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286501286501B000FJ01FKA112L70RTD50OXcolumbiauni1151227571200A great treat!I recently purchased a box of these cookies at my local grocery store because I have to regulate my blood sugar, but sometimes I just need a sweet treat to satisfy my sweet tooth. I honestly thought these were going to taste like cardboard, but I was pleasantly surprised! They are very coconut-y, so if you love macaroons, you'll love these cookies.

These cookies are slightly soft, but not chewy, and I don't feel deprived of "normal" cookies when I eat them. Best of all, my blood sugar doesn't go haywire after eating them! They use fructose rather than aspartame, so people who can't consume phenylalanine can eat these, unlike other low glycemic products.

The serving size on the box is 4 cookies which is good because I usually feel like my sweet tooth is satisfied after just 2 cookies, and 4 cookies is a REAL treat!
286502286502B000FJ01FKA11VK79G41FSU6C. Dixon0031242864000"Good enough" for diabeticsMy two year old is a Type 1 diabetic and naturally he doesn't understand why he can't have the same foods his brother and sisters have without getting insulin. To try to combat this (and donate to research at the same time) I bought these cookies.

Overall, they will do in a pinch. While they were full of coconut flavor they were dry as dirt. The sweetness is a treat and of course, the fact that BG doesn't go crazy is a plus. Truth be told though we prefer other low carb desserts.
286503286503B000FJ01FKA3E0DRMXFZVE69A reader13113006656006 boxes of cookies all expiring in less than 2 monthsThe 1-star rating is given to the shameless company that sell and ship this product, not to the product itself.

The reason i NEVER order food online is bcoz they only ship you the product expiring VERY SOON. Prior to ordering from amazon, I went to several gourment markets in my neighborhood that said they carry the product, but actually they do not. I resolved to my last option- online order. and guess what? all 6 boxes of cookies arrived in the condition that I've feared/expected- expiring in 1.5 month from the date of arrival.
286504286504B000OSKH92A352KHXVANI0QHAlexis Nordine "Alexis"3351224806400Simply delicious.These tiny pieces of white chocolate are simply delicious. My only wish is that there were more in the package! Buttons are definitely one of my favorite candies. A must-try delight.
286505286505B000OSKH92A33V3XOTB0SIRKIt's time to play!1151189814400Yummy white buttons -- very freshI love the way these buttons melt in my mouth. I like to pop three or four in at a time and enjoy the creamy white chocolate. Shipping was fast and I think they added an extra bag. Thanks.
286506286506B000N8OPFAA7SRI7ZHFCL9VP. MCGEE "PJM"111141227657600Vegetable MixThis is a very nice product. Very fresh, great flavor. Nice size container. Rehydrates in water. Use in anything you want to get veggies in. But, I think shipping is a little high for 1 container. Seeing as I had never tried this before, I didn't want to get a lot, and not care for it. but, next time, I will order more, to save shipping.


286508286508B000N8OPFAA3OAGUKYU8I0CBDavid G. Vester7751240963200Extremely pleasedI am extremely pleased with the vegetable mix I ordered and the very fast delivery. The shipping charge is a little high if you only order one item which induces a person (like me) to order many more than just one. I'm sure the company doesn't mind.
I will definitely order from Marshalls Creek Spices again.
286509286509B000N8OPFAA3RSJB09ZJDQXVSongplayerman "songplayerman"2251279843200Dried VegetablesYou can use these in soups and in anything cooked in water. I use them in fish that I heat in water in porcelain ware. They release more flavor when cooked a bit. I would use them in stuffings. You can supplement them with other herbs but they have a distinctive flavor that adds something special and different.
286510286510B000N8OPFAA3N4IKBHPGTQXXKathleen A.2251216944000DeliciousThis is the best vegie mix I have ever bought.
It adds so much flavor to my soups.
Every item I bought from this seller has been very fresh.
I just bought 6 more jars of the vegie mix to keep on hand. I even boil it with spaghetti, My son loves it that way. I am going to give a few away to friends, so they can share in my findings.
286511286511B000N8OPFAA2VZNFFXA6KWJTbay31121318636800TOO MANY ONIONSBought one and really liked it. Purchased a second container and it was mostly onions. Not a very good blend. They were so strong that someone across a room could smell the onions.

