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287731287731B004H39FVGABCPXWIXY5KLM3DogsRMyKids0031341014400USA Rawhide, but didn't agree with my guys' tummiesI am always looking for US-origin chew products for my guys, and these (despite their high price for the size) seemed worth trying. I think the smell must have been unfamiliar to him, because he didn't jump right in on it, and unfortunately, my dog developed some bad diarrhea afterwards. This could have been related to his downing too big a chunk at once, but as all dog owners know, once you have to deal with "the flying trots," you're not eager to repeat what might have triggered sadly, I can't recommend these, unless you know your dog has a cast-iron stomach!
287732287732B004TQW18AA1SD9TIB9VJ38YForest Evermore0041328832000Better inside and outJust when I concluded that green tea in teabags tasted too much like paper with a bit of tea flavor, I found PG Tips.
It has a clean taste. Its better than the ones I used before, including some pricey ones.
I recommend getting a one minute hourglass timer to use with brewing. The porous teabag gets the job done fast.
287733287733B0049M8NLIA18NORQ6SKB4FKJames F. Mc Kinney0041351123200Good but different this timeOctavia Japanese Genmaicha (green)has always been a favorite of mine. This package had much greener dried tea leaves, took longer to brew
and seemed to contain less tea. I transferred the tea to another container and cannot identify the tin it came from, next one I open I will keep the container.
287734287734B001R2S6JMAL31YXTSVW7P0Past time3311274140800Made with TITANIUM DIOXIDE... in COLUMBIA!These things are made in Columbia... is there anything made in the USA anymore??? They're not very good, they have a chalky taste... perhaps due to the TITANIUM DIOXIDE they put in them (listed in their ingredients). TITANIUM DIOXIDE is thought to cause CANCER according to some studies. What a disappointment!
287735287735B001R2S6JMA352EZT8KY3U6EBob "The Bake"1111277078400Disgusting!I can honestly say with sixty years on this earth these are by far the worst peppermint anything I have ever tasted to include a two year old stale peppermint candy cane a few years back. An absolute disgusting flavor appeal with a horrendous bad aftertaste. Don't waste your money. I did save the plastic containers to utilize after I tossed the regurgitated dog dung inside!
287736287736B001W7OQVEAZ8961YJ8NPGBDanny1151338768000Best way to get the best gumI've been chewing this gum for around two years now, and it will always be my favorite. It has the most delicious, longest lasting flavor of any gum I've tried. Unfortunately, they stopped selling these packages at Costco a while ago so I've had to get them online. I've gotten it from this seller at least three or four times, and I've been satisfied every time. This is the best price I've found it for, and the shipping is ridiculously fast.
287737287737B001W7OQVEAPSGBZYAYKYAVMary E. Haslam0051238198400Fast Shipping, Wonderful GumI wasn't sure about ordering this, but I couldn't find it in stores. Under a week later it showed up and I love it. Best five gum by far.
287738287738B004V4BXTIA3VNF4D9JM5FSBLola6651307491200It's a hit!My two cats (almost two years old) were raised on the Spot's Stew indoor formula salmon kibble (plus their canned food), and we've recently switched to this kibble due to possible grain allergies. They've just polished off their first 6lb bag of this, and it seems to be a hit! They took to the new flavor right away and chow down like nothing's changed. Just an FYI for humans, though: this variety seems to have a much more potent scent than the salmon flavor. (I can't speak to the scent of the others.) It's a normal, natural, chicken-y scent, just REALLY strong. Overall, though, it's a great product, and I'm really glad Halo came out with a grain-free variety so that I wouldn't have to switch my kitties to another (inferior!) brand of grain-free food. Thanks, Halo!
287739287739B004V4BXTIAREUS81SLXWZAOriginalDreama1151334620800Grains not Good for Cats or DogsMy cat immediately took to this product. Like everyone else has said this food has a very strong smell, but my kitty loves it. As with most high quality cat food, I notice my cat does not each as much as she normally would with low-quality food. So its a little bit pricier then your typical meow mix, but if you really care about your cats health, its worth it. Also, check out your local stores to see if the price is lower. I paid $13.00 @ my local petco.
287740287740B004V4BXTIA2M7C9OV2DVVE5vannecheta2351323129600Best food ever!I moved from Wellness to halo for my cats and dogs. They can't be happier! and I'm a happy mom!

