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287911287911B003N0LQ8OA305IJ0H25TQC9Roberta0031345680000Big hunk nougat candyI used this in favor bags for a second wedding. The title was what I was after. The candy tastes good.any of the candies which were individually wrapped, had candy on the outside sticking to the wrapper. That meant I had to wipe down many of the little bars with hot soapy to clean the greasy sticky wrappers. Time consuming.
287912287912B003N0LQ8OA166Q5SN8CP8UUSuzy E. Zeigler "siennaz"0051344211200Just as I Remember ThemI grew up in the '50s and in my high school years I was a lifeguard, water instructor. I can't think of a day that I didn't have one of these bars as a "job well done" or "I've had a bad day" or just "this is a great candy bar". Its cousin Look with the chocolate covering is available too! All came packaged so carefully so as not to have them melt in the summer weather, and the quick delivery (which Amazon is famous for) had me back in candy heaven once again! Great customer relations and careful to send out just what I need or think I need, like this great find I had given up having again!
287913287913B003N0LQ8OA1W6IAYYNGH148Brent0031339459200Does not come in Dispenser Box.Great candy, but does not come in dispenser box as shown in photo. I was giving this as a gift and will now have to buy a cookie jar or something similar to put the bars into.
287914287914B003N0LQ8OA1LF0IM31N1M9Jjane0051319760000PerfectI love these little chewy peanut bars! I put them in the freezer, so they are first brittle, then chewy. I like these tiny bars, because you don't eat as much in one sitting. I haven't grasped the concept of Now and Later. Great Halloween candy.
287915287915B003N0LQ8OAZMVCRZTEVJTsckron0051310947200Big Hunk CandyI send these to my family in Iowa and they in turn spread them around at work etc. They're great tasting, small bars and individually wrapped. So handy...and tasty. Thanks.Big Hunk Chunks Candy, 0.43-Ounce Bars (Pack of 80)
287916287916B004LNZCPKA2738E8BA4GASVJessica K.2251326067200Cute and deliciousI was throwing a "Mommy to BEE" themed baby shower for my sister-in-law and I used these sugar bumble bees to put on Sprinkles cupcakes. They looked great and people loved them! All the guests said that the bees were good (how could they not be good - they're made out of sugar!). I think it really added a nice touch for an affordable price. I ordered the 48pk (when I really only need about 24) because I was worried some of them might come broken. All 48 bees came perfectly intact. They package very carefully in units of 12.

When I ordered, I paid $16.99 with free prime 2-day shipping. At the time of this review, the product is only about $6 + $5 shipping! That's a great price! You can find these cake decs at other sources and even when I paid $16.99, it was pretty competitively priced. I'm not sure how much this new price will last but at a total of $11 (including shipping) it's a steal!

