRock N Rolla0051345593600Really good quality gum.I have been chewing this gum for years now. The flavor lasts for a decent amount of time, about an hour or so. The gum's consistency and texture is perfect, it's chewable for a very long time. The best part is that it is aspartame and sugar-free.
286355286355B0019AC50IA1E807WCM1PUPamazonop0051334102400great productI used nicorette to quit smoking and I used gum to quit nicorette...regular gum has a bunch of things I can't pronounce in the name that gave me headaches (because I chew a lot) so I had to go to a natural gum with no sugar (sugar is bad) :)....this gum is great and all natural...not sure if Xylitol really does help your teeth or not...but as a far as natural sugar free gum goes this does trick...highly recommended....
286356286356B0019AC50IA3JABZI7TVRPBBLGUNZ0031333670400Good for as long it lastsThe gum tastes ok, I don't know for a fact that it helped prevent cavaties. The taste last all about two minutes.
286357286357B0019AC50IA2OADVG5PRZGANmrs natural0041309651200xylitol gumI like the gum but flavor doesn't last a long time. But I don't chew it long either just enough to cleanse my teeth.
286358286358B0019AC50IA2NW7IGL156VE4mcb2470031295049600DisappointingMost of the flavor (peppermint) disappeared after about 60 seconds. With the small chiclet size, you'll probably want at least two pieces at a time. If these didn't have 1G of xylitol I would not purchase again. 9.99 for the 12 pack was a good buy, however, I'm going to try the Spry and Epic brands next time.
286359286359B000JWVVCUA2A26QGMDL4QP3I. Inman "Farmer Ike"4451220659200Like the BuffetsI have been trying to find a soup mix that replicates the buffet style hot and sour soup I love. This is as close as I have come. I have tried all the mixes, the other best is the harvest 2000 mix, now a difference is harvest brand is a mix (powder), this is a paste, I don't know if that makes a difference to anybody but it did to me.

Now for the soup, I made it like it said only ommitting the meat, I just didn't have any on hand and was excited to make the soup. Other than that I followed it closely. It taste close after making it, just a little off of my local buffet soups, so I asked a friend that actually owns a Chinese Buffet and is Chinese, he asked the ingrediants and suggested to add rice wine vinegar and white pepper to taste, I did and let me tell you it is fabulous.

Now I won't quit going out to eat Chinese, but I do feel good knowing if I just don't have time to go out after work or something I can still enjoy resteraunt quality soup at home, thanks to this soup paste, the packet looks like a mix but when you open it there is a small plastic packet with the paste inside.

It is very important to try before you add things, according to my friend no two chinese resteraunts make this soup the same way, they only have a few base ingrediants they build upon, different regions of the country are different and I agree after traveling it is different everywhere.

