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286591286591B004MVFTSQA3BOFCCQ489H8CChrissaH1111333238400Making dogs sick!!This brand has been proven to make dogs sick. Some have died! There are NO health regulations for pet products and these are made in China. These are my dog's favorite bones but I've had to find others.
286592286592B004MVFTSQA2SKUAZ6VSN5KUP. D. Lanser1131318809600Not for Old DogsI have three dogs, and they do not enjoy the chews. I'm sure it has everything to do with their ages which range from 10 to 12.
286593286593B004MVFTSQA25SLAXFT3A7XPP. Pope1151303603200Great serviceOur dogs love these treats and you can rarely find them in stores. Unbelievably fast delivery by seller. Will do business with them again.
286594286594B004MVFTSQA2UA6ASRBMYIRBDL2321333065600Dogs love the product, BUT............Initially, I bought the product because on the bag it said was manufactured and distributed from South Carolina. Also on the bag were the words, "American Product", was not until I got home did I discover, "Made in China" on the lower corner of the bag. Waggin Train needs to let their customers know if the contents of the bag are made in U.S. and only the bag is made in China. If indeed the treats are made in China, then distributed from the warehouse in South Carolina, the company should be upfront with their customers. It is hard to have confidence in the company when they claim it IS an American product, yet made in China!
286595286595B004MVFTSQAN3SW7ZA7EB1HD. Hyatt "Doc"0051324598400pet food/suppliesMy young Boxer prefers same brand duck wrapped chew sticks, but she likes these also. Couln`t find the Duck wrapped ones on here. I much prefer this type of chew/treat, over pig ears, that after a lot of chewing, get real soft and the dog wants to swallow that big soft gob of rawhide, sometimes choking some on them. These they can gnaw and chew on til they get to the center prize. Of course the wrap goes first before the chewing begins;-)The empty, what I call husks, the actual rawhide wraps, 2 layers, I just pick up and toss after Maggy doesn`t chew on them for a couple days. These are a great product. very timely arrival on the shipping.
286596286596B004MVFTSQA1N5N6Z22GRWFNLeeW0051322006400My puppy loves these!My 1 year old golden retriever loves these, but my husband and I love them more! When we give him one of these, we get about 15 minutes of peace, which we haven't gotten with any other chew. He's a very aggressive chewer, so I'm sure these would last much longer with some dogs.
286597286597B004MVFTSQA2LOHSNIV5E4QTRuthanne Taylor "Relaying for a Cure"0151334188800My Dogs Love TheseMy dogs love these treats although they are better suited to medium sized dogs rather than my small ones. However, this is one of the few dog treat brands I trust completely & my dogs enjoy the chewing challenge.
286598286598B004VLVO7WA1P2FJK2MOJ8INYUMSTER "EURO FOODIE"262651317772800STEEL CUT OATS ARE BETTER THAN ROLLEDI love this brand of oats, and the shipping was fast, the grain was fresh, and the packaging was perfect. Made my 1st batch of oat casserole with it and it turned out superb:
2 cups steel cut oats
1 cup nuts (I used sunflower seeds)

Soak the grain and nits overnight in water, salt, a tablespoon of kefir (or yogurt), it will make them nutritionally more available.

Drain and rinse the mix and put in bowl.

Put in a blender:
6 eggs
2 cups milk or 1/2 and 1/2
2 tablespoons cinnamon (I also add pumpkin spice, ground vanilla beans to taste)
Blend till smooth and add to grains.

Add a cup or 2 of dried fruits (I used fresh dates, raisins -- use what you like)
Add 1/4 cup of coconut oil

Stir it up till mixed and pour into greased glass pan
bake for 45 minutes
let sit for 10 minutes
cut in squares, add extra cinnamon and sweetener if you like (I use Vanilla Stevia on top)and serve with milk or coconut milk or nut milk.

It's like a very special cereal for breakfast, or a nutritious snack any time.
It is very filling and satisfying, and inexpensive to make.
286599286599B004VLVO7WA13U975DFXBU44Lexington Knitter161651328659200Real Breakfast food, serious food budget savingsCompare the per serving price of this oatmeal to any "superfoods" touting breakfast cereal concoction, I dare you. You'll be able to have the oatmeal and few fistfuls of multivitamins for the 1-serving price of the multiV. drenched food-like product.

Our household is trying hard to correct breakfast - and breakfast skipping - habits these days, and we face down the common issue of just not having the time or inclination to fuss with anything not pre-prepared in the morning. However, you can do an internet search and find a zillion good ways to start the oatmeal the night before. This idiot-proof method works for us:

1 cup oatmeal, 5 cups water. Put in pan on stove, bring to a boil, turn off heat and cover pan. In the morning, add any fruit, nuts, cinnamon or sweeteners (we use Splenda), however you like it. Bring to simmer and cook for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. (You may need to add a bit of water - these oats are VERY absorbant.) Serve topped with yogurt, fruit or milk, and with extreme satisfaction that you aren't feeding the family sugary junk or mass-produced enriched cardboard.