Maybe I'll post a picture!
287917287917B004LNZCPKA1PVPRLV3UPOTDEB081151326844800Hard to find item!These arrive in good contition. There may be one or two that aren't useable, but I figured that (it's just the nature of the beast when buygin something like this online) and almost all of them are perfectly intact. Happy with my purchase, they are going on top of cupcakes.
287918287918B004LNZCPKA15T1ZHIGU9RRWHolleymom30051350864000Bee-utiful Cake DecorationsThe Bee Cake Decorations were a very cute addition to my daughter's 1st birthday cake and cupcakes. The best thing about the purchase was that they were packaged exceptionally well......not a single bee was broken or damaged during shipping.
287919287919B004LNZCPKA2ZL6G5WLFPTFKmomof4under60051347062400Un-BEE-lievably cute!I bought these along with the Nordic Ware Platinum Collection Beehive Cake Pan for my son's Winnie the Pooh birthday party. They came nicely wrapped with a kind note from the company stating that if any bee were broken during shipment, to call them immediately and they would replace it(them) free of charge! None of mine were broken, and were wrapped very securely. I would order the package of 48 to get your money's worth, or if you will be decorating a cake and cupcakes, as I did. With doing both, I had some left over and plan to use them again in the future.
287920287920B004LNZCPKA2PX7N47PMSZ20Nana2b0051345680000Sugar BeesThe bees were so cute and just what I wanted. None were broken and they arrived quickly. They looked adorable on my granddaughter's 1st birthday cupcakes.
287921287921B004LNZCPKA3OD1H07J1T2EWStephanie E.0051342915200Just what I was looking for!!!I was hesitant to order because the standard delivery said it could take up to three weeks. Since the item was only $8 I didn't want to pay for expedited shipping, when standard was already $4.99. However, the product arrived in 3-4 days and in perfect condition. My niece saw the cupcakes I made using these bees for the first time on her birthday and she exclaimed, "Stephie, I saw those bumble bee cupcakes you made me! (she had to have them after seeing them on a magazine.) You made this the best birthday ever!" She just turned 5. The price I paid with shipping was all worth it to make her day special. Thanks for the great product and wonderful customer service!!!!
287922287922B004LNZCPKAQRZM1T6Q0ORDAnna0051338768000AdorablePackaged very well. No breakage. I made mini beehive cupcakes and added this cute baby bee to each one. Placed them on a cupcake tier stand decorated with. Yellow and black ribbon. Looked amazing.
Bees are very small but perfect for any size cupcake or add to beehive mold cake. You will be pleased.
287923287923B004LNZCPKA2YJBK4FD6FQT8tristan48370051337990400Wonderful.Every single bee arrive to my home in tact. They were very fresh and tasty. I used them for a "mommy to be" themed baby shower.
287924287924B004LNZCPKAICQO8UKVTWPthecrazycrafter0051329350400Adorable Bee AccentsI got these bees for a friend throwing a bee themed bridal shower. They are detailed and cute. It's nice that they face different directions so they could put two on a cupcake facing each other for the cute bridal theme.
287925287925B00498JYLUA6X3WB2SDU4SFRT6651303603200Big Hit!I bought these lollipops to give out to a preschool class that was learning about bowling. The lollipops were a big hit and the teachers loved them so much that they looked on line to see where they could buy more. Came very nicely packaged. Just as an FYI - I was expecting the entire lollipop to be chocolate, but the bowling balls are actually coated with a hard candy coating with the chocolate inside.
287926287926B00498JYLUA314YSHEE901J7William McClennan1111326758400Items had been expired for 10 monthsThe bowling pin candy was marked with an expiration date of March 2011. As soon as we handed them out at the birthday party one child noticed the expiration date. By then it was too late to do much about the problem. Another child said he did not like the lollipops. Maybe if they were fresh he might have. The bowling ball candy did not have an expiration date on the wrapper so there was not any way to know how old that was. I noticed one positive review above. I think the lollipops worked out in that instance because the children could not read.
287927287927B00498JYLUAYGMKH7HCQ7WQJ. Wagner1121323648000Bowling Pin is Upside DownDepending on what you are going to use these lollipops for you may be disappointed, I was.

They are SUPER CUTE bowling pops. The sets I received have the stick coming out of the top (round) part of the bowling pin, NOT the bottom as pictured. I was going to use these as cupcake toppers and in a center piece, it would have looked very silly with upside down pins! Probably wouldn't be a big deal if you just wanted to pass them out at a party.

