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287041287041B006Q7YG24A1WWQUH1I959PNN. Wagner0051343088000Yum, love them!A friend sent me a package as a 'welcome home' gift for our new Burmese kitten...and these treats were a raging success. ALL of my Burmese love them, so do both Siamese!
Since our new kitten seems to prefer only dry food, I use these treats (broken up) as an extra boost for his diet. As an added bonus, they already have the consistency of horked-up dried cat puke, yum!
287042287042B006Q7YG24A3C1QYGEET3BVYP.C. Thomas0041342828800my dogs loves themThese are natural, healthy, freeze dried treats that are about the size of a half dollar and a half-inch thick. They're a little too big to fit in a Kong or the rubber mesh ball I put treats in for my dog so I give her these treats as a reward. The texture is just what you'd expect from something that is freeze-dried and they're quite crumbly so they will make a mess on the floor. Fortunately, my dog is such a hog that she wolfs up every last crumb. Obviously she loves the flavor but my dog isn't picky so I would be shocked if she didn't like these. I would buy these again although probably not very often due to the slightly high price which is a little higher than what I usually pay for treats. I most often get the Mother Nature biscuits made by Natura. I gave these treats four stars due to the price and the size being too big. The ingredients are as follows: Chicken, Turkey, Turkey Liver, Turkey Heart, Pumpkinseeds, Apples, Carrots, Ground Chicken Bone, Butternut Squash, Ground Flaxseeds, Montmorillonite Clay, Broccoli, Lettuce, Spinach, Dried Kelp, Apple Cider Vinegar, Parsley, Honey, Salmon Oil, Olive Oil, Mixed Tocopherols with Citric Acid (a natural preservative), Rosemary, Blueberries, Alfalfa Sprouts, Persimmons, Inulin, Sage, Clove.
287043287043B006Q7YG24A1UQNX8S78JU0GJessica Teel0051342742400Huge hit with cats and dogs.Freeze Dried Treats were a huge hit in my house! My dog absolutely loved them, and she's a dog who isn't all that into food. I especially like that since they are dry you can stuff them in a kong without getting the kong stuck with nasty food you can't clean out. So, great kong treats. They are also sized perfectly to fit in a large size kong (but easily broken apart into smaller pieces). My cat also wolfed them down with delight and begged for more. Being raw they should have many more nutrients than most commercial treats.
287044287044B006Q7YG24A35LT14WG5BX0TLola Bunny0021342656000I wasn't impressed...Okay, first of all, this says for dogs AND cats, and I sampled it because it actually only said "cat treats." Ummm, I have three cats, and none of them would touch this stuff. First of all, they're HUGE, round discs. You have to break it up into about 30 pieces (which is soft and gross and makes your hands stink) and even then, none of my cats were at all enthused with the results. They sniffed, turned their nose up, and walked away.

The dog however, was happy to clean up behind them. She loved these treats, and they're definitely more large-dog size. Each treat is a couple inches in diameter, almost an inch thick, I have NO IDEA why they would label these as cat treats.

They're a little expensive for what they are, and there aren't that many in the package. However the ingredients are good, and my dog loved them. I'm just pretty disappointed these weren't cat treats since that's what I had originally wanted.

Good for dogs, find something else if you have a cat!
287045287045B006Q7YG24A3L1MEXXDI4Q77Miranda Prince "Punky Monkey"0051342656000My dogs like themAll I can say about these treats is they are not too nasty (they smell OK, and they are not slimy), and my dogs like them. They are very easy to break into smaller pieces, which is good since each one is about the size of an Oreo cookie. Recommended.
287046287046B006Q7YG24A2BIJMB2BITQUMJames Ridgway0051342656000Superior treat for the pupsNature's variety already has a great reputation amongst those who care enough to feed their dogs only the best ingredients.

In this case there is no worry at all - properly sources ingredients, freeze-dried to preserve nutritional content.

- Great ingredients.
- Dogs love them!
- easy to break into small bits for different uses.

