Amazon Fine Food Reviews

287161287161B001M050VQA913X3CZ55YAAJack Of Alltrades "Just another soul"4911275264000Two pounds of mostly sugar for $16 per pound? fuggedaboudit!Ever read the label? This is 50-90% sugar. You're paying $16 a pound for flavored sugar and trace vitamins. Wise up for bloody sake.
287162287162B0022N8A1EA3HXLJRBKDH1NCAnnie A0051325289600Oh so virital flavoringsWe love flavored coffees but the price is just to high so I bought orange flavor, hazelnut flavor, cherry flavor, caramel flavor, and chocolate flavor powers, to make my own and they work very well. we can flavor by the cup or the pot and we are very happy with them.

With some experimentation we fond all but the chocolate dissolve in cold. So we can and do use it in ice coffee, and we can now make our own flavored water with out having to pay the overly high price.
287163287163B004VFCYHMAWZ0ZHZEBWC32sneakers3351334275200WOW!I very rarely write reviews, however, this is the best thing I've found on Amazon. This is the real deal and the only way I can get fresher lobster is to go to Maine or order live lobsters, which is what I usually have to do. Not only is the lobster fresh, tender, and extremely delicious, but the seller is exceptional as well. This seller knows what customer service is and that is rare these days (especially online). Lobsters were shucked yesterday afternoon, shipped overnight (for free), and I had them by lunchtime today. How nice to not have to deal with the mess of shucking the lobsters myself! Maine seafood is the best seafood in this country in my opinion and I will be buying it from Cape Porpoise often. I can't wait to get some steamers!
287165287165B004VFCYHMA1AEOLJ43CSNQXG. Mitchell "webwitch"0051336608000Fresh rather than frozen!Is this product frozen? I thought so because of the amount of water surrounding the lobster. But i was wrong. You do get plenty of lobster meat, mainly tails and some claw meat. I appreciate the work invoved in picking the meat from the shell etc. The delivery and packaging is excellent, but I want fresh lobster. I also know how easy it is to overcook lobster even marginally.

