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286951286951B003UVV7I0A1Q3MA2QJ2GRG2Whitney0011328227200Not a good signMy dog will eat almost anything but he won't touch these. I've tried several times and he just leaves them on the floor. What a waste!
286952286952B003UVV7I0A2H67KCYSJRPCccqca0031326240000OkayThese are okay. Our dog who loves rawhides does not really chew on these ones. I gave them away. I have to write 20 words so if your dog is not particular then they would be fine probably.
286953286953B000CRO2NMA1305B2ROKJ1WRJohn Becker1141317600000Good BuyRecommended for my Basset Hound by the pet store clerk. She enjoyed this chew for approx. 6 hours. Didnt have to worry about her choking or getting large pieces as with rawhide chews. She is a very eager chewer and loves her "Cookies". Would recommend this for a long lasting treat.
286954286954B000NLJTGMA1F1SDB97SSDN5Alvaro0051325980800FANTASTICWe did the shopping season for Christmas. They indicated that the product would arrive by 18 January. To our surprise came before Christmas in excellent condition. Thoroughly recommended!
286955286955B00025DBEKAZCR3UIIMFKPAGryphon5651179619200Very excellentUnlike most hot sauces Matouk's West Indian has a papaya base. (Oddly enough it does not taste at all like papaya.) This makes the sauce much less acidic, and less vinegary. However, the sauce still packs a punch of hotness. This sauce is excellent on quiche, scrambled eggs, baked chicken, rice, fish, pork, hamburgers, or steak. I also use it in chili; it gives the chili a nice heat and flavor without adding the acidic hot pepper taste. We have been using this sauce in our house for over three decades and would be hard pressed to replace it with another. If you are looking for a hot sauce that is hot, unique and has multiple uses Matouk's will do the trick.
286956286956B00025DBEKA1XKH0DEP1FG69Paul H. Nathan "Paul"2251167004800real trinidad hot sauceThis is real Trinidad hot pepper sauce! Beware if you are not a fan of hot but if you enjoy habanero sauce this is a great one.
286957286957B00025DBEKA2HG80UPS2APUMStella M. Ramsaroop "Stella R."1151202428800Hot, hot, hotIt's not like this is the first bottle of Matouk's I have purchased. I just live in a part of the US that it is hard to come by my family's favourite hot sauce, so I buy it online. The transaction was smooth and life has moved on with our Matouk's in the fridge.
286958286958B00025DBEKA307JY9YZ5GFZEJRD0051330992000Just awesome.I've been a fan of hot sauces for 35 years, I've tried a lot of sauces and enjoyed many. Matouk's West Indian Hot Sauce was one of the first I tried, and it's still one of my top 3 favorites. It's not as hot as some of the current, insane, extract-based nonsense, but Matouk's is plenty hot, ans tastes so much better. The habanero in a papaya base has a bright, fruity flavor and a tasty burn. It is great in egg salad or on grilled chicken and it's unbelievable on a ham sandwich. I really like to add a bit to a bowl of soup, or add it to rice or pasta for a spicy side dish.
286959286959B00025DBEKA17L8C0D6MOC6WJ. Schneider "Piddonkadonk"0051328486400Best Jambalaya Hot Sauce EVER!Amazing thick and chunky hot sauce from Trinidad/Tobago. Had it originally in FL and have been popping it on jambalaya every since. Definitely packs heat, but also has a small fruity flavor to it, which is probably due to the papaya.
286960286960B00025DBEKA236AKZ5OB5DI7Robert Taylor0051320364800Pantry StapleSweet and very hot, delicious with burgers, meats, veggies. Not so hot as to disguise flavours, we always keep a bottle close in BBQ season! Very highly recommended.
286961286961B00025DBEKAZUQU9SZ2CIQBerink0051311897600My favorite!This hot sauce has both great heat and flavor. Even though the flavors are unique it happily goes on anything that you would normally put hot sauce on. People unprepared for the heat may find it a little intense but for any one that enjoys heat this is a good one to add to the fridge.
286962286962B00025DBEKA5TS5BRRJ77CBJP0051305676800Very good sauce.Brings me back to my childhood in Trinidad. Personally, I do not find this sauce to be extremely hot. Don't get me wrong it definitely does have a kick to it, but it's one you can handle. I mostly go for flavor when it comes to pepper anyway and Matouk's is a good brand in that aspect.
286963286963B00025DBEKA2QN1KE47KKJW2Kim Gordon0051297036800Matouks is a real island hot sauce.A genuine island sauce with a marvelous flavour that I find particularly good with chicken or on burgers. The sauce is widely used as a condiment in the islands. The flavour is excellent but be warned if you think Frank's Red Hot is actually hot or if your fridge doesn't contain things like Blair's Death Sauce, Dave's Insanity or El Yucatel Habanero sauce use this one sparingly until you determine your tolerance, it is hot.
286964286964B00025DBEKA35ERUH4KBI3Q9Paco4150051291507200Outstanding, well-balanced sauceThis sauce is very well balanced. It is hot, but with a deep and unique flavor that is fantastic with meats. If you are looking for just heat to impress your friends this is not the sauce for you - try one of the gimmicky Dave's sauces for that. But if you want heat with a unique flavor, nobody does it better than the Trinis.
286965286965B00025DBEKA9D7AAB33SFPVCornelie Hall "miss q"0051236729600love itMy family is from Haiti... and all I can say is that I love Matouk. I grew up on it. I usually use it with meat, but you can put it on whatever you want. Sometimes I use it as a dipping sauce for my food.
286966286966B00025DBEKA25E6N45786GZ5In D Borg0051211760000Best sammich ever mon!Crusty baguette, turkey or chicken, swiss cheese and Motouk's.