- dogs LOVE them - you'll have to buy often ;)

- Hope that helps.
287047287047B006Q7YG24AA8F2HV4DPV2Tkelpiegirl0041342656000Good for an occasional treat!My dogs LOVE these and so has every foster dog that we have given it to. These are a treat not a replacement for a meal. They are full of great ingredients and none of the bad stuff. They have a high protein and fat content but you shouldn't be giving your dogs 10 a day. Honestly, we have dogs that range from 35-60 pounds and they only get a 1/2 a cookie at a time. My husband is a veterinarian and he was impressed by the quality of the ingredients. They are a great treat and we will definitely buy again.
287048287048B006Q7YG24A2MBLVMVDLHK1LGen of North Coast Gardening0051342656000My cat went nuts for these things.My male cat isn't too into treats. We even got some plain freeze-dried chicken chunks recently and he was excited but not freakout-excited like my other cat gets.

But as soon as he got a whiff of this, he went from disinterested in treat time to holy-moly-let-me-climb-your-leg-give-it-to-me-now excited. He ran in circles trying to anticipate where I'd put it down!

The pucks are kind of huge for cats - 1.75" diameter - but they're a soft puck made of freeze-dried powdery foods, so it's easy for them to nibble and fuss with it until it's gone. It takes them about a minute to fully finish their pucks, even with ravenous chomping.

It has natural ingredients, but it's not all meat, so there are veggies in there as well. Is that good? I don't know. Most "primal" foods do have some vegetation in there as well, so it seems standard for this type of pet food line.

The only thing I dislike is that the pucks are powdery enough that they make a crumbly mark where they are set down, so if I treat the cats on my carpet or couch, there's powder left over that they can't get at without licking it up. Other than that, this is a winner. We are rotating between this treat and the freeze-dried chicken breast treat, and one cat prefers these and one cat prefers the other, so overall, I definitely like this product and plan to buy more when my initial package runs out.
287049287049B006Q7YG24A3OJX18B60PJR9DAVERAT "daverat"0051342656000Portioned better for dogs than cats: ingredient list is healthy & natural!These Raw Boost Bites from Nature's Variety Instinct line are about the size of very thick ginger-snap with a recommended feeding amount of 1 to 2 biscuits a day. High in quality protein and mixed with a vairety of wholesome vegetales, fruits and natural heart-heathy oils, I wouldn't hesitate to feed one of these a day to my dog. However, even though my cats love them, I only allow them a quater of a crumbled biscuit a couple times a week. Although ground chicken bone is 1 of the lesser ingredients, you do not find "bone meal" or any other waste product such as "brewers rice" orother nutritionally depeleted fillers. Just plenty or good dark greens, carrots, apples and butternut squash to help make a biscuit out of the Chicken, Turkey, Turkey Liver and Turkey Heart that form the protein base of this healthy treat. There is a small amount of honey in the product as well. The ingredients list is one of the best I've seen on a commercially available pet product in a long time.

Both my cats and my dog anjoyed the treats a little too much so I have to hide them behind a locked cabinet door! My favorite aspect of this treat is the lack of dyes and the fact that they aren't rock hard. They are easy to divide into sensible servings for the cats and probably better for them than their own dry food even though I use a high quality dry food for the cats and feed mostly a meat diet to the dogs. This is a "raw" product, which means the ingredients where not cooked above a certain temperature. The product was then freeze-dried to presevre freshness. As long as you keep the bag well-sealed and out of direct heat & sunlight, you shouldn't have any problems with spoilage.

They recommend 1 to 2 bites per day per 20 Lbs of body weight and to asjust for your feeding accordingly. Obviously that means subtracting a little if you plan to use these as a daily supplement. Again, with the cats, I cut the disk in half and then crumbled half of that into pieces and used it as a training reward. If you arent' sure what the correct amount is for your pet, you should talk to your vet, call the company or err on the side of offering less rather than more. Overfeeding even a well-formulated food can lead to obesity, especially if your pets love these Boost Bites as much as mine did.
287050287050B006Q7YG24A28CCN6VYHRUKSAndrew Gray "Beezer Review"0031342656000Just averageI have two Norwegian Elkhounds, one 6 years old and one 6 months old, and a 10 year old cocker spaniel. I am always looking for new treats to use as rewards for them. So, I took up the chance to give these a try.

First thing I noticed, is that these treats come in a almost "health food/gourmet" type bag leading one to believe that they are an all natural healthy treat. After reading the ingredients they are just like most other treats on the market. There is absolutely nothing special about them. That's ok, dogs like treats.

Second the individual treats are fairly large. Even my adult Elkhound who is 50 pounds, I would never give her a full sized treat from this bag. For the ingredients they are just too big.

