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286983286983B006Q7YG24A2OL0JTU0DLH6BRDtoo "Some guy in Detroit"0131341014400Strange treatThis was listed as a cat treat. On the package it is stated to be for cats and dogs. I got them for my cats and thought it strange that the treat itself was the size of an oreo cookie. It is kind of crumbly like a stale cookie, but filled with real ingrediants like chicken and turkey. I had to crumble it into bite size pieces for my cats. They did eat it, but were less than enthusiastic. They prefer Temptations treats apparently. This would probably work better as a treat for dogs.
286984286984B006Q7YG24AQOY760AVUEUHL. Romero "Luis from SD"0151340841600Both cats liked themI have used this brand for my cats and they have liked it (different flavors of wet food including rabbit and duck). When it comes to treats, my two cats tend to have different taste. I got them these treats and they both liked them. The treats are about the size of a chicken nugget but they are very light and almost crumbly. They smell fishy to me but they are chicken. The directions say they are treats for dogs and cats and to give 1-2 for each 20 pounds. Since my cats are about 10lbs each I decided to split 1 between the two.
I have had a good experience with this brand and I recommend it.
286985286985B006Q7YG24A349KQHU3JGJ47Lettetia "As Long As I Am Able To Read, I Sha...0141340841600My dogs love theseNature's Variety Instinct Raw Boost Bites Freeze-Dried Treats are just the perfect snack for my Westies. My male has allergies to most of the ingredients in dry dog food so I am very happy to recommend these treats for your dogs. Convenient, tasty and they smell good too. I will be looking for Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Boost Bites Freeze-Dried Treats at my local pet stores.
286986286986B006Q7YG24A3JXBZ8F65100OFerdy0151340755200Our Dogs Love ThemWe have two dogs, a chihuahua and a beagle. Both of them love the Boost Bites Treats. As soon as they see the bag, they come running for their "cookie". The treats are shaped like little cookies and are light brown in color so they actually look like gingersnaps.
The nutrition data and info on the label is impressive regarding how these treats can help your dog's digestion and provide other health benefits. That's always nice to know - that you're giving your furry babies something that they love and it's good for them as well. The treats are pretty soft so easy to chew for both dogs although I have to break up the one that the chihuahua gets - the cookie is a bit too big for her mouth. Overall, I think this is a wonderful product to pamper a beloved pet.
286987286987B006Q7YG24A2G9UDL72YUTT8Book and Dog Lover1341341619200Probably better for cats and small dogsFor those who like are feeding their dogs the raw food diet, these bites may something you could use for treats.

There's nothing artificial in the ingredients. As listed on the box: chicken, turkey, turkey liver, turkey heart, pumpkinseeds, apples, carrots, ground chicken bone, butternut squash, ground flaxseeds, montmorillonite clay, broccoli, lettuce, spinach, dried kelp, apple cider, vinegar, parsley, honey, salmon oil, olive oil, mixed tocopherols with citric acid, rosemary, blueberries, alfalfa sprouts, persimmons, inulin, sage, and clove.

This treat is labeled for dogs and cats but I have large dogs (80+ pound Labs) and these treats were finished in less than 5 seconds. For large dogs, I think this may work out better as a training treat - they are easy to break into pieces.

There are 18 in a package, about the size of a silver dollar, and about 1/2 inch thick. They have the consistency of freeze dried food and were very quickly eaten by my Labs. All loved it but for the size of my dogs, it's an expensive treat.
286988286988B006Q7YG24A3IR834T7AROBTEd6751341532800Compare!I have a box of Milk Bone flavor snacks, a box of Beneful Baked Delights and one of Raw Boost Bites, lets see how they stack up with the first few ingredients.

Milk Bone: Wheat flour, wheat bran, wheat and bone meal, poultry by-products, beef fat, wheat germ, salt---and then a list of ingredients that no one can pronounce.

