Amazon Fine Food Reviews

287701287701B000SARZ46A1H8RBIVE73JSBHappy mom2251238630400YUMMYMy son has multiple allergies, he's allergic to wheat, eggs, nuts, & barley..I'm one of those mom's who loves to bake..I havent found any good tasting gluten free mixes until now..I bought the cookie mix, quick bread mix, chocolate cake mix & now the coffee cake mix.. I absolutely love it.. I poured 1/2 the batter in a pan, poured some of the topping mix on top of that with cherry pie filling, then the rest of the batter & crumb topping..It was amazing.. SOoo glad I found the Cravings Place mixes.
287702287702B000SARZ46A1F17BJ19FPMVVBradley W. Morris "bwmetaphysician"2251236470400Delicious, Easy, and VersatileNot only is this is one of my favorite desserts, but it's one of the easiest to make! I love the basic coffeecake (which only lasts 1-3 days in my house of 2), but you can combine the cake in layers with fruit to make the cake suit the season. We've had success just throwing frozen cherries in as well, but it's easy to slice up fresh apples and pears to put in. When we're trying to figure out which Cravings Place mixes we're willing to order a whole box of to squeeze into our 450 square foot house, this is the one mix that's a no-brainer. If you like coffeecake and you don't want all the stuff in normal cakes mixes in your body, you should really try this. Unless you've had your taste buds removed, you won't be sorry.
287703287703B000SARZ46ATMNWAOAL3EVQM. Bradley2251202601600The BEST cakeSo glad to see this on Amazon. This is the best gluten free cake mix there is. Try this: spread half the batter into an 8x8 glass baking dish, pour on one can of cherry pie filling, then the rest of the batter. It will stay moist for days if you can stay away from it. Non-gluten free people will never know, promise!
287704287704B000SARZ46A1PMEYSARHKJSCpattmelt1151286755200gluten free coffee cakeI love this produce and so does my family. It is great for those who are gluten free/limited as well as those who need to limit milk. I add a little bit of applesause to the mix and it keeps moist longer.
287705287705B000SARZ46A1JXFF0PKJTG8ELea Lindeman1151268697600Great Coffee Cake!!It's easy, and delicious!!! I even made them into cupcakes, and they were still just as tasty!!
287706287706B000SARZ46AJFWYCGWY36LBGF/CF Mom of 31151248912000Oh my!!!! This is GOOD!I have been having a pregnancy craving for coffeecake and couldn't wait to try this after reading the reviews. My shipment came today so I mixed up a basic 9X9 recipe right away. I honestly think it's better than any coffee cake I had had before the gluten issues. We can't have dairy or eggs either and it's so nice not to have to mess around with egg replacer. What a yummy treat! I can't wait to try muffins.
287707287707B000SARZ46A3LY6Q5YF45H19B. Watkins1151205712000Coffee Cake/CobblerThis is a great product. I serve it to company quite often. Nobody can tell its gluten/dairy free. We usually make a peach and blueberry cobbler for desserts. This price is also less than I can get it at our local grocery store.
287708287708B000SARZ46A25HI0465D2ZIVJessica Velez1151197244800best gluten free foodThe cravings place offers the best gluten free mixes we have ever tried. It is wonderful that Amazon is now offering their products! We highly recommend all their mixes. We want to see their pancake mix also offered!
287709287709B000SARZ46A2I6P3DJ9UW39VQbrozen0051308960000Best GF productThis is, without a doubt, the best GF baked product I have ever tasted. Even my wife, who can eat whatever she wants, thinks it tastes great. Prep time is a tad long at about 15-20 mins for an inexperienced baker such as myself, but well worth it. I did add about double the cinnamon to the topping along with a sprinkling of xylitol. I also used real natural butter.
287710287710B000SARZ46A37CLLMMG9N6F0H. Kim "cooknjoy"0011291507200One of the worst choices ever madeDo not waste money on this junk. The taste is worst ever that I had. It does not taste like even a low-quality coffee cake at all.
