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287468287468B002T0IHJ0A1QB9DL94EXMUTShawn303831311465600Warning, non-diet syrup contains Sucralose (Splenda)This stuff would be pretty good if it wasn't for the artificial sweetener. I'm not sure why they insist on putting sucralose into a product labeled as non-diet, especially after touting that it contains real cane sugar. It does, in fact, contain real sugar. But the advantage is negated by the unmistakable aftertaste caused by the sucralose.

I think they're trying to keep the calorie count down by creating a "half diet" drink. But I don't like diet drinks. I've never had one that didn't have some sort of weird taste or aftertaste. I don't drink a lot of colas either, but I like to treat myself to one every now and then. So, when I do drink one, I want one with real sugar, no HFCS, and no artificial sweeteners. I used to seek out Mexican Coke for this, and I was hoping to get a similar product with the Sodastream.

I think a lot of people are attracted to the Sodastream by the prospect of getting a purer product. They're going to be disappointed by the presence of artificial sweeteners in these syrups. It's not a big deal to me because I mostly use the Sodastream to make plain seltzer, but I'm sure their syrups would sell better if they would get rid of the sucralose.
287469287469B002T0IHJ0A1YDQ8I5KVNF8PRangermenace "Kinglord"6651328400000SodastreamAfter years of dealing with increasing price of soda, finding place to store it and returning empty bottles decided to give this a try. We bought ours at Costco which came with 1-130L Co2 Carbonator, 2 1-Liter Stainless Steel Bottles and trial flavors pack for $99. First let me say I'm very pleased, the flavors are not bad at all and i can use my own filtered water from either the fridge or Pure faucet attachment and no longer need to pay or bring back bottles for the deposit. They also have much less sodium than store bought soda with the exception of Diet Rite.

I have tried many diet flavors and the ones i like the best are Orange, Caffeine free cola, dr pete, Fountain Mist, Cream Soda and Root Beer. As for the cost it has changed everything, no longer have to pay deposit, return empties or search for sale price on soda which means lot less trips to the store saving me from impulse buying and gasoline usage. I can now make fresh bottles of soda whenever I need it (unlike store bought soda which can lose carbonation) and any flavor I feel like at the time. Already used up 1- 130L Co2 carbonator bottle so ordered 1 full bottle + 1 exchange for empty bottle from SodaStream web site this way I'll always have one full bottle when one is done. You should always search the web for coupons for any online store before ordering and SodaStream is no exception, saved $15 which is the price of the license on a new bottle. So it cost me the same as if ordering to exchange 130L Co2 Carbonators, pretty sweet. If you order 10 bottles of syrup at a time you get one free and with on line coupons and cashing in points your earn from them with every purchase can save you more than just the shipping cost, the cost of a trip to the store. For me the SodaStream is well worth the cost.
287470287470B002T0IHJ0A37GFKV81AL1VFD. Miyao6651311638400Great flavor, and even better price.I drink energy drinks maybe once or twice per week. I usually stick to red bull or rock star as those cans don't overdo the caffeine and have a decent flavor. The soda stream mix tastes very similar to rock star and costs a lot less money. Just watch your serving size when you use the soda stream. All canned energy drinks have a limit whereas you could drink the whole bottle of soda stream if you don't watch your serving size.
287471287471B002T0IHJ0A30H2335OM7RD6apoem "apoem"141741305763200Some are good, some are not so much.Some of the flavors we have tried:
Diet Cola
I do not like diet cola. I don't like diet Coke, diet Pepsi or diet other drinks. We bought this flavor so we could make diet drinks for someone who might like a diet cola when we were making our own soda. However, this is really one of the better diet drinks that I have tried. If you make your own soda, this is a good one to try.

This is the best one by far of all of the flavors we have tried. This flavor tastes just like the fanta orange soda. We love this one.