Beneful: Wheat flour, ground corn, glycerin, sugar, corn gluten, water, chicken by-product, preserved animal fat----and then to the food color dye etc...

Raw Boost: Chicken, turkey, turkey liver, turkey heart, pumpkin seed, apples, carrots, butternut squash, flax-seed, montmorillonite clay, broccoli, lettuce, spinach, dried kelp, vinegar, parsley, salmon oil, citric acid, rosemary, blueberries etc. No food color, preservatives that are difficult to pronounce. They are made by a small company in NE that obviously care about the health of our pets.

Another interesting comparison is the amount moisture and protein. Milk Bone: 12% moisture, 15% protein.
Beneful: 20% moisture, 14% protein.
Raw Boost: 4% moisture 40% protein.

Rather interesting I thought, we usually don't have time to check out what's in our pets food at the store, always in a hurry. I just thought you might like look at this too.

Anyway, back to the treats! We have two min. schnauzers who always love their "goodies"----and they are rather picky about their food. The Raw Boost Bites passed with flying colors, so I (with tongue in cheek) think these are the ones that picky pets would choose.

Would recommend this product to any pet lover.
286989286989B006Q7YG24A3DH53FPYSP9EMedia Man3331343952000Tasty but expensive freeze dried pet treatsMy dog is a 62lb English Bulldog/German Shepherd mix that repeatedly suffers from allergies, especially food allergies. He can also be a bit of a picky eater when it comes to his treats so finding the right mix can often be difficult. I always have reservations about trying new treats as a large majority of popular dog treats today are filled with terrible ingredients not to mention carrying a high price tag. I'm always willing to try a new treats so here are my thoughts on Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Boost Bites Freeze-Dried Chicken Treats;


+ High in protein, 40%.

+ Minimally processed and freeze dried raw ingredients.

+ Dog loved them.


- Expensive. $10 for four ounces is a lot.

- High in fat, 34%.

- Messy and crumbly texture.

My dog really enjoyed Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Boost Bites Freeze-Dried Chicken Treats. Despite being extremely high in fat content the freeze dried raw ingredients are quite healthy compared to many of treats on the market. Unfortunately, the high price tag on these treats would make me hesitant about purchasing them on a regular basis.
286990286990B006Q7YG24A3MHGA6BJJ7P27W. T. Hoffman "artist and musician"1151345075200My Cat and I Share a RAW FOOD DietNATURE'S VARIETY INSTINCT RAW BOOST BITES FREEZE-DRIED TREATS (aka "Boost Bites") provides a little treat for my cat, that isnt the JUNK FOOD normally found in name brand cat treats. The Friskies cat treats contain Brewers Rice, chicken meal, corn meal, animal fat, animal liver, malt, artificial flavors, brewers yeast, and a chemistry lab of various preservatives, and artificial colors.

Compare that to the RAW ingrediants of BOOST BITES: Chicken, Turkey, Turkey liver and heart, Pumpkin Seeds, Apples, Carrots, ground chicken bone, butternut squash, ground flaxseed, clay (for natural vitamins), broccoli, lettuce, spinach, kelp, vinegar, parsley, honey, salmon oil, olive oil, Vitamin E, Rosemary, blueberries, Alfalfa sprouts, permissons, sage, and clove.

The BOOST BITES are a RAW FOOD. For years I've been eating a raw food diet for dinner, consisting of MUESLI. Muesli was invented by a Swiss doctor, consisting of various raw grains, dried fruit, and unbaked seeds and nuts, soaked in soy milk. The concept behind raw foods, is that cooking destroys the enzymes in food, as well as many vitamins, which our body requires. If I'm going to eat a raw diet for my health, I might as well share that benefit with my cat. Our pets arent that different than us, and i'm NOT anthopomorphizing. They require these raw enzymes just like we do, and our pets are healthier with them. If I didnt believe in the health benefits of raw food, I wouldnt spend the extra money for Muesli.

