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287581287581B00032KHPSA3BYZP9220W6W9tuxedoll0051335916800amazing flavori've used this sauce for a couple of years, now, on my chicken... and it's amazing! the flavor it gives - not overpowering, but not subtle, either, has my family asking for more. in fact when i'm making chicken salad, i'll bake the chicken with this sauce, first, cool it, and then make the salad, so that we get these flavors in it. i was so sad, the local supermarkets don't carry this anymore, but now i find that i can buy it from amazon!
287582287582B000IEHR6SA2G31BUNV2GD70oldsoup4421188345600Too much sugar is addedToo much sugar is added to the dried mango. It doesn't taske like mango. And it is too soft.

The containers are too flimsy. Half of my 6 containers were broken when arrived, exposing the mango to air. The shipping box is intact. Just the mango containers; they are no good.

The mango from Brand Philippine is much better.
287583287583B000IEHR6SA3CKS39P3XSZ21Family tree nurse1111201305600Way too much sugar!I prefer the no sugar added dried mango. This has no mango taste and the sugar is bad for you.
287584287584B000IEHR6SA301LTNV6629WXChristine0041273708800DeliciousKlein's Mango Slices are fabulous. The slices are not too chewy and not too sweet. They have a true mango taste. The only downside is the poor packaging. The tops rarely stay on and the plastic container occassionally snaps. The positive is that the contents never last more than one day in my house. We purchase the six pack and it lasts maybe six days because of the delicious taste.
287585287585B002LSI1SWA33BMBIWJMMDDPVegas Slim7751258848000high quality and kitty testedI've been using bonita as a treat for our cats for years. This brand of organic bonita looks to be human consumption quality. Be sure you know how much 2.5 ounces is a lot! Bellyrubs' quality is high and most of the tuna is large flakes, not dusty crumbs. I expect to buy this once or twice a year for our cats. A few flakes and they are happy :)
287586287586B002LSI1SWA36ASG57KUIZU8J. Welch5551293753600Bonita! The magic word that makes my cat go bonkers :-)It wasn't until a few months ago that I introduced my cat to Bonito flakes. The fact that it's all natural is a big plus. I had previously purchased Cat-Man-Doo Extra Large Bonito Flakes and he went nuts over it. The 4oz. bag lasted a little over 2 months. I was going to order another bag but the price has gone up $10, so I decided to try Bellyrubs instead. Even though you get .5oz less with Bellyrubs there seems to be less dusting and small flakes. The flakes also seem to be softer and the ziploc bag is a little more robust. My 6 yr. old black cat loves this stuff and gives it two paws up.

Food for thought: Bonita means "pretty" in Spanish, and Bonito is the correct spelling of the fish.
287587287587B002LSI1SWA1XSC4XZRAADPPMark Gale3351279929600Very GoodWe have a cat with a sensitive stomach. When we made the emergency adoption she was undernourished and her coat was in really bad shape. We tried quite a few foods but found that bonito type food was something she enjoyed and it really aided in bringing her back to health.

The reason I like this product is that the flakes are a nice size and there does not seem to be all the powdered up flakes like in other products.
287588287588B002LSI1SWA1Z67I4KAH1V4NJonathan5621290556800Cat Loves but it makes her throw upI've been buying thus for my cat for about 6 months now. She's always had a bit of a problem with throwing up so i didn't notice itr at first. But now that I've had a few months of experience with it I can confirm that it makes her throw up. I would say 7 out of 10 times she throws up not even after, but while she's eating it! At first I didn't think anything about it, I thought she was just randomly throwing up. But today I noticed she threw up while she was near finishing what I had put down for her. So just as a test I decided to give her a little more and she threw up in less than a minute of eating it.

