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287851287851B001DWF018A14PRKDGZDT8JSMaria "Maria"0051301184000deliciousThis makes a delicious cake. I almost never do any cooking because my husband loves to cook. For his birthday party I used this and people loved it. My husband (ex chef) doesn't like cake mix - he was appreciative that I made it but neither he nor I thought he would like it. He was very surprised and impressed by how good this is. You certainly can't tell it's a mix - and how would you looking at the ingredients? It's just the same stuff you would use to make from scratch.
287852287852B002SZPT92A2IME3NV4UN0I2LoraLee1151318464000Best tea I've had in a long ti meI love this tea. The flower bloom is very beautiful and the Strawberry flavor is mild. I want to always keep this tea in the house.
287853287853B002SZPT92A3C8L547QZ5GCTRebecca A. Ward "java_woman"0051345766400Sweet clean taste, very pretty flowerMy 12-year old daughter and I have just found tea flowers, and wanted to try a tea that wasn't heavy with black tea leaves. This tea is very refreshing and lovely tasting. The strawberry flavor is truly delicious without being overpowering. We did use some honey to sweeten it a bit, but the second cup I drank was unsweetened, and it was nice too. The flower opened up nicely and was attractive, which is important when you buy tea flowers, as the visual is part of the ceremony. I would buy this tea flower again, and will. I recommend this as an afternoon tea with cookies or a morning tea with a light breakfast. It won't be strong enough to stand against a heavy meal. It is also good as just a tea without a side at all.
287854287854B002SZPT92AK06K9RGTD75FRaccoon0051338249600strawberry tea ballThis tea was light, mild, as jasmine teas usually are, and fruity with a scent of strawberry. The flower was beautiful--like a carnation. You can see a photo of the bloom here: [...]
287855287855B002SZPT92APQSAA4AB0ZUQshopper0031332201600weakI was very disappointed. Too expensive. One flower per 8oz cup and then it is still very weak. The flower is pretty
287856287856B000GDGQ7WA4H1ZK7LG30S9Montague Catway "Meow"3341241481600Good serviceService was great, product was not really satisfactory, as dog chewed it up almost instantly.
287857287857B000GDGQ7WA2LCJZQ0UEX6RIJK13201141324857600Good stuffGot this for my Great Dane, he loves it so I love it. These usually only last a few months, but for the price who cares. Squeaker works, its lasted more that 2 days. Now the tattered pieces left from last year can hit the trash and he wont know the difference!
287858287858B000GDGQ7WA21VVXI2P0MNCHJim G. "LuvLabs"114129634560018-inch Simulated Lambskin 'Spot Vermont Style' Chew Bone Toy w/ Squeaker.My Labrador Retriever just LOVES this plush, over-sized bone-shaped toy, although it is NOT A CHEW TOY as my Lab has 'opened' it a couple of times over 6 mos. and we've had to sew it back closed. In spite of this, she LOVES the stuffed bone so much that the sewing occasionally is worth it. In terms of value, it is certainly worth <$10, but when you add 50%+ more for S&H it becomes borderline in terms of value. So I would give it 3-stars (OK product for $$) but my Lab would give it 5-paws up as it is one of her favorite toys to run and play with. But we've had to limit any tugging with it as the seams just do not hold up to too much strain. For tugging with a big dog, try 3 Knot Tug Rope Bone - White (24 inch) which has been very durable for tug play.