Third, the packaging is made to make it look like the box is plumb full of treats. When in actuality there are not that many treats in the bag at all. But, keep in mind that each treat should realistically be broken up into 3-4 pieces at a minimum.

Did the dogs like them? Sure they did, there was no messy "side effects" after digestion so that's always a plus. But, at the end of the day the size of the treats, how few there really are, and the ingredients just make this a very average treat. Nothing special here.
287051287051B006Q7YG24A9ESHA5MS6S6LSherry Lochner0051342656000Crazy!Crazy is how my cat reacted after having these, as he wanted more. He hears the bag open now and comes running.
287052287052B006Q7YG24A1H6SBO7R007I8A. Reader0051342569600dog loved emI had my doubts about freeze dried treats, I thought they would lose some of their juices that dogs so very much love. They seemed a little dry to me, but im not the adorable jackabee these were intended for. She loved em. The pack was a little small, but the dog went crazy for em. They say on the package to make sure you acclamate your dog to this type of treat, feeding my dog one a day for the past 2 weeks ive had zero problems.
287053287053B006Q7YG24AG6TX1ZJHLMO7W. Dietrich "WD"0031342483200So So As Far As Treats GoFirst of all I used the bites as a treat and not as a substitute for their normal kibble. I have two dogs one 20 pds and one 30 pds and each dog gets two treats a day. I typically buy my treats from 3 Dog Bakery or some other high end dog store and over time feel like I know what my dogs like. As far as giving the bites as a treat they are way too fatty and high in protein to give a whole size bite as a treat (these were designed to be a subsitute for kibble) so I broke them in half and gave one to each dog. They ate them and continued to eat them daily until I ran out. However my dogs go crazy for certain treats and will take a treat to a safe place and if a treat is really good the bigger dog will try and get the crumbs from the smaller dog. WIth the Nature Variety the dogs merely took the treat and ate it on the spot. They did not search out crumbs and did not seem to be overly excited for this treat as others I have given them in the past.

Once again this was meant to subsitute kibble but in my opinion it would get expensive quickly so I used my sample bag for treats.
287054287054B006Q7YG24A1HLJJ6MKZLR3ZRebekah0031342483200This is not an ordinary meat treat for pets.These treats are definitely different. They are practically weightless, and have an odd texture like a cross between a packing peanut and paperboard, with a dusty exterior. For some reason, I keep thinking of a rice cake or a meringue cookie when I look at these. This is not necessarily bad, it is just different.

My schnauzer was more hesitant with this treat, I think it was due largly to the texture, as she is used to hard, crunchy stuff. She took one big chomp and it crumbled, ending up as a pile of small pieces at her feet that she ate carefully, one or two at a time, until it was finished.

The smell of these treats is appealing to me, actually. We have the chicken variety. Unlike some meat treats that seem to radiate with a salty, bouillion-cube-like scent, these have a subtle chicken soup-like fragrance.

The package contains 4 oz., which works out to about 16 treats. This is pricey compared to, say, Milkbones, but as a human who is willing to spend more for quality ingredients, I wouldn't call the cost outrageous, especially since I don't give these to my dog daily.

I prefer treats that work my dog's instincts to gnaw and chew, and if her teeth get a bit of cleaning at the same time then I'm happy. The Raw Boost Bites don't give her any of that. However, as an occasional treat to give her something interesting and different, these are a fairly good option.
287055287055B006Q7YG24A3KZ7OH4VRL048Jonathan0041342396800Dogs went wild for it, cat not so muchI tested this product out on two dogs and a cat. Daisy, my neighbor's border collie, went "absolutely ape" for it, in the words of her owner. I saw this myself; the dog would "walk" for twenty feet if you held the treat up just out of her reach and started walking away. My girlfriend's dachshund Monkey had a similar reaction. Monkey would snatch up the treat and run into the next room away from everyone else, and scarf it down in the corner. The treats were a bit large for her to swallow whole (about the size of Kennedy half-dollars and about half an inch thick), so I started breaking them up for her so she wouldn't choke in her enthusiasm.

Speaking of breaking them up, they become very crumbly, so make sure you either break them over the counter or be prepared to sweep.

The crumbs actually worked to my advantage with my girlfriend's cat Cleo. She would not eat the treat by itself, even when broken up. However, when I broke it up in her food, she ate it, though she gave no indication that it was any different from her normal food.