I ordered more of this lobster, after discussion with the vendor, and no I did not get it free. This time the lobster was excellent, very tender, and with less water surrounding it. I conclude that it is fresh not frozen.
287166287166B004VFCYHMA2441WYEU3C9DHRoyal J. Langley "roy langley"1221324684800the best SOMETIMESArrived fresh and delicious, best tasting lobster meat I have ever had, orgasmically good. Very good service...wish I had orderd more!
287167287167B002T5M3XQANDGNBEOS3O5QE. Simpson0051285459200refreshingThis tea is really refreshing, and the instructions to make it are simple and make good tea.
287168287168B004X8TD4EA2NKIHD5MDFD0ALT1151348185600Special K Protein Water Mix from AmazonI use the Special K protein water mix with my daily protein gives it an extra kick and taste great with all the favors I use; and ordering from Amazon was a breeze. In fact, I had ordered the product and it was delivered immediately~~what service!!
287169287169B004X8TD4EA7D57QJ9OLSO5Carol A. Berube "dvd exerciser"1151343433600Special K Protein water is very goodI had bought other protein water that was more expensive and had a bad taste
287170287170B004X8TD4EA177ZECTZZ782UC. Sanders "Tinalicious"1131327881600It's not terrible...but prefer kiwi strawberryI will say that it is not terrible. However, I do prefer the kiwi strawberry flavor the best. This flavor reminds me of the Protein to go from the biggest loser, which I am not very found of.
287171287171B004X8TD4EA3Q3SDTBY0PI2CNanny1141321920000Special wt loseI have had a gastric bypass and need at least 64oz of water a day and 60-80g of protein a day so this is a way for me to get both of them at the same time, while working out at the gym.
287172287172B004X8TD4EA2O1340B5T8S56Jenette Boutwell0051351036800Special K protein drinkThis is a great tasting protein and keeps you full for hours. This protein drink was easy to mix in a 16 oz of bottled water. I will use this protein mix again and purchase it from this seller again. It arrived quickly!
287173287173B004X8TD4EA15PBQYVOWZBK6Terry0051350345600Special K is very tasty!I really like the taste of Special K Protein Water Mix ~ Pink Lemonade. It is yummy and good for you!
287174287174B004X8TD4EA29B2TOMJOUES3wordscapes0041349049600PRICEY BUT WORTH ITThis product has Whey Protein in it which unless shaken well will clump. Other than that, it has fiber and protein which I like after my 5 mile morning walk. Hydration with a bonus. It is pricey though so I look for specials at local stores but it's also not an easy product to find so sometimes need to order from Amazon. Worth the money in my opinion.
287175287175B004X8TD4EA2IYNT2ZZBPJCUJohn0051343779200Tastes Good...I was extremely disappointed to see that Special K discontinued their Pink Lemonade Fiber Water Mix. I decided to try their Protein Water Mix, and have found it to be an adequate replacement. It only has 5g of Fiber, instead of the 10g found in the old mix, but I'll take what I can get. The mix tastes good with cold water, isn't grainy, and is perfect for when I'm on the go.
287176287176B004X8TD4EA2EA6O7ENRBPCIkrayscue0051338076800My fave.I love this drink mix. It tastes great, diet, and has fiber. The only problem is that I have a very hard time finding it in the stores. I love ordering it from Amazon. It saves me time and money.
287177287177B004X8TD4EA2TCY4Q5S0NO5ZMira L. Shanks "F.R.O.G."0051337558400love itlike the lemonade flavor. Takes a bit of stirring to dissolve in ice water since it is whey protein but yummy and takes edge off hunger or between meal snacking.
287178287178B004X8TD4EA2RENJY08UEZ2US. Meister00513360896005 grams of Protein for a water mix!? YOU BETCHA!This is a great way to drink water and get the extra protein you need throughout the day. I'm a bodybuilder so taking in protein throughout the day is very important. Any active, younger, older, person will benefit from this. It can be somewhat "gritty" but as long as you shake it REALLY well, it will fully resolve. You may notice some residue on the bottom of your cup but that's not an issue. I recommend using the product with a blender bottle or something that has one of those metal wisks that can really shake it up. Won't yield very good results if you just pour it into a glass and stir with a spoon- but it will work.

Taste is great and overall a great product. No one beats Amazon's price on this.
287179287179B004X8TD4EA1SMJOGDW059OGTrish Deneen0041335312000Helps keep me on trackI'm not an on the go dieter. I work at home and live with someone else who loves unhealthy snacks. I'm not blaming that person for my lapses of willpower in grabbing for a bad snack instead of a healthy one. But this product makes it much easier to keep on track. It's not as filling as a smoothie and the taste is okay. But I find it to be just sweet enough and you can't get any easier as far as preparation. As long as I sip on it instead of drink it quickly, it keeps me from getting too hungry between meals or going for chips or candy.
287180287180B004X8TD4EAJ1CD7OI9YFFZMary Frost "mrtshome"0031327795200protein water, pink lemonade flavorNot very sweet but will be great for summer. It is individual packets so you can add it into your water wherever you are.
287181287181B004X8TD4EA2JCUO2DOEGW0KGym rat0051327795200great travellerI pack these convenient tubes with me in packs, briefcases, gym bags, etc. I travel a lot for work and when I'm home, I go to the gym 4x/week.. In all cases I can get stuck without something nutritious to keep me going without having to resort to "junk food" and these water mixes do it. 1 per water bottle and I'm good to go until I arrive at my destination or finish a workout. Thanks Amazon with continuing to carry this product as it's been harder and harder to find it on store shelves.
287182287182B004X8TD4EA1C88279OPP89RSharon0051319587200K2O Lemonade RocksThis lemonade only has 30 calories in a serving. I pour the powder packet into a bottle of water, and usually add lemon juice too. (I like it strong. It gets me through times when I'm craving a snack but don't need the calories.
287183287183B00141LDGYA2W60CY9RS05NET. Holley2251238025600Dog loves itI stir 1/3 can of dog food into a dry dog food to provide variety for my 10 yr old lab/bininji female. She loves this. It has chunks of duck/s. potato solids in a "sauce" which nicely coats the dry kernels. She comes to me after her dinner with her tail wagging - high praise indeed.
287184287184B009K2BBT8A2JPFBXBQ5TQAWArt History Professor0051313452800Very happy! Length:: 3:35 Mins