I give them dry and can food. I prefer the grain free recipe for the cats.
287741287741B000HKMO0MAKKRVGGLG5KO4Carol B. Wetherington3351200096000Monin Pomegranate syrup reviewVery nice flavor and easy to use in other dishes. I made pomegranate lemonaide and it was delicious. I would recommend this product for flavor and ease of use.
287742287742B005534MBUA379XZ25YBUX3SMiki2411314576000DisappointedThis product was sent in 105+ degree weather without being packed with any type of coolant to keep it from melting. All 12 boxes were melted and the outside package was even greasy from the melted candy. Not one piece escaped from melting. I was so disappointed. I can not believe it was mailed this way. What a waste of my money. I will not be ordering through you again unless you would want to make it good. I will send the product back to you in the same shape I received it if you would like a box of melted mess.
287743287743B0056BFDVYA28JYNQ7HFO1ORhonda1151334534400YummyI use to eat just the plain juice pops that you get at walmart. Then my roommate introduced me to Otter Pops. I am now addicted. These things are so very tasty. :)
287744287744B002RGKMQMAB94C1FWPD6SDWaterswaves0051290211200Dove Peanut Butter Promises are deliciousI bought these because I adore peanut butter and chocolate. I was a bit concerned at first because I have allergies, a lot of allergies. I am not allergic to peanut butter itself, but to a preservative often used in candy. I was so concerned about an allergic reaction, that I almost gave the bag of Peanut Butter Promises to my children without even trying them. However, I gave in and unwrapped the orange foil from the neat little square of peanut butter filled chocolate. The candy is creamy and just melts in your mouth. It is also absolutely delicious. The chocolate was so good that I had to take the bag across the room, and put it away, in order to save some for later. The plus side for me? Not a hive in sight! I am not saying that anyone with allergies will be able to eat these, as allergies are very specific to each individual. However, I am extremely happy to be able to eat peanut butter and chocolate again. I am also thrilled that the candy tastes so good. Dove Milk Chocolate & Peanut Butter Promises are absolutely wonderful and well worth every penny paid for them.
287745287745B001LMR9P0A1TNI627OZDDCOBarbara J. Storm0041322611200Another plus for Amazon.Happy with this product. love Irish scones and this mix did the trick.
prompt delivery. highly recommend. Thanks For another great transaction Amazon !!
287746287746B000KJ6TLAA1LA83FHANS8TFFrancesMonica "FrancesMonica"0051282780800Great coffee!After watching the BBC's "As Time Goes By" and then buying the entire series, I was curious about Kenya coffee. Thus, I bought this coffee and enjoy it very much.
287747287747B0064KIYFIA2E4BZ63VCDY2UE. R. Markus0041330819200Too many oranges!I had been buying this candy from a machine (for a quarter at a time) and filling a ziplock bag to take home. I tried to find it in the bricks and mortar stores, and they don't seem to have it or even know what I am talking about. I even checked the bulk candy place in the mall (which seems to have gotten very expensive), yet even they didn't seem to know.

Nitwitz works well as a "candy dish" candy because the pieces are solid (no candy dust) and don't seem to leave a residue in the dish (like a gummy candy might). These are very similar to Willy Wonka Runts, but somewhat smaller and more tart. The only issue with it is that it seems that the oranges make up an outsize percentage of the mix. I suppose that it is possible that buying it from the machine somehow filtered out the larger orange pieces. Also, the orange pieces are more like jawbreakers and I will have to warn guests about trying to bite down on them right away. The other pieces are not quite as hard.