287711287711B0006A9O6AA136LRUR0RDH9Jmompie "mompie"0051224460800Excellent productMy 16lb. dog is a thorough but picky chewer. She loves to chew but is very selective about what she will chew on. She loves Nylabones. Despite her small size she's powerful and will chew them until the ends are gone if allowed. These are, by far, her favorite toy.
287712287712B001EO6FMSA3N04FXWH1J1WJolivia7751234396800Need to eatAFTER trying the Chocolate Bundt cake , we had to try the other mixes a well. These took very little time to make and my 15 year old did the making! As a family we are so tired of things that taste nasty, mushy pasta , cookies that taste like grit, so we were hoping that this would be as good. WE were not disappointed. They have been out of the oven for 10 minutes, and they are gone! These are really quite good, moist not grainy or beanie, they are really a hit. The people at 123 get it, in my opinion, for many of us this is our new life , and we want to eat things that really taste good.
287713287713B001EO6FMSA3HK2RRJHLYVA2Jennifer B. Smith4451267315200best gluten free rolls, ever..A friend of mine had made this and I was amazed at the taste. So, I immediately started searching for them. Ordered them from Amazon. The mix was so easy to make. And not a complicated recipe.
287714287714B001EO6FMSA3C59V9UGBQHINIsabelle D. Morrison "ID Morrison"4441261353600Gluten-free RollsTrying to find or make good textured gluten-free rolls is a challenge. These rolls were a good start at trying to accomplish that. I have also used this mix as a base and added egg whites, honey and additional yeast the result was a softer,lighter textured dinner roll even the non-gluten members of the family liked them!!
287715287715B001EO6FMSA1FCNMFUEF8IXODiwaller1131327363200Still lookingI've had really good luck with this company so I tried the rolls. The rolls are okay and definitely edible but if you are hoping for gluten free rolls that taste like the real deal this isn't it. I'm still looking for a wonderful gluten free roll.
287716287716B0046LHEVWA2650FM1PBT5TBElla "Butschi"5531312761600olivesThe olives arrived in a thin plastic tub not in a metal container pictured on amazon.Even with a one day shipping the tub had a crack on the buttom and is was wet inside the package.I did't bother to call amazon, because it was the second time,I had a problem with the olives.They were salty, and I had to rinse them several times. After that they were okay but not perfect.I won't buy them again.I used to buy the 6.1 metal can picholine olives from Roland and they were perfect. For some reason they are not available any more.
287717287717B0046LHEVWA3HHD3I54C6MACSinecure2241308787200Delicious, Firm and nearly perfectThese are delicious. Every one I've eaten so far has been firm and tasty, and I've had to look hard to find any that even have blemishes on them. I do find the brine taste a little strong for my liking, but a quick rinse in fresh water tones down the saltiness just enough. I also tried rinsing some and tossing them with olive oil and some herbs. I think I'm going to experiment with some different herbs to see what I like best because the oil and herbs definitely add to the enjoyment of these olives.

Note that they come in a plastic tub, not in the metal can that is pictured in on Amazon. It is still the same quantity, just easier to open and close.
287718287718B0046LHEVWA13Z6AQLRVC7QQJacquelyn Staaf "Avid Reader"1111340409600DO NOT ORDER THESE UNTIL THEY PACKAGE THEM IN A CANIt is not a good sign when you open your door and smell olive juice from a wet package three feet away. The bucket was broken and ALL of the olive juice was drained away. The plastic bucket was sealed with foil and a plastic lid. Then the bucket was wrapped in 2 layers of very heavy plastic. The bucket was broken, the lid was popped off, the foil was torn and the plastic bags were torn open. The box was at least twice as wide and high than the bucket, but there was no padding like air bags - just 2 mats to absorb the liquid, which had soaked the mats and leaked through the box.

Picholine are my favorite olive. These are on the salty side. I do not particularily like them. I have transfered the olives to glass jars, made a brine and put them in the refrigerator. Time will tell if they can even be used in cooking.