Needless to say, a raw food diet means nothing to my cat. He eats Boost Bites cos he thinks they taste great. In fact, I gave him a taste test, placing a bit of BOOST BITES, next to his Friskies treats. He goobled down the Boost Bites, and left the Friskies Treats lay there untouched. (Tho he ate those too, when he figured out he wasnt getting more Boost Bites.)These cost a bit more than the treats from the grocery store, but they are his vitamin suppliment. Along with the EFA fish oil capsels I squeeze on his food, my cat's recieving an excellent diet. His digestion is good, and his coat doesnt flake off all this excessive dander, that used to cause him to scratch himself raw. A healthy cat is a happy cat. And a happy cat, is a happy cat owner.
287009287009B006Q7YG24A1WH5J3AP5JR7HDave Astle0051345852800My dogs love these!I like that these are healthy, pure freeze-dried chicken that I can feed my dogs. My dogs go nuts for them. The treats are too big to give my dogs a whole one but that's okay because they break up very easily. I break them into fourths and give them a fourth at a time.
287010287010B006Q7YG24A23NSKTMSPPBTRWayne0031345680000Great ingredients, but cats can be finickyWhat I find attractive about this product is that the right combination of protein, fat and fiber for your pet. The ingredients read like a list of actual recognizable foods such as plants and animals that you would actually buy in the supermarket rather than a long list of artificial ingredients you would never use in a recipe. Aside from one mineral and one natural preservative, the are things I'd gladly eat myself.

The down side of the product is that my cats wouldn't eat it. In fairness, cats can be finicky, and of the three cat treats I have in my house, one cat won't eat any of them. The other likes just one. Obviously I wouldn't buy them, but it's well worth a try especially if you have dogs. If your pet does end up liking them, you can feel good knowing that they are getting real food that a chef might have come up with for their health, rather than something that a laboratory invented.
286991286991B006Q7YG24A1IH42TUIZ2XJLG. K. Libbey1111343952000Three cats said NeooooooowI sure liked the ingredients, the description and even the smell of these treats. But my three cats weren't even intrigued enough to taste them, so regretfully they have given these treats one star. The treats are really large and probably more suitable for a dog. Of course, I broke the treats up into manageable sizes for cats, still no luck. Well, cats are known to be finicky and mine are no exception. One day they love something and the next day they could not care less. I will give the remainder of these treats to my daughter who has three dogs and will update my review if, in fact, they shed a different light on Raw Boost Bites.
286992286992B006Q7YG24A35VI0H5AFHOJ5Sharon Isch1151343865600A big hit with my two 3-year old felines. And a Google check okays its fat contentBeing totally clueless about minimum recommended content of protein, fat and fiber in feline diets, and considerably worried about the healthfulness of this product after reading another Amazon reviewer's warning of what he found to be the way-too-high fat content of these treats--the label says "crude fat (min.) 34.0%"--, I went online and found a link to a National Research Council site titled "Your Cat's Nutritional Needs: A Science Based Guide for Pet Owners" which appears to be the work of a cadre of science professors from about a dozen universities. They say:

"The maximum amount of fat in the cat's diet can be reasonably high without any
known adverse effects. In many cat foods, 50% or more of the energy comes from
fat. Studies indicate that cat foods containing even higher amounts of fat are safe.
At a minimum, cat foods should have a fat content of about 9% of dry matter."

Which is a relief, considering how much my two three-year-old cats, Purrcilla and B.J. Honeycatt, seem to love this stuff.

I think this is the first pet treat I've ever seen that is labeled as being for both dogs and cats. The size of these dry treats--there are about a dozen and a half of them in this 4 oz. bag-inside-a-box, each about the size of a half inch high stack of silver dollars--is more dog friendly than cat friendly, but the discs break in two easily; Once a day I crumble and split half a disc between their two bowls as a topper for their wet food...or sometimes instead, use it as a bedtime treat. So for two cats I estimate getting about a month's worth out of this package.

