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287671287671B001EO6AWIA2FK1YXBQNWNMNE. Jarrett6651237161600DeliciousI purchased this coffee to try something new. Usually get a Kona or a Kona blend. This coffee was very smooth with a good flavor. Will definitely purchase again.
287672287672B001EO6AWIA1CH1LPRFAE9QRichard S. Carpenter5551220400000god morningthis is a great coffee, my wife compliments me on my taste in it's taste. tks keep the lines open with these growers.
287673287673B001EO6AWIA2721AMLPX5Y1VD. Livak4421254700800Call direct if you don't like this productI ordered this because the reviews were all so positive. I received the order promptly and when I tried the coffee, I was very disappointed. Flavorless to the point of being worthless. I made a couple of batches (I got the whole bean) and I and my friends all agreed it was worthless coffee. BUT I called the Camano Island people directly and they were very nice and offered to send me a fresh batch. The guy I spoke to (Dan) was very helpful and he gave me a very positive impression of the company. My guess is that Amazon just sent me some stale coffee and the fault lies with them, not this company. So the point of this review is, if you order this coffee and find it stall, try getting some directly from the company and perhaps you will be happier.
287674287674B001EO6AWIA2024T3YGY3OZVA. Pullani2241287705600Sweet, Earthy & Not SmokyI usually prefer oily french-roasted expresso beans, but my sis always complains when she visits that my lattes taste burnt charcoals in frothy milk. So, tried something new--CICR's PNG-Med. roast. was very different from my usual, but pretty tastey. You can drink it black and w/out sugar and it's almost like cafe americano. Might have to order 5 lb bag next time--enjoy!Organic Camano Island Coffee Roasters Papua New Guinea, Medium Roast, Whole Bean, 5-Pound Bag
287675287675B001EO6AWIAP8CTETJ1GIR8Graham2251280448000Probably the best I've ever hadI've lived all over the country, had various local blends and roasts, tried ordering from specialty shops and supposed "best in world" expensive brands, and this is hands down the best medium-roast, full-flavored, entirely unacidic coffee we've ever had. If Amazon ever quits carrying it I think we'll stop drinking coffee, nothing else compares. I'd rate it higher if I could.

The flavor is full-bodied with a decidedly medium roast but the linger of dark roast, just a hint of nuttiness, and unbelievably smooth.
287676287676B001EO6AWIA3JO3F10C9YEX4D. Klopman2251251676800This coffee rocks!Wow I ordered this coffee and had no idea how good it was! How lucky did I get? It is a little stronger than medium coffee but certainly not in the class of the dark roasts that sometimes taste burnt (think Starbucks!). I have this on auto ship and think Ill move up the date. Try it, you wont be disappointed!
287677287677B001EO6AWIA24R5RNI8A4SUJK C "kcarp"1111294358400UGH!My husband and I drink all dirrerent kinds of coffee. I ordered this one based on all the great reviews. We don't like it at all! It smells like cat urine and has a very robust flavor that is not smooth. Wouldn't recommend to anyone and now stuck with all the nasty coffee. However, a valuable lesson has been learned; never buy coffee without a taste test.
287678287678B001EO6AWIAQGT6AS5M6J6AS. Paskman "world traveller"1151284249600Great Cup of CoffeeI never thought I would find another coffee I liked as much as Haitian Bleu Mountain but when I couldn't find it anymore I started looking. This one is just as good. It is smooth with a nice round taste without being too bitter. I highly recommend it.
287692287692B0019CIT0QA1AV3I10VQPBBNjhgasco0051341014400blast from the pastThis candy reminds me of my childhood. Great candy, great taste, I like that they are coated. These candies are hard to find now days.
287693287693B003DYZTJCA3U79UMRT16MGCArchena Dave1151316736000Best Almond Shortbread out there!!!I ordered these from earlier this month, and every shortbread was broken.

I did reach out to just to let them know, I was not planning a return/exchange. As usual does always takes extra special care of customers, one of the reasons I have been shopping here for over 11 years now. refunded my purchase and told me not to even return this order.

