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287071287071B006Q7YG24A246YIFE5M6M2CShawn Kovacich "Shawn Kovacich"1241344902400Most of My Furry Children Liked Them, But Not All of ThemI have six cats an am constantly trying different treats. I try to make sure that they get the healthiest of all foods but this is not always an option. Most treats on the market are glorified potato chips for cats.

The first think I noticed is these treats smell. Not horribly, but you can tell there is real food in them. They are a 1 ½ in circular biscuit. The perfect size for a dog, but I have to break it into six pieces for my cats. When breaking the biscuit up, it tends to crumble.

Of the five cats that eat treats, four were right there begging for them. When I put the treat pieces down one wolfed it down right away, two sniffed them thoroughly then ate them, and the fourth walked away without eating it. I gave another piece to the fifth cat. After sniffing it, he ate the treat. I tried a second time and the same cat refused to eat the treat but the other three wolfed theirs down and tried to fight over the one that was left on the floor. They seem to be a big hit among the furry children.

The first thing that I'm concerned about is the universal cat/dog treat. I was always under the impression that there is a reason why we have both cat and dog food. Both animals have different nutritional needs so they need to be fed separate foods. I'm a little leery of a product that is advertising as a meal for both animals.

The Amazon Product page advertises these as a meal, treat, or food topper. The Nature's Variety website says that these are specifically treats. Please make sure you don't feed these as food. Also, make sure to adjust the food so you are not feeding too many calories to your pet.

Finally, the box is huge, but the bag inside is small. It looks like there are only 16 biscuits in the bag. Having that in mind, you are paying almost eleven dollars (as of 8/3/12) for a box. To me, that is way too much to spend on treats.

Over all, I do think they are a good treat for pets. There are a lot of healthy ingredients and are a big hit at my house. Honestly I will not be buying these anytime because of the cost of them.

Shawn Kovacich
100% Cat Lover
Author and Creator of numerous books and DVD's.
287072287072B006Q7YG24AG6JWI77UMETSKenpo-Jujitsu Teacher "Phil"1211343088000Odd texture...didn't win my cats overThis product was made in a wafer form that had to be broken up for my animals to eat. When they first smelled it, they came running, but after a couple of bites, they turned their noses up at it.

We ended up throwing away most of the product.
287073287073B006Q7YG24A1RLP0R1N8H8C4Kitten Kisser1231342656000Not Suitable For CatsI selected these to feed to my cats. Because amazon didn't list the ingredients I had little to go on. I was under the impression that these were 100% freeze dried "raw" chicken & turkey treats. When the pkg. arrived I was disappointed to see that there are a heck of a lot of other ingredients. Seems a high price to pay for a 4 ounce package of "treats" that don't have ingredients much different from top quality foods such as Wellness, Before Grain & others. (Ingredient list is at the bottom of this review if you are looking for that info.)

These "bites" are only bite sized for medium to large dogs. For my cats they are WAY too big. I had to break them into at least 4 - 6 pcs. in order for the cats to be able to eat them. Even with my breaking them up, the cats still had to work at them. Their freeze dried condition creates a very airy & light biscuit that is spongy, not crunchy. It seemed to stick to the cats teeth making it very difficult for them to eat.

The cats will ONLY eat these if they are very very hungry. If I put down anything else, they will ignore the Boost Bites. I also have barn cats that hunt pretty much everything so I feed them a cheap cat food. I know they are getting tons of healthy nutrition in all the rodents, insects, birds, amphibians & grasses they can get their little paws on. However they do enjoy their junk kibble. Seeing how these Raw Boost Bites were an epic fail for the indoor cats, I tried it on the barn cats. They were a tad more enthusiastic although they appreciated having the biscuits broken into bits too despite their bone crunching swallowing rodents whole abilities. They struggled with the bites just as much as the indoor kitties.

The bites seem more suitable for a dog. Dogs aren't known to do a lot of chewing & are not usually as fussy as a cat. I doubt a spongy dry biscuit would matter to an animal that tends to wolf things down within a gulp or two.

Even though this is a product I'm not likely to buy in the future, I do not feel it deserves less than 3 stars when I think of all the disgusting garbage that is on store shelves for us to buy & poison our pets with.