I've bookmarked the site mentioned above for future reference (too bad Amazon doesn't allow us to link to outside sites in our reviews).
286993286993B006Q7YG24A2G04D4QZAXL15xkydivr1141343865600"Your're trying to poison me, I just KNOW it"My Australian shepherd (AKA "garbage-gut") would kill for these. On the other hand she would kill for a chicken strip or a bite of buttered toast so I don't know if you should depend on her for a review. My ultra-suspicious , paranoid cat (who has NEVER eaten a treat) sucked these right down when I crumbled them by her food. ...."I just KNOW you're trying to poison me, you old bat.".... They have excellent ingredients, no grains or gluten.

I'm not sure if it's fair to take off a star for price. I try to get the best food for my pets (I pay $50 for a bag of blue buffalo for the dog) but ,to be honest ,I don't think I could justify over $40 for a pound of treats, good tasting and healthy or not.If YOU can these would be a good choice.
286994286994B006Q7YG24A10PEXB6XAQ5XFMichael Gallagher1141343779200Dog Liked ItWhat can I say? The dog liked it - I certainly didn't taste it. He didn't gobble it down at first since it was something new so let me describe it....

I handed it to him and, after a few cautious and tentative sniffs he took it from my hand and took it over to his favorite spot. He set it on the ground, licked it a few times to roll it over and sniff the other side - this went on a couple of times and humorous to watch. From there, he was like a little kid and took a small sample bite to give it a try. After a few tentative chews and a reluctant swallow, he looked up to see if it was ok to proceed.

Proceed he did, as he crunched away at the remainder of the treat and, after a satisfactorily smack of the lips he ran over to beg for another (which he didn't get). I do like the fact there is a lot of meat products vs. garbage in the Made in the USA treat!
286995286995B006Q7YG24A3EAP2VG0BVYWXnekojita1151343692800they don't last long....Okay, I'm rating these based on my cats' reactions to these treats. While one is the exact opposite of a picky eater (ANYTHING that is remotely edible that hits the floor is fair game in her mind), the other is a lot more finicky when it comes to snacks. Needless to say, the feline garbage can literally inhaled these treats and was looking for more. Cat #2 took a little more time/investigation when it came to the treat (that or she just likes for the other cat to be tormented while being held back from snatching up the treat as she sniffs at it for a minute, something I really don't put past her), but once she tried it, she was much quicker eating the second bite. Finding a treat that both cats enjoy and is made of seemingly healthy ingredients/less crappy filler is a great thing.

That said, these things are NOT cheap. You do not get a lot for your money, though at least if you're buying them for cats, you can break up the round treats to share them among several cats or get a couple of feedings out of one piece. I can see these being more of a special occasion snack than an every day thing - at least while on the current budget.
286996286996B006Q7YG24A25LM23UM50GDMark "Sorokahdeen"1131343260800Feline hits and misses...Instinct Raw Boost Bites Freeze-Dried Treats by Nature's Variety, 4-Ounce Package


They're oddly-shaped, greyish-beige, roughly circular pucks about the size of a modern dollar piece around and maybe half an inch thick, that look so thoroughly unappetizing that I immediately gave up all thought of trying a piece of one and reporting on the taste for the sake of art. One look at them from my all-too-human perspective and I had a whole new scale by which to determine how important my art as a reviewer really was to me.

Be that as it may, I found the reactions of the three cats I gave these to a surprisingly mixed bag.

One, the finnickiest eater that will do anything for a piece of Salisbury steak half the size of your pinky, ate one whole one (which I had to break into quarters) and lost interest halfway through the second one. The second one sniffed at a piece exactly once and walked away, while the skinny and freakish third one that never liked me (they're my roomate's cats, not mine) had a reaction that, translated into words, would have been this more or less:

"Hmmm... I see you have that. What is that? interesting... aroma, yes, the word is aroma... intriguing... perhaps even enticing...