When I first reviewed this, I gave it four stars (I'm a hesitant five-star giver), but having now used it for two weeks, it gets the fully approved 5-star love.
287185287185B009K2BBT8A1B4MIXYVIKMU2D. Truong "Duke of New Mexico"55956251314921600Works great! But how does it compare to Solofill?.... Read onThis Ecobrew reusable Keurig K-cup is great for brewing your own coffee. It seems to have been very well designed and is easy to use. One of the things I felt bad about when I bought my Keurig coffee maker was the fact that although it was a great convenient coffee maker... it does tend to produce lots of waste when you buy the disposable k-cups. I think this product also ends up saving you lots of money in the long run too. K-cups can be quite expensive. I really love this product and I really can't find anything bad to say about it. There is another product called the Solofill that essentially does the same thing but is made from another company. I own both products and if you're curious to how they stack up against one another, check out the paragraph below. You may want to do research to make sure that your Keurig coffee maker is compatible with the EcoBrew or Solofill. I know that some K-cup coffee makers are not compatible with these products. I own the MR. Coffee single K-cup coffee maker and can say that it's compatible with both of these products. If you want to know more about the Mr. Coffee Keurig coffee maker, feel free to read my review on that as well :)

EcoBrew VS Solofill

First off, I'd like to state that I purchased both the Solofill and the Ecobrew. Both of these products are really great reusable Keurig filters that let you brew your own coffee in a Keurig coffee maker. These essentially let you make your own K-cups with your own coffee... and they're reusable! I would rate the Solofill as 4.5 Stars out of 5 and the Ecobrew as a 5 out of 5 Star Product. The Ecobrew is a bit better than the Solofill because it is easier to rinse out. The Solofill tends to collect grinds at the very bottom and it's very hard to get the few last grinds out. The Ecobrew also fits better in my Mr Coffee single cup K-cup brewer. The Ecobrew seems to have a slightly larger capacity for coffee grinds too, which may mean it's capable of brewing slightly stronger coffee. And lastly, the Ecobrew has a flat bottom that can sit on a counter top by itself. This makes it much easier to fill than the Solofill. With the Solofill, it couldn't be balanced on a table-top so I had to cut out the bottom of a small dixie cup to make my own "stand" in order to fill it properly.
287186287186B009K2BBT8A10PV6AP8SXEDIJ. Goldman47247751312848000This filter works PERFECT!Seriously, I love my Keurig. I love the convenience and the coffees. But what I don't love is buying $50 dollars worth of coffee every month. I tried the filter that Keurig gave me with my Platinum B70 model and it made my awesome Guatemalan Coffee I used to brew the "old fashion way" into a watered down mess no matter how fine I ground the bean or how much I reduced the cup size.

I was skeptical about buying another kcup filter when I saw this offered on Amazon, but the video add on the ekobrew website had me sold. I bought the ekobrew Cup before it was available for sale with high hopes, and it has totally lived up to my expectations! My freshly ground coffee tastes better than any Kcup I have ever had! I forgot how good some of the beans I bought were. No Joke. If you are like me and have a few roasts of beans you just love and don't feel like breaking the bank trying every kcup under the sun to find blends that please you then get it. You won't be sorry.

The only negative part is you have to rinse it out but that is no big deal. Just pop the top and tap it on the sink and the grinds come out then rinse. No scrubbing or anything. I may buy another to have one handy to fill while the other is brewing since I make about 3 Kcups worth of coffee in the morning to fill for two travel mugs for the wife and I. THANK YOU ekobrew!
287187287187B009K2BBT8A26LHX89KA88DGGregg23223541322524800Ekobrew Washer HackWhen first ordering a couple of ekobrew cups, I had high hopes that they would make my recent hand-me-down Keurig B44 a viable alternative to my Cuisinart drip machine. But, my hopes were quickly dashed upon first use. The second cup wasn't much better. Third time's a charm, right? Wrong. Things were just not good.

