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286396286396B004PX9JPKA3IYSIAKYOMKTORenter1131305849600Not real impresed with this thing.It might be just this one flavor, since the other flavors seem to be getting good reviews. My bowl popped, but the bottom layer of popcorn was burnt. I was paying attention, too. I followed the instructions on the bag to the letter. The unburnt kernels on the top came out fluffy and coated in a butter that I am absolutely positive is not good for me (tasted good, though). Another caveat, though: when I went to rip off the plastic film, it did not pull off like magic as in the ads. The right side came up, then I had to fight with the left side (but carefully, so as not the rip off the entire side of the bowl). Then I had the "bowl," which is shaped uncomfortably like an upside down paper hat from a fast food joint. On the whole, the popcorn that came out right was tasty, but I'd still rather pop it on the stove and then dump it into a mixing bowl myself.
286397286397B004PX9JPKA18P0T2NZTGWYXJ. Martin3411313712000Sprayed orange grease all over the inside of the microwaveThe pop-up bowl sounds like a great idea, but evidently they rushed it to market before all the bugs were out.

The first bag I cooked was fine, except the instructions for opening the bag are far from clear, and even after you figure out how to do it it's a lot of trouble and makes a big mess.

But the second bag evidently sprang a leak - it sprayed bright orange grease all over the inside of my microwave, even into the tiny vent holes inside the top and side. I always watch popcorn carefully while it pops, but I could not see the grease spray until after it was done and I opened the door. Cleaning it all out was a horrible ordeal, and I'm sure everything I cook in the microwave will come out smelling like popcorn grease for weeks.

They released this product too soon. It needs serious redesign. I will not buy it again.
286398286398B004PX9JPKA1TP7BQ5CQDI5VSnowykins0011347667200FailedAll the bags dripped butter all over my microwave and everywhere else as I rushed it to the sink. It did not peel back easily either. Very messy, less popped corn, and had to use a bowl anyway
286399286399B004PX9JPKA21BNKXAQY9AHFNathan Totten0011328400000Pop Up Bowl is TerribleThe bowl bag does not pop in the same amount of time as a normal bag so it makes your microwave's popcorn button useless. Additionally, about half of the bags are faulty and open when popping resulting in very little popped popcorn. Last, I have found it almost impossible to get the bag to pop completely even when watching it pop (since I can't use the popcorn button!). Overall, this new bowl design is terrible and I would recommend switching to another brand until they go bag to the old bags that work.
286400286400B004PX9JPKA5FG7521V3EJXHassan Sahibzada0051306108800Great idea, works wellI was hesitant to try this as other reviews mentioned that they had trouble getting all the kernels to pop. I'm using a GE Profile Microwave and it comes out perfectly for me, the directions say 2-2.5 minutes, but it said to listen for the popping to slow down. I found 2 mins and 15 seconds to be perfect. The bowl that was formed was sturdy and great for me now I don't have to wash the oily/butter grease off the bottom of the bowl I would have regularly dumped the popcorn into.

As far as taste goes, these are definitely a lot saltier than the movie theater butter snack sizes by Orville Redenbacher, I would prefer less salt but these still taste good.


After going through about 5 of these I wanted to mention that the popping time is not very consistent, so you really do need to do as the instructions say and wait till the popping slows down or else you'll burn them. The popping time has varied from exactly 2 minutes to 2 minutes and around 25 seconds for me. Once its done I've found if you grab it from the edges and shake it up and down really hard a couple of times it helps a LOT to mix the butter and salt inside so everything is evenly coated. Also after eating several of these I've found the salt content is fine, it's not too much like I noted earlier.
286401286401B003QSMT2UA1WUEAIKB94UVTAlberto Caputo "alberto caputo"0041327622400they love thisMy two cats love this food, you can get it cheaper and free shipping by other outlet. As soon as I open the can they star meeoouing , great product just don't over feed them.
286402286402B003QSMT2UA1X06OLEKRQMYBSusan Kallsen "gimmethebestblog"0021323907200Only 1 out of 3 cats will eat it...but they liked it better than the venisonTook forEVER to get this! And the cats won't eat it. One will nibble a bit. They love the chicken and green pea formula. None of them will eat the venison!
286403286403B003QSMT2UA2I6FFCUE6KID9Stone Maven "Stone Maven"0041320451200Two out of three cats loved itI bought this for a super finicky cat who only eats meat off our plate. It was a no go for her sadly. But our other cats loved it.
286381286381B001EO5YDOAREL24RKX62USESJW1141307923200I love this !!My parents loved this so I bought them again !