Between this and McCann's, I don't perceive a difference, although I guess some reviewers favor one or the other. Going on price, as of Feb 2012, this is a definite "best buy".
286600286600B004VLVO7WA1YP5WLIHGG136Techthusiast "n00b"111151324080000Yum... I could get into these...I'm not a very good breakfast guy, or oats guy... but I've been trying to work out and my trainer loves him some oats.

I always love Bob's Red Mill for my flax and flour, and this got good reviews, has a good price, so it's what I went with.

I ended up just following the instructions on the package although there are lots of good prep techniques in the various steel-cut-oat reviews here and elsewhere. They came out just fine.... and the reviewer who suggested refrigerating the leftovers for an even better oat experience is correct I think... these things are yummy with each subsequent round.... this makes a batch-prepping your breakfast for a week really easy.

So far I've enjoyed this with greek yoghurt, flax-meal, chunky peanut butter, organic honey.... but I'm sure you could do any combination that works for you obviously... I'm trying to get the flavor ratio down for ultimate addiction but haven't gotten there yet.... there's just so much food to eat (yum!), not enough meals (*tear*). It's a good lucky problem to have I guess ;)

I've got freezer space for the uncooked oats so that's where I keep them.

Very pleased with this round and hope to be better about breakfast going forward!
286601286601B004VLVO7WA3HZTUQOUWKHRXjoekarglo7721340064000Taste is fine, bugs not so much!Having used Red Mill non-organic oats for years, thought I would try organic--big mistake. Got about a dozen bags from Subscribe and Save and a few days later had small moths all over the place. Finally tracked them to a couple of unopened bags plus the one bag I had opened. Took over a month to finally get rid of them. Will go back to regular as I like the company and their products.
286602286602B004VLVO7WA26BU3ZU0R5IPF*~ Sunshine ~*6651317081600Hearty and flavorful!I am addicted to steel cut oats! Bob's Red Mill Organic Oats are very tasty and quite the deal here on Amazon, price-wise. I just made them this morning for breakfast. With the cooler temps our Upper Midwest September brings, they are a perfect beginning to the day!

My method is to cook them over night on low in my little crock pot. You wake up in the morning to a yummy, hearty breakfast that carries you through until lunch time. Recommend!!
286603286603B004VLVO7WA3VQH2NL93L8YGNatasha Brayman5551331164800Great product, AMAZING PRICE!!My husband was diagnosed with high cholesterol and as most of us know whole grain, oatmeal and in particular steel cut oats are really a super food for helping to lower cholesterol. When I started purchasing steel cut oats at the grocery I was shocked to see how expensive they are until I remembered someone mentioning that they ordered their dry pantry goods from Amazon. Well, I wish I remembered who that person was because I want to thank them for helping me find this great deal! Four packages are just a little over what I would have paid for one, and with subscribe and save I not only maximize our savings, get free shipping but the convenience of regular deliveries. The product itself is great- I make them in our slow cooker so its super easy- put it on before bed, have breakfast ready when we wake up! There are lots of ways to make them and I have to admit I thought they would be kind of gross but I love them! Bob's Red Mill is a great brand that I trust.
286604286604B004VLVO7WA2JZE14RJAITQ8G. Proulx "Up to my Neck in Tech"5541330128000Works great in my rice cookerAlthough not a huge rolled oats fan, I recently bought a Sanyo ECJ-HC55S 5-1/2-Cup Micro-Computerized Rice Cooker and Slow Cooker, White and had been reading people raving about using fuzzy logic rice cookers to cook steel cut oats. So I bought this, gave it a try, and it worked really well.

Any fuzzy logic rice cooker that has a porridge setting can be used. On the night before put the steel cut oats and water (and any dried fruit mix-ins) in the rice cooker and set the timer for whenever you are waking up. Then start the rice cooker on the porridge setting. The rice cooker will just soak the oats in water all night until it is ready to start cooking in the morning. The rice cooker allows for enough time to cook your oats just right so that when you wake up, you have a nice pot of steel cut oats ready to eat. This also works with other hot cereals.

As for steel cut oats themselves, they are good, but I can't say that I've fallen in love with it as a breakfast food. But that I guess is more of a personal preference. I may need to keep experimenting with mix-ins. I think in general I am more of a cold cereal person. But these do have a nice nutty taste and texture, very different than rolled oats. It also is nice to knowing you are eating a healthy breakfast.