This cola flavoring is ok. It's not great. You can easily make simple syrups that will not be a cola flavor but will taste much better than this flavor. This is the equivalent of RC Cola. Ok but it's not near as good as other name brand colas.
287472287472B002T0IHJ0A3VEDVQGMBZ0HMCindy J. Ashwal "Save tigers!"182351284249600Great!The Soda Club machine is great. We enjoy all the flavors (excluding the mango one). I read the other reviews, my family doesn't understand what after taste they are refering too. I have been drinking Pepsi all my life. It is finally great to have soda without aspartame and corn syrup! Plus, I am saving lugging 2-liter jugs from the grocery store and have cut down on the amount of garbage I throw out. There are a lot of flavors at [...]. Yeah for Soda Club!!
287473287473B002T0IHJ0A2IR4TRSUL2771teapot923311339545600Nasty-Tasting StuffThis is the worst tasting cola I've ever tried. It has a horrible after-taste that is completly unacceptable. I'm now stuck with a very exspensive machine, that I can make carbonated water with, and replacing the carbonator is around $80.00. Bad purchase.
287474287474B002T0IHJ0A3TQV2O8FH6FZTAbevem5631288483200Good idea, needs some tweaks...I love the Soda Stream unit, but the syrups need some tweaks. It is too sweet, so I use half the amount required; this is good if you want the product to last longer; this is bad because they use Splenda added to all their recipes, not just the diet. If they would just use plain old sugar, I'd be much happier with this product.
287475287475B002T0IHJ0A2M0GA6IKFINRJBea2211348272000Splenda in every flavor...tastes horribleWanted the Sodastream for my birthday. Got it, made up the first cola. It was horrid. Got to reading about the products. Sodastream seems to be so proud that they did not include aspartame in their diet products, and used only sugar in their non-diet products (Instead of high fructose corn syrup). However, they also put Splenda (another artificial sweetner like aspertame) in every flavor they or not. It leaves a horrible aftertaste in the non-diet drinks. The whole point of not drinking diet pop is because people don't like the taste of diet pop. My Sodastream is going back to the company with a message stating that if I wanted diet pop I would buy it myself, and they should only put sugar in regular soda. They brag about real sugar, and then hide artifical sweetner in every product hoping no one will notice. It shows in the bad taste of their regular sodas, and, in my opinion, does not make them a very reputable company. Buyer beware.
287461287461B002T0IHJ0A2N5YX7DLGPG3KFred H.01751215734400Oh, Yes....There are so many beverages that people can drink. Ginger ale is one of them.
287462287462B002T0IHJ0A3OXHLG6DIBRW8C. F. Hill "CFH"424241324857600Tried Many, Some Great, Some NotWe have a Sodastream Fountain Jet Soda Maker Starter Kit and picked up a bunch of the flavor syrups to try out. Here are my opinions:

Caffeine Free Orange - **** (4/5 Stars) Good flavor, my son likes this one the best
Caffeine Free Root Beer - *** (3/5 Stars) Just OK, not our favorite
Cola - ** (2/5 Stars) Not very good at all, looking for an alternative
Cranberry Raspberry - ***** (5/5 Stars) Great tasting, my daughter and my wife both love this one
Diet Ginger Ale - **** (4/5 Stars) Good flavor
Diet Lemon Lime - ***** (5/5 Stars) Great tasting
Dr. Pete - ***** (5/5 Stars) Great tasting
Energy Drink - ***** (5/5 Stars) Great tasting, good energy boost as well
Ginger Ale - **** (4/5 Stars) Good flavor

These syrups are generally good and the ability to make small amounts of our favorite flavors at home is a real luxury!

Recommended, with exception of the disappointing "Cola" flavor.

287463287463B002T0IHJ0A3RHNM8T5VNYAAJared Fernandez "jaredf3"323451312588800As a Red Bull Enthusiast, I Highly Recommend This!This is an excellent, cost-effective alternative to Red Bull. The flavor is spot on--even though a purist may be able to notice the difference, I was very pleased with how close this comes to the real deal!

For the price, two cans of the real stuff almost pays for 12 liters of this. Also, with this syrup, you have the option to how strong or weak you'd like to make each serving. I find that I can add less than the recommended amount and make this mix go even further.

I think you would be hard-pressed to find a cheaper alternative that tastes so close to the original.
287476287476B002T0IHJ0AQLZB3YNGD8QQPrice Above Rubies2241329264000Decent Set of Flavors ButYou have to sample them all to find the ones you like. You'll miss out if you judge them all after tasting one or two. My favorites are Diet Orange, Diet Raspberry/Cranberry, and Diet Energy. Diet Dr. Pete and Diet Root Beer aren't bad either. They mix well with alcoholic beverages as well.