sweet and health !

and it is easy to keep because of cover ~
286382286382B001EO5YDOAFUB9A6DKAFTCM. CHau "mad kitty"1151261180800Traverse Bay Dried Blueberries 8oz. container (pack of 3)This is the first time I've tried this product. It tastes so good and fresh. We can't stop eating it. It's a bit pricey, but... it's blueberries.
286404286404B003R1EHJ4A318JMPJ6VQ052N. Perry8851286496000Bran Fiber Crackers are effective and not too bad.......Each pack has 10 3"x3" (approx.) squares. If you try to eat these dry, you will most likely gag. But, try it with anything moist (mayo, mustard, PB, etc) and savory, and it's pretty good. My favorite is light mayo on two squares, extra thin cold cut and sprouts as a sandwich. Just that and a big glass of water, and you'll feel full. They keep their crispiness very well, and they don't fall apart when you bite into them. They're very effective in terms of keeping me regular and work pretty fast in that way! I ordered from Amazon the 15-pack carton, and they came within the week in perfect condition -- not a single one appears to be broken.
286383286383B001EO5YDOA1WQF9DJCG6W6MJ. Brandon "fibro friend"1151168560000YummyThey are really delish. Very flavorful. Just great. Come in little plastic containers. Expensive, but the price is about the same as others I have seen.
286405286405B003R1EHJ4A14QCCJBJ054MUSquirt "Squirt"1141322956800Freshness of GG Bran CrispbreadI thought these packages of GG Bran Crispbread were not as fresh as I've had in the past.
I ordered out of Toronto the last couple of times but wanted to order from within the USA
and did so this time but feel a little disappointed. I'm eating them but find I need to let the
topping soak into them to soften them a little more but they are still tasty, don't think
I feel they are not eatable, because they are. They just seem to be a little hard.
286406286406B003R1EHJ4A28WFTXRGXXMZHtrimercy3451303603200GG Crisp High Fiber lo CalThis is a great product for substituting breads, crackers, and chips. Will hold up to dips, spreads, and anything put on it. Great crunch and a real source of fiber.
286407286407B003R1EHJ4AD808WFJCOWD1John Cope0041348099200Low carb good, but not great outside of that.These crackers are great, if you are on a low-carb or low-calorie diet and have something to put on them. Otherwise, they are very crisp and lacking in familiar flavor. Bran doesn't give you the satisfying carb load of a cracker, but it does deliver crispness. The odd bran flavor is offset well with some almond butter, cheese and mustard, or meat, but don't expect miracles. If your diet is so extreme that you barely get any fiber and you miss the texture of something crispy, these are a good option. Just don't go in expecting anything as grand as saltines (or even wasa bread) and you won't be too disappointed.
286408286408B003R1EHJ4A1Y83T45TBVDJRCilu0051347408000ExcellentI have been buying that GG Bran crispbread and I simply LOVE IT!!!!!!
I top the GG crispbread with jam , cheese, ricotta, or just plain.
I have difficult time finding them, but now I order them in AMAZON, they are very efficient in delivering fast. I order several pkgs. so they last me until I order more.
They are full of fibre and they are good if you are on a diet, or in my case if you do not eat bread of any kind.