Also, the price for quantity was great. Hopefully this review was helpful, and if you love steel cut oats you take a look at some fuzzy logic rice cookers (I personally love the Sanyo I got. Let me know if there is anything I can clarify or answer in the comments. Or if you have any killer ways of serving steel cut oats that can help me make this a 5 star review, do share.
286605286605B004VLVO7WA3Q2HBEE6FMWBMPatricia A. Walker5551329523200Tastes GreatI am really thrilled with this product. I wanted to be able to make oatmeal in my slow cooker so that it was warm and ready in the morning with no hassles. I have done so in the past with old fashioned rolled oats and the outcome was always less than satisfactory no matter what adjustments I made to the water/oats ratio. This attempt turned out perfectly the very first time, which most likely has to do with the 'cut' of the grain. The ratio is 1 cup oats to 4 cups water on low for 8 hours (and 1 cup of dried fruit). I added about 1/4 cup of quinoa and a total of 1 1/4 cups dried fruit (craisins, tart cherries, and goji berries) and 1 good sized diced Braeburn sugars. I didn't use the spray 'Pam' product it tells you to put in the crock, but coated it with organic coconut oil which is solid at room temperature. It was sweetening needed to enhance the flavors. My husband eats oatmeal every day and he really liked it too.
286606286606B004VLVO7WA2GME9SMDFL02PTT4451312934400Great way to start the dayI love the texture of steel cut oats. We serve it w/brown sugar, flax meal, chopped pecans and a dash of cinnamon.
286607286607B004VLVO7WAX9RHNFPS58XPJ. Ader "Down to Earth"3351335139200Great Texture and Flavor, Crave Them NowWhile other brands call for 4 cups of water to 1 cup of steel cut oats, BRM calls for only 3 cups of water and less cooking time. I split the difference: 3.5 cups of water, low boil for 20 minutes, remove from heat and cover for 30 minutes or so. If you enjoy the texture of steel cut vs. old fashioned, I do not recommend cooking in a slow cooker overnight, as it turns out mushy and stuck to the pot, even if you've used spray or shortening to coat the pan. Just plan on hanging around the kitchen for 20 minutes so you can stir frequently, and you will be happy. I save leftovers covered in the refrigerator and eat 1 serving per day with milk, butter, and brown sugar. Sometimes I add all of that except milk after cooking and before putting the lid on to sit. Then I just have to nuke until hot and add milk for a quick meal.

Added: Much, MUCH cheaper than buying in the grocery store.
286608286608B004VLVO7WA3NLXO3TZ4KFZGGail R. Cnudde3351320105600Bob's Red Mill Organic Steel oatsThis is the 3rd time I have purchased this product because I was very pleased with the taste and texture of the oatmeal. Just to make sure the price was good I shopped in 3 health food stores and the price was almost double. I keep it in the freezer and it keeps until I order again. If you like steel cut oats you will love this.
286609286609B004VLVO7WA28Q0JA9H8WZODBichon Mom2251340409600My new favorite Crock Pot OatmealI have been eating and enjoying McCann's steel cut oats for a while now and loved them though I was never happy with the dented cans and damaged cardboard containers.

Since I had seen Bob's Red Mill products touted so often on Amazon best selling lists, I decided to give
Bob's Red Mill Organic Steel Cut Oats, 4 - 24-Ounce bags a try.

Although my rating is based on the taste and not the packaging, I must say that I was delighted to find that the four tightly sealed bags were nicely packaged in a Bob's Red Mill cover box for added protection. Since I am a lazy cook, I dump an entire bag in a Crock Pot, add 10 cups of water and cook on low for 2.5 hours. I love the consistency which is somewhat creamy but allows each oat to retain a nice firm chewy texture.

I put the cooked oatmeal into eight individual sealed dishes after adding my favorite ingredients like spiced pumpkin puree. In the morning, a dish can be nicely warmed in the microwave for a couple of minutes to provide a delicious and nutritious breakfast.
286610286610B004VLVO7WA19K33UNPUMINCZulfikar Shameer2251332892800So much better than rolled oatsI consume oatmeal on a daily basis so I was absolutely delighted when I tried the Steel cut flavor. I loved it! Steel cut oats are 1000% better than rolled oats -no need for me to detail the benefits (Google it). I particularly like the chewiness of the thing.

I made my first batch of Bob's Red Mill Organic Steel Cut Oats this morning. I looked online for a good recipe but in the end I did the most basic thing and I think I will stick with it:

How I made it:

1. 1 cup oats
2. 6 cups water
3. little salt

Bring water to a boil, add oats, and set timer to 40 minutes on low to medium heat. Stir occasionally.

Many recipes called for 3-4 cups of water so I started with 4 cups. However I had to continuously add hot water because the oats were not cooked to my liking. I also found that 4 cups of water was just not sufficient because the oats were starting to burn in the pot. So in the end, 6 cups of water and 40 minutes was best for me.

