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286736286736B00166D8P6A3UEALZPSRM9IIKen O'Amazon "Popcorn aficionado"31711181088000"Nutrition Facts" omits the actual ingredients listAmazon is listing "nutritional info" such as protein, calories, etc., but omitting the actual list of ingredients in these supplements. I would like to see what I will actually be eating should I use these, and that info is not available here.

Note: the "1 star" awarded in this review does not reflect on this specific product, of which I have no firsthand knowledge. It's just that I couldn't post this review without choosing 1 to 5 stars.
286737286737B0029TAT9MA2HJ95YRI1Y0FBNewJerseyShopper0011326672000Arrived with 6 of 12 badly dented6 out of 12 of the cans were so badly dented I had to throw them away. There is no provision for returning damaged cans so I guess I'm just out of luck.
286738286738B0029TAT9MA89IKX0931NVFV. V. Vo "V.V. Vo"0031325116800No Pull tabGreat buy, but no pull tab as shown in pictured item. so if your planning on getting these for the ease in opening, try looking other options.
286739286739B0029TAT9MA5GH0YNIDP48Pteamelon0041316390400No pull tab.Great value. Same quality as store bought ones. No difference. The only trouble with the Amazon shipped ones is that there is no pull tab on the top (as pictured). You will need a can opener. One of the reasons that we bought this instead of the larger size Campbell's Chicken Broth is because of its ease of use. Anyway, it is still a great value; less $ then Target/Wal-Mart/Fred Meyer.
286740286740B004286T4MA27YCRYWJ6SSBGj.r.2251329004800absolutely delicious, and then some.......My brother in-law from Las Vegas sent the Dark Walnut sugar free to me a couple weeks ago. I love that it is dark chocolate and just plain good. There is no hint in the taste that these candies are sugar free. They taste like they should and with no "chemicalish" after taste of any kind. I was truly pleasantly surprised and I plan to send them to other folks that I know who also have diabetes. Actually, whether you have diabetes or not isn't relavent... if you like good candy and want less sugar, try these.

j. r. in Houston
286711286711B0021I5AKEAMFUEP4B91OE1Masha6651283040000If you love roses...This is your tea! It's natural, it's so rosy it will send rose-lovers into a state of ecstasy. Love, love, love it.
286712286712B0021I5AKEA6765NJWUOOF4unique gourmet5551277337600Wild Rose White TeaExcellent tea! I love white tea. Beautiful mild floral taste like jasmine tea.
286713286713B0021I5AKEA1LDLHV4V4DJUDTea Drinker "Trink"3351305072000Great tea!My favorite tea is Rishi's white peach tea, so I was interested in trying this white rose tea. I wasn't sure if I'd love the TASTE of roses, even though I love the smell of roses. This tea is like divine nectar of the gods! It's definitely on par with the peach tea, so now I go back and forth between the two. Try it!
286714286714B0021I5AKEA2N86FMOO2PJRKL0BST3RB1SQU31151322006400My favoriteMy favorite tea. Hands down. GORGEOUS rose fragrance. Smells natural - not at all like potpourri. "Natural Rose Flavor" is the last ingredient (after tea + roses), so I'm guessing they boost the tea with a little Rose Otto because it smells genuine to me. Light tea flavor. No bitterness.

