Amazon Fine Food Reviews

287574287574B006L8L9Q4A1JN63QBBNGB78Elle S0051342396800Robust FlavorSo glad this is now available at This is absolutely one of the best coffees in the Tassimo line. It has a robust flavor without being overwhelming or bitter as some Columbian coffee can be. I hope this selection is added to the Subscribe & Save stable of products. I do find the price to be out of line with other sources prices, e.g., Bed, Bath & Beyond sells this everyday for $9.99 + tax as does our local Target, Sears and K-Mart stores. Also, Bed, Bath & Beyond offers a 20% off coupon every so often which helps bring the price down even further. Take note, You are way overpriced on this item. Five stars for the coffee itsself, one star for the amazon price.
287575287575B006L8L9Q4A1XIX5TDV05ZT1Jorge Sanchez Jaramillo "Jorge Alonso"0041334534400Good tasteI really enjoy it. Is not my favorite Colombian coffee but is really closer to the No. 1. Suddenly the price has been going up so much
287576287576B002C01OFQA2S11TYWEKOLL8Working mom of 20051350950400AWESOME FOR PRICE!Wow, I was super impressed with this item. I wanted a cool party favor for my sons' birthday party, and boy did I get it. I purchased them for around $40 (this includes shipping costs) here on Amazon and couldn't be happier. I got 36 lollipops and they all arrived unbroken. They are enormous, colorful, and well sealed. The kids at the party are going to be thrilled. At around $1/party favor, this was a great deal for something so different and festive. I'm sure all the parents will hate me for giving their kid such a big sugar boost, but I'm still thrilled with my purchase and can't wait to see the happy recipiants. I will even double the value by using them in my centerpieces.
287578287578B00032KHPSA1N7YURAJD0W1DPaul J. Nicholls "grillin guru"2241180569600great grilling sauceMy daughter bought this for me and I was afraid to use it because of the ginger in the title. It has become a favorite with chicken on the grill. Use it as a glaze at the end and it makes the chicken come alive. The combination of ginger and orange makes a wonderful taste.
287579287579B00032KHPSAMT6OZVXRA86FM. Hermanson1121289865600Only Hubbie likes itI thought I was buying the General Tso's sauce but accidentally ordered this orange sauce. My kids and I *love* Chinese food, but we don't like this sauce at all. The ginger is overpowering.

My husband, on the other hand, doesn't like Chinese food but likes this sauce.

Thanks to the other person who suggested mixing it with a bbq mix -- at least we'll have something to do w/ the other bottles.
287580287580B00032KHPSA2II09GQGWOMTQBrian Nallick "METALMANMN"1151281312000Different but tasty.After reveling in the glory of General Tso's and Sesame Garlic sauces I had to try this one too.
So sweet, with just a little bite.
The ginger really makes this into one special sauce.
Perfect for chicken or by itself.
Highly recommended.
287551287551B002T0IHJ0AZV26LP92E6WUM. Hammond "ColemanFlGuy"1251288483200Diet Cola SyrupGood stuff. I wish they would run a special on it though. I liked it. it is all i can find. locally i cannot find any cola syrup. but it tastes pretty good to me. i always wait until the price is right then i grab a few. i enjoy drinking it.
287552287552B001467NTUAGJBSL4VN969LE. Young0051316736000Best vanilla I've ever usedThe Mexican, Madagascar and Tahitian varieties of this are perfect for exactly what they are described. After trying this for the first time a couple years ago, we don't even look at other brands. And, the vendor delivers as promised.
287553287553B0032GREV2A3ENN12GLNTUAFJ. Kennel "marriagefanatic"4451273708800For cakes and other desserts--great flavor + great deal!Betty Crocker frosting is consistently tasty and the perfect creamy texture. You can buy this via an Amazon subscription and REALLY save with the Prime free shipping and having it delivered to your home (or office!). This dark chocolate variety is very rich and is terrific to have on hand for cakes and tons of desserts. One of our favorite desserts calls for this frosting to be microwaved for one minute--it turns hot and smooth to pour over desserts. Can also be eaten straight out of the container.
287554287554B0032GREV2A130VGG4P4PW5JSirTaz "Geniebugged"2251292371200Use a sub for all Dark chocolate cravingsUsually one Tablesoon a day does it - when feeding cravings with candy bar, too
easy to eat the entire bar. Refrigerate [or freeze]