So, I don't know what to tell you. Maybe it's just my cat. I can't imagine they sell this and it happens to every car! My cat is 16 and in really good health considering her age. But maybe it's age related, I don't know. I just know i won't bed able to give her this anymore. But I'm going to have to find a good substitute fast because she's so addicted to it, she starts yelling for more every day at the same time!!
287589287589B002LSI1SWA2UVOK47O3DT97puppycat1151344902400it is the cats meowI have to give my cat some on top of his morning food. He just loves it,without it on his food, he will not eat.
287590287590B002LSI1SWA10O9K1ZJD27E0Carol Hartman1151343088000My Furballs LOVE their Bonito Flakes!!It doesn't matter what brand of bonito flakes I get my furballs, they would eat the entire container in one setting!!! All they want is MORE, and this shipment came quickly, was well packed, was perfectly fresh, and my babies loved them. They keep them from having hairballs! I have happy cats, all delighted when mom gets their favorite bonito flakes!!! I will reorder this item!!!
287591287591B002LSI1SWA3GP9DVUBXLC86C. Cote1111341878400Not interestedThese were a surprising flop as far as my indoor cat and a neighbor's visiting cat. Initially I thought it was our Kitty being finicky as she tends to be, but when the neighbor's omnivorous cat similarly ignored these flakes I puzzled over what was up with them. I've bought other brands before and have encountered one hit and one other miss. What makes some appealing to the cats and others not is a mystery. I couldn't see any visible difference and the scent seemed appropriately fishy, but something did not strike a chord with the cats. Wish I hadn't sprung for this economy sized bag.
287592287592B002LSI1SWA2UFHWV1583T62Livestrong Jake1151339113600My cats new favorite treats!My cat does not care for a-lot of the store-brand treats, he either gets sick from them. Or he just doesn't eat them. I also want my cats diet to be top quality. I already have him on Wellness Indoor food. However, i wanted to find a cat treat, that he would love but did not have all that cheap preservatives in them. This is the treat for it, and plus it smells like fish so cats will go crazy. My cat would eat this all the time.
287593287593B002LSI1SWAMBSF1PBD5J2DJenn1151309651200Cat loves them!The second I take them out, my cat comes running and can't get enough. Great treat and source of protein! She's not too excited about other treats, but this one is like crack for her!
287594287594B002LSI1SWA1Y2OLFR8H8D5RPatti Whitley1151306713600Purrfect treat !!My cat loves this stuff. It is large flakes, much better than the ones I have tried from the pet store. That is , if I can find it. I know better than to run out, because she asks for it every night, and no other treat will do. We give this 2 paws up !!
287595287595B002LSI1SWAQ3R0D6VPRZYTG. Borrello0051350950400a lot of tuna flakes for the priceI had bough another brand of tuna flakes to try on our two cats. They loved it! It was a 1-ounce bag and fairly expensive. So I went looking for a better deal and found this 3.5 oz bag from Bellyrubs. Don't let the small ounces deceive you this is a LARGE bag of tuna flakes. Remember they don't weigh much. Our cats really like this brand. It has helped us transition them to new dry foods. We sprinkle a little on their dry food as a treat. That's probably the best way to give it to them. The flakes aren't as easy for them to eat on the floor or on a plate by themselves. This is a great value for the money and this large bag will last a long time.
287596287596B002LSI1SWA16CRJNBA6C3U9Shawn P. Ristvedt "Freethinker"0051335744000Num NumThis is a much better price per once than can be found in the natural pet store or the big box pet stores I go to. Paw seems to enjoy this treat and it has a lot less calories than the "other" treats she sometimes/oftentimes gets. Meow.
287597287597B002LSI1SWA1MYANQC4DOLL4Gift Giver0051334880000Kitty Crack!My cats LOVE LOVE LOVE these. The nice thing is that they are not bad for them like many typical cat treats.
287598287598B002LSI1SWAX71E429RFFLZAmazon Shopper0051332806400No more wasted canned foodI don't use this as a treat like many of the other reviewers. I add it to canned food that my kitty decides to snub. I don't get why she likes a particular type one day but not the next. Anyway, I just mix in a few flakes of this and she gobbles it up. Seems to make any canned food a gourmet treat. It has a really strong fish smell which, fortunately, you don't notice when the bag is sealed up.
287599287599B002LSI1SWABLXFZDC71O7ERachel0051330041600Fantastic value and finicky cats love 'em!I had been buying bonito tuna flakes in the pet store for $10 an ounce, so I was thrilled when I found these BellyRub treats on Amazon at only $15 for 3 1/2 ounces. I was skeptical at first because the store ones had a lot of very small flakes at the bottom, almost "bonito dust" and I thought these might be amost all "dust." But yahoo! The BellyRub flakes are BETTER than the store treats - the flakes are larger, hold together better, and there's no "bonito dust" at the bottom of the bag.