I experienced many of the same problems that are mentioned in other reviews: leaky, messy brew, and weak coffee. I was pretty disappointed in the prospects of my new Keurig adventure, but was also determined to make this work and, after some experimentation, I did. The solution is a tiny washer.

If you look inside the upper clamshell of your Keurig machine, you'll see the injector needle that punctures the top of standard k-cups. Around this needle is a gasket that presses against the top of k-cups to form a seal. This gasket is the problem. It does not put enough pressure on the cap of the ekobrew to form an adequate seal, causing water and coffee to spew out from the cap. To fix this, slide the gasket down and off of the injector needle (use caution as the needle is sharp), slide a washer up onto the needle, then slide the gasket back on. Your leaky, messy brew should now be a thing of the past.

The washer hack also made my coffee noticeably stronger, but additional solutions may be required to satisfy your desired strength. Prior to putting in the washer, I began tamping the coffee in the ekobrew cup. That helped, and I still continue to tamp even after the installation of the washer.

The washer I used is rubber, 1/16" thick, 5/32" inside diameter, and 3/8" outside diameter. Specifically, I used a washer from Lowes with item number 136493.
287188287188B009K2BBT8A104NBZOSZODEQB. Spoon888851313712000Good Product and Excellent Customer ServiceAt first, we did not get along. It spit and spewed in our B60 and made me mad that I had paid full price for two of these new K-cup replacements. Good coarse grind, check. No grounds around lid before closing, check. Not too full, check. Seated properly in Keurig, check.
My best guess was that the lid was not sealing properly because there was a little wiggle room when closed, so I contacted the company by email and asked if a replacement seal would help. I was delighted when they offered to send replacement Ekobrews. The next morning, we tried something different. We removed, cleaned and replaced the rubber piece that surrounds the needle that inserts into K-cups in the top of the machine. That helped, a lot. The next cup we decided to try turning the Ekobrew around so that the hinge was at the front of the machine. Perfection! I cannot explain why, but it worked. I did let them know right away that replacements were not necessary, but they were already in the mail!
We now have an alternative to K-cups that makes a great tasting cup of coffee, can handle enough to brew a nice strong travel mug full and is easy to fill and clean. We will continue buy K-cups when the price is right, but when it isn't we can still have great, single cup coffee without breaking the bank.
Just as a note, we tried the Solofill, which is a good product, but it just did not hold quite enough coffee for a happy mug.
287189287189B009K2BBT8A3BBC8E7QT7N9IP. Harding13513951312848000great designJust got the Ekobrew today and tried it out. I have been a Solofill fan since they came out but the Ekobrew design seems to beat the Solofill. First off, the flat bottom makes it easy to fill. I usually run two cycles for a larger cup of coffee. With the Ekobrew the lid stays shut and doesn't leak water at the top. I was surprised how easily the grounds came out and just a quick rinse and it was ready to go again. Seems to be the best choice around for avoiding the high cost of K cups.
287190287190B009K2BBT8A1YYWOLUF6I4G1D. Kiser "Dave Kiser"565651313193600Perfect!This one is well thought out - perfect in every way! I threw my old "My K-cup" out in the trash. Did you know that some of the new Keurig brewers, such as the B-40, were redesigned a little? Yes, and the new brewers don't allow the My K-Cups from Keurig to fit properly. I called Keurig on this - and their customer service team says "some of the brewers were redesigned with slight changes that don't allow the My K-Cups to fit. You have to move a small gasket down each time you switch between your K-Cups and your My K-Cup. We don't have a new My K-Cup that works - so you need to just use this "work around" for the time being." Now with my Eco-Brew - problems solved! That's because it's the exact same size as the K-Cups! No more changing the adapter in and out. It works better too! Coffee is stronger! No more "hole down the middle" with weak coffee and wasted grounds that were never used. Whoever designed this was a genius..... and too bad for Keurig they didn't think of it!

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