So my suggestion is to make the soup like it says, if it isn't right I suggest adding in small amounts rice vinegar and white pepper, only to taste both are pretty strong, so go slowly, I can guarantee after trying endless soup mixes and internet recipes,this is the closest I have ever come to my local buffet, it is really good.
286360286360B000JWVVCUA2CODW6H1IZTDKWondering0051317168000Thrilled to have found this!Ever since my favorite Chinese buffet changed hands several years ago, I've searched for a similar hot-and-sour soup recipe. I've found some decent ones during the search, but none like theirs - until now. This one may not be exactly the same, but it's close enough to do - spicy with just a bit of a tang to it. Yum! So glad my search is over. Now if my grocery store and/or Amazon will just continue to carry this ......
286361286361B000JWVVCUA18J5WQSYU1JCSstarman "Starman"0051250640000Great Soup Mix!I didn't have any extra ingredients on hand, but I had Bok Choy and chicken so I went ahead and made the soup. It turned out great! It is a flavor paste that you squeeze out. It's hard to get that authenic Hot & Sour soup taste, but I think this soup packet gets it right on. My family loved it!! ...also no MSG!
286362286362B000JWVVCUACCHSD7964N69KnotU1251241827200Best availableThis stuff is good. I add some black fungus and dehydrated veggies from the local asian market. Add some celantro and green onions after it cooks. Perfection! Yes, it is spicey. That is why it is called hot and sour soup.
286363286363B000JWVVCUA21V6OEJM90WMKDmitry Sandler1321241308800Not the best taste and a time wasterShort on time? Don't like the idea of putting live coals in your mouth? Then this soup is not for you =)
- There's nothing in this package except for a thick spicy paste - no mushrooms, no veggies, not even a chicken broth or little pieces of chicken meat. All that you'll have to buy separately and add as you cook.
- Maybe I just expected too much from it but that's definitely not the kind of hot&sour soup I prefer. All you get is red burning lips and a feeling that you should probably give the rest 11 bags to your friends (maybe some of them will be able to feel any taste except the burn).
- My personal choice is Kikomn Egg Hot and Sour Soup - probably the most underrated on the Amazon, but it's really the best tasting one.
- The price is good though =) Two stars for that.
286364286364B0001WOSQYA82S45GU04DWPDarcy Jorgensen121251179100800The Best!You simply can't make real Ma Po Tofu without this sauce. It's absolutely fantastic, the #1 best. Twenty years ago, I would scour Chinatown and Japantown for this stuff, and buy every jar I could find. Now it's much easier to locate, but I still tend to stock up because it's just that precious.
286365286365B0001WOSQYA1ZYBYXSQ22ZRQIanG "Ian"1151346716800Great Stuff!This is wonderful sauce for several delicious stir-fry dishes in Fuschia Dunlop's Land Of Plenty Sichuan cookbook. Added to any stir-fry, and fried for 30 seconds in the oil, it gives a wonderful taste, even with no other spices added. Buy it, you won't be sorry.
286366286366B0001XXAQWA1DE2YZ7AGEUOGHelen242711119225600Don't buy this productFirst, it doesn't look like the photo - roses are even smaller and scrawnier in person. And they were in bad shape when they arrived.
286367286367B0001XXAQWA3VGWK8CX0IT11S. Turner "Pinky"121251125187200Great FlowersI live in the UK and ordered these flowers for my aunt in Florida. She was exceptionally pleased with them, and says they are one of the nicest bouquets she has ever received.
286368286368B001EO5YDOA3QAXXS3JDUQ2ZShannon414141189123200tasty, but has high fructose corn syrupWhile I enjoy these, the reason I tried this brand over the others was because it said it had sugar and sunflower oil... both of which I have no problem with (i'm used to sweetened dried blueberries); however, i when I received the product I was very disappointed to see high fructose corn syrup in the ingredient listing and was kind of disappointed.
286369286369B001EO5YDOA2N3BRPS0NS7FFB. Martinek5551277510400Excellent!These blueberries are better than I expected, they are soft in texture and not the typical dry chewy texture of most dried fruit. Excellent on salads and in baking. I will definitely be ordering more.
286370286370B001EO5YDOA1SXYBHLTNGZNBB. Newport7851192060800A good buyThe price was quite reasonable when compared to other dried blueberries on the market. One thing that impressed me was that they were more tart (i.e., not as much sugar added) as others I've gotten.
286371286371B001EO5YDOA31O4WVTSF9GAQMichele Thomas "Digital Sherpa"2241319673600Great Tasting BlueberriesNot too sweet, not too tart, not oily at all. These blueberries are great tasting. One reviewer talks about disappointment because the package says it contains high fructose corn syrup. I checked the labels on the ones I ordered, and it's fructose, not high fructose corn syrup. Hello? There's a big difference between the two! I've been getting these blueberries on monthly deliveries for almost a year now. None of the labels have listed high fructose corn syrup. Only reason I gave it four stars is because I wish they had smaller blueberries, which are sweeter. Some orders have bigger ones than others. But they're all sweet. When I emailed the company and asked about the size differences they told me they had no control over the blueberry lots that they get delivered. Mother nature has control. I guess they're partially right. I wish they could pick more smaller ones!
286372286372B001EO5YDOA2TM9WEZ2CIXH2Edna M. Hanson "zephy"2251316390400Dried BlueberriesWhile we have bought many items from Traverse, this is the first purchase of the blueberries. They are a tad high priced, but well worth the price, the quality is great, the flavor has been retained and they have SO many uses! We've gotten their cherries and cranberries, and they are just as great. Very highly recommend!
286373286373B001EO5YDOA1ESSV8IJKREJ6jsue2231300147200These are ok but not excellentThe skins are tough. It ruins the flavor. I have had better from the market. They are more like chewy raisins than blueberries. It may be the blueberries I have liked were freeze dried. These do not compare in quality to the excellent cherries.
286374286374B001EO5YDOA1L43N8JVXZZL2lgrigg2251299715200Dried BlueberriesThese are wonderful added to yogurt and cereals or even plain. Fresh, of course, is better but we did enjoy this product.
286375286375B001EO5YDOA28EEXKP24GIL0clean car freak2251276041600GOOD SERVICE, GOOD NUTRITIONI have ordered these dried blueberries several times and they are SO good. The service is quick and the fruit is a great snack or for baking or for cereal. I put myself on their frequent order list so as not to run out of the blueberries or the dried cherries..DELICIOUS!
286376286376B001EO5YDOAAG231B9RSSINDarby2241273708800Great for Snacking, High in Anti-OxidantsProduct: Traverse Bay Dried Blueberries (3pk of 8oz each, 1.5lbs total)

