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287943287943B000Z8P34AA2TR8WSSZ2P7IDcherota0151288828800Great Garlic SprayI bought this spray for my dogs. I spray it on their food. They love it and hopefully it will keep the fleas away. It smells so good, I think I'll put some on some bread for myself.
287944287944B003MZH8PKA3FKGKUCI3DG9UPaul Moskowitz0051280102400Good TeaI have been drinking Twinings teas for years. Twinings teas are consistently good. Each tea bag comes in a sealed envelope which helps to keep it fresh. Over a period of time, I have settled on two favorites. These are the Darjeeling and Green teas.

Twinings Darjeeling Tea: At one time, I used Twinings China Black Tea. Unfortunately, they stopped selling that variety. I tried others, but chose the Darjeeling tea for an afternoon tea and snack break. It offers a nice strong flavor and deep color. There is enough caffeine in this tea to provide a nice lift.

Twinings Green Tea: There are quite a few varieties of green tea offered by Twinings. I prefer the pure green tea. Interestingly, according to the product blurb, green tea is made from the same leaves as is black tea. The difference is in the processing. Green tea is lighter in color and has a more subtle taste. In general, green teas have less caffeine than the darker teas. I find that the Green tea is good for early evening. It has just enough caffeine to provide some energy but not too much to keep me awake at night.

I recommend both the Darjeeling and Green varieties of Twinings teas.
287945287945B0084JFD7EAMHX9UFILVCBPA. Peleskey "Mom of 4, Grandma of 2"0051342396800Quick, cold and yummy!I LOVE this tea! The first thing I do when I walk in the door from work is fill up my tumbler with ice and make a cup. It's cold and delicious! I wish they had more varities, but until they do, this is my "go to" Vue Cup.
287946287946B0048IENPSAHQXE87KF9G4KSarah Anderson0111297728000Tastes like vomitAfter having tried the ginger sesame rice noodle bowl, I figured I'd branch out and pick up the hot and sour. Actually, I have it sitting right next to me as I type this.

It is disgusting. It certainly doesn't taste hot due to the fact that the sourness is overwhelming. I really tried not to give this 1 star, but it's that bad. I love sour stuff but this, as the title says, just tastes like someone puked in it.
287947287947B0006345XYA1E5F4L4PC6QNAT. Leinaar "Bird on a Wire"1151218153600Ninalishous!!I have been giving these treats to my two shelties(Nina and Jacob) for 7 years now and they just love them. I used them for training and for "love you" rewards. They are just the right size for multiple treating and bed time snacks without creating an overweight problem. I purchase them in the 20lb boxes and transfer them to sealed dog food storage containers which extends there shelf life considerably.
287948287948B0006345XYAYQ8RLE0K6RU8M. Brown ""11411879136003 out of 4 PawsFirst Impression: Old Mother Hubbard Dog Biscuits are a great treat for the value and are made with wholesome ingredients. A large bag of the small biscuits lasts for weeks. Dad puts them in my Kongs, Everlasting Treat Balls, and Gatorade Bottles.

Conclusion: Dad says they are well worth the money. They keep me entertained, they taste good, and Dad says they are healthy.
287949287949B0006345XYA1HH1DPK1ASVDNZolton "Veni. Vidi. Reviewi."91341302566400A Horse Is a Horse Is a Snack, Of CourseMy dog is constantly out to get me. Keeping little miss 'Princess Paws' from rooting through the trash, diddling the carpets or wrecking the house is like trying to keep Lindsey Lohan out of dive bars, crack dens and paparazzi mug shots. In other words -- nearly impossible.

But lord help me, I try.

I bought a bag of these biscuits, thinking I could coax the mutt into good behavior through 'positive reinforcement'. Though the idea sort of fizzles when the dog is too finicky to eat the stupid things. She gave the tiniest of disinterested exploratory sniffs, then scrunched her furry little schnozz like I was offering her a handful of barf-encrusted crap.

(Which, based on her previous dietary choices, she would actually eat. Tasty baked tidbit? No, thanks; I'm trying to keep my greyhoundish figure.

The poop du jour in half-digested BLEEEH-rnaise sauce? Mmmm-mmmm! Bon appeturd!)