I bought the Numi White Rose tea and I much prefer this one. The Numi tastes grassier and has very little rose scent, but then again, has only 2 ingredients: tea + rose. I just wish the Rishi was a little cheaper. I still buy it because I can't find a cheaper alternative that's comparable. The tin lasts ~2 weeks if I have 1 cup a day. A 2nd steeping tastes great. I usually do a 3rd and sometimes a 4th, but its not that flavorful after the 2nd steep. Also, the tin has outer lid + 2nd inner lid, so product stays fresh. I buy it 3 at a time with the Amazon subscription for 23. At Whole Foods, its 10 per tin!
286715286715B0021I5AKEA2NERIVXIBE6CRJulie4081151320451200Beautiful TeaThis tea is my favorite of all the ones I own. I typically only buy organic teas with either botanical flavors such as Jasmine or lavender or fruity ones such as peach. This tea is so fragrant and tastes like it has added rose water. Everyone should try this tea at some point.
286716286716B0021I5AKEA21XUSS7STBPPYLaurence E. Spaner "Lee Spaner"3451295222400The greatest tea in the world.Its the right price , but if you love green tea you will pay any price for this tea. The roses in it are amazing and the taste is not to be believed. If you are a person who can take a chance in life on something new, then go for it. It has become one of my favorites only in the evening before bed. I have many teas none like this.
Most of my teas are from Rishi, a name you certainly can trust.
However, you always want to stay away from Morrocon Mint.LOL
286717286717B0021I5AKEA1L3SJM5NBLFLTA. Alba0051337126400DeliciousThis is the most beautiful loose tea ive ever seen, and i think the quality of rishi teas are r excellent. I recommend this tea to anyone who loves floral and white tea. It tastes smooth and relaxing, i think it might be my new favorite.
286718286718B0021I5AKEACF7LD7LMWW7RHead of the Bay "Chesapeake Kat"0051329177600Smells Amazing Great Taste!I am always mixing my teas. This is a favorite when I want the loving and relaxing scent od roses. Just wonderful. Not to strong, not weak. I like a strong tea.
286719286719B0021I5AKEA3B27PVH7DN63JCharlotte2411315699200PotpourriI love white tea and was looking for something new. I gave this a try, and since I had enjoyed rose-hips in my tea before I thought I would enjoy it. Not the case. There was no vacuum sealed bag to begin with when I first opened the tin. The next thing that hit me was the smell, it smells just like potpourri. I gave it a few chances and every time the rose was over powering. I even tried multiple steepings to help mellow out the flavor and the rose was still an assault on my nose and taste buds. I can't even taste the white tea through the rose. Also, the rose in this tea is not rose-hips, but actual rose petals. Will not be buying again.
286720286720B00016ATPYA1VP7X2184EDDDConnie Harris0011296777600MESS-bagsIf you don't want a blackish dust on your counters, with every bag you use (& coming out of box), do NOT buy this product. The mess is not worth it.
286721286721B00066N8RAA2TNSXMXRWM5XIRegina No labels "Renola"141531222819200GOURMET BASKET MEDIUMIt is beautiful, but there were a few cookies that where stale. They immediately sent a care package as compensation. Their service is good and they care about their customers.
286722286722B00066N8RAAMMW1SGM4UH7ALidia182111294444800More paper than productWe received this gift basket...very unimpressed when we opened it...very little product,fancy boxes
with tiny amounts made to look big in this basket....the butter cookies were the kind you get at
Walgreens in a tin...and they gave you a few in a little box made to look fancy. The almonds were so salty
you could not eat them and really nice that they gave you "one" package of hot chocolate makes 8oz...not even two
for you and a spouse or friend...not very professional at all. Everything was so stuck together with sticky dots that you couldn't set anything down or it stuck to something else. Lots of filler in the basket to make it look
full....they need to improve their presentation and products. Would not recommend.
286723286723B00066N8RAA1VA46IRHB0UJWGeorgina Alvarado S "G.Alvarado"4451267315200Nice gift basketThis basket was a good choice to say Thanks to my daughter's host family. She was in the US last January. We live outside the US, and wanted to express our gratitude to all the members of that family. I chose that basket because it brings goodies for everyone to share. Contact with the seller and delivery time was excellent.
286724286724B00066N8RAA2ZHH7AK83JB5GSusan K. Schoonover "Sue Yingling"6751278720000Nice Father's Day GiftI sent these baskets as Father's Day gifts to my ninety plus father and my eighty plus father-in-law. A generous amount of tasty food was received and enjoyed. This company provides high quality food for somewhat conservative tastebuds at a reasonable price.
286726286726B00066N8RAA9PG1PHB89G1BR. Kingsbery2211324339200Overpriced Basket of Cardboard & PaperI sent this as a gift and should have known the price was too good to be true. It turned out to be a basket full of cardboard packaging with very little food products. I had to send another gift to make up for this overpriced basket of cardboard.
286727286727B00066N8RAA1U5D8D2366RAHJessica N. English2211322697600left out itemthe basket i ended up getting did NOT have the smoked almonds that the product mentioned plus when it came out of packaging most of the stuff was sticking together. Not impressed with product and will not get this again. so getting this from the cyber week deal for 42 dollars is NOT a good deal.
286728286728B00066N8RAANAIZTF0AWRH6Tizer Burton1151301875200Makes Great GiftI ordered this food basket as a thank you gift. The presentation was great and the contents excellent quality. Delivery was fast and my friends really enjoyed it.
286729286729B00066N8RAA38Q5T3J1XQBPCKelly0011343779200Not worth the priceThe basket was very small and did not contain any quality products and the quanity was not there. It was very disappointing. I will not purchase from this company again.
286730286730B002HQKLOUA3IF29VV0CH70BE. Smith1121346630400OMG -- The Price!!!This rice vinegar is absolutely the best salad dressing just as is... low in calories and delicious. I also puree raspberries (either fresh or frozen) and add to the vinegar. Best to strain out the larger seeds, and it makes the most delightful raspberry vinaigrette ever. I've even tried it with fresh strawberries (no straining needed) which is a completely different taste but equally delicious.