Better yet, don't buy it more for those who can appreciate it that way. Stick to "Louisiana Hot Sauce".
286967286967B00025DBEKA33WXI4VSNUFUSJoel R. Geer1241153699200Wrong, wrong, wrong...This sauce is EXCELLENT on buffalo chicken sandwiches. Doesn't run off, is nice and hot, and it tastes GREAT!
286968286968B00025DBEKA36FIGUCMEY165BUJU0231217635200Not worth the price.Once again the price is great but the price paid for it and the shipping charges is outrageous. I will never order from this company again.
286969286969B000B1C6VOA3AIKRHIIQ0B9US. Page1151212624000A MUST for the kitchen! Instant Sauce.Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto (Pesto Rosso)
This is a wonderful product to have on hand. Just a little squirt, whisked in with some half and half, and you have instant sauce for pasta, or whatever. I love it!
286970286970B000RHSVN4A25PQJPQ407WE8Dee0051349568000Dried CherriesThe dried tart cherries are very tasty. I was looking for something healthy to eat as a snack. These cherries certainly meet that requirement.
286971286971B000RHSVN4A1NPM6P4AX0LBXlstangelgirl1251319587200Very YummyThese cherries are really delicious. They are almost addictive. I will definetly buy more when these run out. They are plump and sweet and wonderful.
286972286972B005F67MEGAQ1IZZHKLTV85Linda Karabinchak0051315180800India Spice Hot Chai TeaHubby just love Chai teas. He said this has a great flavor and wonderful aroma. I can smell it across the room when brewing.
286973286973B001AZ0F5OA1YVH4YXCA9EPYT.J.5551342656000An Excellent Mayo AlternativeIn my attempt to find a vegan alternative to mayonaise, I ran across this product. I also read about it in The Starch Solution as it was recommended by the author who is also a physician. The ingredients are all things that I can recogonize, so that's a huge plus for me. As far as taste goes... It's not bad, actually, it's quite good. I'm a vegan who isn't big on soy products and tries to shy away from most of them. When possible, I'll almost always go for the non-soy alternative. However, that being said, I'm glad that I gave this product a go, because it is now my mayo replacement. I'll have no problems using this as a mayo replacement in the kitchen. The texture is smooth, just like mayo, and the smell is very mayo-like.

There's only one issue with Nayonaise that people may not like, and that's the consistency. It is a little bit more on the liquid state than regular mayo, not much, but a little. I guess that can be good or bad depending on your use. It's not a factor for me though. At 14oz, the jar does seem a little on the small size for what you're paying, so you might want to consider buying an extra jar of it, or look at the 24oz size.
286974286974B004L0QRIOARUKRHWFRJ818Lisa DeLaurentis0041324080000Tasty CookiesI was pleasantly surprised when I tasted these cookies. They are individually wrapped so they stay fresh. They are sweet enough but not over sweet. They aren't overpowering. Everyone who has tried them agrees with this analysis. We had sweet amaretti cookies in Italy this summer and these can stand up to those. So Mangia!
286975286975B006Q7YG24AWIF8AR75LL9LColorgirl "Spreading color around my world"0151341446400My Cat Went BERSERK When I Opened TheseOur cat is pretty picky. He eats a raw handmade dinner at night and a high quality dry food with water in the morning. He is an outdoor cat. When I get something new to give him, he often will look at me partially interested and then take a sniff or a lick and want to go outside.