287719287719B0046LHEVWA2MWSWZ0WG00N5B. BART1141327190400Best tasting olives ever!I found these olives to be wonderful in taste and size. They fall away from the pit , making them a delight to eat. The flavor is great! Only complaint, about 10% or so of the olives were soft, seemed and tasted like they had gone bad. No shelf life is written on the or expiration date or otherwise. I would like to see that on the packaging. I love the pail. makes it so easy in so many ways!
287720287720B0046LHEVWA2L6TT4LNN5RB1M. Simpson1111324512000Great olives, terrible packaging, unusableI have purchased these olives from Amazon in the can. They were excellent. Though Roland still sells the cans, Amazon decided to stock these plastic tubs instead. Bad idea. Mine arrived with the top completely off, the cardboard box soaked with brine and 3/4 of the olives in the moldy cardboard box. The entire mess was unusable. Amazon did their usual great job of customer service... we received an immediate refund, but the trashcan got the olives, not us. I'd give this sad mess zero stars if I could. Last sad little detail is the big 'Ready To Ship' label on the top of the container. It clearly wasn't.
287722287722B007RFIUUIACPUYN3DG4RXRL. Lum1151344384000Great little sproutFast sprouting and very easy to do. One cup of sprouted seeds will last until the next batch is ready for consumption....its like an ongoing sprouting cycle. I use it in all my salads with a variety of lettuce that is grown in my yard and in some stir fry dishes. Mung beans are a good source of fiber and and has a slight sweetness to it when eaten raw. It's an excellent and inexpensive way to have organic sprouts in our diet. Recommend to anyone who is trying to eat healthier.
287723287723B000CDHZ2QA26A64X86VL1R4Snowbrocade0031142553600For fans of rose hips and hibiscus!!This tea smells very good. It has coriander in it which promises a wonderfully spicy cup. Unfortunately the overload of hibiscus and rose hips makes the typical Celestial seasoning herb brew which tastes the same no matter what they call it. The flavor is primarily sour and ashy. There is a faint hint of orange. No spice is detectable when brewed.
287724287724B000N8KIKGA3DCUIPM9VW818Mrs. Patti H. Minardi "PMShadow"5651222992000Adds great flavor!This product is great to have on hand when you can't get fresh parsley. It adds great color and flavor to your dishes.
287725287725B004J402A6A10B25RO92V1XBevA "Book Marm"2251316044800Delicious coffee...anytimeWe usually buy the Donut flavor or Kona K-cups, but after finding Folger's rich, medium-brew, and delightful "Lively Columbian" , we have to buy more. To paraphrase the sassy kids, "It isn't your grandfather's Folgers!" We should know, we're the grandparents....
287726287726B004J402A6ANIY4J2UCDECDMichaelT1151324857600Nice tasting Colombian coffee.Coffee has a great taste. Becoming one of my favorites. By the way, Amazon, they are Folgers Colombian K-cups, NOT Columbian.
287727287727B004J402A6A343ISEHQWVIS6Peggy S. Lombardo1151318291200Great tasting CoffeeI give Foldgers a big yeah for this great tasting Columbian coffee. It's as good as dunking donuts and much better than Starbucks. It's just the right blend for breakfast. Love it Foldgers. I will continue to buy this coffee until I find something tastier.
287728287728B004J402A6A2OGEXIK9IG4WUBeth0051351209600Love this coffee...This is the best coffee ever! Wish I could order a box of 100 at a time as we go thru a box of 80 in about a month and a half. Buying it online is soooo much cheaper than buying at the grocery store.
287729287729B004J402A6A31DGV4ELYCALXTyler0011346976000TylerPuchased Product thur Amazon thinking I was saving money, I was in Sams Club the Other day and noticed they sell the same product at 25% lower price than what I had paid. So buyer beware when buying products thur amazon do your research. It might save you some money. The coffee was great but over priced.
287730287730B004J402A6A3JX6XNMU42ZFEviper10051330214400Great FlavorI have always loved Folgers Columbian coffee. When we got the new style coffee machine I started looking for Folgers K cup. Great flavor!

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