The colors were very vivid & pretty as pictured... would have been great if the pins were not upside down.
287928287928B00498JYLUA2D0YD7BUWDVSJtorster3421323734400Made in ChinaThese are very cute and are perfect for a bowling party . . . but they are made in China. I can stand buying toys and other things made in China, but given the number of scandals about contaminated food there, it's something I would have liked to have known before buying the lollipops.
287929287929B00498JYLUA3R55X59ENFGNKNoah's Mommy0031349395200disappointedi had read some of the reviews that said the bowling pin lollipop was upside down on the stick and hoped it was a fluke. unfortunately, mine were the same way and some of the ball lollipops were slightly cracked too, but usable. they are cute for what they are, and i'm sure the kids will enjoy them in their goody bags
287930287930B00498JYLUAKSCORFZ6MV31S. Bryant0051332288000Adorable!Ordered a couple boxes of these for an upcoming party. Can't comment on the taste, as they've not yet been eaten. But they sure are cute! Large and colorful. Not "upside down" at all (like some reviewers have mentioned) ... these look just like the photo. None arrived broken. With the two boxes, there were an equal number of bowling pins, red balls and blue balls. Also were not expired, the date is 2013. Perhaps they've been improved since the bad reviews here.
UPDATE: I did get to taste one and they smell and taste just like juicy fruit gum! Quite big and long lasting!
287931287931B00498JYLUA1APZA6WOY8J8OKKathy0051330473600Strike!Ordered these for a bowling party & they are very cute. The party is this weekend, so I am really excited! I have no idea how they taste, but they look GREAT! :-)
287932287932B00498JYLUA2K4K71ZE8R7BTShadeOfPink0051329782400Excellent!I bought two dozen of these. They are so cute and were not expired as some of the other reviews mentioned. I think they might have been looking at the wrong date. There are two dates. One for when it was manufactured and one for when they expire. They expire in 2013. I think the bowling pins work better upside down and it doesn't take away from the cutness of these. They came in red and blue balls, and bowling pins. I have not tasted them but they look good. None were broken or melted and arrived very fast in a safely packaged box. I would recommend these. My only complaint was that out of two boxes I only got a total of four bowling pin suckers :( and the majority were red bowling balls. I would have liked third red third blue third bowling pins. Overall I am extremely pleased with this purchase. Keep up the great work you guys!
287933287933B00498JYLUA7ENTTX86W6PZllama40031327536000dissapointedI was very dissapointed in these lollipops. Out of 12 in the box, 4 were broken. The picture shows a bowling pin with the stick in the bottom of the pin-so it's right side up when you hold it by the stick-but the ones I received had the stick coming out of the top of the bowling pin...which means when you hold it by the stick, the pin is upside down. I ordered these for my daughter's bowling party and she was disappointed too.
287934287934B00498JYLUA3224M22MQDBC4Jenny0021325808000Product past freshness expiration date!Item was cute, but product was past its expiration date! Please review your products. Customer should not have to do this for you.
287935287935B000WRZYXEA1YUL9PCJR3JTYO. Brown "Ms. O. Khannah-Brown"1151310515200Great Flavoured Black Tea!*****
Zhena's Passionate Peach Black Gypsy Tea is a flavorful tea that tastes like ginger and peach, and pretty strongly too, which I enjoy. It isn't as subtle as the other Zhena's teas that I've tried but I like it this way. If you like ginger and/or peach, you'll love this tea!

Zhena's Passionate Peach Tea contains: organic Fair Trade black tea, ginger root, and peach flavor. One cup contains about ¼ of the caffeine of a cup of coffee.

Zhena's Gypsy Tea is a wonderful company that makes teas that are organic, fair trade, and processes tea using green practices. They have high standards and make quality teas. If you are interested, check[...]for more information. They all come in eco-conscious tins. Because of the high quality of the teas, they do tend to be a bit more expensive, but worth it if you believe in supporting the environment and in fair trade.

Highly recommended.
287936287936B000Z8P34AA1421EDED1JI4IH. Scott "pop culture fan"2251255132800Brilliant Product - LOVE this garlic sprayI found this spray in a gourmet food store and thought it would be fun to try (I hate having garlic smelling fingers after cooking). To my surprise I have used it almost every day since then and I LOVE it! It is so much better than crushed garlic in a jar and it doesn't have a chance to whither up and dry out like fresh cloves. And NO garlic fingers! Five sprays equals a zesty and robust garlic infusion to any dish. For example, I use it in garlic mashed potatoes, in pureed bean dip, and in sauteed spinach and many more dishes.
And a bottle lasts forever... I still have half a bottle left after more than a year! I'm so glad to see it on Amazon - I know I can find it again when I need to.
Yum, yum, yum, genius product.
Oh, and it does come with a cap (not sure why that reviewer didn't get a cap).
287937287937B000Z8P34AA1FR8EBTGSMO6ZMinerva1151313971200Garlic JuiceI bought this product for a special recepie, because it would have taken too many garlic heads to make the amount of juice I needed. It work great, thanks
287938287938B000Z8P34AA1K4JLF5TDXPEJJeanette "blingbling"1151299283200Garlic Juicethis garlic juice is fantastic, I cook with it, spray it on salad, put it in my marinade...I highly recommend it for anyone who loves garlic
287939287939B000Z8P34AAMZCLO8PKX63GP. S. Allen0051334880000Garlic juice sprayI love this! Use it on salad, to cook with, to add a little zest to almost anything. It is so convenient to use, that I keep my bottle on the countertop right next to the stove. I would recommend this product.
287940287940B000Z8P34AA93HEE352LA4Xcherina hirsh0051281312000Garlic alwaysThis product is just fantastic for anyone who loves garlic. It enhances a salad dressing, and I spray it on chicken, beef, fish and into soups. It is easy to add garlic this way to any recipe!

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