Amazon Fine Food Reviews

287221287221B001GVIUSGA3SEA21Q8HF1X4SuzyGS4451266883200Best high fiber cereal out there - period!This cereal is special and I highly recommend it. I need to eat a high fiber cereal each day in order to stay healthy and this cereal has 7 grams in a serving (a serving is 3/4 cup, I believe). I have been on a quest to find a great tasting high fiber cereal and I finally found it! I used to eat Kashi Go Lean Crunch and Fiber One Honey Oat Clusters but this cereal tastes so much better! The flakes stay crunchy in milk. The raisins are very chewy (which makes the cereal seem more substantial) and they have some special coating which makes them taste wonderful. The little seeds in the cereal taste great. There is not one hint of the "cardboard" taste you find in other high fiber cereals, such as Fiber One or All Bran. I sometimes put fruit on the cereal, but it does not need fruit to make it taste good, as it is a little sweet already. I eat this every day and never get tired of it. It's very expensive in stores and Sam's Club won't carry it where I live. The price I'm seeing today ($9.42 for 3 boxes with Subscribe and Save option) is cheaper than my local Wal-Mart's price. Sold! The only negative thing I have to say is that one time I got a box that had fewer raisins than usual (from Costco), which disappointed me, but that happened only one time out of probably 20 boxes, so it was just an anomaly. Usually there is about one raisin per bite (or a little more). Enjoy.
287222287222B001GVIUSGA2C14N8JWU7O7MLeslye Sinn "dragonmum"2231322438400Went bad too soon.Nature's Path makes very good cereals. I no longer eat them, since I'm gluten-free, but this was one of my favorites. The major problem for me was that I didn't eat it fast enough. Flax goes bad if it isn't stored in the fridge or freezer. By the time I'd gotten to the 3rd box, the cereal tasted rancid - even though it wasn't near its expiration date. I don't know if it was a bad batch, or it got too warm in the warehouse, or during delivery, but I've never had that happen before with other cereals. The cranberry Nature's Path cereal I bought at the same time was fine. Maybe this one isn't so good for buying in bulk?
287223287223B001GVIUSGAIKP8E0QTP0K9Kwisatz Haderach2241277769600Hard Raisins!Very good cereal. Without adding sugar, it's got a very earthy, woody taste. I add sugar and it is devine! The only reason I took off one star is that the raisins are harder than diamonds! I now take them out before adding almond milk so I don't accidentally bite one and break my crown. I ordered the 3 boxes from Amazon in June and the expiration date is 7/29/10 so it could be that it is just old cereal.
287224287224B001GVIUSGA3TGNKX1TVJJI9Mary Zavitz2251263254400Wonderful cerealMy husband and I love the Nature's Path Flax Plus cereal line, but we had never seen this one before. It has now become our favorite. The flakes are the same as in all this line of cereal, very hardy and full of flax. The addition of pumpkin seeds and raisins gives it a wonderful flavor and an extra crunch. Not to mention the high fiber count! If you like a cereal with more than air in it, this one is for you!
287225287225B001GVIUSGAJB5P7GVR0MT8Harry the Horse1121310688000I expected so much moreNot a bad cereal or a bad option, but it's a misnomer/hyperbolic name for a cereal...there aren't many pumpkin seeds or raisins, and the crunch comes from the relatively bland bran. Canceled my S&S immediately; wish I'd tried one box before I sprang for 6.
287226287226B001GVIUSGA3MK311MWEJ5V2way_out_is_way_in1111306627200STALE CEREAL, KEEP AWAYI used to eat this often when it was sold in my local Costco. Now Costco sells the granola variety. I ordered this from Amazon. The packaging (at the bottom flaps you will find this) says 06/08/09 and the use-by/expiration (on the top) says 08/03/2011. I purchased this in May 2011. Close to expiration. Definitely stale by the dates as well as by the taste. BAD QUALITY CHECK on part of Amazon? Selling expiring stuff at lower price? I THINK FOOD ITEMS SHOULD HAVE PACAKGED DATE AND EXPIRATION DATE, AND WHEN SELLING (ESP IN BULK), AMAZON MUST LIST THIS INFO ON THE PAGE (AT LEAST A RANGE OF DATES OR WHAT ONE CAN EXPECT).
287227287227B001GVIUSGA2VWXMZUI03D97Artemsia_of_Caria1151292803200So delicious and fiberful, you must be carefulThis cereal tastes like raisin bran crunch and yet it is much much healthier. The addition of flax seeds and pumpkin seeds really ups the nutrition. It is a carb, however, so those of you on low-carb diets might want to avoid this (although it is so tasty and healthy, I don't know why you would).