Overall, I am pleased with the 2.5 lbs. mix and it should last me for several months. It arrived in an unlabeled, sealed plastic bag inside two padded envelopes. There does not seem to be any broken pieces.
287748287748B00074W46WA1U2U087ULIEP6Lola Odiaga "swimming enthusiast"1151316649600An old favorite of all dogs, at Amazon.comI have been using Obey treats for years. All dogs, including my corgi and his friends, love them. This is an staple in our house.
287749287749B002XQ0MB6A3BMRR0A8CVG9USean S. Pak1151265155200Five StarsReally love this product for my dog. High protein content, and my dog loves the flavor.
287750287750B002XQ0MB6A3SLVRD6IBW5X9RitaPita120041317600000expensive but great treatsmy dog loves this treat and it's made in the USA, but it's a really small bag and very pricey
287751287751B002XQ0MB6A3BMRR0A8CVG9USean S. Pak0051264636800great treat for my dogThis is a great product. My dog loves it. It's healthy and made from sustainable ingredients.
287752287752B009D84FKQA1672LH9S1XO70Lorna J. Loomis "Canadian Dog Fancier"0051350000000Awesome Tea in a "K" Cup!I never thought I'd say that about tea coming from a "K" cup! However, the favour is wonderful, and the color is pleasant; not too pale and not too dark.
I am really enjoying this purchase!
Thank you so much for bringing it to me.
287753287753B00032KL1IA1KQATXCQPOZ9Tyoung urban professional121351295222400The BEST for masaI didn't realize that this was 'the' brand to use for making arepas, but it doesn't surprise me at all to find out. My friends and I used to use Maseca when we made arepas on the weekends, or the morning after a party at our house to fuel the clean-up effort and for whomever was still hanging around. After more than half a decade of doing this we stumbled upon PAN and realized just how much better it is at making a beautiful smooth almost creamy masa. The results are not even comparable. Luckily we can get it quite easily in any grocery store in or around DC, I'm sorry to here that you have a hard time finding it in CA-- that's surprising. So this review is really for comparison of brands. So as far as that's concerned, this is it. If you are thinking of ordering corn flour/corn meal on the internet for making tamales, arepas, tortillas, etc. this is the brand.

And since I'm writing a review anyhow, I might as well share, this is how we make arepas:

Mix PAN white corn meal with water and a bit of salt to make a masa (dough) which should be wet enough to easily form into thick smallish pancake like forms in your hands, but shouldn't come off in little globs sticking to your fingers. However you will get sticky hands eventually. Cook these on a medium heat using a cast iron skillet lightly greased with olive oil until the arepas are nicely browned on both sides, then transfer them to the oven to keep warm while you finish the rest. I like to make my arepas fairly thick, about 3/4" and 5-6" in diameter. Made that way not many people can eat more than 2, because then of course there are the fillings....

Grate some fresh mozzarella cheese, put 2-3 cans of Goya Black Beans - 24 Pack in a pot with chopped green onion and a little salt. Simmer on a medium low heat like that until they look and taste done. They should be served hot so if they finish before everything else is ready just re-heat them before serving.

Guacamole and salsa are also a must, and you can have a little extra chopped cilantro on the table for people to add if they like.

For the salsa, chop about one small red onion very finely. If you find raw red onion too sharp a taste you can soak it, once it's chopped, briefly in a bowl with salt water to draw out some of that intensity. Finely dice 3-4 large ripe tomatoes removing most of the watery bits. Mix with the red onion, juice of half a lime, add some chopped cilantro and salt and pepper to taste. Only add the salt just before serving as it will draw out the juices in the tomatoes. Or instead add half - 1 pack of Goya Sazón Goya Sazon Goya Clntro/achte, 1.41-Ounce Units (Pack of 36).