I encourage everyone to visit the SodaStream webstore BEFORE purchasing any of products here. There are many flavors at the SodaStream webstore not offered here like DIET Energy and DIET Orange. Also, as of 2/15/2012, they charge 40-50% less at the SodaStream webstore but you may have to pay for shipping. However, if you buy 10 bottles at Sodastream, you'll get 1 bottle free. I'm not slamming the Amazon merchants but I think consumers should be aware of the significant price mark-up.

(With this exception, I've found Amazon prices to be competitive with other stores so I continue to be an Amazon Prime Member.)

If you only want one bottle, it may make sense to pay twice as much with free Amazon Prime shipping.
287464287464B002T0IHJ0A15GDVKMYRUPRCBigfun "Lucy"384241291593600Diet Lemon Lime- flavorI have tried this flavor and it tastes a lot like Sprite. I like that it has no aspartame. The price on Amazon is Double what you can get these syrups for elsewhere, so I will not buy it here.
287477287477B002T0IHJ0AONZ7LKM7YQVYCatherine Pfister "highndry"2251311292800What a hit with the kidsCouldn't find a variety of flavors here in town, but I got everything they wanted at one location. Great transaction.
287465287465B002T0IHJ0A33ZYFE8XMKKR1P. Scott Pope "Scott Pope"313611342310400What Every Consumer Should Know - NOT EconomicalThe taste of SodaStream diet cola does not match that of mainstream brands. This becomes especially noticeable for frequent drinkers of Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi. Yet that isn't the main problem with the SodaStream offering. The truth is simply that consumers are paying way too much for C02 refills -- sixteen times (16x) too much.

While the general idea of at-home carbonation is solid, consumers should understand that they are grossly overpaying for SodaStream carbon dioxide refills. In fact, the prices charged are sixteen times (16x) wholesale costs or many, many times more expensive than the prices a restaurant would pay. In Europe, frugal consumers are aware of such markups and actually purchase their own restaurant-sized CO2 refills. In the US, we aren't so frugal.

Other than the outrageous costs for the CO2 refills, there are other issues with the SodaStream Fountain Jet. One is the construction quality is quite low with very thin molded plastic and little weight. Additionally, the taste of generic soda flavors do not match that of the brand name products.

Below is the calculated cost per two liter for the output of SodaStream soda. This includes the cost of the consumables AND the equipment costs. I have used very generous assumptions, including a low discount rate (i.e. cost of money).

Transportation costs were not factored because 1) purchases of typical groceries should more or less overlap with soft drink purchases 2) grocery delivery has long been available in many areas 3) most people live closer to a grocery store than to a home furnishings store (I walk 100 ft. for groceries and drive one mile for BB&B) 4) the reverse logistics for the CO2 refills is an extra expense for the retailer that has to be factored into its profit margin and will ultimately be borne by the consumer.

One of the reasons Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy's and Crate and Barrel choose to carry SodaStream is that they want the consumer to make MORE FREQUENT trips to their establishments for consumables. Instead of going to such establishments once every 3 to 6 months, customers will now visit once every 1 to 2 months. That makes an enormous difference for generating impulse purchases at such retailers. One could argue then that transportation costs could increase for the individual consumer.

Total Costs = $1.73 per Two Liter -- More Expensive Than Retail

Flavor cost bottle of concentrate $4.99
Liters of product per container 12
Flavor/l $0.42

Volume of CO2 130
Cost of CO2 per refill (130 liters) 29.99
CO2 cost per liter $0.23

*Sodastream Equipment Costs - Amortization Per Liter
Equipment cost $89.00
Equipment life (years) 5
Discount rate (cost of money) 8%
Liters per month 10.00
Monthly amortized cost $1.80
Cost of equipment per liter $0.18

*Water Cost with Brita Filtration
Municipal water costs per liter in US $0.0004
Brita filter three pack (454 liters of water output) $16.95
Brita cost per liter $0.0373
Water and filter costs per liter $0.0377
(assumes you already own Brita Pitcher so no equipment costs, just incremental filtration)

***TOTAL COSTS PER TWO LITER = (Flavor + CO2 + Equipment + Filtered Water) * 2
SodaStream Total Cost Per Two Liter = $1.73

