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287296287296B002NCAKDUA4QK64Z3GFOEBBenelux20000051307664000Soy milk for about $0.20 for a half gallonI'd like to say this product is amazing! I calculated the prices of soy milk in the store, about $4 per half gallon. I usually drink 2 a week. That gets super expensive! I also didn't appreciate all the additional chemicals and garbage produced with the containers (since soy milk containers AREN'T recyclable). I estimate that a cup of organic soybeans is about $0.10 and then I use my ZeroWater filtered water to soak and to make the soy milk, about $0.10 so I am saving about $3.80 per every half gallon. I also use this wonderful machine to make the milk for my soy yogurt. So that's another 2 half gallons I make just for that per week. I'm saving almost $10 just on the milk. (not to mention the cost of soy yogurt at about $2 per small container, and I eat 2 per day!) This machine has saved me a TON of money!

As for the use of the machine. Some have complained about the basket that the soy beans go in. I have tried both methods of loading the basket: pouring them through the small hole on the top of the machine with the empty basket attached (which in my mind is harder because the beans go all over) and just filling the basket and shaking the beans to be able to put the blades in and lock the basket in place. I prefer filling the basket. It may take a little time to fit the blades in around the beans, but I think it's actually faster than collecting the beans from all over that have spilled with the other way.

Others have also said it's noisy. Well, most grinders are noisy because they are pulverizing the beans, and it's only for a few moments. But I can still have the thing going in the kitchen and watching TV or listening to music quietly in the next room. It's NOT that loud.

One thing I will say for sweeter milk, make sure you get as many of the casings off the beans. Just mix up the beans in the water after soaking or even while soaking, and pick out the casings. Also rinse the beans until the water is clean. I always use my filtered water, not from the tap, I think it makes it better and without any added chemicals from the water it makes it healthier.

I am so thankful for this machine! I bought a secondhand machine because I wanted to first try it out, and I'm so glad I did.

I haven't tried to do anything with the Okra that is made from grinding the beans. I am trying to find recipes that I can make and I'm wondering if this stuff can be frozen so I can use it later, since I make so much, I don't think I can make things with it all the time. But if you don't want to use it, just dump it down the garbage disposal, it nearly melts when water is added.
287297287297B001535JSYA2II9LPJ5OHGNINiteWarrior1151295136000If you want to be like the Energizer BunnyI work 12 hour night shifts and on a typical work day I only get to sleep between 4 to 6 hours. Usually 2 nights of work is all I can take and it takes me at least 2 days of sleep ( 16 hours) to recover. But with just 1/2 a sachet of this coffee mix a day right before I go to work. It makes me feel like I've had at least 8 hours of sleep. I worked 4 nights last week and on my first day off, I was surprised to find that I had the energy level and alertnees to do my house chores, energy level that I would only feel on my 3rd day of rest on the circumstances when I'm not taking this coffee.

This is not a health drink, but to me it is a 'survival' drink that gives the stamina when you have a lot to do and very little time to recover and work with; And it does not make me jittery like regular coffee does. Regular coffee makes you alert but you will still feel the fatigue and the heaviness in your chest, if you are already overworked. But with this coffee, you will feel well rested with only 4 to 6 hours of sleep.
287298287298B001535JSYA2GK41CZDAINV7Be Real "Be Real"5711271030400NOT HEALTHY - MIXTURE OF HYDROGENATED VEGETABLE FATSI purchased 2 packages this coffee and was shocked when it arrived after I read the ingredients. Tongkat Ali is touted for its many health benefits. But this coffee has creamer made with glucose solids and a "mixture HYDROGENATED VEGETABLE FATS". How could they put this terrible Trans fat oil in what is supposed to be a healthy product? Do not buy this product if you are looking for health benefits. I also purchased from the same vendor 2 packages of their "CNI Tongkat Ali with Ginseng Coffee" and it does not look any healthier with "Hardened Vegetable FAT (coconut, palm kernel Oil). Why couldn't they let us put our own creamer in? Why did they have to ruin this coffee with terrible HYDROGENATED VEGETABLE FATS?

Also, I purchased several packs at one time because of the expensive shipping charges it made sense to get more packages and pay a little extra shipping. However, now I have to pay return shipping and an 18% restocking fee!

