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287311287311B000EM0LVMA2WM301FJ1LTU4E. Orr0051294617600Delicious walnutsThese glazed walnuts are really tasty. I mix them with regular un-glazed walnuts to cut the sweetness factor a bit. Walnuts are so good for your health but I had trouble enjoying them plain. This helps me get my nutrition and satisfies as a sweet treat.
287312287312B000EM0LVMA17XZ3BLTBJ9JLarheart "arheart"0051280707200Great Nut snacksEmerald nuts produces some of the tastiest nut snacks anywhere and these glazed walnuts are no exception ... buy a bag and see for yourself . :)
287313287313B000EM0LVMA1ABORTGN181GPDagger0051278288000Love theseI love these glazed walnuts. I put them on salads or just eat them from the bag. They're quite sweet and chewy. Quite good, if you're looking for glazed walnuts. Highly recommended.
287314287314B000EM0LVMA1AYNJUH0IIDA1N. Warren0051269388800Delicious!!We LOVE these walnuts, especially on our morning oatmeal. They are simply delicious. Not too heavily glazed, with no artificial-tasting additives, they taste marvelous without any bitter aftertaste.
287315287315B000EM0LVMA2XHC3VSR7CPELRobert Healy "yiyafigueroa"0051251331200My Desired Treat!!!!!!!!!!!This product is by far my most important in my cupboard to me. Everyone should try them just once. They will return for more. This is my opinion. I reorder before I run out for fear of not having any when I want. So keep stocking, I'll keep buying.
Thank you,
287316287316B000EM0LVMAJOVK6DE4C2QDB. Wordlaw0051188432000O M GThese are soooo good. To date I've used them in salads, cookie batter (along with dried cranberries...awesome) and as an occasional snack. They are very good...but be careful. There are quite a few servings per pack. It's hard to stop eating them.
287317287317B000EM0LVMA37WVR9M1STQDUJ. Musto "Toolman Joe"0051163462400Excellent QualityThese glazed walnuts are always fresh and Amazon has the best price on them. I use them in a salad I make and they are always a hit.

287318287318B0016BFQJCAR8AL5ICESZXVbob1151340323200noni juiceThe Noni Juice came as expected, and we appreciate the prompt delivery.
This is a great product for healthy living, and we will order again in the future.
287319287319B0016BFQJCA8YR8HPB719CHCroozen0041350604800It tastes goodIt taste real good and seems to help my joints not hurt so much. Fast shipping was also a plus. I will try this product some more.
287320287320B00595KHV8A2Q1BV4FN8WXO1L. Brindle4551331337600Very tasty pickled sausages!These are great tasting pickled sausages! I like the ones you can buy individually wrapped at the convenience stores, but I love these even more. They have a nice snap to them, and they're well portioned. Not too spicy either (they use spiced vinegar for their polish sausages), which might be a good thing for some folks. I ordered and very quickly received the two 28 ounce plastic jars (each jar is 1 lb 12 ounces and is well packaged) in one week from the U.S. to my location overseas and contains about 10 four-inch sausages links each, if that info helps anyone. I highly recommend these!
287321287321B00595KHV8A3SGFTJSKI52W9JP1151338422400Best Pickled sausage!Glazier's are definitely the best pickled sausage I can find. Like other reviewers said, they have a great snap. Quality ingredients make this a great product. Delicious spicy vinegar pickle taste!
287322287322B00595KHV8A3W375EI20FQLRpopoappache0031350086400a little spicy for meproduct was good. i like the way it snapped when bitten, the spice was a little hot for me. i like mine just pickled like Reser's Big Daddy sausages
287323287323B00595KHV8A3JJXI3O3484P1coderider0051346544000goodif you like pickled things these are what your looking for i will be trying other brands to see how they stand up so far these are the best on amazon. 9 2 12
287324287324B00595KHV8A3NBNC253NEMDGROADBLOCK0051337990400The real deal!!!!!Finally long after penrose just seemed to vanish of the face of the earth came this product that no others can even compare. These are what real pickled sausages supposed to taste like. I would recommend these to anyone.
287325287325B001GCU93EA2PNOU7NXB1JE4Peggy "pab920"0051190764800Pleasant tasteI received the tea today and it has a very pleasant jasmine taste. It is equally good hot or iced. When it goes on sale again I will definitely reorder. I ordered 4 other flavors by this brand, but haven't tried them yet.
287326287326B000F4N062A1DB4U8ISVULVEThe Original Most Interesting Man in the Worl...1131333756800Germany launches Pringles Hoarding Investigation on US Army baseSources have revealed that the German government has been conducting a massive undercover operation regarding the smuggling and hoarding of hundreds and hundreds of cases of Pringles potato chips into the country through American Army bases. Apparantly the investigation focuses on a retired Army officer, known as code name "U", aka "Mikey". A recent raid on a US Army base located in Germany revealed a fat balding retired US Army officer sitting in his basement, nude, amidst thousands of cans of Pringles potato chips strewn all over the house and thousands of empty Diet Rite cola cans. When asked what he was doing, "Mikey" said he was "eatin' chips, drinkin Cola and fantasizing about June Cleaver". The government reported that Germany is facing a serious shortage of Pringle's Potato chips and is trying to get to the bottom of why a retired Army officer would be singlehandedly trying to hoard the canned chips, and why he eats them whilst being completely naked.
287327287327B000F4N062A1Y09QLADQYQJGThe"older than dirt"Time Traveller "&...1151333756800Darn Pringles and Bugles!You just CANNOT get any better snack than Pringles and Bugles!
THAT said, I figure since NO grown-adult, ever, eats ONE Pringle
(or Bugle) at a time, WHY on God's green Earth would you want a
bunch of s-m-a-l-l-e-r packages?
Oh yeah! For:
=============> * Children
=============> * UN-grown adults
=============> * Birthday parties
=============> * The Munchkins are over for a visit.