Ingredients as per the box:
Chicken, Turkey, Turkey Liver, Turkey Heart, Pumpkin seeds, Apples, Carrots, Ground Chicken Bone, Butternut Squash, Ground Flax seeds, Montomrillonite Clay, Broccoli, Lettuce, Spinach, Dried Kelp, Apple Cider Vinegar, Parsley, Honey, Salmon Oil, Olive Oil, Mixed Tocopherols (note: probable GMO ingredient)with Citric Acid (a natural preservative), Rosemary, Blueberries, Alfalfa Sprouts, Persimmons, Inulin (note: this is being promoted as a prebiotic for fiber & digestive health. There is evidence that inulin may not be safe for the digestive system. It's safety is questionable. I avoid it.), Sage, Clove.
287074287074B006Q7YG24AQ8DU6XVA3USJAlejandra Vernon "artist & illustrator"1251341273600Maggie Sez "More!"Maggie went nuts over these Instinct Raw Boost Bites, and she is a very finicky cat. Liddy was mildly interested, with a nibble here and a nibble there, and Frankie is just peculiar; she will only eat her dull kibble food. The list of ingredients on the box of these freeze dried treats looks mighty fine, with everything from chicken to ground flaxseeds and broccoli. Each treat is a 1 ½ inch round, with the slight consistency and look of a shortbread cookie, and has a fairly decent smell for the human nose. You can easily break them into 4 or more pieces for your cat.

These round treats are for both dogs and cats, and are estimated as 1 or 2 for every 20 lbs. of weight. At the rate Maggie would like to eat these, she'd have to let out the buttons in her fur jacket. It's nice though that I've found something she likes, and that it's such a healthy treat. Thank you Nature's Variety for making a treat made of good, natural food for our fussy fur friends. Packaging is good, with a clear resealable bag inside the cardboard display box.
287075287075B006Q7YG24A2MY9VXHZYAHUZKimba W. Lion ""1221341273600Two out of three cats say NO.Was it the sound of the plastic bag or the smell? Anyway, two of my cats came running when I opened the package. These things are WAY too big for cats, so I broke off pieces for each of them. The girl ate a piece after much pawing, but would not eat a second small piece. The boy sniffed and sniffed and pawed and pawed, but wouldn't eat a bit, and both of them left. Then our third cat walked in, obviously intrigued by the smell. He ate the others' leftovers and looked around for more. So, I guess that's about a 33 percent acceptance rate.

Besides being way too big for cats, these things look... weird is the nicest word I can think of. They look like hairballs that have been compressed into cookie shapes. They even have weird hair-like things sticking out of them.

The ingredients include pumpkin seeds, apples, carrots, squash, flax seeds, broccoli, and more plant products. Cats eat meat. And I really have to wonder what function another ingredient, "Montmorillonite Clay" (a.k.a. Fullers Earth) serves.

These are sized for a medium to large dog (following the directions, an average cat should get less than half a "cookie" per day--if they even want one), and it seems to me the ingredients are more suited for dogs as well...if you are OK with the clay.
287076287076B006Q7YG24A3N27L13CWJ9HYD. R. Smith0151344816000Delish!My dauchshunds adore this. I break it in quarters and they devour the pieces. The cats lick it but seem to have trouble eating the shards. The smell isn't strong so it would be easy to keep some in your pocket for walks and training.
287077287077B006Q7YG24A2V0H5HIN4OWKNThe book lady0121342137600WeirdI don't really know what to make of these treats. I was first drawn to them because of the claim they were for both cats and dogs and since it is something of an extra special treat it's nice to have something the whole family can enjoy. But I was not impressed on any level. Lets be honest, we all by these over priced pet treats for ourselves and not the pets. If you honestly wanted to make your pet ecstatic you would go to the butcher shop, get tub of chicken livers or giblets, cook them up and have very happy pets. For me this product is outrageously expensive, has an offensive smell and a texture of sawdust.

The makers are trying to draw you in with this idea of it being "Raw" but do you want to feed a pet, or better yet even handle a product where the main ingredient is chicken if it actually is raw? Though it doesn't say so on the package I don't think this item is actually freeze dried raw meat, but instead is supposed to appeal to the human's desire to feed their pet something that's healthy, i.e. raw diet for dogs. But I see nothing in this item to make it any healthier than many other pet treats that are much cheaper in price. I was also a little shocked at some of the health claims made on the package too. Apparently, "Freedom from allergies, improved skin & coat, weight loss, reduced incidents of ear infections and healthier teeth & gums are just a handful of the amazing pet transformations that Nature's Variety customers experienced." I have to call B.S. on that claim.