I have to say, even without any flavoring (honey, nuts, cinnamon, etc), the oats taste really good.

For consumption, I added some skim milk, drop of honey, and walnuts. This made of a healthy and filling breakfast.
286611286611B004VLVO7WA3T1LD0C65QCWKGordon M. Wagner2251332460800Amazing! Who knew oatmeal could be this good?I wasn't expecting much, but since I've had positive experiences with other Bob's Red Mill products I thought it would be worth trying. WOW. Amazing flavor and beautiful texture, distinctly better than what I'd been purchasing at the local health food store. I use a Crock Pot Proctor Silex 33015 1-1/2-Quart Round Slow Cooker and a cup of steel cut (AKA pinhead) oats and four cups of water. I had some dried sweetened cranberries on hand and threw some of those in as well. Find a timer and before you go to bed set the timer to cook from midnight until breakfast and set the Crock Pot on low and you've got a delicious hot breakfast waiting for you. A little maple syrup and breakfast is done! Easy!! This oatmeal is 100% worth buying, it's easily the best I've ever tasted. Who knew oatmeal could be this good?
286612286612B004VLVO7WA2GA26AEIRRJVYandorm1151339977600Delicious, healthy breakfast.This is a staple in our house - we have it every weekday for breakfast. I make the oatmeal in a rice cooker, on a porridge cycle that's programmed to finish at 6 am, when we get up. I use 1:5 oats to water ration in my rice cooker and it comes out perfectly creamy every time. A few raisins, a little butter and a drizzle of maple syrup and you have a delicious breakfast with zero effort and very little cleanup!
286613286613B004VLVO7WA7CCBICGD83COJean Reece "downeygirl2"1151335312000most delicious breakfast everI discovered these on sale at Big Lots last fall and have since become a real fan. (Big lots no longer carries them and Amazon's is a very good price so is now my supplier.) I have always found regular oatmeal a bit boring, but these are a whole different food - better texture, better taste, and more nutritious to boot. And the way I prepare it makes it something positively delicious and supercharged with nutrition. I call it Black Forest Oats. For a single serving:

Stir together 1/3 cup steel cut oats, 1 tsp dark cocoa powder
Mix in 1 cup of whatever milk you are into. I use cow's or almond, and like them a bit less chewy so I add a splash more liquid.
Bring to gentle boil, stirring a bit, then reduce heat to low, cover and cook for 22-25 minutes, stirring halfway through.
Add about 1/2 to 1 cup partially thawed frozen cherries, sweetener to taste, a little vanilla if desired, and eat up. The cold cherries cool it down so it's just right.

To shorten cooking time, let the oats, cocoa and milk sit overnight in the sauce pan. This reduces cooking time by about half. Don't worry about the milk spoiling - it won't.
286614286614B004VLVO7WAVRX1QQ1N3SUAJim1151334620800Love Bob's Steel Cut OatsSteel Cut Oats are far superior to rolled oats. If you already like oatmeal, you should really give it a try. If you don't you will find this as a better, more flavorful alternative. I eat steel cut oats for breakfast a lot, and Bob's is one of the best for quality and value.
286615286615B004VLVO7WA8B2GMKMEP2H0sonny1151331424000best oatmeal ever had.this oatmeal is unbelievable. very yummy. add a little honey and maple syrup to it and you have something special. very good for you too.
286616286616B004VLVO7WARRZEX0LIBLNNDesiGirl1141330473600The Organic Steel Cut Oats are awesome.This was my 1st time ordering groceries from Amazon. The shipment arrived on time and was very well packed. The Oats were of really high quality as I generally buy them from Whole Foods. But now will continue to get them from Amazon. It was actually cheaper than getting them locally and the taste is much better...
286617286617B004VLVO7WA2HB1IHME8L5MALaura Schile "goofy"1151318982400Best oats everThese can be a little trickey to cook. When they are cooked properly they are great and great for you. The trick is to boil them and then turn them down and forget about them for 30 min or so. Then add some aguave and walnuts and you are set. This is also a great price!
286618286618B004VLVO7WA1KYPEOB79JBLWAmanda2351325721600Another great product from a great companyI feel confident buying anything from Bob's Red Mill. I've never not liked anything I've bought from them
286619286619B004VLVO7WA3UKWQS8SRW6IOTropicalMinnesota0051347753600Great deal and tastes exactly like the expensive stuffThis tastes and looks exactly like the much more expensive McCann's Irish oats. I use an old McCann's tin and even fool myself. Great deal.
286620286620B004VLVO7WA1VPN87IQ1SLWPTiff & Coc0051347753600good dealfast delivery, good product. Would buy again from seller. Way cheaper than in grocery or health stores, more healthy than regular oats, Steel cut is the way to go :)

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