When our cat is hot, he often is not very interested in food. He flops down and complains all day when it is hot, but does not like much of anything- food included. The day I got my package of these treats in the mail, our cat was flopping underneath some planters on the porch. He was not overly interested in me when I came out the door, other than to give me a tiny "Mew" to let me know he was there.

I walked over to him with the box of sealed treats and told him I had a treat for him. He began to sniff the air. He almost never does that- especially with a sealed bag in a box! I opened the box and then struggled with the bag as the peel off top which leads to a zip lock back inside did not come complete off. The cat jumped on my leg and began to help me open the bag. Clearly he was interested.

Then I finally managed to get the bag open, and I broke one of the thick cakes of treat in half and held it up to him. He leaped in the air and grabbed it with his paws like hands, and forced it on the ground where he held it in place with both hands and claws. He held it and chewed on it with passion until it was all gone. He even licked little crumbs up off the floor, something he almost never does.

I decided to give him the other half and told him that it was all he would get. He jumped in the air and begged until he got the cake from me. He did things he rarely does when I offer him anything to eat. Then he polished off that too. When he was done, he went back to being the ultimate cool cat and adopting his sense of boredom at my existence he went back to flopping under the planter.

These treats smell delicious, stay fresh in the bag, and I have to say that these treats bring about such a passion and excitement in our cat that he gets all happy and really into the process of eating a treat, licking it all up until it is gone. I rarely see him get this excited over any food item except his homemade dinner at night. I can not recommend these highly enough. I am thinking these will be a regular feature at our house from this point on!
286976286976B006Q7YG24A25CGBLRJB6X0SC. Batten0131341446400Anyone remember dissecting owl pellets in grade-school?That was my first impression of these treats out of the bag... dried up owl pellets (yick). Not that appearances matter all that much if your pet loves the taste but these are big treats and for my small sized dog, that meant I had to break it apart with my hands which was a touch bit unpleasant for moi.

As for my dog, he simply didn't care for these at all. I really wanted him to like them since he turns his nose up to nearly every treat imaginable (including bits of people food, which I don't consider a bad thing) and I'm always looking for ways to create a little variety for him. Aside from his dog food, the only treats I've found he likes are the soft/chewy Buddy Treats in chicken flavor and dried chicken cutlets (kind of like chicken jerky) which I stopped giving him after an incident last year where he nearly choked on one.

I thought these might have been a good replacement for the dried chicken cutlets that he liked so much because I assumed that these would primarily contain one ingredient (chicken) that had been formed into easier to chew treats. Of course, this is in part my fault for making such an assumption but I'd like to point out there wasn't and currently isn't an ingredient listing available on this product. The closest reference to what these treats contain are in the following descriptions "Your dog's instinctive nature is to eat more meat, poultry, or fish protein and less grain... Instinct Raw Boost Bites are grain-free and gluten-free - perfect for satisfying your dog's carnivorous cravings and nutritional needs... Raw Boost Bites are a pure and healthy treat made from minimally processed, freeze dried raw ingredients..." For those of you who may be interested, here is the actual ingredient listing in order as they appear:

Chicken, Turkey, Turkey Liver, Turkey Heart, Pumpkinseeds, Apples, Carrots, Ground Chicken Bone, Butternut Squash, Ground Flaxseeds, Montmorillonite Clay, Broccoli, Lettuce, Spinach, Dried Kelp, Apple Cider Vinegar, Parsley, Honey, Salmon Oil, Olive Oil, Mixed Tocopherols with Citric Acid (a natural preservative), Rosemary, Blueberries, Alfalfa Sprouts, Persimmons, Inulin, Sage, Clove.

Looks like they're really trying to appeal to a 'natural/holistic' audience and I for one am okay with that - in fact, I try and avoid treats for my dog (and myself!) that contain ingredients I don't know to be 'real' however... had I known these to be the ingredients up front, I'd probably have passed knowing that my dog already turns his nose up to the following food items (turkey, apples, carrots, broccoli, lettuce, spinach, blueberries or persimmons). There are also quite a few ingredients that I never thought about seeing if my dog would enjoy as well as a few 'questionable to me' ingredients (cloves??)