A word of warning. This is so delicious that you may feel tempted to eat 2 or even 3 bowls of it. However, you must remember that this is a high-fiber cereal and unless you want to be riding the porcelain bus for a while, you should probably restrain yourself and just stick to one bowl.
287228287228B001GVIUSGAUIVLEENPVXJFPianolady "Judy"1151263168000Love Love Love this cereal!I found this in our local grocery store and tried it, then tried the other Nature's Path cereal they offered.
This has truly become my favorite cereal. It tastes so good, very crunchy and flavorful. I was happy to be able
to purchase it in bulk(3 boxes)through It's nice to know it will be mailed to me every few months
so I never have to run out!
287229287229B001GVIUSGA1QFXEDFE9CO9CJ. Hulstein5711273536000Break your teethI really like the flavor, health factor, and value of this organic cereal. But it contains these incredibly hard bits that do not soften in milk and hurt my teeth and gums like no other food I have ever eaten before. I actually had two of my molars spread apart by this cereal, which take a long time to heal, with weeks and months of rest between another atempt to eat this cereal, it happend again every time. And the raisins are also very hard and chewy, which tires out your jaw and makes you wonder to yourself if you are ever going to finish this cereal before lunchtime.
287230287230B001GVIUSGA1SUC50YNG730HRed in Ridgecrest2321284336000Hard Raisins!Wow...this is not the cereal for you if you have dentures! The raisins are hard little hocky pucks that's for sure. Otherwise it's OK......and if you want more fiber in your diet it's an option. But I won't be ordering more and in fact am wondering what I'm going to do with the other 2 boxes.
287231287231B001GVIUSGA2GEIVP2OPDIQIPriyash0031349913600Bad packaging for good cerealsThe cereals taste good. The cost is not bad. I even had subscribed to it for a few months. However, the packing is worst. Every package that I received, the plastic bag containing the cereals are open or teared. I think it is just a poor quality plastic bags that they are using. It is happening to every package I am receiving. So, finally I cancelled my subscription.
287232287232B001GVIUSGA26TU7MB7BTEDPstephen0051348531200cerealgrear product very tasty cereal and healthy i would reccomend this product to everyone not carried in stores anymore i have searched
287233287233B001GVIUSGA1Z3O59RMA16YSBP0051345680000Tasty!I bought this because of the pumpkin seeds and thought "Oh, it's organic and 'hippy food', it's going to be awful". However, it is amazing. Full of flavor and fruits and nuts, it is a hearty cereal that leaves you feeling good.
287234287234B001GVIUSGAUG724WCK0RYUR. Rheude "On-Line Shopper"0051328313600Great CerealThis is excellent cereal. For a healthy cereal, the taste is great. The raisins are nice. The crunch stays in the bowl till the bottom. The organic ingredients and recipe are also reassuring. This is one of my favorite cereals.
287235287235B001GVIUSGA21Q4DULOEG67MB. Srirangam0051327536000perfect!I don't give 5 stars that easily. This cereal is my favorite ever, and I really don't have a single complaint about it. Yes like someone noted, the raisins are bit hard, but I like them that way. I take it with unsweetened almond milk, and it's just heavenly. I hope they don't change anything about this cereal - may be I should hoard a few crates, just in case!
287236287236B001GVIUSGA1RH8YXRRXZ7UMMaggie0051324771200great cereal, no-so-great packagingWe can no longer find this cereal in our stores, so you have been sending us 6 boxes at a time. On the last delivery, the plastic holding the 6 boxes together
was so tight that it damaged the bottoms of the boxes. There is no way to make
the boxes stand upright. The cereal is not affected. I just wanted you to be
aware of the packing flaw.
287237287237B001GVIUSGAZXXSOF328C52PRATEEK JAIN0051319328000Excellent Cereal!It tastes wonderful, and is healthy. No High Fructose Corn Syrup in it, which is awesome. Love the regular delivery by Amazon.
287238287238B001GVIUSGAGU8NGKQ1YP1Dwhy not0041318809600Natures PathPumkin RaisinThis is my fav cereal, but UPS and Amazon handling destroyed the packaging once again... haste makes waste..price is still the best I've found
287239287239B001GVIUSGA159KI0JLRW96PSonneteer0051317859200YumWe're on auto-delivery for this nutritious, delicious cereal -- one of the best we'ved tried. I'd have stopped there but the system is asking me for more words, so: you can get it cheaper elsewhere.
287240287240B001GVIUSGA3PLMBDX1640FXyellowlab0051315267200the best in the world!FLAX Plus is not only my favorite cereal, two other members of our family now "have to have it" every morning. Our only problem is that we keep running out and increasing our order. WE KNOW Nature's Path Organic Flax Plus Pumpkin Raisin Crunch Cereal, 12.35-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)FLAX is good for you, it tastes terrific and it sticks with you all morning. What more can anyone ask?
287241287241B001GVIUSGA1F7FCWD1C8YNUNanajoys0051313020800My favorite cereal!Yeah, the raisins can be hard at times but the benefits out weigh that for me. I don't like overly sweet cereal. Besides being a healthy choice it tastes great without being too sweet!
287242287242B001GVIUSGA14NR2U8INTH5KMarkisha Beckford0051309132800Excellent whole grain source of fiber.This is a great way to start your day. A great supply of Fiber, protein, omega 3's. I share it with everyone.