287859287859B000GDGQ7WA30BBIC7AW418CJanice M. Colvin "Basset Hound Mom"1151227657600Very durable dog toy withstands big basset hound jaws
287860287860B000GDGQ7WA2XVYQCMDRYVS3Holistic Health "cooking fanatic"0021324166400horribleThis fleece toy had a whole in it within two minutes of my lhasopoo chewing it. It was not sewn together well and the stuffing was pulled out by my dog within minutes. I had to throw it away. Very bad quality. Also, the picture is deceiving. This is for one small fleece dog toy....not three as is shown in the picture.
287861287861B0006NZVF0AAGPSKVHBTL04Anita0051248739200Delicious!The fudge is wonderful! It has dark chocolate and milk chocolate. The package contains 2 bars that are 3 in x 4 in, and about 1 in wide. It tasted great! But the price could've been better. If you want homemade fudge and aren't really worried about the price, then i would recommend it. But if not, keep your money. =)
287862287862B0006NZVF0A1AU6XU1K1QVHNSusan Jurist0111293408000not what's picturedI ordered this item for my mother in a nursing home. I expected a bunch of pieces of fudge to be delivered, as shown in the picture. She got two big pieces of fudge that had to be cut up to eaten - something she can't do. I'm on a different coast, so I have no idea what it tastes like. For me a complete waste of money.
287863287863B006JXY0E4A36E68YOWHTIDNJessica0021348963200Tastes ok, kids are gonna make a mess though, be warned!Same principle as a juice box, so just imagine what your children are gonna want to do with straw, but the spout is quite conducive to squishing the apple out everywhere....a kid could almost (and perhaps would rather) play or paint with a "tube" of this stuff versus eating it...afterall playing with food like applesauce is much more fun than actually consuming it, and these pouches make it ever so tempting...keep in mind too that the lid is technically a choking hazard for little ones, so unless your say 6 year and up child really wants to consume his/her food from a squeezable tube that seems intended for younger kids, I'm not sure how effective this product is. The applesauce tastes fine, standard low sugar applesauce, but for the high cost, both on amazon and in your local store, as compared to the price of a standard jar or even cups, this seems kind of crazy! I mean, unless your child really, really needs portable applesauce, I'd say stick w/a jar or cups for sooooo much less money, I don't really think this is the best product, and yet another thing to throw in a landfill! Not recommended!
287864287864B006JXY0E4A1CSQ86LQTGQ3Patricia L. Wood1211327449600why such a high priceI just don't understand why this is selling at such a high price! Am I misreading the description? This is still 5 times as buying it in a store.
287865287865B001SB2QGQA395CPAOJAQAAJJazwyn0011331078400Not Worth The MoneyI was no longer able to buy the coffee that I've been buying for years so decided to try this coffee. What a HUGE mistake! This coffee has little to no flavor, is watery and......when you add more beans to compensate........the coffee turns bitter.....EXTREMELY BITTER.