I will remember this next time I am buying something that is supposed to be healthy yet they do not list the ingredients. They listed the good ingredients but failed to mention the BAD ones!
287299287299B001535JSYAA394CGT3GNYHJust2133551255651200Really Good CoffeeI have never been a coffee drinker but I was introduced to this brand. So far 4 of the 6 coffee drinkers I work with LOVE this coffee. Its creamy, not too bitter and it keeps you going without making you feel shaky. It comes in individual packets so you can control your portions. We use tall cups with 1.5 or 2 packs per cup but that may be a bit much. I love this coffee. It is worth a try!
287301287301B001535JSYA289OUVZNVGEYYYoungblood0131301529600The jury is still outGone thru about 1/2 a bag of this, no noticeable differences...I don't know how much tongkat and ginseng one packet contains, but it doesn't seem like much.
287302287302B000EM0LVMARXU3FESTWMJJMary Jo Sminkey "15 years of Amazon Reviews!"9941151971200Really yummy...but watch the sugarI do a lot of snacking on nuts since they are certainly a fair bit healthier than other snacks. These glazed walnuts are really good...but of course, they are covered in sugar, so not surprising! Definitely like english toffee with a bit more nut than normal toffee. So pretty good, as long as you keep in mind the calories involved.
287303287303B000EM0LVMA2P1UQAVEKWKKTMs. Lillian6651153440000Best EveryI discovered the Emerald Glazed Walnuts for the salad I love to make and everyone at works went "Nuts". I'm now having a hard time finding this product in my local stores as no one seems to stock this item.

I'm glad to know I can order online and will do so from now on.

Thanks for making such a wonderful product, from a faithful customer in sunny Florida.
287304287304B000EM0LVMAUZ3EJAU37NC5Old Latin teacher1151334534400Another reason to love Amazon.I love these glazed nuts added to cookies or bars. They have enough glaze to make them crunchy and sweet and really make a chocolate chip cookie pop or a brownie even yummier than usual. I don't advise snacking on them, however, unless you've got more self control than I. They're worse than potato chips for me; once I get started it's hard to stop.

The reason I am so glad to find these nuts available on Amazon is that I can no longer get them at Target or Walmart, the stores that always had them on their shelves until maybe 6 months ago. And the price here is even better than what I paid when I could find them at the stores. So this pack of six 7-ounce pouches is a real winner!
287305287305B000EM0LVMA39LNBH59APG19tina1111312675200too much sugaryou will not taste the nut at all - it's all sugar coated and soggy and bad !
287306287306B000EM0LVMA2GU7SQOQWFUU0BG2331282348800too sweetI love walnuts and many sweets. I couldn't even finish a bag of these. Overwhelming.
287307287307B000EM0LVMALO0S9VJSF8JXLinda Harms0011348876800carmel sugar STALE walnuts (very little walnut)Just got my shipment of these. Had high hopes, but no, very disappointing. Not only were the walnuts stale, but what little walnut was there was thick COATED with a carmel sugar coating. I was expecting "glazed" lightly with sweetness, like other glazed items are. But the coating was very thick and brown. If you like sugar coating, it's great. Otherwise give it a pass. Very little stale walnut and too much brown gunk.
287308287308B000EM0LVMADXUBNYPA20ILkay0031348012800Emerald Walnuts SubscriptionI originally signed up for double shipment every month of Emerald's Glazed walnuts and was very happy. Then, they cancelled me for no reason. Said they couldn't get the product. Only, then I saw it back on Amazon but at a higher price. Again, I signed up only now they KEEP raising the prices almost every shipment is higher and higher. Pretty soon, it's going to be higher than the grocery stores and I won't need Amazon anymore. What's the purpose of signing up for the subscriptions again? Thought it was to have a price advantage.
287309287309B000EM0LVMA1YL20S8OHC7WOA. Fleming0031322870400Sooo... Walnuts, is this a walnut?I bought this on a whim one day as I was craving nuts and well first of all, I found out six packages was a bit too much for one person. lol.

Secondly, I thought I would get a walnut that was you know, the traditional picture of a walnut, kinda looks like a H and roughly 2/3 an inch long about 1/2 inch wide. Well what I got was a round ball that kinda resembled a walnut when you bit into it. It appears they crushed the walnut, dropped it into some sugary coating and cooked them. The result is not the traditional appearance, but still tastes alright. A bit too sweet though.