Where did you get it? Give it to me. Give it to me now!

Hmmm... Yeeeeees...

You have more, don't you? Good. Give it to me! Give it to me now!

[chewing] Yes. I'll submit to your petting me while I eat it (Stay away from the neck!) and maybe, I say *maybe* afterwards if you have a supply of these and can provide me with more of them.

[more chewing} You know, I never liked you, not really, not before, but now I see you're really not so bad a fellow after all..."

So there it is. A temporary hit. A great big hit and a definite miss on three housecats. They're somewhat expensive for pet-treats but, with the right cat, you could use them to try and teach the basics like, "come when I say your name" and "hiss at someone else."

As far as dogs are concerned, this is going to have to wait until I can overcome the idea of how a stranger might react to my approaching him or her and saying, "Hey, you don't know me. I don't know you, but I still want to feed this to your dog."

More about that after I get some time to screw up my courage.
286997286997B006Q7YG24A134C9GVEU5TQEGlenda A Bixler "Glenda"1131341619200Some Do Some Don't
286998286998B006Q7YG24A2KHG3JOFXQ4CEUSMC Combat Vet "Retired!"3421342051200Mixed Reaction & WAY Too Much FAT!!!!!! Read That Label....We have 2 old Indoor Tabby cats about 12 years old who will eat ANYTHING and are 20 & 22 pounds. These monsters are still a terror that is fitting for their names of Lucy & Ethel...But I have to crush these up into crumbly pieces small enough for them to sample. First time they both LOVED it. Then Lucy threw it up and she has only thrown up 1 or 2 times in 12 years. Ethel throws up a few times ever week but did fine. From that time on however, they BOTH simply refused ever trying this food treat. So off we go to the neighbors & friends at work. 2 other families had the problem that NONE of the 6 other cats we tried would even try a sample of this food. We tried baby talking, tried bribery, tried everything but force feeding, the brats wouldn't got NEAR this stuff!

Ok, now dogs. Well here is a completely different result. Every dog we tried simply DEVOURED the stuff. Now, when I walk out to get the mail I almost fear for my life with the way these dogs eyeball me:-) But has anyone ever read the label? The far content of 20% plus makes me a pet owner who would NEVER feed this to my pet. Not even as a treat. The manufacturer seems to almost (to me anyway) market this as a pet health food? Sorry, don't care what pet loves it or hates it, I would never give any to any pet since I love them way too much to feed them all that I see on that label. Every time I complain to out Veterinarian about how big our cats are he explains that they are perfect actually. That they are just very large and STRONG, that it is not fat and not to worry. Sure different that what MY doctor tells Me....

Again, I am no Vet, but read the label, look that best friend you call a pet in the eye and ask yourself if you feel right about stuffing it with fat?
286999286999B006Q7YG24A27OBJA1YDQFZIE. M. Bristol "bibliophile"3441341619200Very tastyMy name is Patrick, and I am an American shorthair of indeterminate age and semi-discriminating tastes. My human asked me to write this review for the Instinct Raw Boost Bites: Chicken Formula she got through the Vine program because she is unable to sample them herself.

I gobbled up the portion my human gave me right away. As far as I'm concerned, these deserve two paws up. My housemate Tiger, also enjoyed the Bites. She has a more discriminating palate than me, but she liked these just fine. We think they compare favorably to other feline brand snacks, like Pounce and Temptations. Each piece is larger than say, a Pounce pellet, which our human broke into smaller pieces, so one or two make a more than adequate snack.

