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287410287410B002T012ECA22K2P9SV9OJ2Rdevilish0051309132800Love itI used these tarts for a party i catered I filled them with wip cream, kiwi, peach and strawberries The guest absolutely loved them they arrived fast and none of them were broken. I used every single one I will definately order more. :)
287411287411B002T012ECA1B5I3GQ9H2GL4Ruben Diaz0021280102400Most broken!Most of the box was broken upon arrival. The shells that we could use were fine, but about 40% were unusable.
287412287412B000JFFO8OA1385FE19O0301L. Nicholas "AmazonQueen"1111276992000arrived staleI ordered these because I wanted to have them in my candy dish at work, as these creams are always very popular and this seemed like a good bargain. However, they arrived hard and stale, and I couldn't use them.
287413287413B000EDK6FMA2GJ13F7WIYX2EGluten-Free Foodie171751207008000Good stuffUnlike earlier reviewers, I received the correct product -- and what a great product it is. Quinoa flour is the best weapon in the gluten-free baker's arsenal, and I have been extremely pleased with the quality of this particular product. It is evenly milled and seems quite fresh. Amazon's price is the best I've found, too.
287414287414B000EDK6FMA3AKMRITZKFCO0C. Marentette131351233273600Quinoa is good stuffI really love the texture and taste of Quinoa flour. The way I use it is half and half with Bob's red mill all-purpose flour, to replace the whole wheat I used before, and add Xanthum gum (for the all-purpose) and baking soda. I've made banana bread, pancakes, and biscuits this way, it's excellent! It is a little on the expensive side when compared to wheat flour but is more nutritious and for the gluten intolerant it is a good choice.
287415287415B000EDK6FMAOY5E15FG1H7GM. Rogozinski "Mark R."131441242604800Great Prodict, but expensive thru AmazonI use this product often but quite honestly, I buy it at our local store for less than half of what amazon sells it for per bag!
287416287416B000EDK6FMA175N19FS2B4JLisa M. Mims7751264291200Actually Gluten Free! This is Good Stuff.If you've never tasted quinoa, you might want to go get a bag of actual quinoa before you venture into quinoa flour--it smells like bitter squash, and tastes like filberts.

However, if you know what kind of flour you are getting, this stuff is great. I made quinoa arepas with it this morning, and I'm here to tell you this is actually gluten-free.

Why that is such a big deal: in 2007, Bob's Red Mill got a much bigger facility; before that, they had only a wall separating the gluten-free from the gluten side, and a lot of flour in the air. (There can be 10 ppm gluten in the air in a tortilla factory that makes wheat tortillas, for example.)

A lot of celiacs used to complain about Bob. No more. Apparently, if their flour was made in the newer, post-2006 facility, it's a lot more gluten-free.