Also very good as intended Use - frostings/ even when mixed equal amts with Creamy Peanut Butter
287555287555B0032GREV2AZV26LP92E6WUM. Hammond "ColemanFlGuy"0051277337600FrostingIt is delicious and very smooth and fresh. It was packaged good and shipped fast.
287556287556B000DT8NHUA19HBN5OT0XPWNTeresa Woody0251219017600Excellent!I sent this to my son and his room-mate at OSU. They were both very, very pleased. I plan to try some when he comes back for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
287557287557B008BRZKTAA1BULMQR8IP12DK. J. Dychton1151344729600Great Instant CoffeeI found Kenco coffee when visiting the UK. Their regular instant coffee is good and unlike any of the US instants I've tried. But the Millicano is really, really good! It smells like fresh ground coffee when you open the bag and for a quick coffee its the best. Making a pot of coffee just for one person isn't cost effective so I always use the Millicano. I'm so glad I can buy it on Amazon.
287558287558B005JDD9REAUR5YL1JGCOS7DukeBedford01451319155200Used these for Aiwa CN-5 noise-cancelling headhonesThe ear pads on my folding headphones had disintegrated. These replacements fit perfectly. No need to buy a new pair of headphones to use for air travel.
287559287559B001QV05UMA16MTF36307916J. Sharp0031343088000great taste, but hard to openthese are great tasting candies for a sugar-free variety, but they get sticky and very hard to take out of the individual wrappers, especially without getting the candy all over your fingers.
287560287560B003H78V4KACZTPN2RD4NTEschatzie0011342396800YuckThese sardines are not the delicious John West sardines from Scotland. These are odd, dry, mis-shapen fish in a huge amount of oil. I do hope these people will credit my account.
287561287561B0001B8VRWA1HEY378NAZB2YChris1141291852800Excellent choice for diabeticsI ordered this because Black Raspberry jellies and jams are hard to find locally.
Growing up in Indiana my grandmother and mother made homemade black raspberry pies and jams and I was looking for a product that would bring back those memories.
This is a very good jam but it doesn't compare to my grandma's, mainly because she used a lot of sugar. But being a diabetic I don't need the sugar and this product just suits me perfectly. It is all natural and if it has any sugar at all in it it must be very little. Black raspberries are naturally sweeter than blackberries so they don't need a lot of sugar.
I also ordered the frozen Black Raspberries to make pies and they are also excellent. Large nice berries.
287562287562B00061DFEQA2HIFTD14EQLVFG. Gonzales2251225238400My latest greatest discovery!This little can goes a LONG way! Highly concentrated flavor, spicy balanced with my favorite - smokey flavor. A soft pepper in savory adobo sauce makes a great topping (in small quantities!) on tamales, enchiladas, tacos, etc. Add to bland salsa for an amazing transformation. Blend with pureed roasted red bell peppers for an incredible sweet version. 7oz is a small can, but it really does go a long way. I agree that you might want to freeze what you don't use because you will want to use every drop of it! Great value, precious product!
287563287563B00061DFEQA4TMRD5IN1I7CLinda K. Gilbert "MBA Queen"2241178409600Great product, wish size was smallerGreat product for those tex mex recipes. The only problem is the can size - its just a little too big - I end up using one or two peppers and then freezing the rest in a zip lock baggie. Not a big deal.
287565287565B0005ZZX6QA1IF10H0DBSSYJTracy L. Wells3411174089600Juice from CHINAI was saddened to see on the back of my Mott's juice bottle that this product comes from concentrate from Argentina, China and the USA. Mott's represents themselves as an American product yet they are buying apple products from countries whose agriculture standards are questionable.
287566287566B0005ZZX6QA1R81XLZN2D6OUE. Chang2311178409600"Concentrate" from China?!With all of the recent problems and publicity over contaminated medicine, pet food, and bibs with lead from China, the fact that this juice is made from Apple "concentrate" from a country, seemingly without a lot of standards or oversight is extremely worrisome. I am especially concerned because apple juice is frequently given to children and toddlers. The company didn't even put this on the label but imprinted on the container which is not obvious. It is clear that the company didn't want to advertise this. However, on the company website, they proudly proclaim that apples are from the U.S. I believe this is misleading and disingenuous. I'm telling all of my friends to stop buying this product and for them to spread the word.
287567287567B004JQR6LMA14VTRU9THDQZPJ.1141333584000Yummy but VERY finely ground.After discovering some of my health issues could be attributed to drinking too much coffee (bladder urgency anyone?) I made the switch to Puroast coffee. And I love it! Yummy, yummy stuff and I'm proud to say my health has greatly improved. Any drawbacks? Absolutely. It's way too expensive and the pre-ground coffee is very fine (like espresso) and choked up the coffee machine every time when I first started using it, leading to coffee grounds floating around in my coffee cup. The simple solution? Brewing six cups at a time instead of eight - works like a charm. Overall I'd rate this product as 'wonderful' and would strongly recommend it to my friends :)
287568287568B003DCYAVWA2NA2DE2OP70ZNPeter Carr0051287532800yerba mate taraguiYerba mate taragui is a green tea which not only has a wonderful taste but also makes me feel great inside and out. Highly recommended
287569287569B00171291YANH2JBSFY003Qcntrycowboy6621258934400freezer burntwhen I recieved it i went to unthaw it and the bag was cut so it leaked all over my fridge...I recieved another one and the bag on that was one cut also...I would inspect it carefully if you buy this item
287570287570B00171291YA2I2XNE3M9K0I3Isaac H. King "aus849"5551239235200DeliciousDelicious; I wish I could say this from tasting it, but it was gone before I could get any. My family wants me to buy more. I highly recommend this pot roast.
287571287571B00171291YA35K4XT7T1ZIFUInez Rivera0051304985600No freezer burn for me!Wow, this is tasty and tender. I love the sauce it was in. I thawed and baked - no microwave. My only complaint is that its small which means no left overs :-(
287572287572B002OCAB74A2FIZ75BHZKFL7flower girl0051285718400Definitely Smoky!This a wonderful, smoky salt. You can smell how smoky it is when you open the package. It has a finer texture than some other salts, and seems saltier as well. I don't eat meat, but I imagine it would be wonderful on hearty, savory meat dishes like beef and bar-b-que. I love it on cooked greens, and grilled veggies, especially portabello mushrooms. Adds alot of flavor to boring popcorn, too. A good purchase, and attractive packaging as well. The bottom of the container is magnetized, so you can stick it to the fridge, or on the stands that are sold separately.
287573287573B001DVVCR0A3OLPDN20CHXEQBrasspiano1211319760000Margaret's HopeThis was not worth the money at all. No flavor. I really doubt that it's Margaret's Hope at all. I had two pots and put it away. I ordered Margaret's Hope Autumnal from other dealer, and it is divine.

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