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286411286411B003R1EHJ4AOUKJPOBCPZGKessence "essence"0041332892800GG BranDr Oz recommended these and I ran out an purchased them. They are low in calorie, and high in fiber. Plus they curb my appetite. I love these. I will definitely be ordering some more.
286412286412B006HVKN6CAL1U0G76QDJX3paco4511327536000Please read description - this is one box with the 10 packs not 10 boxes!Buyer Beware! The wording is confusing - seems as if listing makes it seems like 10 pack - it is 10 packs in the 1 box. These are less than half this price in the stores. Buyer Beware!
286413286413B006HVKN6CA3TTY6U9OLKP27D. YAMAMOTO "Stingray Lover"0051334880000Most Delicious Gummy THINGS I've Ever Had!!!Not only are these the best tasting gummy THINGS I've ever had, I'll bet you it'll be YOURS as well!!! Delicious (except for maybe the lemon), but also well packaged as I think the original ones don't stay as soft and get too dried out by the time it sells at the stores!!! It's just a more sophisticated adult flavor that's much more concentrated than the original ones. Delish!!!
286414286414B0053PIU6SA19SE9SX2BPS1QDragonD0051328054400Ir'a like a Thanksgiving SweetPotato&Carrot&Apples Meal for your Toddler!Now that my daughter is 2, I really appreciate that the HappyTot pouches really seem to keep the toddler's needs in mind, by offering a good size portion pouch for them, great flavors and especially this one, is my daughter's favorite in the veggie options. I tasted it too since the combo of Sweet Potato, Apple, Carrots really seemed like a "Thanksgiving" meal to me and wow, it was! It's like eating a pureed version of the Thanksgiving Meal side dish! I loved this side dish with my Turkey so it's so funny that my daughter does too. Chock full of Vitamin A, being organic and all veggies and fruits, it's a great snack for her and meal supplement to her other foods. The portability is perfect and that extra dash of cinnamon, makes me have a great respect for the company which shows how they really want the product to be tasty while maintaining the healthy offerings too!

HAPPYBABY Happy Tot - Stage 4: Sweet Potato, Apple, Carrots and Cinnamon, 4.22 Ounce Pouch (Pack of 16)
286415286415B004PX9JPAA1VW80DXX9KA1Nkc-scout "Diverse Music Fan"2251335830400Hot EnoughFor those that want beef jerky that'll melt your tongue off, you'll never find it mass produced so quit whining. .00001% of the population can handle extreme foods. This is about as hot as they can make it and still sell to most everybody (that digs jerky). I'm pretty versed in spicy foods and this isn't what I consider hot, its not even hot enough to require a beverage - but I've had a lot of beef jerky and this is the hottest. Quick burn that goes away pretty quick. Flavor is your normal Slim Jim with a little bite. I highly recommend and will buy again.
286416286416B004PX9JPAA1GX3VMBCZMMVDDT2251324425600More for meI bought the regular and the wife and kids went through them in no time, so I bought the Tabasco and it slowed the kids down but the wife still loved them, finally I bought the Habenero and she ate one and said "it made her ears burn", so now I have them all to myself, I think they have just the right amount of heat.
286417286417B004PX9JPAA1OEK4UXRLAK1EKeith Carnley1141332720000Don't let the name fool youI really enjoy spicy food and just once I wish I could find a product with as much heat as the label tries to make you believe. Good product and better than the normal Slim Jim. I found the heat level about the same as the Dare Jalapeno. For the flavor I prefer the jalapeno.