Good stuff guys. Congratulations.
287417287417B000EDK6FMA5XPVYRF6LNDSJ. Cagle "xClimber"5551298764800Superior Pancakes...!This flour makes the easiest and best tasting pancakes ever. Salt, Baking Powder, Oil, Flour, and Water...! Nice texture and golden brown on the outside, slightly nutty taste. Offers a COMPLETE protein too. You can't go wrong.
287418287418B000EDK6FMA2FS2HNIGTLGF0S. Gill4451322611200Great Flavor! Good for You! Very versatile!I love the health benefits of Quinoa. As a vegetarian, I don't get very many complete sources of protein with easy access. Quinoa delivers that. But I keep forgetting to cook quinoa instead of rice with meals. This is where quinoa flour comes in handy. I make a lot of breads - Indian flatbreads among them. I add quinoa to any bread recipe - substitute up to a quarter of the gluten flour, whether it's wheat or something else, with quinoa and you will not be able to tell the difference in taste or texture. It comes out looking a little whiter than if you were to use whole grain wheat for example. The taste is excellent. I have also used this as a base for when I am cooking roux or creamy soups. Turns out great!
We got the subscription from Amazon Prime so we wouldn't have to remember to order it - it shows up exactly when we are ready for more.
287419287419B000EDK6FMA1GQSBLU2QXDC9T. Rathbone2251322352000Delicous gluten free flourBob's Red Mill four pack of gluten free organic quinoa flour is very good tasting and high quality. I've used it in pancakes, muffins, and making cereals. It blends well with oat, teff, brown rice, and sorghum flours. I also appreciate that this flour has 4 grams of protein per 1/4 cup.
287420287420B000EDK6FMA2SV3NV5QAK3MOGabrielle W. "book lover"1151328400000How did I survive without this gluten-free product?Thank you Amazon for carrying this gluten-free quinoa flour. How did I get along without it!?! I make fish 'latkes' (patties) with it, as well as adding an egg substitute, onion powder and a little tapioca flour which I also got from Amazon. I also use the quinoa flour in my Chocolate Pumpkin Delite recipe.
287421287421B000EDK6FMAQGW2YBHZH86GCheri0051351123200Great buy!I have difficulty finding gluten free flours in my area. Ordering from Bob's Red Mill through Amazon makes my search easy! The quinoa flour is perfect for my baking needs. It's also low carb and high in protein! Purchasing on Subscribe and Save helps me save even more on my purchase. Bob's Red Mill Organic Quinoa Flour, 22-Ounce Packages (Pack of 4)
287422287422B002MFMZ9AA2LU9NHI51IGEOLuvstobake!2251253059200Xagave is the best brand of agave...period!!Xagave is the best brand of agave I have tried. I am an avid baker and I have not run into any of the weird taste and texture issues that I found with the other brands of agave I tried. Xagave's taste is simple and neutral and does not alter the taste profile of the foods I am sweetening. I love Xagave!!
287423287423B002MFMZ9AA1TTFH07MQ7QDRshirlelyone0021350777600Damaged Before ShippingThe package arrived with 2 other items I had ordered. They were okay, but I noticed something stick on the box with the agave in it. When I opened it there was syrup everywhere inside and pieced of lids. When I washed off the bottles I could see where they had broken seals too. It looked like some had been refilled and others had leaked. I have posted pictures. Buyer beware.
287424287424B004VJRC3EARF3GTHHPEPSAD. Richardson0051342569600this is the bestI discovered this at wholefooods & the mixture of nuts & fruits & seeds is just delectable. I used to buy my additions separately until I found this item. I 100% recommend this.
287425287425B004VJRC3EA1YIOA4WSKG0Y8Timothy Dunham1251312156800Salad Fixin's Awesome ProductI have purchased this product locally, but now the "bog box" location does not carry it. This takes a salad to a different level. Love it, and will keep buying it.
287426287426B002CO17WWA3N1SRL8RJAR6RLL Cool J2251260316800this is a must-have!!This black tea is a perfect pick me up in the morning and a great alternative to coffee. It is the best way to start your day because of the great flavor and aroma. I highly recommend it!!!
287427287427B002CO17WWA2RM0IET1QN6ONberzerkernuts0051277596800THE best teaThis is my all time favorite tea. The flavors are light and perfectly balanced. It is excellent hot or iced.
287428287428B002CO17WWA2ESYTBL40JV8DK. Hoch0051269820800subtle and deliciousThis is a wonderful tea for morning or afternoon. The orange scent and flavor are very subtle, but just enough to make it more interesting than plain black tea. It has a hint of sweetness so you really don't need to add anything to it, but it does work well with milk if you take your tea that way.
287429287429B008R9SZBMA3FACS00UZW8E7stltx0051350259200Best Pizza CheeseThis is THE product you're looking for if you want 'St.Louis' style pizza. I moved out of the St.Louis market area about five years ago and have struggled mightily to get this product. While I was able to come up with a blend that we made ourselves there is nothing quite like the original. The added benefit is that with this new supplier its actually cheaper to purchase the real thing than trying to make our own. Having spent much time on looking for this cheese, I also know there are many others out there looking. Well, your search is over, this is the real deal.