The only real positive thing I can say about this product is that on one cat loved it. My dog and other cat ate it, but weren't crazy about it.

2 stars.
287078287078B0040WCTBWA3QIMRRWKMDWJAGockett0051327708800Excellent. PuddingVery good tasting traditional Christmas pudding just like. Grandma used to make.
Well worth the money and added a great touch to the Christmas feast when it arrived in the room on a silver. PlatterLit up with brandy and bathed in creamy hard sauce.
287079287079B003MQZOE6A3LCF7016DKJHGnellbell0031325030400First order of this typeI was looking forward to giving this item as a gift. When I received the box it had been crunched a bit. When I opened it, the box of tea was also crushed. Nothing to affect the quality of the tea but the appearance meant I could not give it as a gift. Disappointed with shipping. Should have had some airbags in it or something. Hope I enjoy the tea!
287080287080B001HCKEB0A6TR38N93U6GRNatty101151294099200I love this tea!First and foremost make sure you DO NOT let this tea steep too long. If you let it steep for the recommended two minutes, you shouldn't have to run to the bathroom like your pants are on fire! If you let it steep for the 2 minutes, it's a decent trip to the bathroom...not explosive diarrhea.

With the way we eat (mostly women) we need to clean out our plumbing every once in a while and this is a fabulous way to do it. It's not recommended for everyday use!
287081287081B001HCKEB0AWT5UP95WGJIQLawanda Candelario91051239408000This product is GreatThis product is great it really works. I have lost a total of 15 pounds in two months wihout exercising. I reconmend this product to everyone.
287082287082B001HCKEB0A1TB6EJFXJDW12shaygfx4451336003200Cinnamon SpiceI did not buy this tea through amazon.. But from my grandmothers cabinet(haha). I have been dieting for the past 3 months now, and i was completely oblivious to special teas for cleansing although i know of drinks/pills that cleanse, I wanted to steer clear of any type of pill and again oblivious to benefits of cleansing(even when not dieting). Now I tried this tea two months ago & only because of the words "Super Dieters" I thought ohh special tea so i drank it(in the evening) it did for me do its job and loosen things up which i found odd at first then i read the package, and then I got it. So for me it did help being that I usually dont um go as much as I should and this has helped that. Not only that but since I have been using it along with my eatting habits, and exercise my diet has been showing better results nothing drastic but still better results and that is always great! This tea (Cinnamon Spice) I think tastes devine, I do add not even a teaspoon of sugar but I think this tea doesn't even need sugar at all(i just like it sweeter). But all in all I do and have recommended this tea to a few family members and friends(who do and dont diet) because i love the taste and the results I'm having with it.
287083287083B001HCKEB0A2CPAJT5GV9C7YS. Rohde "ParkerRvrGirl"6741235692800Keeps me on trackI love this product, it helps keep things moving! I use it twice a day afternoon and evening while dieting. A great product for helping maintain your weight.
287084287084B001HCKEB0A4Z9418AL55FRmeohmy3351319673600good stuff!This product works very well. It taste great. Its a nice touch to the end of a day. PLEASE USE AS DIRECTED! PLEASE!!!!!
287085287085B001HCKEB0A1DY7J2N9CEKMCEIOI MOM "Loving Jesus"3351244678400You really go when taken as directed.Works great for me and also help me with my weight. I don't like the drink as much but I drink it as needed.
287086287086B001HCKEB0AVD4CW13F9JF5Betty Boop5651215993600Good ProductI have used this product in the past and was highly satisfied. It works very well. I would just caution first time users not to make the tea too strong or your results may be "too good".
287087287087B001HCKEB0A1W8IGU2BRLUB5L. Daniels5641189382400pretty goodI like this product, but I wouldn't use it daily. I learned this the hard way. It is stronger then you think!!!!!
287088287088B001HCKEB0A3BZGLRF3SLIC1MISSTI "BIG REDD"7941299801600Got Me RunningThis tea product got me running alright, to the crapper. But it did help loose about 10 lbs, mostly compacted fecal matter. I also feel more energized and feeling alot better. Before taking this product my best friend was a couple of cups of black coffee but since taking this for the last month my craving for coffee and sweets has subsided, however i now have to bulk up on toilet paper. Great product great buy!
