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287349287349B004I3UJL0A3UCN2RGY7O6S1Joanne "Gotta Eat, Gotta Cook"5551313107200Excellent and freshI used a vanilla bean from this package making a vanilla ice cream (from JENI'S SPLENDID ICE CREAMS, an excellent book by the way). It was fresh and pliable and full of vanilla 'seeds.' The price is very good (10 vanilla beans for $9!). I would purchase again.
287350287350B004I3UJL0A2USUO7NBXAUYZGreen One0051328486400I would buy it again...I like the quality and price of this produce and will buy it again when this order runs out. I would recommend it to anyone looking for quantity AND quality.
287351287351B0028P8IZEA3HPYGPNPSKL18light reader0051345939200great valuei love that i can get both flavors in one container. and at the asians store around where i'm at they go for about a buck, sometimes more. so this is definitely a good deal and even cheaper when you subscribe and save
287352287352B0028P8IZEA1PDHABRDSV816Jeff0051319068800good dealSame stable and good quality of Meiji Yan Yan. When I got the good deal from, the price is even better than those available in local Asian store, which is really rare.
287353287353B0028P8IZEA2YQMXM7WYNGUPMommy Llorin0051295913600Great Party Favors!I bought these for my son's 12th birthday party favor/goodie bag. It's hard to put together a goodie bag for 12 year old boys, but this is something that everyone likes!
287354287354B0028P8IZEA2HOJHOLVH18IYSue Ab "online shopping maven"0051264982400DeliciousIt's exactly what I wanted. It's yummy. Make sure you eat your chocolate dip before the strawberry, because you won't like it the other way around. It's perfect.
287355287355B005LYAHK8A32HJE96TNICWOSofrantic0111338076800Is this price for real?You can imagine my shock when I saw the price of this item! Why would I order this when I can buy it at any grocery store for $3.79? Just curious.....
287356287356B005EPJABGA3I7BOY419NC18Saints fan0051329955200Maybe the best pork rind you'll ever encounter!Small nuggets of seasoned porky goodness...well soft segments of melt in your mouth pork fat attached to crunchy rind. (Nothing like the puffed up offerings you' might be more used to.)

They're absolutely delicious and extremely unhealthy.

One thing to consider - those with weak teeth should be careful on the hard crunchy parts.

At about $1.50 per small pack, it's not terrible value either.
287357287357B000J05MM2AQ52JX9ES6XYYChris S.1151318723200convenience packs rock!I'm writing about the single serving convenience packs, offered in a 24-count case, OFXW116 Walkers Shortbread Fingers Cookies, 2 Cookies/Pack, 24 Packs/Box, which are also available with Subscribe and Save. They're amazing! Here's why:

1 Yes, as everyone says, these Walker cookies are exceptional. You may think it's all just buzz, but if you haven't tried them, don't judge us as silly until you do (!).

2 But what happens if you open a box -- you finish it, right! BAD. These little suckers aren't the greatest thing for you, to put it mildly.

3 Answer: single serving packaging!! It really works. My husband is addicted to these cookies. I'd always have a box on hand in case of unexpected guests -- at least, I'd think I had one, but the box would usually have disappeared unexpectedly whenever I went to look for it. True confessions: I love them too and was occasionally looking to sneak some for myself! So having them around just in case was a bad, BAD idea. But a case of 24 packs of 2 cookies per package is ideal. Two seems to satisfy my husband's craving -- he almost never takes more than one packet. And I open a packet occasionally and make 2 cookies last 2 days, instead of a whole box lasting almost forever and my worrying that they'd go stale or attract ants.

Bonus: they're easily packable! When my husband's expecting an exceptionally tough day at work, I'll usually sneak a pack into his lunch if he hasn't already appropriated one for himself.

And when he's especially wiped out at the end of an unusually demanding day, a pack of these really seems to perk him up and help him muster strength for tomorrow. He brings it upstairs while he's watching TV and waits a while before opening the bag and savoring his treasure. Whether for lunch or after dinner, the gleam in his eye as he talks about how wonderful it is to have a treat when he's so stressed means a lot to me, especially when I know he's only eating in moderation instead of wolfing down ten or twenty servings at a time. The case of 24 has lasted us 3 months already -- a pleasant surprise, given that there are 2 addicts in the house. : So our portion-control strategy is working!!!

And yes, when we had guests who chose after-dinner tea, these were just the right thing to bring out with it, and I didn't mind opening multiple packs at once and putting the cookies together on 1 plate for serving, knowing that I wasn't either spoiling an entire box, or promoting too rapid consumption of it, just by providing our guests with a few.

