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286457286457B005OVPK0AA1ZX6BD7S2EN9KLinda092 "linda092"0011348617600Tastes good, but the cereal came with more crumbs than whole piecesI like this flavor, and none of the stores around me sell it. The boxes (4 came in the order) have more crumb pieces than whole pieces. I won't order it again from Amazon. It's not worth the shipping price and hassle to return it.
286458286458B005OVPK0AAAZ084UMH8VZ2D. L. Brown "A Knower Of Good Things"0051344211200My now fav cerealThank you Amazon for having this cereal here for me to purchase, as I cannot find this in my local store at all. I can find the brand and the other flavors but not this one, which has now become a fav of mine. I like to eat this with my vanilla almond milk which makes it taste even better, as the maple flavor then pops. This cereal does not get overly soggy it holds own no matter how long it is in the milk. I have even eaten this as a snack,this is just how much I like the flavor and the texture. I highly recommend this cereal if you like the Quacker Oatmeal is oh so good.Take advantage of the subscribe and save as well this bargain cannot be beat,not even at my local store.
286459286459B0028581WEA2FL3ALEG2NQWGAmanda Davis "Amanda D"0051316649600Absolutely Yummy!!!Just had a co-worker drop by with a bag of Ghiradelli Chocolate Squares and selected one of the Caramel filled chocolates.. OMG! It was absolutely yummy... Online now to buy a bag...
286460286460B0028581WEA2FOXRMJA0T9M7kupres0051285113600ChocolatesAnother great example of this fine chocolate makers produce. Good service and fast delivery too.
286461286461B001C316QGA30HXIUK7XHTVShmm...0051255737600Affordably hotI am sure that this is hotter than the normal insanity sauce, but at this heat level, you really cannot tell the difference. This price is a great value considering how other outlets charge $10 for shipping. Overall this is a great hot sauce. There is nothing but heat here. No waste of space here. No unnecessary vinegar. This is great for soups and chillis, and is great for heating up other hot sauces that have the flavor, but not the heat. Even if used regularly, one bottle can last for 2-3 months or more. The only weakness that I saw was that the bottles did not have the plastic dropper tip the Original bottles had.
286462286462B001C316QGA3M3FIKYYZNLOJPaul Park0051230508800Consider it the bar for a specialty hotsauce.If you're a real spicy food lover, Thai/Indian/Korean/Schezuan, then this is perfect for spicing up your American foods. It's all about matching sauces to foods and the flavor of this sauce perfectly compliments non-spicy staples such as pizza, burgers, and hot dogs.

Here's the breakdown in scovilles:

Tobasco Sauce = 2500 to 5000 depending on the batch.
Normal Jalapeno Pepper = 2500 to 5000
Cholula = 3600
Tobasco Habanero Sauce = 8000 to 9000
Dave's Insanity Sauce = 180,000
Dave's Ultimate Insanity Sauce = 250,000 (This is the one you're looking at)

Hopefully the list above will help any newcomers decide whether or not this is for you.If you're new to the boutique hot sauce world then I'd suggest going for the regular Insanity Sauce first.