A quick glance though my 100+ oookbook reviews will show I'm no slouch when it comes to global cuisine, and diverse ingredients. This product (both the blueberries and the cherries) marked the very first instance where I bought a dried fruit product online, and was not disappointed.

The blueberries are evenly ripe, not overly dried out, are sulfite-free, deeply flavorful, and only lightly sweetened. They have a very light coating of oil to seal in their moisture, and prevent clumping. They're very good for snacking, and are naturally high in anti-oxidants.

The Traverse Bay Cherries are slightly better suited for baking and sauces (due to their slightly higher moisture content), and the blueberries are mostly for snacking out of hand, and sprinking into hot cereal. Naturally high in anti-oxidants, and vitamins, they're a very healthy daily snack.

My one small nit with this product is the use of corn syrup, rather than cane sugar, for sweeting. Other than that, I'm happy with this product, and given that I own a vaccum sealer and plenty of glass jars with universal lids, they should have an excellent shelf life.

286377286377B001EO5YDOA2SA6LR78V49UVOrangeCrush "Still shooting with Film!"2251259020800The Best, Simply the Best!I actually live in Michigan and every year head up to Traverse City for the cherry fest. It was during a cherry fest like 6-7 years ago that I was introduced to Traverse Bay dried fruits. I have never eaten another brand since. If you like dried fruit then look no further. Traverse Bay sells Dried Cherries, Dried Organic Cherries, Dried Organic Blueberries, Dried Wild Blueberries, Dried Red Raspberries, and Dried Strawberries. Just check out the companies homepage. They even offer subscription based shipping just like Amazon. They also sell a bunch of other stuff as well including antioxidant fruit based vitamins, Jams, fruit concentrates, etc..

While dried cherries and dried cranberries are my favorites, I still really enjoy dried bluebarries. I have actually tried a lot of different brands over the years and none of them have the quality, freshness and flavor that Traverse Bay has. I eat them out of the box, on cereal, in salads, and even in homemade ice cream. Dried blueberries, or any other dried fruit for that matter, is just a great snack.

The bottom line - If your looking for high quality dried blueberries then look no further.

5 Stars!
286378286378B001EO5YDOA1EAH433QK3L3EAlbert I. Reiner2251173657600real blue berriesagain a great balance althog not as good for snacking as the cherries, GREAT in oat meal
286379286379B001EO5YDOA1VABU600RED3DL. P. Scott1151325462400love 'emI've been getting these blueberries for a year or so now. I toss some in cereal along with walnuts. Delicious.
286380286380B001EO5YDOA1K07GAFY0WJVRN. W. DeSantis "Nicole"1141321660800Pretty goodYes, this does have sugar added, but it really isn't all that bad compared to some of the other available brands in stores. It's tasty, works great in cereal, yogurt, and my kids love them. This is a good price, I will buy again.

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