287430287430B0041CF8XCA4BFKBO2SU9AXMeghan0051350259200My New AddictionWhat I like about Chimes candies it that they are just ginger and real sugar, not corn syrup. I found them in the variety store in my office building but they run out quickly and don't have them reguarly. Then I made the mistake of sharing them with my boyfriend who would come over on Friday night and the whole bag would be gone by Saturday afternoon. I got so tired of hunting them down that I decided to find them on Amazon. And of course you can find just about anything on this website so here they are. I bought a box of Orange and a box of the Mango flavored ginger candies and now I have 40 tins of candy. At least now I don't have to hide them! I took this as a chance to share the wealth and passed them around to my co-workers and gave out about half my stash and in the process I created a few converts. While the orange and mango are my favorite, the regular and oddly the peanut butter are also worth a try. Enjoy!
287401287401B003SE58KWA2PM49X61MWZJVDamiKris4451324166400Best Cat FoodI started buying this after I noticed my 1 year old cat was already starting to lose his "spunk" so I decided it was time to start buying him "real" cat food...not the garbage in the super markets. I found this at the pet store out of the other million choices, and I'm sure there are other brands that are just as good but this is the one I went with to try first and it was a great purchase. My cat has been on this for the past 8 months and he's now just has active as he was when he was a kitten and his coat has became sooo soft. Mainly, he loved the taste even more! I highly recommend this brand to all my friends and family for their animals!
287402287402B003SE58KWA3A52DETIFZNZSSarah Wilson4451309564800Great food.I have done a lot of research to find the best food for my cat, and this is an excellent food. That is also according to my holistic veterinarian. They put probiotics on the kibble as the last step, which is very important to me. The best thing is that my cat loved it immediately and I had to stop mixing it with the old food because she only would eat Holistic Select.
287403287403B003SE58KWA3L15C30CBPZORCynthia G. Pate2251330992000Perfect Cat Food For Older Cats!This cat food was recommended by my vet because my 13 year old Cleo Cat was having trouble keeping any food down and was loosing weight. It stopped her problems. She doesn't eat as much as before since she seems to be more satisfied after eating which helps justify the added price. It aids in digestion since the...ok sorry...smells are gone if ya know what I mean. Had to add that so anyone experiencing problems with their cats can see there are a lot of benifits from this cat food.
287404287404B003SE58KWA29SUR9R8ZU54BAlfbo1151313107200Good for Feline UTII have a 4 year old male cat who has chronic urinary tract infections. I feed him this dry food in combination with wet food (with water added to it) and Uri Ease. The combination seems to keeps his UTI's under control. If I switch to another type of dry food, his UTI gets worse. The other cats seem to enjoy this food as well. It's expensive but it seems to be the best solution for me.
287405287405B003SE58KWA9GRWS6KP8SMAAnne Kirkwood1151292544000Palatable and healthyBefore I was educated about feline nutrition, I allowed my cats to become addicted to dry cat food. I always offered both canned and dry, but wish I would have fed them premium quality canned food and limited dry food. I have two 15 year old cats and two 5 year old cats. The only good quality dry foods they will eat are Wellness and Innova. Innova's manufacturer was recently purchased by Procter&Gamble. I began looking for a replacement. After once again offering several samples (from my local holistic pet store) Holistic Select was the only one (other than the usual Wellness and Innova) they would eat. For finicky cats, I recommend trying Holistic Select. It is a good quality food that is very palatable for finicky eaters.
287406287406B003SE58KWASOEVZ99YWPVLPurpleGreen0051349049600Healthy & They LOVE It!My holistic vet recommended this, along with a few other brands. We tried them all, but my cats prefer this (especially the sardine version). The best part is their coats are so soft and clean and their eyes are so clear. AND (and I don't want to be rude, so I'll say this as delicately as I can) their waste is far less odorous than cats who eat the McDonalds junk found in most stores, which is a definite plus for me! The health benefits are so obvious - I highly recommend Holistic Select!
287407287407B003SE58KWA1QAJ948PN36IIWinter Green0051341964800Wonderful food - perfect for allergic kittiesOne of my cats is allergic to fish and beef. This formula is one of the few she can eat, and it has much better ingredients than the prescription diets available at the vet. Both of my kitties are very active, have soft shiny fur, and neither are fat. Dry food reduces tartar buildup on teeth, also.
287408287408B003SE58KWA1LWFJRITZLYUGPMG10051334188800Holistic select cat foodOur cats thrive extremely well on this dry cat food. They definitely have much less hair ball throw ups and their fur is great. They are fit and not over weight. This vendor ships extremely fast. Is one of the top Amazon suppliers in our book!
287409287409B002T012ECA9629MBK9W9LPapril0011326326400Most of the box was brokenWhen I opened the box most of the tart shells where borken and I was unable to use them. I will not be using this product again.

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