I wish two other treasures came in single-serving packets: LU Herbes De Provence Flatbread Crackers, 4.25-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6) and Mary's Gone Crackers, Caraway, 6.5-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12)!!

287358287358B000J05MM2A2SXU4U0WCZXO6Roger Quintana0051280016000Great buyFell in love with this product while on holiday in London. Great price, great product.
287359287359B000H7ENL8A3LP3MPTCNP21Eakgirly0051288742400Great! Tastes so good.This is one of my all time fav tea drinks mango passion is not to sweet but just right. Would sugguest to get it.
287360287360B003KQVRLCA2IA5MM4DGNY7GLooneytuna1151340928000EFS worksI used to use Accelarade, but got too much gas from it.. then switched to Cytomax but cramped on long hard rides... switched to EFS last summer and cramped only once but that was due to my negligence to drink enough...
EFS works great and keeps me going on any kind of ride - no gas effect and no cramps
287361287361B003KQVRLCA2W1WCS3ZJT3B9H. Fajardo "FishMan"1151316822400good hydrationWe bought it for my daughter, she trains daily and need a good hydration. It is a high performance athlete, and if he says it works, it works.
287362287362B003KQVRLCA1Q41WTC2NGV2OJ. Breglio2341256342400Taste GoodI really thought EFS was an excelent product that gives me the extra push to make it through long rides. Compared to Accelerade it is better however more expensive. As an amature rider I am not sure that it is worth the extra cost.
287363287363B003KQVRLCA1PTEJW7WUSF3XR. Lauten0051349913600Great fluid replacement mixBottom line, this product works for endurance athletes. Have used it in Ironman races and large training blocks. Grape flavor is still my favorite. When combined with CarboPro it is a nice mix for nutrition on the bike.
287364287364B003MASDNGA2YHU2LV32CKNOTodd Bradley1111294876800healthy and tastes terribleI just tried a package of Chicken Vegetable soup from The Spice Hunter. The package says "Quick & Natural" and "All Natural Soups". It has 0g Trans Fats, and no artificial ingredients. But it tastes like crap. I soldiered through about half the bowl of soup and decided I could not continue. I want my money back.
287365287365B003MASDNGACJMRBOKUAP4HN. Harris "ncharr"0051318723200Everyone Has Different TastebudsI liked this particular soup. It was easy to make and the taste was great. I have a 30 minute lunch so it was quick and easy which is important to me. I have ther lentil soup was not impressed.
287366287366B0019LRNYKA2FRFAQCWZJT3QB. Davis "The Happy Hermit"3351278374400I roast themI was disappointed in the taste of these because I like bitter chocolate and these are not at all bitter. Also did not care for the texture. It finally dawned on me that what was missing in the nibs was the richness that comes from roasting. So now I roast them - in my oven at 325 it takes 20 minutes. I don't think I'm destroying much of the nutrients in the nibs but even if I am the flavor and texture after roasting is so much improved I don't really care. I make a combination of toasted sesame seeds and roasted nibs mixed into melted unsweetened bakers chocolate, spread out on a pan and put in the freezer until hardened. Then I pop it off the pan, break it into pieces, and store in the 'fridge. The taste is downright addicting. The nibs, after roasting, add a true chocolate flavor to everything (try adding to a can of mixed nuts). After roasting they have a pleasing tender crunch to them instead of the very hard waxy texture in the raw state.
287367287367B0019LRNYKAJ1UXKRHEKMGBSteve McCardell3351207699200The Ultimate in Healthy ChocolateHealthy chocolate is becoming a hot topic these days. Dark chocolate is being noted for its high anti-oxidant value, as well as other potential health benefits. These benefits come from the cacao bean from which chocolate is made.

Eating the cacao bean raw, however, will give you more health benefits than dark chocolate, which has been processed and has had sugar and other ingredients added. This product is not only raw cacao, but it's organic as well. There are no other ingredients.

Now don't get me wrong -- the taste is bitter. That's why many people will go for the processed chocolate. You can get used to this taste, though. I eat them straight without a problem, but others don't like the idea.

You can get this in powder form as well, to sprinkle on other foods and not have such a strong flavor from it.