I tried to entice her, but she wasn't having it. I even tried a little nibble myself, to prove I wasn't trying to poison her. (Yet.)

And actually, the biscuit was pretty good. It's got a nice crunch, with a taste somewhere between a heavy water cracker and reconstituted horse meal. But pretty light on the 'horse meal' part. All in all, not bad. I'd give it about a four on the people-food scale -- somewhere between a stale bag of Funyuns and a plain rice cake eaten off a sweaty Clydesdale's back. I finished the first one and had another. Pretty soon I'd gone through half the bag.

So this was a complete waste for the dog. But I found a new snack for TV nights. Now if I'm out of popcorn, I set out a bowl of biscuits and munch away. They're not gourmet. But they're filling, and I'm getting my recommended daily allowance of hoof meat all in one sitting. That's a winner.
287950287950B0006345XYA30BEU6PP0UI3GHolly Shepherd "Holly"2351268352000Happy Pups at our houseNice small size treat that helps my big dogs watch their waistline and stay healthy.
287951287951B0006345XYA5Z6TIROUVA5OJ. Lai "JL"0051345680000Delicious Treats!Brownie loves these, all the flavors are delicious to him. He chose these biscuits over the Buddy biscuits and the Wellness Bites. These are also more affordable than the other 2 brands.
287952287952B0006345XYACYR6O588USK' Groovin' guy "music historian"0041338422400Old Mother Hubbard BiscuitsMy doggies snubbed these biscuits initially (they always act that way) before they decided that they didn't really mind them, in fact they kind of like

These are made with natural ingredients, but they do have wheat flour and oatmeal and so I don't give them too often. I don't really like giving my dogs wheat.