Great if you like onions, however if you want a veggie blend - BEWARE.
286512286512B000N8OPFAA3JL3V7QWVDY8PKate Sullivan "Bluestocking"0021343260800Disappointed and feeling a little deceivedI have purchased this product previously. This time, there are
two many onions in the mix, I didn't want minced onions, they
are easy to get. Also, the picture shows that the jar is almost as
big as a milk carton, which is true, however, the jars I got are
about 75% full, this is very disappointing. I will keep and use
but will not buy this particular brand again. When I buy dried
vegetables I expect a lot more green, red and orange. The packaging
and delivery were as usual for Amazon, great.
286513286513B000N8OPFAAZM08HKKZ03NUDeeCheJon0011340668800TOTALLY GROSS!!!I bought this October 25, 2011 and I kept it in a cool, dark, and dry place.

I went to use it about 3 months later in a soup I was making. And I looked at the still vacuumed sealed container with the wrapper still in place and unbroken and OMG,I notice what looked like to be a ca coon and greenish color maggot ( probably from eating the green vegetables)!!!

IMOP, this had to have had happen during the processing because the jar is still sealed. YUCK!!!

I called AMAZON C/S and they did credit me. But what if I would have used before the maggots showed in the container?!!! I HATE TO THINK ABOUT IT!!!

NEEDLESS TO SAY I WON'T BE BUYING THIS ANY MORE!!! And I'll look for another company to buy dried vegetables for soups.

If I could rate this a negative 5, that's is exactly what I would score this!!!

286514286514B000N8OPFAA12H9T9Z5TQ7P4Linda Beaumont0041294963200Vegetable Mix vs Soup GreensI would give Soup Greens, which I can no longer seem to find, five stars. This Vegetable Mix is the closest to it that I could locate though, thus the four stars, but they are not quite as good.
286515286515B000N8OPFAA27Q0IUDS2NFUZCarolyn J. Porter0251266883200Dried mixed vegetablesThis was exactly what I was looking for and at a great price. Shared it it several of my friends who thought it was great also. I had looked for it in stores but had not been able to find it.
286516286516B002TMBYU2A3TTGKBYJCV8J6Zhills,Florida USA8851260057600DELICIOUSThese are thin,crisp, fragrant cookies and are very delicious and tasty. They are excellent with a glass of cold almond milk or hot herbal tea. (my choices) If you like ginger snaps you will love Lars ginger snaps.
286517286517B002TMBYU2A1PKVDA89F3SQQcowchippy1151332806400OMG COOKIESThese ginger cookies are it...I don't have to look anymore ...I have found THE cookie ...I ate the entire box and did not hubby said when I order more I have to get 2 boxes cause he would like to have some..:)
286518286518B002TMBYU2AMFYR0T3ZCY8SAnnBH0051295308800GOOD!Very good. Very tasty and authentic flavor! I ordered these last minute for Christmas, not knowing if they were going to arrive on time. They arrived at my house on Christmas Eve.
286519286519B002TMBYU2A2E58SOV509OGKjeanette m lozon0051294963200Great CookiesDidn't have time to make these this year so I thought I would buy them. I never buy cookies, but these I would buy again. My son loved them. The only thing I had to do was dip them in white chocolate.
286520286520B000WL174KA2GCPBVF9KZU0XJ. Lin "Mae"5751256169600excellent product and serviceWhen you buy food items over the internet, sometimes the items arrived either melted or damaged during shipping. Not this. The box was shipped with three packs of ice in another larger box with inserts to prevent leaking. The Reese's miniatures chocolate was refresh and delicious. There are about 17 pieces in each bag (150g).
286521286521B000WL174KA3NYWYYFOK9NONJim Weatherly "Jim."2651269216000Another great oneReeses Peanut Butter Cups as been a favorite of mine since I was a little boy. These mini cups are great because if you only in the mood for a nibble, you don't have to open and eat an entire package of full sized cups.
286522286522B000WL174KA1GVTE6HEXEGLPDuff Dry91911292630400Now made in MexicoALMOST ALL Hershey Miniatures are now made in Mexico. If you disapprove of the outsourcing of US food products, please DO NOT BUY MEXICAN MADE Hershey products. You must turn the product over to know for sure if your Hershey Product was made in Mexico and read carefully.