I still love these and will order again.
287694287694B003DYZTJCA1KWLSHD6O5V9JPJD "smart shopper 30144"0051339545600So yummy!Gave these to a recovering cancer patient who adores short bread cookies. She said they arrived with not a single broken cookie and were as good as she remembered. So will order again and I highly recommend.
287695287695B003DYZTJCA1WJ6HC53W1BAUCecilia Wang0051297728000Walkers Almond ShortbreadI think it is the best butter cookies. Walkers cookies are fresh and melt right in your mouth. I just wish they
make bigger box, or put into this almond shortbread with assorted containers. Another of my favorite flavor was strawberry which I can never find outside of England. Definitely worth the money. Only thing is some times cookis
came broken in the paper packages.
287696287696B003DYZTJCAKI6X9S2T08LOJudi T0051294358400More goodies from the Old Country (Scotland)These Walkers shortbreads are just as good as the others, nice and buttery. Each box is a new taste treat. Ordinarily I don't like almond but these are not overly "in your face" taste-wise. They are excellent with a cup of hot tea. Dunkers beware, they crumble suprisingly fast!
287697287697B003DYZTJCA2UAFJ7JTWEBZOKay House0211286323200brokenI was not happy with this product every cookie was broken. I was very disspointed.
287698287698B000SARZ46A1BCV6DK5NFSR. Palmer4451251417600Wonderful!I love this coffee cake mix. Because I don't have a problem with dairy, I use good old-fashioned butter in place of the dairy free stuff. I also make mine in cupcake pack makes 12 muffins. I then wrap each one in saran wrap, put them all in a freezer bag and pop them in the freezer. Each morning, I put one in the microwave for 30 seconds and have it for breakfast. Delicious and portion controlled!
287699287699B000SARZ46A2Y8IDC1FKGNJCL. A.4451239926400Cinnamon Crumble Yum!I never thought I'd find an organic, vegan, gluten free coffee cake that actually had flavor and personality, but this one has it all! This is the best coffee cake I have ever tasted, GF or not! It can get dry if made a according to the recipe on the bag. All I did was add a little bit of cinnamon applesauce. This increased the moisture. But this never lasts long at out house anyway. Even the 'normal' eaters love it and can't tell the difference. Since we have no nut allergies, I also add pecans on top for a little extra crunch and flavor. This beats any bakery coffee cake in town. This is a great thing to bring to family events, book clubs, bake sales, etc. The price on amazon is the lowest I have found anywhere. Highly recommend!
287700287700B000SARZ46AGZM539UJ6AZTNatascha3351250985600Excellent Cake MixI add diced apples to this mix to make a Dutch Style apple cake. It is excellent! Kids and husband love it! I usually add more cinnamon too.
The Cravings Place makes the best cake mixes in my opinion, and the Chocolate Chip cookie mix is incredible too!!
287679287679B001EO6AWIA1FIAUCBFTWRU2B. Webb "~BW"1141280102400Well rounded and smoothThe best way to review was to make a cup beforehand. I used about 1.5 - 2 TBS per cup, course grind with a blade grinder (I know tisk, tisk, but my burr grinder is at the office), and a french press using boiling water for 3:30 ... I think I could even shorten the time to 3:00, considering the blade grinder and boiling water and that might have worked too.

The result was a well rounded and smooth cup of coffee. I like it and look forward to enjoying the entire batch. Considering what I did get from this roaster, I'd be inclined to check out some of their other blends.