For the guacamole, use 5 ripe avocados chopped and then continue to mash with your hands. I usually give this job to some poor helplessly polite and obliging guest, but trust me it tastes better that way. Not when a guest does it but when it's done by hand. You still get some nice chunks because hands just can't squeeze it all out before even the most obliging guest will ask to be excused, but it's still nice and smooth. Come on, don't be so fastidious! They'll wash their hands! Season with finely chopped cilantro, fresh lime juice (the importance can not be stressed enough of only ever using freshly squeezed lime juice, whether you're making a gin and tonic or guacamole-- no exceptions. And the same goes for lemon juice.), continue seasoning with salt and cumin powder. Add to all of this some finely diced tomatoes and even more finely chopped red onion as well as some completely pulverized jalepano and you'll have a killer guac.

All of these things can be put out in bowls for guests to add to their arepas in whatever combination or ratios they prefer. But if you're taking beans and cheese I don't know why you would put them next to each other so that the warm delicious re-fried beans can slightly melt the cheese. Like I said before, you can also have a small bowl of chopped cilantro and or chopped green onion and or sour cream for people to add as well.

¡Buen provecho!
287754287754B00032KL1IA5AUKNYRW0J51Andres Agredo "AndrewA"2251300406400Great serviceI get this product since where I live there is no place to buy it,.
product is original, great condition, fast service.
287755287755B00032KL1IA3PHMHJJ4DKDH2Jorge Garcia Mayorca "Jorge -ncp-"1151326758400Simply The BESTAll of you Venezuelan out there, you know this is THE deal, the real thing to make AREPAS.
For all the other latin and north american bros out there, you can use this in many different ways. You can lookup recipes on the Internet that involves Harina Pan.

Another product of Quality from EMPRESAS POLAR.
Venezuelan-pride seal.
287756287756B00032KL1IA2QW3P64GNILN0Jose Lippo "Joseph Lippo"1151188345600This is great !!!, Arepas in USA...Thanks to Amazon because I can get the Harina P.A.N. for my family and friends here in USA, on California's supermarkets is really hard to find this brand, sometime the Mexican or Latinos' Supermarkets has only few bags but not a continue supply of this corn meal.

The shipping is really expensive and the final price is really high when you compare the price of the product in Venezuela and here in USA. More than 5 dollar x each Kilo (bag) vs. less than 25 cents in Venezuela, but is just to remember the good flavor. Thanks again.
287757287757B00032KL1IA3QNM7EW3N4OVDMaude W.0051339545600Trying new foods.This product is exactly what it is described. Arepas need to be made with corn meal that has been made from precooked corn, dried and ground into meal. That is why P.A.N. was created. Their product relieved the cooks from this time consuming process. I had been unable to find P.A.N. in our area so was really happy to find it on Amazon and to receive it so quickly. Now to making arepas!
287758287758B00032KL1IA2ULXZXH618SKEK. Martin0051332806400Finally!I've been making homemade flour tortillas successfully for a long time, but the perfect corn tortilla has eluded me. No more. THIS is the masa I've been waiting for. Don't follow the recipe too rigidly though - I found the recipe on the bag left me with very wet dough, so I just kept adding more masa, kneading after each addition, until it got to the consistency I was expecting (it should not stick to your hands, but not crumble when pressed). Make the balls of dough and press between a couple of sheets of plastic (I've found two sides of a heavy duty Ziploc bag work best) and you'll get the perfect corn tortillas. No more eating the grainy store bought tortillas that cost me a fortune in Japan. And although they freeze OK, they are much better freshly made.
287759287759B00032KL1IA3P86MWNBD0H4KAmeraida Lomelli0051326758400Great buyIt is useful to know I can count on your product. It saved my day. The packaging was satisfying. Very happy with my purchase
287760287760B00032KL1IA2W9UJKD4LCY8OGabriela Tucker0051179532800PAN Pre Cooked White Corn MealExcellent product, it really is what I was expecting. P.A.N. Pre-Cooked White Corn Meal, Imported, 35.27 ozWhatch out on delivery times, I payed expedite shipping and got it 10 days latter.

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