Please note that at the time of this review (12/2010), the regular size Reese Cups are still proudly made in Hershey Pennsylvania! If you truly care about the American Worker, please continue to purchase Hershey products that are made in the United States and make Hershey aware of you decision. Outsourcing does not work if the outsourced products are not purchased.
286523286523B00271EP60A3C6JAOFXUHHZRA. Brooks2251274054400Marvelous dessert cheese!My local organic food co-op sells this cheese for short periods each year. I discovered its wonderful sweet, tangy taste and creamy texture two years ago. I am always left craving more after the supply is exhausted each year. This cheese was just what I craved. Arrived in perfect condition. I will order again!
286524286524B00271EP60A3I3TW80ALNSOWMartha Chiriboga1151290038400White Stilton is Delicious and Scrumptous!I love this Cheese. It's soft and the ginger with mango texturize it, delighfully.

I would recommend that you would buy it from Gourmet-Food dot com, directly, since it will cost you about ten dollars less (in shipping) than buying it directly from Amazon.

I will buy their Chocolate Capri for the holidays.
286525286525B00271EP60A3RWA0EUDDTA8Rpaty0051346803200excellent cheeseLoved the flavor. The packaging was very secure and protected the product. We will be ordering this product again. Serve it at room tempature.
286526286526B004HJM7F6A202OCISPD3RTFJSR1111313798400DISAPPOINTEDAfter searching for these items online I was very pleased when I saw your details online. I places my order of Crystal light powder mix which arrived this week.

I am very surprised to see that the expiration date on all the packets is only November 2011 bearing in mind that there are 12 box of 15 sachets I am dismayed, when the description states 02/09/12!

Also can you please explain why the tops of the sachets have been slit?
286527286527B00473XQF2A2AKB0ZY744MQMTerry1151308355200Goya AdoboGoya Adobo is a wonderful product. We use it all the time. We recently move from the east coast to one of the mountain region states in the west. When our original supplies ran out, we went to the store in our new neighbourhood and could not find any Goya Adobo. Inquires revealed that Goya products are not sold in this part of the country, so we bought some other brand of seasoning salt. It was a big dissapointment. I had being buying other things fron Amazom and decided to look for Goya Adobo and I was not dissapointed. Our food started to have the great taste we were acostomed to again.

Thank you.
286528286528B004XINWNCA1GWJQLX1LSZF0Larry G. Rogers0051342828800Please pass the PepitasI like Pepitas and when I was told that seeds were good for me, I started trying roasted pepitas from all kinds of places. I must say, I was nervous about spilling a bag of pepitas when I tried ot fill my half cup measure but so far, no problem. And these taste great.
286529286529B004XINWNCA1P04T7TNLLJJ8J. Lockwood "long-suffering husband"0011337990400Boy, should you read the disclaimer!There's a very good reason for the disclaimer on this website. These pumpkin seeds are imported from China (!) by a company called Yankee Traders. Ignore the fact they're called "pepitas" which made me think they might be from Mexico, if imported (which wasn't mentioned, either). Then there's the label which mentions that these seeds are processed in a facility that "also processes products containing peanuts, tree nuts, soy, fish, milk, egg, crustacean shellfish and wheat ingredients." I'm not allergic to any of those, but nonetheless after consuming about a half cup of these as a snack in the afternooon and at bedtime, I woke up with a headache, upset digestive system and other unpleasantness. Considering all the accusations regarding poisoned pet and for-human products that are Chinese-grown, made or processed, which have been in the news over the last few years, I can't help but worry about these seeds. I guess that's what I get for not wearing my glasses to examine the label carefully before consuming a new product. So much for healthy snacking -- you shouldn't buy these if you do have allergies, or if you have concerns about Chinese food-related imports.
286530286530B001FA1E90A2281G6RAYZZHEjanele0051330128000awesomeI bought these for my husband because they are hard to find in the stores. He loved them and could not believe how many there were. It was a great buy.

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