If you find Taco Bell hot sauce a challenge for your taste buds you might not be able to handle this product. If your a true chile-head expect to be disappointed.
286418286418B004PX9JPAA3RFXVVRJDURFWRob Kov1151325030400DARE Slim JimsThese Slim Jims are just great. Love the added heat of Habaneros and what a flavor boost!!
I will be buying more in the future, I hope they don't discontinue these.
286419286419B004PX9JPAA3VU12U2C27R6VMsLittleBigToe5751307404800Best slim jim ever!!!My husband and I love the habernero slim jim. It's spicy and tasty from start to finish. Don't buy this if you can only tolerate a little spicy.
286420286420B004PX9JPAA24UB2QFU7NLPCDina Whelan2351312848000We love themThese are by far the best Slim Jims out there. I am waiting for this to become available again so that I can have it shipped monthly to our home. They are uber delicious with just enough heat to enjoy the spiciness without burning your mouth.
286421286421B004PX9JPAA1R7G192358UZAlee0051350864000Just as promised, but should be hotterJust as promised. They are good and they are spicey, but they should definitely be hotter. This should be the mid-level spiciness, not the maximum
286422286422B004PX9JPAA2YBCOTMHIHAZKHarry Benkiel "Jaws Loan Company"0041338854400Good but not GreatOkay, I admit that I am a very serious chilihead so I wasn't expecting these to blow me away. They definitely have a nice warmth to them, they were very fresh, and the flavor is very much that of a Slim Jim. But yes, I wish they were much hotter. Still, now that I've had one of these it will be very difficult to go back to any milder version. I also wish they came in a shorter snack-size version. Highly recommended to anyone who likes heat and Slim Jim.
286423286423B004PX9JPAA2AEBH3O9EKFV4David Dosch "IB Dave"0051338681600Love these, they actually have a little bit of kick.Most "spicy" beef sticks don't have any spice to them. These aren't really habenero level hot but they do at least have some kick to them. I really like them and recommend them to any chilli heads out there.
286424286424B004PX9JPAAK2MOAHIUVSN1marc20120051336435200Out of this world.Slim Jims have finally found a hit in the Dares. Both varieties are excellent. Hope they stick with this product. Will never eat another beef stick again.
286425286425B004PX9JPAA19132BBSTQ8T7K. Hankins "KC0MLP"0051332374400Quite good.If you don't like the flavor than you don't like habaneros and you should not have purchased this to begin with. The flavor really does taste like habaneros although they are not as hot as a good habanero is. Warning, do not touch your eyes after eating this!
286426286426B004PX9JPAA1Z4550X91KUW7johnny0051331078400great value & heatmuch cheaper then at the stores. just as 'fresh' & packed with flavor.
i took a few with me on vacation (i eat constantly), & now my friend is hooked on slim jims lol.
since i purchased them the price has gone up, wish i would have bought many more!!
286427286427B004PX9JPAA3QHJ0HHLTZT92chemdaxs0041328918400Feelin' HOT HOT HOT - ohhh yeeahhhAlright - so these really aren't all that spicy. Yes, they do have a bit of a bite to them, but these slim jim's also pack a lot of flavor. Instead of the mystery meat flavor you get with the standard Slim Jim's - these have a much better balanced flavor of actual "meat" and spices. Sure, you can get better snack sticks - but these are truly the king of the slim jim line.
286428286428B004PX9JPAAQL2WVMP7V0HCM-Burkhardt0051323475200HOTT!!I was very satisfied with my order of these Slim Jims. I mean, who doesn't want 24 Burning Hot Slim Jims!? It is a great deal, at slightly less than $1 per Slim Jim! If you love spicy snacks, or anything that will set your mouth on fire, I definitely recommend this product to you. Enjoy, and I hope you don't sweat as much as I did!
286429286429B004PX9JPAA2RNYW2HIQBGSMCarlos Alvarez0051323388800Great flavor, nice heatThese are the best Slim Jim flavor ever. Great flavor and heat, without any of that "heat for the sake of heat" strangeness you get with a lot of hot products. It has a nice smoky flavor to it. Less greasy-feeling than the other varieties I've tried.