And never forget for any new hot sauce, "ONE DROP AT A TIME!!!!"
286463286463B0036IWP5QA3A21OFQAPUWAKBevyjoy0051335139200Morning CoffeeI have been drinking Green Mountain Breakfast Blend Coffee for about 3years. I only drink coffee in the morning & enjoy a lighter tasting coffee & of course the convenience of the K-Cup. Green Mountain has many blends & flavors of coffee to choose from. We have a summer home with many guests coming to visit. I keep a supply of the various Green Mountain Coffees on hand so our guests can choose the coffee they like. I will continue to drink Green Mountain Breakfast Blend Decaf for as long as it's available.
286464286464B0036IWP5QA3SZ4X932QL6MZsharon kanoski0051324166400Best deal for coffeeI try finding the best deal on K cups. I don't want to spend more than $.50 per cup. This coffee, for 96 cups, was a good deal. The coffee was good, too.
286465286465B0036IWP5QA632OAXQM0KLJScottie0051311897600Green Mountain Breakfast Brew (Decaf)Very easy to prepare (Kreuig) and the taste is wonderful. I will order this again and again. I ordered this item through Amazon and Emporium Glorium shipped the item to me.
286466286466B0036IWP5QA2D8O81W5AHQGImaillady0051306627200Great CoffeMy husband was looking for a lighter roast in a decaf and this hit the mark. Tried many others and this was his favorite.
286467286467B000EY5COGA1RW9FIPYO8F1JJuan Delvalle171751232496000My son doesn't have asthma!Thanks to goat milk my son doesn't have asthma. Two months ago he was having problems sleeping and eating. He would drink cow milk and in a half hour he would start to have what doctors call dry cough syndrome. He would cough nightly, have mucus in his nose,will cough out a heavy clear saliva when he coughs it out. First they stated he had allergies. he was prescribed with singular for his allergies. My wife and I went to a specialist and he came out negative. He was then prescribe with pulmicort to inhale. Even 911 ambulance declare he was asthmatic when we explain to them his syndrome. Then one night my wife went on-line to do research about cow milk, and behold a pale horse the site stated the allergies systems is similar to asthma. So parents if your child is acting totally different when he drinks cow milk. Don't jump to conclusion that your joy in life is asthmatic just because the doctor says so .Doctor's are not always 100% right. Do your research and they will be a answer waiting for you not a "I think he has" answer. Your judgement can be just as important. THANK YOU goats for being just as delicious and helping my son to be correctly diagnose by doing research. 1 point for parents zero points for the medical field.
286468286468B000EY5COGA2VVCXQPITVN3HSergio Valladares101151224806400Powdered milk versus evaporatedMy wife and I have relied on Meyenberg for goat milk for many years, and though we normally buy it refrigerated, when in the US, we also purchase it in powdered form when traveling abroad, usually for several months out of the year. I was recently unable to purchase it in its powdered form from the Meyenberg supplier on Amazon, as it was out of stock, so I opted for the evaporated milk cans. It's still very good, though for easy transportation powdered milk is hard to beat, as I find the evaporated milk a bit bulky and thus more expensive to ship abroad. On the other hand, the drawback with powdered milk is, once it is opened, the milk powder becomes harder to dissolve the longer it is kept . . . that's the compromise. Still, my wife and I are happy to have the option.
286469286469B000EY5COGA3ARPAACR5MLQFS. Helwick "organic mommy"91051251331200Awesome substitute for milk for my son!I love this evaporated goat's milk for my son! It is not real expensive, and he loves it. Walmart also sells this, if you would prefer not to pay shipping. I would rather use this and supplement a few supplements then use canned formula. It has lots of harmful ingredients that this does not. The goat's milk here is fed a kosher diet and the goats are not pumped up with antibiotics and hormones! This goat's milk is closest to mother's milk!!!
286470286470B000EY5COGA2BXFKTS26Q08TS. Subbaramu "San"5551163030400Best Whole Goat MilkI have been buying this for my daughter - since she loves drinking this - and it is extremely easy to digest and has better value than cow's milk.

- San
286441286441B001JTTS04AATOLM1AX222IMishiRN "~*Mishi*~"4451260057600Even non allergics LOVE this!!I recently developed allergies to peanuts/trree nuts/wheat/gluten, and I was devastated! That is, until I found Sunbutter...OMG is all I have to say. And from someone who used ot eat peanut butter like it was going out of style, this is waaaay better! Its crunchy, "nutty," yummy goodness! Even my non allergic husband, family members, and friends love this...I've made converts out of everyone!
286442286442B001JTTS04A2YO30KT2QVEM7Trouble3351253491200SOOOOOO GOOD!!!!That stuff is so good! Creamy, crunchy and incredible nutty. I can't eat peanut butter (ALLERGY) and after trying Sunbutter I don't even care anymore, because peanut butter can't be better than that. Tastes really good on bretzels, apples, whole wheat bread ....!
286443286443B001JTTS04A3SVSVBI3ZK7FNnursewoman0011339804800horrible productI ordered 3 jars of the crunchy because all I can find in the stores lately is the creamy. All 3 jars were completely drained of their natural oil. I got 3 jars of dried up sunbutter with very little crunchiness. Wish I hadn't discarded the paperwork, it is not fit to eat.
286444286444B007FRBA96A5UI0R6NJB4E5Whyskey181851271980800Love this stuff - great diet aidJust adding this to my normal diet routine has caused a big difference in my weight loss. I'm not hungry and have plenty of energy - a huge change from before I started drinking it. I was actually a little concerned at first due to the sudden drop in weight. I thought I was losing water weight but I was wrong. I use about a teaspoon/teaspoon and a half per day and brew it 4 times - about 8 cups - per day. As a bonus, it tastes pretty good too.
286445286445B007FRBA96A2KKPBAND2G18HRobin Everist1151334793600This tea is wonderful!Smells strong, but the brew is a nice calming flavor that isn't too overpowering. I enjoy it both iced and hot. Not sure of the "weight" promises as I don't think it has had any effect for me. But a yummy tea no less!
286446286446B007FRBA96AHCA4CQDHI9F7Helen M. Williams0051349136000Teavana Weight to Go Pu-erh Weight-Loss TeaThis is a delicious tea, but I don't know if it did anything to reduce weight. It also contains Oolong tea which has research behind it to support a slight rise in metabolism. The taste is good enough that I don't care if it works for weight loss.
286447286447B007FRBA96ABV7VL9T70DQ0mighty j0041344816000Delicious teaThis tea is so good and it smells yummy. I highly recommend it. I really like the Teavana brand and will try more flavors in the future.
286448286448B007FRBA96A21NQ9AGLYXZPLjacqueline0041334188800Nice hot treatThe product has a special taste I found to be a treat. This tea and a good book will take you away . The shipment was very slow so it will take a lot of patience, However well worth the wait.
286449286449B0025UJVZIA370Z6I5GBWU44M "CultOfStrawberry"5541303948800YumFor a easy strawberry spread, Welch's does a pretty good job. It has a really nice strawberry taste that you can enjoy by itself or with peanut-butter sandwiches.
286450286450B0025UJVZIAC57A1QMUXK10Pam Smith "Pam"4451314921600Strawberry Spread!This is sinfully good! The strawberrys inside taste like starwberry jam I just made and put on some fresh baked bread. It was a toss-up between the grape or this and I'm very glad I went with the strawberry. A little cream cheese is good on the bread or biscuit before you put on the spread. Store it upside down in the fridge and make sure the lid is on tight!
286451286451B0025UJVZIA307VH3RJD1AYProckie0021350864000Welch's Strawberry SpreadI bought this spread looking for good strawberry flavor instead of just a blast of sugar. I have to say that I really do like the taste a lot; however, there are whole strawberries instead of chopped or pureed fruit. The problem wish this is that it makes it REALLY hard to spread. After all, how do yo spread a whole strawberry? The result is that you can have a teaspoon or a tablespoon or however much you would usually use of jam or jelly, but all of the spread ends up in one small spot on your bread. I like my spread to be even distributed over the whole piece of bread.