Yeah, just buy the BIG ones....otherwise.
287328287328B0016JMZJSA1T8QV2DW2O0VXS. Putman0151243468800Wonderful!This is the only tea I drink anymore.
The taste is wonderful. They don't individually wrap the bags,so there is less waste. (you also get to the tea quicker)
And you get 50 in the box instead of the usual 40.
If you like green tea, this is the best deal out there!
287329287329B001EPPIU2A36159WU2F46RMPamela Ann3421196812800Better than the "salmon chowder" they sell, but not by muchI purchased this variety and the salmon chowder variety this company sells, to send as Christmas gifts. I decided to sample both varieties prior to mailing and since I love all of the stated ingredients, I had high expectations of the taste and quality of these soups. I was wrong, and was very disappointed. This soup (bean) tastes far, far better than the Salmon Chowder variety, but was also disappointing, mainly because the hotness of the soup overpowers any other flavors! It was hard to taste the "smoked salmon" at all because of this. The texture of this soup is good and the beans were flavorful, when I could taste them over the overwhelming "spice" of the soup. If they would cut the heat of this soup in half, they may have a much better product. As is, I'm unable to send this variety, nor the awful salmon chowder variety, to my dad after all. More gift hunting for me....darn.
287330287330B001EPPIU2A23WGNDHNVMCE0Prisoner of Planet Moron0051325721600Excellent Product and ValueThis soup is a long-standing family favorite (your mileage may vary). We like the price and convenience of ordering this product on a subscription basis.
287331287331B003PXY0XCA3NQU1649SH0Q4Allen Smalling "Constant Reader,"0051346889600DelectableThese little treats, the size and shape of regular M&M's from arch-rival candymaker Mars, have been going in and out of style since their introduction over thirty years ago. A visual "product placement" in the 1982 movie E.T. gave them quite a boost, but several years ago I couldn't find any at my usual big box. Pity. But they are back, and they are still one-of-a-kind. The taste is similar but not identical to Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (a little sweeter and more 'buttery' to indulge a metaphor, but less peanut-y or salty). Like M&M's, the candy is encased in hard shells; unlike M&M's they come in only three colors, orange, yellow and dark brown. I was stunned to see that the independent vendor from whom they are currently available wants the product price just to ship them (so my five stars are NOT for the current online price!). But it should be fairly easy to price-compare.
287332287332B000SAPVAQA4H15CV09F0VYJERSEYGIRL_LOST_IN_THE_MAINE_WOODS "sea_starr"0051327795200Simply yummyGot a sample of this in a Harry & David Fruit Basket and I was hooked. Ordered the big box and am not disappointed! YUMMMY (and smelly yummy too!)
287333287333B000SAPVAQA3I4PCBRENJNG2L. Cain1311210291200Davidson's Tea Spiced Pear, 100-Count Tea Bagsok, but not what I expected.
Lots of loose tea from bags in the box, would NOT have made a good gift!