Without filtered water:
SodaStream Total Cost Per Two Liter = $1.65

*****What does CO2 Really Cost????


*Restaurant Carbonation (note distributor prices, so there is still a distributor profit)
weight of CO2 contents of large restaurant CO2 tank: 50 lbs
weight in grams: 22,680 grams of CO2
cost to refill - Summer 2011: $35

CO2 grams/liter of carbonated water: 7 grams

*Efficiency of Restaurant CO2 Carbonation
losses: 10%
available CO2 in tank (residual is required for pressure): 85%
net accessible CO2 of total: 77%
usable grams of CO2: 17,350 grams

carbonated liters of water: 2,479
cost per liter in USD$: $0.014

*SodaStream Output
SodaStream Refill: 130 liters (quoted end product)
Cost per refill: $30.00
cost per SodaStream carbonated water: $0.231

*SodaStream Markup Economics
ratio of SodaStream to Restaurant prices: 16.3x
SodaStream inflation price over restaurant pricing: 1534%
math: [y/x-x] to give increase over base case restaurant pricing

This is an incredible 1500% markup

Saves plastic
Allows flexible mixture of flavors

Cost of output is not compelling
Grossly inflated CO2 refill costs
Another store trip required for refills separate from grocery store visit

***Disclaimer: I am an investor who has used the product multiple times. At the time of this review, I did NOT have an investment in SodaStream either short or long. In the past, I have both owned the stock and shorted it (bet against it). I may be on either side of the trade by the time you read this -- I am not very sentimental.
287478287478B002T0IHJ0A134O89X79ASVAChris Okennon "Big Kahuna"2251310515200Love it!This stuff is wonderful. I like carbonated drinks, but not the sweetness or all the strange ingredients. I use this with a very small amount of syrup or lemon juice and it's great!
287466287466B002T0IHJ0A4V3R95M69Z1BCG "coloradogirl"8811326585600"Regular" Cola flavor has artificial tasteThe regular cola flavor has a terrible diet taste. I hate artificial sweeteners, just can't get used to the chemical taste. I just plain don't like it at all, and poured the rest of the syrup down the drain after using only enough for 1 bottle of soda. Yep, it's that bad.
287467287467B002T0IHJ0A38VEGWQVBGXW9Lamb and Martyr8851305590400EnergyNom Nom Nom....yum! I love this stuff. I didn't buy the real Energy drink because the price was repugnant. This stuff tastes better than that canned stuff! Nom Nom Nom.....
287479287479B002T0IHJ0AIUB4K9SYEDP5Michael J. Horist2231304121600It's ok, but it's no "Diet Coke"As other reviews have mentioned, this pice is ridiculous. However the product itself is decent. I purchased this elsewhere because I love the taste of Diet Coke and read some reviews that tastes just lke Diet Coke. (My parents have had a soda fountain in their house since I was 2, I'm 31 now) ... This tastes alot like Coke but no like Diet Coke(which makes sense, it doesn't use aspartame, it uses the sugar free sugar stuff)