According to my human, the package says that the treats are grain-free and are made from "minimally processed, freeze dried raw ingredients." Ingredients include chicken, turkey, vegetables like butternut squash and broccoli, ground flaxseed, salmon oil, and mixed tocopherols with citric acid (?). I'm not entirely sure what all that stuff means, but I would recommend the Bites to other cats who enjoy chicken flavored snacks that are meant for cats.
287000287000B006Q7YG24A1JV4QKTEB7QBLDiana F. Von Behren "reneofc"2341340668800Finicky Cat Purrs While EatingNature's Variety Instinct Raw Boost Bites Freeze-Dried Treats, Chicken compares favorable with Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Salmon & Chicken Dinner for Cats, 12oz which my older cat really enjoys.

As both foods are freeze-dried, they both need reconstitution--I heat some water, place some of the food in a shallow dish and pour the water over the food. I wait a few minutes, allowing the food to get soft, drain the water and then place in the cat dish. Its a great "hot" food alternative for the cat who is too finicky to eat other types of raw food.

Nature's Variety is easier to portion. Each chunk of food comes as a disk around the size of a fifty-cent piece with about half an inch of thickness. Once softened, I have cut this a bit with a fork, but for the most part, my cat likes it so much she moves it off her plate to attack it whole. The Stella and Chewy food comes in smaller tater tot shapes which unfortunately, depending upon the way they are packed to be shipped can arrive crushed. For some reason, the crushed food does not appeal to my cat. In addition, it is difficult to decide just how much food to give the cat--once reconstituted, the food will go to waste if the cat, like mine, decides not to eat it all. Nature's Variety's size makes this easier to manage and will result in less waste.

Bottom line? Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Boost Bites Freeze-Dried Treats, Chicken, makes for a seemingly delicious entree item for my very picky cat who purrs while she eats it. Easy to portion out and reconstitute, it makes for a raw treat to "serve" on top of kibble or just alone. Recommended.
Diana Faillace Von Behren
287001287001B006Q7YG24A7EU2BWLLCJY2Claire Jordan "Filmmaker -"0051351123200My dogs love them!I've tried several different kinds of freeze-dried chicken treats and, for the most part, they are all so dehydrated that they literally turn into dust in the bag. You get a couple of solid pieces out of a bag, then the rest you have to sprinkle on top of dog food because it's just chicken powder. These don't do that! They have some additional ingredients in them besides chicken (veggies and fruit mostly) so they stay together very nicely. They are definitely designed for larger dogs - each treat is about the size of a fifty-cent piece (when was the last time you saw one of those?) and about a quarter to a half an inch thick. But they break easily into smaller pieces for little dogs. I have teeny, tiny chihuahuas so I have to break these treats into M&M-sized pieces for them, but they can't get enough! And the bag goes a long ways if you are breaking them down into smaller treats. These are now permanently on my shopping list for my babies.
287002287002B006Q7YG24A32RONAJLKDF3LV. Block0041350518400A nice, bite sized snackAll three hounds ate these quite enthusiastically. They're made in the USA, and have a lengthy list of ingredients that all appear to be healthy, a good mix of protein fat and fiber. I lopped one star off my review, as ~$40 a pound is rather steep for a dog snack.
287003287003B006Q7YG24A2WX8REGY23RQUElakshi "brighteyes"0051349481600Delicacy for my dogsOne of our dogs is extremely picky when it comes to food and treats. Sometimes he just sniffs and then turns away, obviously disgusted. Sometimes he'd take the treat in his mouth and then moves his head down so the treat just falls out of his open mouth on the floor. Then he walks away... He is an awesome dog but quite the character.
However, these treats are a big hit for both of our dogs..!! They aboslutely love this healthy delicacy. They are a bit on the pricey side but I will order them as a special treat for them once in a while. Highly recommend this product.
287004287004B006Q7YG24A9NXTC0HTPSDOMaggie0031348876800Great Treat For Dogs! VERY EXPENSIVE!!My dog loves these treats! They are a good all natural product which I have no issues or concerns with giving it to my dog. I feed my dog Wellness Core because he cannot eat grains due to skin allergies. So to find a good quality grain free treat that my dog likes is great. I break the treats into 4 pieces because of the cost. Four ounces for almost 11 dollars is quite costly. That means these treats are 44 dollars a pound!! I won't be buying much of these treat very often because of the cost. Sorry Natural have a great product line but 44 dollars a pound is ridiculous! This isn't filet mingnon people! Five stars for quality 1 star for price = 3 Stars overall.
287005287005B006Q7YG24A106Q1A6LGU4DPgnapye0051348358400My dogs love itI have two dogs at home, and my sister has another. One of my Pomeranians is extremely picky which makes it difficult to purchase treats or even foods that he isn't already familiar with, because it's more likely than not that he will reject whatever I get him. Imagine my surprise when my dog loved this treat! He always runs to the kitchen when he senses I'm getting a treat for him, and he actually jumps up and down when he sees that I have these.