So go ahead and order it but just be aware. Oh and you might have to share. lol
287310287310B000EM0LVMA1JH8D4RI0TJWSprincessjo0051315526400Glazed WalnutsThe Emerald Original Glazed Walnuts were just what I was looking for. I wanted a sweet crunchy nut to add to my salads. They are perfect. I don't know why I haven't seen them in the grocery stores. It would also be nice to get them in a larger package.
287281287281B0000E2YFLAKPUGZDMVV2H7Lisa2251301184000Fresh,fresh,freshI have bought many of these from this seller and the reason I keep coming back is because they are always fresh and which means the gum in them is really soft not hard like you may get from other stores or warehouses. Will keep buying these from them when I run low. Thank You.
287282287282B001JGI3OEA2H2O6B5GBPYGAPrincess Clementine2241249862400270 calories for meI really like these cereal bars, but I usually end up eating 2 or 3. They feel like grown-up rice krispy treats. Well, not necessarily grown-up, but since they are marketed towards the calorie-conscious, we can call them grown-up.....
287283287283B001JGI3OEA1RUUAWCFB2CW0Lindsey "anonymous27"1151278288000GREAT SNACK BARS!!!I love these. They are really handy to take to school, work, etc. They taste AMAZING. I like all the flavors in the variety box. They are really easy to take on vacations, etc. I would recommend these to anyone who loves a lot of flavor without sacrificing their health!
287284287284B001JGI3OEA2YN8XPTHXC41Qvejigirl0051351036800Yummy snackThese bars are the perfect size for a light breakfast or a snack. Comes in three flavors and the price is a DEAL.
287285287285B001JGI3OEA3I4PCBRENJNG2L. Cain0041348963200for my diabetic mom...I purchase these on a regular basis for my diabetic mother.
She likes them and they fall within the range of calories she needs in her diet.

The variety is good.

Shipping and price when on sale, is helpful for a senior on a limited income with medical issues.
287286287286B001JGI3OEAR3LDOEXJIMAHpam steve0051347408000Special K Bars Variety Pack, 12-Count Bars (Pack of 6)I use them in the office as a snack when I get hungry. Just the right size. I opted for the subscribe and save but cancelled as I received notification that the price increased over 20% - I understand that items price change but it does feel like a bait and switch as the price increased after the first order.
287287287287B001JGI3OEA5ACW17Z4GCHCD. M. Pardo0051299542400Great Lunch Box Treat!I try to give my daughter healthier snacks in her lunch box. She is the pickiest eater EVER and will bring home fruit and other healthy snacks that I send with her. These are a nice alternative to granola bars and she loves them! Will be purchasing them again really soon!!!
287288287288B001JGI3OEA2OTUWUSH49XINDale Ketcham "We Board Labs, Inc."0041256860800Nice variety but small barsI bought this for the variety and it's good. Bars are smaller than I expected, which I guess is why they are 90 calories and not 100.
287289287289B005P0IN7WA1J070VZR4M6REpino "pino"1131255910400it taste plaini found this product in a health food store. i thought i would give it a try since it has a high calcium intake. my only problem with it is that it taste plain. it has a sweet after taste and sticks around for a while i am also a bit worried about the ingredients on the back, its rather long.
287290287290B0045TLLTGA1T1YSCDW0PD25A. Wiersch0031307145600It's OKIt's OK... not bad, not great. I definitely like the chocolate flavored Magic Shells better than the orange creme so I don't plan on buying the orange creme again.

Also, "Hershey's Shell Toppings, Chocolate with Toffee Bits, 7-Ounce Bottles" is great (I rated that one 5 stars).
287291287291B0045GWXRIA1AJPYEH052IATLinda A. Bradley1151315008000Love!!I think people thought I was crazy to buy 6 bottles of BBQ sauce. But this stuff is ADDICTIVE. Here it is September and I am going to need to place another order!!
287292287292B0045GWXRIA34MBKIR1FBKP7JCueto1151309651200great tastehad never tasted these before buying them on amazon. did my research and amazon had the best price. now that i have tasted it, i have to say it is delicious and made our bbq an even bigger hit! will continue to buy this brand!
287293287293B0045GWXRIA27TKQHFW0FB5NChet0051322352000Would bathe in it if I could...I use this BBQ sauce on everything! Burgers, fries, you name it! I got it for a great price from Amazon as well, which combined with free shipping makes it an absolute no-brainer.
287294287294B0045GWXRIA18BQQQDKKTY2Jim H.0051315353600Jack Daniel's Hickory Brown Sugar Barbecue SauceThis barbecue sauce has a very good balance of flavors, including among others hickory smoke, molasses, Jack Daniel's whiskey (non-alcoholic), and brown sugar. This sauce is comparatively sweet. It is especially good with chicken and pork. It isn't available where I live but I found it in stock at Amazon, as has been the situation with other food products which I have tried and liked but couldn't find locally or even within striking distance. The two packs I ordered arrived reasonably quickly using Amazon's free shipping. As usual, Amazon's price and service were first rate for this order.
287295287295B000PYOMDCA3BH49ZKESHDIDFred Camfield1251266192000A gourmet itemThis is another item for the connoisseur, or for use as a special gift. It has a distinct flavor, and contains whole berries. Black currects are supposed to be another heart healthy product, but are usually difficult to find in the US. I personally like the flavor as an occasional treat.

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