I love extremely hot foods, and find these decidedly hot but no unbearable. However if you think that Tabasco sauce or similar things are too hot, you will NOT like these!
286430286430B004PX9JPAA19PLBJXKOCDXNcandice caviness0041322352000Good, but really guys?This has to be the best slim jim out there, but come on people, it isen't that hot. Now, I will say that I am alway's eating hot food's, but these don't deliver. I would say, 5 min. short burn, not 1 whole hour of heat. If you read the ingreadent list, you will see "less than 2% of" and then Hab. pepper'. For any one looking for a nice hot snack, I suggest these, but for a real chili head looking for a challenge, try some thing else.
286431286431B004PX9JPAA3NVZTGPORNPRWB. Pearce0051321056000More kick than Tabasco Slim JimsI've never had a spicy meat stick with as much kick as these. It seems like kind of a smoked flavor to me. If you like Slim Jim's other spicy offerings, give these a try! They're great!
286432286432B004PX9JPAA7KAXS68WLZE4boodah0051319760000AWESOMEThese are awesome, the flavor has just enough heat not to make it unbearable. I highly recommend this product if you are one that likes spicy food.
286433286433B004PX9JPAA29EQH58FSIN04Nick Stamathis0051319673600Best Slim Jim out there!I'm a heat freak, i devour hot sauce every day in some form and was very happy to see a Habanero Slim Jim at the gas station the other day. It's got a decent tingle to the tounge, but definitely no "Habanero Heat".
a raw Habanero pepper will make a grown man cry. This Slim Jim is far from the real Habanero burn, but still a tastey treat! I dont care much for the other tabasco and nacho flavors. This is my favorite out of them all.
286434286434B004PX9JPAA1PZ9WW075PY49V-4-Vendetta0041316822400Enjoy the burn...After eating one i was going to write a review that it wasn't hot at all. Ha ha, it took a minute or two before the heat build up for me. It gives a nice sustained heat for a few minutes afterward, but not the kind of burn where you think...Oh no, I made a mistake!!! I like habanero when it is tasty with a few minutes of sustained burn, but not scald the tastebuds hot.
286435286435B004PX9JPAA2VI5F1IB3PYN7Geekify5851307404800HOLYMOTHEROFGODAFTERBURN.If you like hot things that continue burning for about an hour, this is for you. It kicks from start to finish. And when you're done your tongue is just absolutely destroyed. Keep this away from kids. haha
286436286436B004PX9JPAA31OMUO22K5MI1B. Deplae3521322352000I wish they were hotter.Like many other mass market items with Habenero in the name (looking at you Doritos) these are not as hot as they should be. Good for people who feel that Taco Bell hot sauce is hot, but not for true fans of habenero peppers.
286437286437B004PX9JPAAKFL3E0K3PLNDDarryl Der1251325980800Slim Jim Habenero sticksGood service. Product very peppery hot, but good. i would buy again. not for those that do not like spicy.
286438286438B004PX9JPAA3F7NO1Q3RQ9Y0Juiblex0621331856000*stomache rumbles*I'll make this quick.
They taste "alright" at best.
They're unnecessarily hot, if they're going to be that hot they need flavor.
I feel sick after eating one.

I have no problem with spicy foods but this is just ridiculous.
286439286439B004PX9JPAA1KIMTH867KAPCAndrew Lee "andrew"0711333411200Lied to about amount of Slim JimsThe box says pack of 24 but I only received 23 in the box. I recounted it 4 times. It really ticks me off because of the lack of professionalism in packaging. Worst part, I can't find a way to get my money back or get in contact with them to state my case. It's only 1 missing slim jim so it's not a big deal, I hate being lied to and ripped off. This also makes me wonder, are all the boxes only containing 23 but states 24? That's false advertisement. Regardless, not satisfied and wouldn't buy again.
286440286440B000QSOU0CA1FEHKDPDN8J3RObserver "Sightseeing"6711328227200Foiled!I cannot fault the product. Friskies is a reputable company and the food I ordered will be appreciated by one cat.
However, and I take full responsibility - the buyer did not beware - I received ONE 5.5 ounce can of shredded chicken and salmon for a whopping $3.88. In my book that is pure and simple thievery. I will be on the lookout for this seller and advise everyone tempted to order from them to do the same. If I could rate the seller minus points I would.

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