My other dog is sixteen and has no teeth, so unfortunately these are too hard for him, but I try to break of very small pieces for him so he's able to get a taste. My sister's dog will eat everything so no surprise that he likes these too.

They're a little pricey but I think that given how much the dogs love these, and the fact that I have small dogs so these can last for a little while, makes them a worthwhile purchase when I'm out.
287006287006B006Q7YG24A2FS38D943KX12chefdevergue0031348012800A hung jury amongst the kitties results in a mistrialWe have four cats. Two of them went crazy over these treats and fought with each other to claim every last bit of the treat. A third one tried them once and never could be induced to try them again, and the fourth refused to have anything to do with them. Every other cat treat we have brought into the house has always been greeted with unamimous enthusiasm, so I don't really know what to think of this. Your mileage may vary; for my part, if I am going to pay this kind of money for a cat treat, I want something I know everyone is going to like.
287007287007B006Q7YG24A1GW7V6S6XSXX3Christopher Mayo0041347840000A Favorite TreatOur dog loved the Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Boost Bites Freeze-Dried Treats, Chicken, 4-Ounce Package, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is working on training their dog. The ingredients are healthy, and apparently it is quite tasty.

I gave it four stars, because the treats are a little larger than I would like. Of course, you can just break them in pieces to make great rewards. They crumble a bit, but those crumbs still work! Our dog still hasn't got all of the commands down, but at least she looked forward to the training.
287008287008B006Q7YG24A215P85W653CZVNagronsky "Nagronsky"0041346025600Don't let the large size put you off.....These were recommended as suitable for cats, but when I received them, they appeared to be far too large for my kids, so I tried them on the dogs of a few acquaintances, and they absolutely loved them(and now love me)! I realized that these are easily broken up into smaller pieces, so I tossed some bits in the kitties' dishes, and they also clamored for more, unlike most "cat treats". I'd say give them a try!
286981286981B006Q7YG24A1CC1IKCUIQMUVR. Larkin "Rosemarie"0141341273600My dog loves themThese are dry but not hard, slightly crumbly, small cookie-sized treats. When my husband is having a cookie, he gives one of these to the dog rather than the people cookies he shared with her previously. She doesn't feel deprived, and her health and our vet thank him!
286982286982B006Q7YG24A5ZD6FBMZQGDSLisa M0141341187200My Cats Love TheseWe have 3 cats and 2 will eat almost any treat, but one is very picky. It was around noon, so my one cat was in the kitchen, looking for "lunch". I had just fed them an hour earlier, so there was no way I was opening another can of food. I thought this would be a good time to try out the New Raw Boost Bites.
I took one of the pieces (they are quite big and look like a bite-size cookie) and broke it into smaller sizes. For dogs, I imagine you would not have to do this.
Well, they gobbled it right up! I had to break apart another for them right away. Then satisfied, they forget all about lunch and went to go relax. I guess these are a satisfying enough treat to tide them over until dinner.
Knowing these are not only tasty (at least from watching them eat them) but also good for them makes me feel good about feeding them to my cats. You get about 18 in a pack, so I will be saving them for rewards or special treats.

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