For those concerned about additives to their pets' food, the only thing in this product is Bonito Tuna. That's it. They're dried, so no need for preservatives.

If you've never bought tuna flakes before, you should know that 3 1/2 ounces is a lot of flakes. They come in a resealable bag - and the bag is similar in size to a bag of potato chips once you let the air out and nope, the tuna flakes aren't packed with extra air.

The true test: my cats' noses. They dug right in to these! Didn't notice a change from the store variety.
287600287600B002LSI1SWA19YIFJBMEGL13Kathleen M. Collins "Second Breath"0051329264000Finicky Cat TreatBellyrubs tuna flakes are the ONLY treat my most finicky cat will eat. She refuses ALL the treats from the huge assortment offered that my other 3 cats love. I thought i had tried EVERY cat treat on the market.When I found these, we finally had a winner! When I first bought the tuna flakes, it was from Petsmart, but they were very pricey.
I've found that I can get a much better price on Amazon. My other cats also like these, but since they are fine with other types of treats,and these tend to be a little on the expensive side, these are reserved for Emma, the most finicky of the bunch!
287602287602B002LSI1SWAC6BO713YK4YRMurphy0051326585600My cats love themI purchased this for my mother's cat, but he didn't care for it. Brought it home and both of my cats go crazy. I place a few large flakes on top of their dry food bowls every other day as a treat, and they inhale all the goodness.
287603287603B002LSI1SWATK2ZR4G8IGRVTexas Time0051325980800Kitty Cat ApprovedThe kitties go insane over the Bonita flakes. This brand is a good choice as the flakes are large, the price is reasonable and the larger size means I have to purchase less often. Most important is that is is kitty cat approved at this home.
287604287604B002LSI1SWA3JHX5U5HHWV9Pgamms150051300924800The only cat treats they will purr for!!I have two Bengal kittens, 5 months old, and cannot find a cat treat that one of them will eat. He turns his nose up at everything. Well, not these!!! They quickly learned was "treat" means when I started giving the bonita tuna flakes to them. And, they actually start purring when I give some to them! Bellyrubs has saved the day for me.

Recently, they have developed a calcium deficiency. The tablets I got aren't flavored, so I cut them up, soak in some water/gravy mix and sprinkle the flakes on top. They can't resist to eat it all. Bellyrubs came through for me again!!
287605287605B002LSI1SWAX8IL8KBVLF05Bayou Belle0051299283200Great treatMy cats love Belly Rubs for a treat. They do have a very strong smell of smoked fish, and they are messy--the cats 'snuffle' them and they blow around.
287606287606B002LSI1SWA511UEYMAO73LA. M. Rogerson0051298246400BARGAINcompare the price to any pet store one ounce pack? really really good quality, all kitties love it and even dogs like to blow a few flakes around. Yes this is a messy kind of treat, but it will disappear eventually, they find every morsel and inhale it. I can sprinkle it over "not so fond of" wet food and the cats will finish the food up! (no waste).
287607287607B001KWZDXGA32TM7GN4U0GGLAiko Marinko "Aiko"0031300752000Foreign FudgeProbably 'cause of its' unusual composition and taste, it strikes one as definitely "foreign." It DOES have a strong rum/banana flavor. Not bad, just strange to the palate. Also not as thick as we know US fudge to be. If you enjoy, REALLY like, trying unusual food stuffs from "around-the-world" (no snickering now!), buy these.
287608287608B001E5E35SA3D9M9AWSR4W4BPaul Nevai "nevai"1151216425600good tea drinkIt's not pure tea
287609287609B001E5E35SAMCX84U402LW3nicole0041289606400Very good quality teaI purchased this tea on sale for about $12 for three half pound packages - thats A LOT of tea. This is very good and strong chai tea. I was quite impress that it uses Indian black tea. Like other reviewers mentioned, it has other ingredients in it that you can actually see. I usually simmer milk on the stove top, toss some tea into the pot to brew for 3 minutes, sweeten with sugar, and then strain. Make sure not to over brew.

The packaging differed from the typical Two Leaves and a Bud packaging - they were in black bags (vs green bags).
287610287610B001E5E35SA15JITS764HUW5Tim D. "Tim D."0041260662400Good tea by Two Leaves and a budDecent cup of tea, agree with others, do not over brew!

Like minimal packaging.

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