I'm going to take the bottle that I bought and run the contents through my food processor to make it more spreadable, and then I won't be buying this spread again. I'll stick with brands that have a texture more conducive to making an even taste over a larger area
286452286452B004H6FF9YA32TRJ5UZL68Dee0051330387200Delicious muffins!I don't post reviews often, but I had to come back and review these. The company that made my favorite just add water/milk muffins went out of business a few years ago and I've been on the hunt for strawberry muffins ever since. I decided to try these Prepared Pantry muffins on a whim and I'm really glad that I did. They are so good. Absolutely delicious and despite being a premade mix, they're surprisingly moist. I will definitely be buying these muffins again and plan to check out some of the other mixes they sell on their website.
286453286453B0000DJ7WIA375QRG43POEW6dndnd232511069977600Stay Away...This product ships in great packaging and it looks good, but the taste... horrible. In fact, there is not much one can do wrong with good fresh crab legs, just steam/boil, and freeze to ship. They added salt to the legs while cooking so much so that it tasted not only bad in my opinion, but my cat did not eat them either.
So, save your money, and go to any local store that carries the king crab legs, I bet you they are not worse then the ones I had to throw away.
286454286454B0000DJ7WIA2CSZMKR26MQ2BCindy A. Waiting "cindy"4421298246400king crab legsKing Crab, low quality, small legs. Can buy better quality king crab legs at my local supermarket.
Would not purchase this product again.
286455286455B0000DJ7WIA1LHHZCRANBW4WRobert Allocca "Former Food Distributor"193151161561600King Crab LegsFirst thing is I did not purchase crab legs from Omaha as the price is 10 steps beyond gouging. Here in the NY area they can be purchased for $7.99 a pound, no S&H. There are 2 sizes of legs, larger and smaller [usually referred to as A's & B's] with the larger being approximately $2.00 a pound more.

Considering that there's more shell weight than meat weight, $25 a pound is completely outrageous.

Look elsewhere for your crab legs. I hope Amazon takes note of this review.
286456286456B0078ETYX0AY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson0041334102400The Lobster Bisque was Quite Good.I had a simple lunch today. It consisted of a 10.5-ounce serving (one can) of Bar Harbor New England Style Lobster Bisque and a couple pumpkin seed cheddar crispbreads. Very good, and just the right size. The Lobster Bisque was excellent. Nice flavor and nice mix of ingredients, including the minced lobster, of course. I've been trying out the Bar Harbor seafoods of late and they're quite excellent, as was this lobster bisque. It's a little high in fat and cholesterol so I'll watch the intake on my other foods of the day. The sodium is a bit high too. Alas, if something is really good, you can just bet it overindulges in the wrong ingredients.

Gary Peterson

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