Also! Notice that it's being sold as "San Francisco Bay Coffee" brand. False advertising. Look at the picture of this coffee again and you'll notice that it's made by "Rogers & Family Coffee". Hmmmmmmm.....don't you wonder why it says one thing and is another??

I would STRONGLY DISCOURAGE anyone from buying this coffee as it's lousy and not worth the money.
287866287866B0000GGI28A2IWFWYMOMAOEPLindaC3351194825600DELICIOUS SOUPI get this soup from a local Asian supermarket (! The Assi Plaza in Lansdale, PA) and it is just delicious. It only costs $3.29 in the store. BUT it is incredibly flavorful and satisfying! It's a big can and makes 2-4 servings. I got into Pozole when I lived in New Mexico, it's a big tradition for New Year's Eve. Juanita's also makes a Chicken Pozole which is just as good. They are my favorite of ALL canned soups. By the way, the Chicken Pozole is $3.49 in my grocer's. Try them! You'll be hooked.
287867287867B0000GGI28A3CI7ELQOPNPSDBradley Johnson0011335744000Disgusting unrecognizable pork and hominyI wish there was a review out there I could've read that would've steered me away from buying this before I wasted $3. I don't expect much out of canned food, but at least a spicy Millennium old Mexican soup could have more than a monotone, bland flavor and the texture of beans and franks, with unrecognizable hunks of pork and what was once hominy corn. Just figure out how to make it and cook it yourself, unless you're just a Pozole addict and far from home.
287868287868B0000GGI28A38HQLSXN822WAChuck Robbins "eutegosto"0051297296000Good StuffI buy both this and the chicken variety at a local super discount grocery on a regular basis. They are equally delicious although I prefer the pork myself. I also add some shredded chicken or pork to thicken it and serve it with some flour tortillas. You will get two decent sized bowels of very hearty soup.
287869287869B0039KE90AA39A6TW947ITV2F. Rogers0051323302400Absolutely the Best!Easily the best jams, jellies, and preserves anywhere. Taste the fruit more richly and vibrantly than any other maker! I come back again and again.
287870287870B005C1GRNQA3MLCZHMX0JWGIJPA0051347840000AwesomeReally awesome taste and keeps you full for a good while. It arrived very quickly and well packaged. I think the product is a one of a kind.
287871287871B005C1GRNQA2ZO3LORVJLTL7Rebecca Klitz0041345593600Yummy treat!I bought a 6 bar pack of these fig bars last week at out local Wal-Mart for $2.50. I was surprised how at good they are! I am on Weight Watchers and they work well with the program. I thought ordering on Amazon might be cheaper but I was wrong. I'll be going back to Wal-Mart to get more soon.
287872287872B005C1GRNQA6LAMY7Z10BBJAmazon Shopper0051324512000GreatLove these, they are not too sweet and perfect for stashing in purse or car for quick snack. Have to get them when they are on sale, as they are quite pricey
287873287873B0057H5G6YA2FE46DUL5X8C4KayDee0051334707200Outstanding!!This has IMHO a nutty flavor. I purchased this at my local Japanese store $$$$$ & what I'd like to find is a more economical way of purchasing this in bulk. I typically mix brown rice, wild rice etc, to try and produce a nice rice blend. This does it wonderfully. I cook it (in my rice cooker) for a meal & then the next day make an amazing stir fry. I adore this rice & will continue to buy it at my local market (sorry Amazon, but they're less expensive!) It's outstanding.
287874287874B0057H5G6YALU0Y5WQK0DBSAnonymous Reviewer 3380051334448000I really like itI bought this at my local Japanese store, and the shopkeeper told me that she likled it but that it was difficult to eat "straight". I tried it and it was difficult to eat. so I took her advice and I mixed it 50/50 with some good Indian rice and it is wonderful this way. I got on the Internet to see if I could get it thru amazon, but the shipping cost is a tad high...if I ever had trouble getting this rice locally I would probably buy directly from amazon's vendor and buy a lot to keep the shipping cost down.

The rice has mild flavor, but it's got great texture. I usually mix it with basmati rice and eat it with lentil based Indian dishes (dal variants). Good stuff!
287875287875B0057H5G6YA32STQC2FCJC6UGreg0051327276800This isn't your ordinary rice!About as far as you can get from "plain white" rice, this blend of rice and barley AND rye offers a wonderful flavor, and texture, combination.

I tried it on a whim and not only do I love it but everyone who as been visiting and tried it loves it too.

HIGHLY recommended.
287876287876B001SB1WN4A2R1HUYHXV7H18Kristi G., mom of Sage1151254096000Great in salads!This is excellent in salads. It isn't dark in coloration like some balsamics are.
It is very fruity. It is one of the MUST haves at my home.
There are other fig vinegars out there that are as good or just a bit better, but none in this price range.
287877287877B001SB1WN4A1MIRQG5WDHD08suzyhotrod0051346544000This stuff is magic in a bottleI picked this up on a whim, and it is AMAZING over sliced strawberries with some cracked black pepper. I can't wait to douse a salad in it next. It's absolutely delicious.
287878287878B001SB1WN4A37HP5V38OU3O5Ann W. Burrus0051339286400Alessi Fig Vinegar Rocks!Alessi Fig Vinegar has helped me stick to my strictly vegan program as it makes the required tons of green salads more palatable. I could not do without it and have actually converted others to using it.
287879287879B005611CNMA2D892BG3VM00SB. Spencer0051320364800Yummy!This sauce adds a very nice flavor to my Puerco Asado. I am sure it will go well with chicken, beef and seafood too.
287880287880B003L22WR8A3OSMM97VD90GZKnitWit0051346284800PleasedAlthough I didn't realize this product would dissolve a little slow in cold liquids, I am still quite pleased with it -- and all twelve bottles take up only a little more room on the shelf than a box of 100 packets.

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