It is nice being able to make soda on demand though ... I'm going to siphon some syrup from my parents and try that (if it works, you can get 5 gallon "bags" of Diet Coke from SAMs club, makes 35 gallons of soda)
287480287480B002T0IHJ0A14ZZLSWQIQIHKRobert C. Compono "RC"142011287360000Are they kidding with the price?Either I'm missing something and this is a double pack, which the description does not seem to support, or these people are insane. There are loads of places to get this same product for $3.99, $4.99, even as high as $5.99. What are they thinking?
287481287481B002T0IHJ0A1M7GCMBNIV6CS. U. Cohen "STEFF"1141345161600brings back memoriesOver 70 years ago my Grampa took me to the beach almost every day., To me, highlight of the outing was when he bought us "Orange Crush" in the heavy dark brown bottle, from the vendor boy. Back then the juice was unfiltered and there was even small bit of orange in it. For many years I hve tried to find something to drink like the ORIGINAL OC.(to no avail) I use my seltzer siphon and if I tinker with the amount of syrup I can get really close to perfect. I am so glad I bought this, just great.,
287482287482B002T0IHJ0A2OV6KI5Z7GNAHDnL_Zee1141341273600Pretty good taste goes a long way
287483287483B002T0IHJ0A1Z2MUKE041APJGregory I. Ceaser "S8ntsfan"1151341014400Energy Drink vs Red BullI love this product. I've heard alot about the Sodastream and finally decided to purchase one, and as I drink a lot of Red Bull (mainly as a cocktail mixer), I gave this mix a try. Quite impressed on just how I can't really tell the difference between this Energy Drink Sodamix and Red Bull, other than the price. On average I spend about $2.25 per can of Red Bull, and this Sodamix will yield 50 8oz servings, so easy math says $112 for 50 cans of Red Bull or $6.99 for the Sodastream Energy Drink Sodamix 16.9 Fl oz bottle and 50 8oz servings. And as not to be biased, I have a few friends who also drink Red Bull who all agreed that it was a toss up on tasting the difference between the two products, and how much money could be saved.
287484287484B002T0IHJ0A3UKLX2A9T589CTW Brown, Author, Editor, and Reviewer "Todd ...1151337385600Energy Drink Flavor is Spot On!I have to say that if you are a fan of the energy drink with the initials R B (moo) then you will be a HUGE fan of this. The flavor is a perfect match. I am so hooked that I will never spend a dime in the store for the name brand again.
287485287485B002T0IHJ0A1BV34VNU2SF0KAmarrna Sunreaver "Cloth Tank"1121335744000NASTY!!I will never understand why they put Splenda into non-diet drinks but I can tell you that it was a horrible idea. So diet is undrinkable and so is regular. It tastes sooo awful. Maybe they'll get with the program and fire the fool that thought people would want to buy crap in a bottle.
287486287486B002T0IHJ0A1XK4VP74IB9TQFastphoto1151332460800Great Cola TasteThe tase of this cola is better than the "REAL" cola. I drink 1/3 of a liter of this cola and then I switch to a non-caffine cola of which I drink 2/3 of a liter daily.
287487287487B002T0IHJ0AKGRTGZRH5TGBVespere1131332288000Redbull?Someone said that it tasted like a Sprite. No it doesn't to me. Not even close in my opinion. It's a Energy Drink. It tastes more like Redbull but with a less tart flavor. I couldn't taste any after taste so that was a plus. Even if it does have Splenda in it, I don't even taste that and I don't like Splenda. It isn't my favorite flavor as I am not a fan of Redbull, but if you do then this syrup just may be for you.

*EDIT* I just realized when I wrote that it does not taste like a Sprite the person was commenting about the Lemon Lime syrup. I apologize about that.
287488287488B002T0IHJ0A57AL4UMTTPDGJ. Jackson "Jacq"1121331942400Diet Flavors are Not Great - Nasty AftertasteI absolutely love my Sodastream because I drink a lot of sparkling water and this has saved me a fortune! Recently I thought it would be great to have some of the soda flavorings around for guests, mixed drinks, etc. However, I have not been thrilled with diet flavors I have tried so far. Of the three I have tried (diet tonic, diet ginger ale, and diet root beer), I think the diet root beer is the best, but is not even close to any of the name brand diet root beers. Both the diet ginger ale and diet tonic have a nasty aftertaste - way worse than any name brand diet soda on the market. The worst part about the aftertaste is that it doesn't seem to go away. As I write this, I still have a bad taste in my mouth - and it's been nearly a half hour since I drank some of the diet ginger ale. That alone compelled me to pull out my computer and log a review. I have tried them several times now, altering the amount of syrup to see if it would make a difference, and each time I end up pouring it down the drain. I am SO disappointed by this as I had high hopes for flavorings.
287489287489B002T0IHJ0AZCXYCWCCT334Steve M1131329436800Overpriced - Buy anywhere for lessGood products
Love Diet Energy 5/5 and Diet Root Beer 5/5

a couple stinkers -
Diet Fountain Mist (Mountain Dew-like, tart fake flavor) 1/5
Diet Dr. Pete (Weak flavor, not bold like Dr. Pepper) 3/5

Amazon - Do better on price! This is 5.99 to 6.99 in the stores (you are charging double)
Sodastream - Reformulate these two!
287490287490B002T0IHJ0A1PR38EIX6HLIMJennifer Colbert "jperezcolbert"1111327536000Lemon Lime - or nasty medicine?I did NOT like this lemon lime flavor. It made me gag. It tastes like some kind of horrible medicine.

The diet Cranberry was drinkable, I can tell how other people would like it but it was not my favorite.

Dr. Pete is great!

I have yet to try any other flavors. I have made my own syrups to use with it instead.

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