287243287243B001GVIUSGAAL6VNP3Z0K4WChicagoGirl160051300665600Great cereal to start off your day!This cereal is great! However, some boxes don't have as many raisins as others. I just add my own raisins in because I like to have a raisin with each spoonful. It is delicious and I could eat it everyday for the rest of my life.
287244287244B001GVIUSGAIDMLAYRQRIU3M. Roberts0051296777600Wow. Only Cereal in the Cabinet.I'd been searching for the perfect cereal: one that that tastes great and is good for you. Found it here.

I took a gamble on this cereal since I couldn't find it in stores to sample. I'm never looking back, this is a great tasting cereal that isn't the "granola based" healthy cereal that I was eating before, instead being a mixture of flakes with some added crunch.

Unlike some of the other reviews, I haven't had a problem with hard raisins in any of the cereal that I ordered (I've been subscribe & save since last year). I've been eating this cereal 6 days a week since originally ordering it, and it's still fantastic. Highly recommended.
287245287245B001GVIUSGA2YTLV8457KQROMartin0051292976000Favorite Cereal!I tried this cereal and love it. It is my favorite cereal ever. In addition to being great tasting, it is good for you, even being organic, without having been grown with the typical pesticides and herbicides. Great cereal! Great tasting! I even enrolled in Amazon's automatic plan to have the cereal automatically sent to me.
287246287246B001GVIUSGA1MG8AXFTO2BXNMary0051291680000best cereal everThis is one of my favorite cereals. It's healthy and full of good nutrition. Unfortunately, it's hard to find, however, Amazon has a great price and of course great service to match.
287247287247B001GVIUSGA28LUVJN4G10VUDeanna L. Collins0051281052800Wonderfully Tastful CerealI have just recently begun eating the delicious cereal and I think it is tastier, as well as more nutritious than most cereals on the market. I love the crunch, the taste and the value. The flavor is wonderful and I think the price was great by purcasing it through Amazon!
287248287248B001GVIUSGA3RC15UH8QX1K4august west0051280793600Yummy!I can't rememember when I first tried this but it was love at first bite. Not too sweet and lots of good stuff for you inside. It goes for about $5.00 a box at my local natural foods store so the price on Amaazon is nice.
287249287249B001GVIUSGABV7W8L6QFAEpolarbearpilot0051279929600Good but priceyvery good, a bit pricey. Costco carries a slight different variety, but for almost half the price. I'll stick with Costco unless Amazon has a really good sale.
287250287250B001GVIUSGA2NWY3K9L8MPDGB. Miller0051275609600New to organic eating, and loving it!About 3 months ago at the recommendation of my chiropractor, i began to eat less meat, less sugar, no dairy, and more whole foods. I have never felt better!! He recommended substituting some of the Natures Path cereals for my regular cereals and i have not looked back. The Pumpkin Raisin Crunch is my favorite in their lineup... i eat mine with almond milk and it doesn't dissolve into a soggy mess when i have a leasurely breakfast.
The flax and pumpkin seeds add great flavor and the raisins are sweet but not sugary or mushy. I eat this several times a week and haven't gotten tired of it yet...i highly recommend this nutritious and delicious cereal.

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