I prefer Natural Balance L.I.T. Limited Ingredients Treats over these, but this is a good product too.
287953287953B0006345XYA2TY3I55UZCU0Zlilysmom0051334793600My dog loves these!My dog loves these and they're great little cookies for a treat when she gets in from going to the bathroom.
287954287954B0006345XYA3VLX78ZVK2EPCGregory Smith0051333324800Good treatsThese are low-fat, low-cal. I have never seen a dog who didn't love them. I believe they are made by the same folks who make Wellness -- which is excellent dog food.
287955287955B0006345XYA3LLBYHI12PZC2wakulladog0051330992000Quality treatsI purchased these for my home-bound mother to have on hand when people, accompanied by their various sized dogs, visit her. She can give the huge labs multiple small biscuits and the tiny doxies one. There was no need for various sized treats. The service was excellent as usual and the quality of this product is excellent. No imported ingredients.
287956287956B0006345XYA2V4TUYSCZX9C5D. Burke0051268524800My dog loves these!I've tried many different types of "natural" biscuits for my dog that has allergies. These are by far, his favorite!
287957287957B0006345XYA1NCD4RU28PX13P. Groleau "goingballistic"0131336176000Good product, but, . . .Old Mother Hubbard makes great snack for dogs, however, it seems that at least 25% of the busquits are broken & in "tiny" pieces.Guess next time I'll buy them locally, even tho they'll cost a bit more.
287958287958B0006345XYANCNPVGY40094nychoosier0211336953600Not good for doggie digestionGot two bags of these for my dog. For some reason they make him have to go poo almost instantly. Tried two different flavors and the both make him sick. He does not normally have intestinal issues. I'm going back to regular milk bones or zukes.
287959287959B0006345XYA1IETAMZZH9187Just D0231329350400Wrong Size BisquitsThere was nothing wrong with these bisquits other than the fact that they stated clearly "Small Original Assortment" on the description, but when the package arrived, it was for Large Dogs. I have pugs and they were too big for them. I ended up having to break them all up to feed it to them. Please ensure for future reference the description matches the product pictured. Thanks.Old Mother Hubbard Crunchy Classic Snacks for Dogs, Small Original Assortment, 3-Pound 5-Ounce Box
287960287960B000ER3DU8A1IDEZY8MRFWMUG in H-Town "Restless, Dexterous, Primed"1151250294400Baby Likes ItMy infant son loves most of this food. It is easy to get cases shipped and not fumble with individual jars in the store. Quick shipping, good packaging. I've had no issues.
287961287961B000ER3DU8A1IDRBRJE1HNM3Tamic0051343779200Yummy goodMy baby found this to be a little sour and didn't like it the first two times. I put it in the fridge and he likes it better whenever it's served cold. I've found it hard to get organic pears in my neighborhood so it's convenient to have jarred organic pear.
287962287962B000ER3DU8A7S5PRE1SSQDIPaxton's Mom0051338854400He loves it!The Earth's Best Pears have been one of my baby's favorite fruits! Ordering from Amazon has saved us a ton of money. Not to mention the convenience of having his food delivered to the house.
287963287963B000ER3DU8A1693QRJUO2BMWVP0031331510400Overprocessed - baby seems to like though.It tastes overcooked, bland, and almost fermented. The babies seem to enjoy the sweetness but then again this is their first food other than cereal, so I'm not sure that they would know any better. The consistency of the puree is very smooth and easy for the baby to manipulate. The packaging and convenience are nice also. We will finish the pack but afterwards I think we will be making our own fresh pear puree without overcooking the nutrients out of it. It just doesn't have any similarity in taste to a pear.
287964287964B000ER3DU8A1F5HDILBHNOANshun0051324252800GoodBegan to eat the fruit baby four months, like the fruit flavors, we recommend can give your baby to taste
287965287965B000ER3DU8A3CK9R6T328L9ESLS84790051323993600My sons loved them on the first tryI started with this brand because it is organic and has lots of options for ages 4-6 months. He has loved every kind we have tried except bananas. The pears help keep things moving through and I don't even have to mix any of these with cereal, he eats them right out of the jar! Can't wait to start trying more flavors when he is a bit older.
287966287966B001IZIC9WA2RG1B0K8YBJ4AMac Coder0011324944000Perhaps this is authentic, but it doesn't smell right to meThis "Chinese 5 spice" has no anise aroma that I can detect, which is one of the hallmarks of a normal "5-spice". I suggest sampling before purchasing.
287967287967B001I7IZ9CA2D6UDDAUCXOCWJudith A. Trestik3351264377600Holy Basil!I love this tea it has a mellow smooth taste. I brew it for about 5 minutes then add ice to bring to room temperature and it is luscious.
287968287968B001I7IZ9CA1I0XJDGDISQX8Jeri A Bettis Rohus1151318809600Great item!Dad loves it! Great at night to help him relax before bed! I saw Tulsi tea in Dr. Oz and he said it's great for people with dementia or alzheimer's!
287969287969B001I7IZ9CA4BFDU1QL35AWmunni s.0431242518400box arrived crushedThe tea is OK. My main complaint is that the box was sent in a soft package. It was completely crushed by the time it arrived so I have to use another container to store the teabags.
287970287970B0041RGD0EA2X5B6SPROA9W1R. A. Pearce "Picklep"0151298332800Makes a great "Torani" type coffee syrup!I used this to make a cheaper alternative to caramel coffee syrup that my husband loves to sweeten his coffee with.I made a simple syrup of sugar and water and added 1 and 1/2 teaspoons of this extract when it cooled.I reused his empty Torani bottle to store it.I'm going to order more flavors.I only wish shipping wasn't so darn expensive but Watkins makes excellent products!
287941287941B000Z8P34AA2CLLYPNS2CK9TLinda Keller "yankee transplant"0031250380800gotta love garlicthis product tastes real good if used in small amounts. i put it on salads, potatoes, spaghetti etc. i also spray a small amount on my dogs food. hoping it will help with fleas and worms. i just wish it had a plastic cap for the spray. it tends to draw into some food in refrigerator. i also dislike the odor, it doesn't smell like fresh garlic. overall I'm satisfied with the product. If you love garlic, you should love this.
287942287942B000Z8P34AA25UWI8XMWWVX9overwave0151314921600Amazon - Garlic Valley Farms Garlic Juice SprayI use the garlic spray instead of flea & tick chemicals. It is working great and the dogs love it. I actually like the smell of the garlic on their food and use it in my cooking too.

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