The Raw Boost Bites package get bonus points for being irresistible to canines and having healthy ingredients. Since it's advertised as a cat treat as well, I can't give it five stars since Cleo was apathetic toward it, but I know what I'm buying the dogs from now on.
287056287056B006Q7YG24AZ26CDSJ363AHnycgirl "nycgirl"0041342396800Just like Stella & Chewys - raw freeze-dried in smaller medallions, less flakyMy dog loves stella and chewy's raw freeze-dried dog food.
These Raw Bites from Instinct are pretty similar (grain-free, raw, freeze-dried), except the size is smaller to act as "Treat-sized" bites.

Treat-sized is great b/c these little disks can fit into a puzzle toy. Regular Stella & Chewy's are a bit too large for most toys. Secondly, the Raw Bites are a touch harder, therefore less flaky and crumbly than Stella & Chewys. This results in less mess!

Overall a great treat and product, just a little pricey (as with all raw, grain-free freeze-dried dog food).
287057287057B006Q7YG24APP8XWYYV4PAADebra Chong "ECommerceMaven"0051342396800Looks like tropical fish food but my dog woofed it upMy dog's nickname is Hoover and he performed true to form with this treat. It has a small tablet like form and is like a large fish food pellet. Not a lot of smell but it has a slight fishy smell. Anyway, it must have been tasty as "Hoover" scooped it up and ate it and came back for more. I like Instinct products as they are pretty pure and provide great nutrition, even if it is a treat. Worth a try for your favorite Fido.
287058287058B006Q7YG24AELK0E5DK7LIZReuben Gathright "rgathright"0041342310400Instinct Raw Boost Bites are a good tool for obedience and behavior training of dogs!The Raw Boost Bites are ½ inch thick discs that are about 1-1/2 inch in diameter. Some treats on the market today range from hard to soft and chewy. I would classify these treats as somewhere between those two ranges. The bites have an appearance and texture of a ½ inch cardboard disc that was easily broken up into smaller pieces. Of particular interest to us was the ingredients of the treat and we were happy to see that all the ingredients (other than the preservatives) were natural food products. An added bonus for us was the fact that this treat is made in the USA.

In our house, we do "controlled" feeding; meaning that each dog is given a portioned amount of dog food at the same time twice a day. This is in direct opposition to "free" feeding (having food available at all times throughout the day). They are all fed in their crated kennel. Our cats are free fed; with the food on a perch out of the reach of the dogs.

A total of 8 dogs and 2 cats were tested for this review. Five of the dogs and both cats are ours and 3 of the dogs were visiting at the time this testing took place. The breed of dogs tested were 3 Welsh Pembroke Corgi's, 2 Border Collie adults, 1 Belgian Sheep dog, 1 Border Collie mix puppy and 1 Golden Retriever. Four dogs are female and four dogs are male. Six of the dogs are highly food driven, one is somewhat picky of what it eats and the last dog is very picky of what it eats. The cats are of no particular breed and both are female. All dogs tested were fed 2 hours prior to testing.

We wanted a controlled testing environment whereby each dog was given the opportunity to visit a small bowl of 1 Raw Boost Bite that was broken up into smaller pieces than the original. Each dog, one at a time and alone, was taken out of their crated kennels and let loose inside of the house. Each dog easily found the treat. The 3 Corgi's, the Border Collie puppy mix, 1 of the Border Collies adults, and the Golden Retriever (a total of 6 of the 8 dogs) immediately feasted on the treat and thoroughly enjoyed the treat. All of these dogs are highly food driven.

The other Border Collie adult sniffed the treat, went away for about 30 seconds and returned to the treat bowl and ate each piece but not nearly as vigorously as the other 6 dogs. This dog is pretty "picky" of what it eats and is not food driven at all. The Belgian Sheepdog is very picky of what it eats and after one sniff, refused to even try the treat.

My two cats live a relaxed life style of sitting on the couch and since they are not trained will only eat soft food. They both took one look at Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Boost Bites Chicken flavor and walked away.