I will recommend them highly!!!!!!!
286409286409B003R1EHJ4A1FNCN3XWHPBILDIssatisfied0021346284800GrossThe flavor and texture of mulch. Ugh. Bought these because they're low carb, then found out there's another cracker that's lower carb and flavorless so it's a good vehicle for dips and spreads without choking you.
286410286410B003R1EHJ4A1J49X5ZMTP7CTProud Mom of an Autie0031339372800Nutritious but NOT delicious!If you enjoy eating sawdust or cardboard, then these crackers are for you! I tried eating these with spreads and sliced cheese, peanut butter, you name it, and they are just too dry and make me feel like I'm choking. On the positive side, they are full of healthy fiber and are low carb.
286384286384B001EO5YDOA24S58T9V08SWSJ. nguyen2351279411200Yummy yummyOrder this brand and the JUST TOMATOES brand and this is better. They taste very similar, but this has a little more juice to it; corn syrup and oil. May not be considered healthy by others due to the high fructose corn syrup, but I'd rather have corn syrup over sugar free stuff which alters my body's ability to process sugar. If you want really dry blue berry, go for the just tomatoes brand as there's nothing added, but for a little more juice, this is the one to go for. Both are very, very good.
286385286385B001EO5YDOAAKZUI4ITUZBJJM0051344902400Great ProductPreviously purchased larger quantity from TBFC, for my use they were good. I put them in oatmeal and use in baking, but the berries in these smaller size tubs were larger and softer better for just snacking!
286386286386B001EO5YDOA1P2FJK2MOJ8INYUMSTER "EURO FOODIE"0051344211200THESE BERRIES ARE EVERY BIT AS YUMMY AS THE OTHER REVIEWS LED ME TO BELIEVE.Really moist, chewy and intense blueberry flavor. I think they are sweetened but they taste really good. I eat them on my muesli and out of hand. I am thinking of getting some of the other dried berries too, I like having snax on hand that don't spoil and add flavor to my life. Highly recommended based on superior taste.
286387286387B001EO5YDOAEKM9A7HYK5RCC. Powers "healthy mom"0051252368000Absolutely delicious and versatileThese blueberries are the best. They are not too dry, but soft and easily rehydrated. I use them right out of the package in tons of recipes from oatmeal cookies, granola, muffins and even to top my morning yogurt. My kids love them too. And I'm happy to have another dried fruit in the house for snack mixes and lunch boxes.
286388286388B001EO5YDOA164BXDHTQG31GOne-Boston-Chick1231286841600Yummy, but have high fructose corn syrupThese taste great! However, I am trying to move away from high-fructose corn syrup. So I will not buy again for that reason. If you don't care about that, these are a 5-star product!
286389286389B001EO5YDOADIL8KZJ2ZBT4Linda E. Moore2431283472000I was disappointed that it contained HFCSI wasn't expecting that. Since our local GFS carries Traverse Bay products, I think I'll check the ingredients there before making another purchase online.

What's wrong with good old fashioned sugar (cane sugar, not beet sugar, which is now a frankenfood)?

Maybe if enough of us protest HFCS, food manufacturers will stop using it.
286390286390B001EO5YDOAZGW5D26BX4L2AWB0151346284800yumordered three packs of the blueberries for oatmeal. Will continue to order again and again. They are simply delicious and worth the money.
286391286391B001EO5YDOA1BAE6217W78NSMorrigan Cider1511294790400High Fructose Corn SyrupWhen you go out picking blueberries in the fall, do you carry a jar of Karo syrup with you to dump on the fruit before you eat them? I know I don't, so I wouldn't want to buy them with high fructose corn syrup added either. Pass on these and get something without sugar added to it.
286392286392B0038A0ZAYA1R80B2TVLWHOCPearsonvideo "Christina"0051318982400amazing!My new favorite thing. I've been using this for salads for the last week and I'm hooked. The balsamic is bold but smooth, and the figs add a nice round flavor. Great with a little olive oil on a chicken salad with raspberries, mozzarella, and cashews.
286393286393B00751780MA1FO7PK3HZ1JTSNicola0031350432000Not what I expectedThese are a little misleading as I thought they were the Nylabone Advanced Oral Care "Fresh Breath" "Plak Buster" Dental Hearts. They look the exact same, green hearts & say just about the exact same thing on the package but they are not the same. The "Fresh Breath" dental hearts make my yorkie's bad breath go away instantly where as these did not at all. I still used them on my Pitbull which helped with tarter/ plaque on her teeth.
286394286394B004PX9JPKA2EZBWPM7XE671M. Rose2211309737600Will never buy again... not for small microwavesI followed the directions (2.5min) and very few kernels popped before everything started burning. I usually pop Pop Secret Homestyle brand (4min) and it produces a few duds at the bottom but without any burning in my apartment sized microwave. Orville PopUp Bowl just didn't pop. It just burned. And I tried 2 boxes before I threw everything out. No more Orville for me. Back to Pop Secret. Nice idea, epic failure in execution.
286395286395B004PX9JPKA320NYVVIZSZGYSkeletor-Vixen "CMarie"2221302220800Good idea but this design didn't work well......First off

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