I gave this at least three stars because the ingredient list isn't bad per se, but they should update their product description to include this information and although my dog didn't care for them and I couldn't coax him into a second bite - he did manage to eat a first bite after lots of encouragement. That's a pretty big deal coming from a dog with as fickle a palate as his.
286977286977B006Q7YG24AXHETL0M8XZPTOpheliasOwn "jh17ophelia"01413414464004 Out of 4 Dogs Enthusiastically ApproveOK, I have to say this is an expensive doggie treat, but my dogs practically steamroll one another to get to the treats. The circular disks of freeze dried chicken are rather big- bigger than a silver dollar and more than a half inch thick. They are very light because of the nature of the treat, and the dogs practically inhale them despite their size. I have 4 dogs and one is somewhat picky, but they all love these treats.

There are under 20 treats in the package, so for $10-13 per package and with 4 dogs, they get about 4 treats a piece per package. And since these are treats, not bones, they don't last very long. I think these might be the "Doggie Christmas Stocking" type treat for special occasions, not an everyday treat due to the expense. But nonetheless, the dogs LOVE them!

**4 stars due to price, but product gets 5 stars!
286978286978B006Q7YG24A3GMVCTJTHYG1FMom22boys0151341360000Great ingredients, dog can't resist!My dog is getting a little picky in her "old age" and doesn't usually like treats anymore. The Natures Variety Raw Boost Bites though, she couldn't resist. I actually caught her trying to get the bag open after it was left on the ground by the kids! I love that you can actually read the ingredient list. First several ingredients include Chicken, Turkey, Turkey Liver, Turkey Heart, Pumpkinseeds, Apples, Carrots... the rest of the list is just as great. Only ingredients that aren't "real food" are Montmorillonite Clay and Mixed Tocopherols with Citric Acid (a natural perservative)

Great for pets with allergy problems!
286979286979B006Q7YG24A3HRDRQ5VAFPQSP. Falcioni "Ducatisti"0141341273600Strange stuff, but the finicky cat likes it.I don't know what I was expecting with these, but I guess I was thinking the "bites" would be cat-sized, not Great Dane-sized. The "bites" are about 1.75" in diameter and look like miniature hamburger patties. They are very light weight and are easy to break into pieces.

We've got two cats, the finicky one, and the one who will eat anything.

After breaking one piece into about 5 smaller chunks, I gave a chunk to each cat and was pleasantly surprised to see them both eating them, and actually chewing - they usually inhale smaller treats, so it's nice to see them actually put their teeth to use!

I'll definitely continue to purchase these, as it's tough for me to find anything the finicky cat will eat, I just wish they came in a smaller size.

I've added some images of the product so you can actually see what you are getting. This 4-ounce package contained about 18 pieces.
286980286980B006Q7YG24AB0Y33G717HOUnsv0131341273600Large and awkward size for cats, might be better for dogsAnother reviewer said these looked like "hairballs that have been compressed into cookie shapes", and aside from the color, I'd have to agree. Each bite is far too large for an ordinary house cat, and the directions say "Treat your pet with 1 to 2 Boost Bites per day per 20 lb of body weight." My cat weighs much less than 20 pounds, so I cut one of these up into quarters.

Well, I tried, anyway. They don't cut, they crumble. They seem to have a texture like a fibrous insulation I'd used for soundproofing. I picked a piece out of the crumbs and dust and fed it to my cat. He swatted at it a few times then swallowed it whole, even though it was twice as large as his usual treats, which he normally chews. He wasn't interested in more. I scooped together a pile of crumbs, added a couple of drops of water, and molded them into a lump. Wet, he loved it, first chewing up the lump then snuffling up the escaped crumbs. Right now he's trying to convince me that more testing is needed.

The packaging hints at mysterious and wonderful benefits, but I'm a bit doubtful. It suggests:

"Instinct Raw Boost Bites may help promote:
*Vitality & energy
*Digestive health
*Lean muscles
Give your pets Instinct Raw Boost Bites and boost their health with the purity of raw food."

The raw ingredients, after chicken and turkey parts, include fruits, ground chicken bone, butternut squash, montmorillonite clay, lettuce and spinach, and dried kelp and sprouts, among other things. The package goes on to claim:

"Our purpose is to empower people to transform the lives of pets. Freedom from allergies, improved skin & coat, weight loss, reduced incidence of ear infections, and healthier teeth and gums are just a handful of the amazing pet transformations that Nature's Variety customers experience."

If there's an amazing pet transformation I'll update my review. Personally, I'm hoping for an amphibious vehicle, but I'll settle for a dog.

These are too large and messy, they require added water to really get the cat interested, and this is a pretty hefty price tag for high maintenance treats, but he does seem to like them once they're wet.

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