I gave it "4 stars" simply because it didn't knock my socks off, but it was certainly above average ("3 stars")
287680287680B001EO6AWIA35TIC6B8MVKWGShopper1151255305600a great cup of coffeeReally mellow coffee at a really good price. Highly recommended. Even politically correct!
287681287681B001EO6AWIA1GDFWGKJARI4MJaykid0071151249948800Some of teh best coffeeShort and sweet review. This is the best flavor of coffee beans I have had in a long time. It has a smooth aftertaste with hints of lingering chocolate. My wife and I enjoyed it and will be making this our primary coffee bean of choice. Its not too heavy and not too light in taste. I'm glad they have a save and ship program for the extra savings. Give this one a try.
287682287682B001EO6AWIA28HOZ9CB0JDGTJP "JP"0051340755200Great Coffee!I have tried many different coffees from Amazon, and this one has to be one of the best I have tasted. Has great flavor with none of that burnt taste.
287683287683B001EO6AWIA4GDAYE2UTJI9ddontherock0051335744000Great CoffeeThis is a great coffee, very full bodied, with no bitter aftertaste. We have really enjoyed it and drank almost 3 lbs the first month!
287684287684B001EO6AWIABFMBLOJ0SIYYBenjamin J. Moore0041329091200Very good breakfast coffeeI like this because it is bright enough to drink at breakfast without any additions. I usually get Victor Allens Tazza Rican locally (by far my favorite), and this is a fairly good match for that coffee.

The medium roast makes it a good morning/daytime coffee for me.
287685287685B001EO6AWIAP6DYSMW6YVCCoCo0051328832000Smooth ... Dark ... FlavorfulThis is a great cup of coffee to start your day. Very rich flavor - not bitter - very smooth! I order the whole beans, and grind to a medium texture - similar to Folgers. I have ground finer, but always end up with too strong of coffee. When my supply gets low ... I will for sure order again, and again! :o)
287686287686B001EO6AWIA2F0L17JPRRIF7James E. Thornton "tjamie7"0051314662400Smooth, Great Tones, Beautiful BeansI love this coffee! I will buy more of it. The beans are beautiful, smell so good when grinding. The packaging is paper and everything(beans included) is an eco friendly product. You must buy these beans if you are an avid coffee drinker.
287687287687B001EO6AWIA204QN2VRUQA9BFred T. Belcher Jr.0041291248000Very nice javaThis coffee is unusually smooth with absolutely no bitterness. It has a nice well-balanced taste and I made it using the Bunn BTX-B with a paper filter....excellent coffee maker by the way, which I purchased from here about 2 weeks ago. I did not give it 5 stars because I wish it was a little more bolder.

With my next pot, I am going to use the permanent filter I just received from Amazon and will let you know if it turns out differently.

I may make this my regular brand of coffee but I have one more to try when it is back in stock.
287688287688B000N4WO5WARHPK4E5N1FQWLylith2251247356800Best value and flavorFantastic! Spices are fresh and full of flavor. Arrived intact and on time. One goof in shipment was corrected immediately. I will be buying from them again. Thanks!
287689287689B000N4WO5WA2E3B7P5GQOXAImastahc "ac"1211261526400TerribleI cannot stand the taste of this "cinnamon". It doesn't list the kind of cinnamon used on its packaging so I question it's true origins. I like to put cinnamon in my tea every morning but this brand is not usable. There is something with the aftertaste that makes me cringe and there is almost a sickly artificial sweetness to it that is reminiscent of those red heart shaped valentine candies. I won't be purchasing from this vendor ever again.
287690287690B000N4WO5WA1B1GKM0X78W9PR. Lessley1251233273600Great BuyThis is a great buy. I put a teaspoon of it in my oatmeal every morning.
287691287691B003EDC6C0A3SU9XCV2M1AKPDarlene McHenry0111339804800Disgusting!I bought a bag, opened them, and almost threw up because of the overpowering rancid oil (and chemical?) smell! Of course, I didn't dare eat one of the cookies, nor did I want to because I was so nauseous from the odor! I couldn't even dispose of them in my kitchen trash can; I had to take them to the outdoor garbage can! I wrote to the company in the hopes that they would rectify this situation with their quality control department.
In all good conscience, I cannot give this product ANY stars! [Amazon would not publish my review unless I gave them at least one star but I did so ONLY to get my review published.]

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