The low rating is not for the product, but rather for the price -- $11.99 for a 12 oz. bottle when I can, and do, buy the identical product for $4.09 at Safeway, less than a mile from me. For anyone who is completely unable to locate it I'd say: "Get it even at this price," but in my case, I'd be a total fool.
286731286731B00166D8P6A3117DCR4GPSHRggs mom1151276128000good stufffirst let me say that i have not purchased this from amazon only my local gym it is cheaper on here so i will be buying it from here soon as far as the product my trainer introduced it to me and my friend, since we was trying to lose weight and build lean muscle, i have used it roughly 2 months and love it i drink it every morning and it curbs my appetite i can go till 1:00 or later before i start felling hungry where before i was hungry from the moment i woke till i went to bed, i also drink my shake after my workouts in the evening 3 times a week. as far as the taste if you just mix with water for me it is a little hard to swallow, i blend up frozen blueberry's and strawberry's which i thaw and add 2/3 cup water mix with powder in a shaker pretty good stuff you can also leave berries frozen to make shake thicker and more like a milk shake if you add powder to blender to mix it will be a little foamy that's why i mix it in a shaker if you decide to buy it try different ways till you find the way you like to drink it!
286732286732B00166D8P6A3EZ06LA682DJJJordan0051286668800Excellent ProteinThis protein has an excellent amino acid complex. I prefer Milk and Egg over why proteins as they are absorb into your body more efficiently. Whey protein is absorbed quickly, and if you are only working out once or twice a day, then a lot of the protein isn't going to get absorbed effectively. Milk and Egg based proteins take longer, so you get a constant flow of protein rather than having your body trying to absorb it a couple times a day. I take about 2 scoops of this protein, 2-4 times a day, and, working out every other day, I've been putting on about 5lbs every other week.
286733286733B00166D8P6AHGQX1CCWZ3WVMajorDutch5101211281052800NOT CHOLESTEROL FREEI bought this because the amazon page says that it is "cholesterol free." It isn' actually has more than most (I think around 40% of your daily intake in one serving). Plus it tasts REALLY bad (I've been mixing it with Muscle Milk to cover the taste because I'm too cheap to just throw it away), it's extremely grainy (kinda coats your throat going down making it super gaggy) and sometimes all the protein in it dumps out and coagulates into a nasty ball inside the shake ball in my shaker-cup if I don't drink it fast enough...I've eaten some pretty horrible stuff (mostly on dares) and I can't handle a Universal only protein shake...too nasty. I'm sticking souly to Muscle Milk and Optimum Nutrition brand protein powders...lower cholesterol (Muscle Milk is only 5% per serving) and MUCH better taste.
286734286734B00166D8P6AJ33QRS84FILBJustin M. James "J.Ja"0111268265600Product description is wrongThe Amazon description is wrong. In the one I saw, the ingredients list was pretty simple, with no artificial sweeteners or "weird" additives. What I received had a totally different ingredients list, including certain things which I don't eat (like sucralose/splenda). Product returned.

286735286735B00166D8P6A1KI8VE4TGGD2TGabriel Eremia0621173657600i never recive the milk & Egg proteinI don't know why i didn;'t recive the product and you send me e-mail where you tell me i return back the product but i never see the product and you also charg me, i want to know why and i want this product becaouse anyway i pay for it and i needt it.

I hope to get a answer from you because other way i will have some compplains about this situation another place


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