The 5-star rating isn't for the taste, but for the quality -- it's organic, it's raw, it's simple. If you're looking for the best that cacao has to offer, this is a great way to go.
287368287368B0019LRNYKA1LFRMPQ04LU5NFlo Lewis "Oil Queen"0251281916800Excellent productI know it's a good product but would like to know how to use it there are no instructions how much or what to use it in.
287369287369B0019ZN1OMARNQSC5M1XRSZmichelle4551236297600YUM!I looooooooove Fiber One bars! The Oats & Chocolate flavor is my favorite. They taste soooo good! We buy them in the big packs at BJ's because my husband & I each have at least 1 every day. They are filling enough that I can eat that for breakfast, or for a quick snack on-the-go. We used to eat Quaker granola bars but the Fiber One bars taste way better & are far more filling. I highly recommend them!!!
287370287370B0019ZN1OMA1VLFF8XGI8A96Finney1151337731200Fantastic dessert, and healthy too!These just simply could not taste any better. Seriously, if I had a thousand calories to use to improve the taste of these bars, it wouldn't change a thing. They are already 100% delicious, and healthy too! They are great for anyone looking for a low-calorie, low-fat dessert that is filling and delicious. The 35% daily fiber intake per bar is just icing on the proverbial cake.

I could eat one right now...or two.
287341287341B000M9N1L4A2HH6S58HZMKYOJCow1131311033600Okay for the priceI decided to make the purchase after reading the couple of good reviews for this product. It is a good deal for the price, but there was a somewhat off putting smell when I first started eating it. I guess I got used to it after a couple bites, but the initial bites were not that pleasant. After getting used to the smell, the palak paneer was tasty, but a little too watery for my taste. Overall, it was a good purchase for the price, but I am not sure if I would buy it again.
287342287342B000M9N1L4A206FFH5DBWL1HR. W. Taylor "Wil O' The Wisp"0041329350400Great value for me......especially as a subscription here.

Yes, a cut below really good restaurants (or accurate home cooking), but equal to many restaurants - especially lunch buffets that might charge $10 or more per person and leave you the spinach in the steamer with no paneer (panir) at all when you go to serve yourself. When there as been any cheese in this dish on most buffets, its texture has not at its best been much better than this (make your own paneer if you are picky and *have the time* - not difficult, just takes some time and effort).

I don't consider it very spicy myself, but I can easily make it that way. Spice it a bit and serve it up with some basmati, dal, & naan. Serve dinner for 2 for less than the price of buffet for one at lunch.
287343287343B000M9N1L4ABC68JUCPTVOEA. Fabbri "afabbri"0041316044800Better than other brand, but a bit fatty, nutrition wrongThe nutrition facts on the boxes I received are different than listed here. The box I got has 10g fat per 150g serving (20g per pouch).

I also think the flavor is a bit on the rich side. I wish they used about half the ghee (butter) in this recipe.

Other than that, I prefer this brand to Tasty Bite. It smells spicier and fresher. The paneer seems firmer. Overall very good except too much butter.
287344287344B000YDEPV8A1YGV2NP9ZRV6KJ. Stonier "crafty lady"9951261267200Best British mincemeatBeing English, and residing in the US, this is the only mincemeat that I use to make mince pies at Christmas. Helps me to remember my childhood days of Christmas in England, and eating warm mince pies by a roaring fire. Great product and can highly recommend.
287345287345B000YDEPV8A344SM0G94EL2LM. Harrison5551324598400Excellent, deep flavored mincemeat (make sure you buy the imported version)Just make sure you find the imported version of Robertson's Classic Mincemeat (in the 411g jar as pictured above) and not the version made for the US market and distributed by GFI of Westport, CT (as sold in US supermarket chains). The US version is: much sweeter (contains additional syrups), more of a soupy consistency, and has a lighter brown color. The imported version is dark brown and has no corn syrup, ascorbic acid or salt. The imported version had a "Best Used By" date, but the US version did not. We bought both and after tasting, used only the UK/imported one. See attached photos.
287346287346B000YDEPV8A28EME6FO2J3UERose Michaels3351274659200OUTSTANDING!This product is OUTSTANDING! It is precisely what I wanted in the way of taste and texture. I am preparing to double my last order. It is great to be able to by this product year round!
287347287347B000YDEPV8A2FQHVBWLPRFO0nybiblio5621289433600Over sweet and heavy on dried orange peelRobertson products are usually quite good, but this was disappointing. Baked as is from the jar, there was little flavor other than orange peel. There seems to be a lot of mashed up fig (or something seeded which resembles fig). The product is overpoweringly sweet. Sugar is the first ingredient on the label - should have checked before buying!

However, it makes a decent base. Add two cups of diced tart apples, some brandy and a bit more cinnamon/nutmeg and it isn't bad for a quick mincemeat filling.
287348287348B000YDEPV8A363MMLXUW1WPJP. M. Degraff "vegan for the love of animals"1151259798400great tastethis mincemeat pie filling is Vegan and has great taste. Just put into prepared pie and bake, make a small 6" pie, you need 2 jars for a large pie, Great fore the Holiday treats.

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