In conclusion, we were pleased with this product. Boost Bites do not get a perfect rating because one of my dogs and the cats did not want to eat them. After the response most of the dogs had to this product, I will be ordering these again for them to act as an obedience training tool.
287059287059B006Q7YG24A8WAYVOKYBLO6Rane Wallin0051342137600Both my dog and cat liked thisMy dog will eat anything, but my cat is really picky. Up until now, the only treat he would even look at was bonito flakes. I fully expected him to turn his nose up at this, but he gobbled it right down. I'm really impressed by the ingredients. Grain-free and all natural. I feed both the dog and the cat grain-free food from Blue Buffalo, so I'm obviously a little picky about what they eat. After reading the ingredients, I have no problems feeding them this. It's a great, healthy snack and I will happily buy it for them in the future.
287060287060B006Q7YG24A3LWC833HQIG7Jaustin_Larry0051342137600Awesome but pricey however best pet 'treat' ever
287061287061B006Q7YG24A3C0380R9NMLHDAndrew W. Johns "ResQgeek"0051342137600Finally a dog treat that our dog actually likesWe've tried a number of different types of treats for our dog, who has remained steadfastly indifferent to most of them. She has generally preferred table scraps as treats instead of treats marketed for dogs. However, when this package arrived and we opened it, she immediately responded. Just the smell was sufficient to get her excited, and she clearly enjoyed the treats when we gave them to her. The enthusiasm she displayed was pretty much the best endorsement I could ask for.

Because the package indicated that these treats were intended for both dogs and cats, we also offered some to our cat. Here the reaction was must more indifferent. While the smell seemed to interest him, he never actually ate the treat. So I don't know that these are necessarily the best treat for a cat, but they are certainly dog-tested and approved.
287062287062B006Q7YG24A57Q87B0TC9IJDerek G0011341964800Not good for cats - too hard to eatWith all due respect to Amazon reviewer "Book and Dog Lover", I can't imagine any cat would enjoy these treats. Because they're freeze-dried, they are too hard for a cat to chew without an incredible amount of effort. Even as I held the treat in my fingers, my poor cat could not bite off a chunk. Are we supposed to add water? I don't know because there are no feeding instructions on the packaging. I attempted to add some water it didn't reconstitute anything. The treats remained hard as rocks. Breaking up the piece into smaller chunks didn't seem to make a difference either. Plus, the addition of water suddenly made the treats unappealing to my cat. Apparently all she liked was smelling and licking the sticky powder coating around the treat.
287063287063B006Q7YG24A12DQUAJN9QH23JudyCA "cat lover"0051341878400Both Our Cats Loved These TreatsI love this company so was excited to try these new treats. Both our cats are 2 years old. These remind me of little hockey pucks. Easy to cut or break up. Each treat has 20 - 23 calories so I want to make sure to count that in with the calories they are getting for the day. I gave them each 1/4 of a chicken treat and they grabbed it off the plate to eat it. They loved it! When I was getting ready to give them 1/4 more they were meowing for more and then purred while they were eating it. They were very happy. And so was I. These treats are healthy for them and that is important to me.
287064287064B006Q7YG24A3TSJ9KDY18X1LKimberly0021341878400the cat wouldn't eat itI was excited to get some new treats for my cat. When I had the package in front of her she was rubbing all aganist it so I was hoping she would like them. I gave one to her whole at first and she ignored it. I thought the treat may be too big for her since they were a bit bigger than silver dollars so I broke it up and put it in her food dish with some of her food. She basically ate all her food but ignored the pieces of the treat.

I do like that there is nothing artificial in these treats. The box states that what is contained in the treats include: chicken, turkey, turkey liver, turkey heart, pumpkinseeds, apples, carrots, ground chicken bone, butternut squash, ground flaxseeds, montmorillonite clay, broccoli, lettuce, spinach, dried kelp, apple cider, vinegar, parsley, honey, salmon oil, olive oil, mixed tocopherols with citric acid, rosemary, blueberries, alfalfa sprouts, persimmons, inulin, sage, and clove. However, even if it is all natural, if the cat won't eat it, it does me no good.

I know all cats and dogs are different so some will like the treats. However for me, I will not be buying these in the future.
287065287065B006Q7YG24AMB2Z4FMDBWQYVIDFAN "specfellow"0041341878400My Finicky, Older Cat Licks the Bowl Clean When I Give Her ThisThis is the first treat I've gotten that says it is for both cats and dogs, so I was a little skeptical at first that my cat, Lily, would like it. She's 15 years old and has become very finicky about what she eats. She now turns up her nose at our Purina dry food, which used to be her favorite. I've been feeding her cans of salmon and gravy (Fancy Feast) but even with that she leaves a lot of leftover salmon pieces in the bowl (!)