Will probably mix it with other tea for iced tea this summer.
No, I would not buy again.
287334287334B000M9N1L4A17L0CXRHIR40Nwildfaeries "StalkMeNot"101051275523200The Best Ready to Eat Palak Paneer I've triedBetween MTR, TastyBite, Kitchen of India, and Tandoor Chef, MTR's Palak Paneer was the best of the bunch. The spinach and sauce was beautifully blended and thick and creamy/saucy. The flavor was mild enough for my spice-adverse siblings, but had enough kick to please us who enough that lovely heat. The sauce was neither watery or did it separate over time. There was no visible layer of butter/grease in the palak paneer. The paneer (cheese) was chunky and visible and firm. All in all, it was the closest I could find to the delicious palak paneer.
287335287335B000M9N1L4A39KZY0LMSMPCQAutumnFalls "Autumn"7751252368000Delicious!This is one of the best MTR's Ready-to-Eat Indian dishes, and I pretty much tried them all. It's very rich, flavorful, spicy, and great over rice. I toss it in a pan with sliced mushrooms and super-firm tofu cubes. Delicious!
287336287336B000M9N1L4A1S1I6JFJZ85OAnsd1634441287446400Great Taste and easy mealThe MTR brand products seem to be of good quality and don't contain fillers, preservatives or other unhealthy least that's what it seems when reading through the ingredients. The taste isn't the most authentic, but for what its worth and the convenience, it is very good. I did find these packets to be cheaper at my local indian store, selling for 2 dollars. I love the fact you can just warm up in the microwave for a couple minutes and be ready to eat.
287337287337B000M9N1L4A3HD4EZXQ6VK0QSurreallyReal1141346544000Pretty Good For Out of A Foil Bag!MTR's Palak Paneer is pretty good. In comparison to other shelf-stable varieties it is very good. The taste and texture can't match a fresh or frozen variety, BUT this palak paneer has HALF THE FAT AND SATURATED FAT of the frozen box variety from a retailer that I've been eating for years. This is a healthier choice. The paneer is in better shape and firmer than another shelf-stable palak paneer that I got on AND, the five boxes I got have an expiration in 18 months, so there is plenty of time to enjoy. Just tear open the foil pouch and pour into a bowl (be SURE TO COVER) and microwave for 90 seconds and enjoy! It has the oil and spinach and spice balance that satisfies my tastes for a quick Indian meal out of a pouch. Tasty and enjoyable.
287338287338B000M9N1L4A3R8LMCMV86PMLchristie1151345939200deliciousI've tried several of the MTR ready to eat dinners and this is one of my absolute favorites. The taste and texture are perfect.
287339287339B000M9N1L4A3PPB2CIWBN49GKimberlee D. Stiens1151342569600Best value Palak Paneer on AmazonI love boxed Palak Paneer. I've had it in restaurants before, but it's just not as good. But these boxes are perfect for two people on a day when you just don't want to make anything complicated.

For flavor and taste, the best boxed meals are Trader Joe's (they have these Thai ones with green or panang curry with tuna that are just delicious). But lacking the ability to buy those on the internets, these are the next best thing.

I've had a couple brands on Amazon, and the main thing I like about this one as compared to other Palak Paneers is that this one has smaller chunks of paneer, but more of them (and they're still big enough that I prefer to slice them in half with a fork). Some brands have like 5 pieces of cheese in there, and that's just not as good. Plus, this paneer squeaks when you eat it, indicating a freshness and quality that is superior to other brands.

It's also much cheaper than other brands... staying fairly close to $2 a box when you buy 5, which is a very reasonable price (considering rice is practically free, you can have a good meal for like $1 or $1.50 a serving).

It has good flavor, and a tiny bit of spice, but is overall fairly mild. Delicious!
287340287340B000M9N1L4A2KP45DO3RY4RGCheeryToes1141342224000Really enjoy this - over eggs...I'm so weirdSo, I like to fry up a few eggs and then dump the packet in the pan, stir till it's warmed through, pour on top of the eggs in a shallow bowl. Delicious... It's nice and spicy and there's a goodly amount of the "cheese" cubes. I can't compare it to homemade, so for me, it's a great quick meal with eggs. (I'm sure that's NOT how it's eaten in the native cuisine) :)

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