287089287089B001HCKEB0A3EU15A30PLO1AKoco Jo2251314230400This was great!!I love this tea the taste is really good and it smells good as well my husband and I are year around tea drinkers and also we dont even have to add any sugar ( well I use honey on some teas) but this one you don't need anything extra and I will say it really does work drink plenty of water threw out the day .... And usually in the am you will be cleaning it out lol ... I didn't have any stomach pains or anything but I eat well also!! I recommend this to any and everyone!!
287090287090B001HCKEB0A8M0L2AL8J4SQLadyKill2241300060800Basically a laxative...I never drink this tea alone. I always steep it with another tea, such as Oolong or Jasmine because the taste isn't the best. I use honey and sugar to sweeten and down the hatch it goes! Expect some, um, gastrointestinal responses the next day. Sometimes I feel a bit of cramping and sometimes I don't. Sometimes it will take most of the next day for it to 'work'...and sometimes it won't!!
287091287091B001HCKEB0A3FPHAAO2MLQ8Hljhall2251297209600Works for me ! ! !I have been using this tea for a few years now, and I drink the full 2 cups every night before I go to bed. It begins to take effect the next morning. I gave a bag to a friend to try & she loved it as well, she now orders it online.
287092287092B001HCKEB0AQFALN8XEZHTYMartin T. Galindo "Marty"1151346803200Tea that works to clear all digestive stoppage.This tea works on my fiance's digestive track as she has an issue with colitis and this product along with essential enzymes helps her to absorb and digest foods that otherwise would give her pains while in her digestive track, Thank you for making this product we plan to continue using it as long as we can.
287093287093B001HCKEB0A2EIYWSFD8UAWBShane Ratliff1151342569600Can't live without it!I have been using Laci Le Beau Super Dieters Tea for years. There is no subsitute. Many women in my family use it as well. This keeps me moving better than anything else and I suffer from Chronic Constipation. I would recommend this to anyone who could use a gentle, natural laxitive. I've never felt like I've taking a harsh stimulant, it just makes you feel & go like normal :) I hate poop talk but this is worth sharing! LOL
287094287094B001HCKEB0ASWVI5LWR8DO8N. Welch "Momgyver"1151342310400tastes good, works greatOne must know that this dieter's tea helps mostly by moving your bowels along. Be careful at first, or it will be unpleasant!
287095287095B001HCKEB0A1BB15JYFKMJBYFrancina G. Still1151240272000Good Product. Extremely effective!I don't use this tea for dieting but more so for a natural cleanse to keep the body free of harmful toxins. It is very effective have used it for years! First time users may experiece cramping but, after awhile they cease. Great Effective Product!
287096287096B001HCKEB0A1TBCAEI9RFDVXAvi0011350864000didn't get what i asked forthe one i got says "cleanse" on the box, I don't know what it means, but I know that I picked the one that doesn't say "cleanse" on the box. i'm all the more angry because that one costs way cheaper. and all the more am i angry because i'm not going to bother to go through the refund process. plus it took it ages to arrive
287097287097B001HCKEB0A1I5VIER157TQUArt Ray0041341964800very good tasteA lot of tea for the price... sweetener needed... The product works better than I expected it to. I also didn't realize how much I was ordering. I am enjoying this product. Has very good taste.
287098287098B001HCKEB0A3A53A50YEIR2ADiet Diva0051340582400Cinnamon SensationThis tea has a superb taste. I actually look forward to drinking this tea with my dinner. Now that it is summer I drink is as an iced tea, but this is also a very delicious hot drink too! I use splenda and fresh mint when I brew it. Fabulous!
287099287099B001HCKEB0A3052CVMM9XI8KSusan Fleischman0051333929600Stay regular!!!Reality strikes. I have been drinking this tea every night for 10 years ! It is the best thing to keep me on the straight n narrow!
287100287100B001HCKEB0A1NYKD19R5JQWDRayne0011333584000really disappointedthough i did not purchase this through amazon, i did get this recently from thw grocery store, and have to admit im really disappointed. i followed the instructions the first evening EXACTLY as instructed with the included paper, and no results. the second day, i brewed just a little longer, still no luck, (basing this off some other comments from other users here on amazon) then today i only did 6oz, not 12 as the paper instructs, and even brewed this for 6 minutes. still nothing.

i really wanted this to work for me like it has for others, i had heard good things and was so excited, but still no luck. i guess im one of those people this doesnt affect. ill keep trying it daily till i run out, but looks like ill have to try something else.

as for taste, its not bad. just tastes like tea leaves, not deliciously fantastic, but not nose-pinchingly undrinkable. good luck to anyone else. hope you have more success with this than i did

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