Discouraged, I had nothing to lose and decided to give her half of a Raw Boost treat to see if she'd like it. The box says you should give your cat only one or 2 treats per 20lbs of the cat's weight. Well, my Lily is a tiny cat and weighs only 5 lbs or so, so imagine my dilemma. Taking the treat out of the package, I was amused at how much the treat resembles a peanut butter cookie. It's soft, however, and easy to tear in half. It feels crumby like a cookie, however, so I decided to break it down into little "crumbs" for Lily to eat. She has problems with digestion and throws up more than the typical cat, so I'm always careful to chop up her food into small, bite-sized pieces.

Imagine my relief that Lily loves it! She licked her dish clean and begged for more. I'm going to make a note to buy more.
287066287066B006Q7YG24A3O7GDDKLEZUJFMaster Cineaster0051341705600My dog LOVES themThe facts about my dog:
A rescue, now 14 years old (adopted at 6 months), a poodle mix with, probably Bichon, maybe terrier, going deaf, eyesight getting worse but still okay, olfactory faculties still very strong (far as I know).
A picky eater with regard to both meals and treats.
But she loves these. They are easy for her to eat, don't stink up human hands when doled out, and there's a resealable bag that really works the way it is supposed to.
Back to the dog and her love of the treats: we give her a half at a time (she's about 12 lbs) and no more than one per day. They are her favorites at this point and we will purchase these when our Vine allotment is done.
287067287067B006Q7YG24A1UG4J8DEG9NVWResearchingMom0051341619200the cats all liked them!Looks like good ingredients in these, and amazingly all three cats liked them, a lot. Glad to find a convenient raw treat, will be buying again. We have only tried the chicken flavor.
287068287068B006Q7YG24A3D9NUCR4RXDPYKathleen San Martino0011341532800My four cats would not eat thisMy four cats liked the smell of these treats but they would not eat them.

The treat to human eyes is totally unappealing. Not only are they freeze-dried raw but they look hairy (similar to a dust bunny I would find under the bed). In size, they are the circumference and height of a double-stuffed Oreo cookie. They are also very light and as easy to break up as a wafer.

I broke several into smaller bite-sized pieces and left them out overnight. One of my cats looked like he was going to take a bite but eventually walked away. The other three smelled the pieces and left without even trying them.

The box of the Chicken Formula Raw Boost Bites claims these treats are for cats and dogs and are made of chicken, turkey, turkey liver, turkey heart, pumpkinseeds, apples, carrots, ground chicken bone, etc. Each large piece is 23 calories and they recommend 1 to 2 pieces per 20 pounds of body weight. However, since my four cats won't eat them, I'm going to throw out all this goodness to the wildlife. Maybe some critter will eat it.
287069287069B006Q7YG24ARYSDAZNRXN6GA. Crafton0051341446400My dog **LOVED** them!I used to feed my pets a raw diet (now I feed Blue Buffalo Wilderness formula) so I was pleasantly surprised to see a commercial product even MENTIONING raw feeding on the label. The fact that it's made here in the USA is another huge plus in its favor.

At first I wasn't sure what to make of these, they look....weird. Like space food or something. My dog heard the package rustling though and immediately ran over to see what I had. When I held a piece out to her she was reluctant; she sniffed it thoroughly and acted like she wasn't going to eat it. No surprise there, she likes very few treats. I haven't had much luck testing out pet products on her, as she is so picky. (You wouldn't think a mutt who ate trash for months as a stray would be this picky but she is) She decided though that she wanted this treat: she snapped it out of my hand and ran behind the couch to eat it, so that no one could even *think* of taking it from her. Normally she just takes her favorite treat a few feet away from me, so the fact that she ran and hid to eat this means a lot.

My elderly (15 year old) cat even showed an interest in these, which is not normal for her in the least. I haven't seen her accept a treat in YEARS.

My pets' enthusiasm for this treat puts it on my recommend and buy list!
287070287070B006Q7YG24A3CMW1N1WOYZT6April M. Steenburgh "fireun"0031341446400Mixed receptionI was pleased with the smell of the product, it smelled like actual food. I crumbled one piece and added warm water for my cats. They were happy to lap up the resulting gravy, but we're not at all interested in chunks of the product itself. I will keep experimenting, as there is interest there. All in all, I am pleased. Cats can be notoriously picky.

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